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Sentaku by Aschente

Bitter Evenings

So I kinda got inspired by an old book I read in middle school called "The Selection" by Keira Kass however I have no intent on copying any of the storyline from the book. I am incredibly fascinated by the prompt of having a harem of girls brought In for a romantic setting--- heheheh. 

I hope you enjoy the first chapter--- tell me if you enjoy by leaving a review! Thank you! 


Smoke, the smell of heavy tobacco and herbs floated through the crisp winter air. Golden eyes watched languidly as it’s white opaque trail lifted until it dissipated.


Sesshomaru Tashio, a born leader many called him. His success in battle and politics had deemed him worthy of ruling his father’s lands and soon he would be. It was a lazy evening as the bitter breeze from the courtyard wafted through thin paper screens. The chill never bothered Sesshomaru enough to close the shoji doors. 

He had been working on analyzing the recent rebel attacks near the northern citadel. Many youkai seemed unhappy with the law allowing humans to dwell amongst them. His father had instated it when he mated Izayoi. 

Sesshomaru grimaced, he would never understand his father's fascination with the human wench. The proof of their taboo mating was his half brother, InuYasha. The half breed a constant reminder to the eldest of his father’s indiscretions. While Inuyasha lived in the same dwelling as Sesshomaru, the Lord rarely made contact with him. Because Sesshomaru was first born he was expected to take his father’s place and with that came the burden of the whole western land. 

Perhaps this factor only aided in Sesshomaru’s disgust for his younger brother. The carefree life the half breed had been given had seemed unfair to him. 

The smoke from Sesshomaru’s pipe burned out and with a heavy sigh he set it on the mahogany table. In many ways Sesshomaru had privileges over his brother. However even so the demon Lord to be envied his brother’s carefree nature. The gift blessed upon him, a regalia meant for the eldest.

Scowling Sesshomaru lifted a clawed hand rubbing his temples as he shook bitter thoughts out of his darkening mind. Dwelling on past insufficiency wouldn’t do him good. He had several things to attend to before dinner this evening. Perhaps a stroll would do him some good. 

And with that thought long winter hair shifted as he picked himself up from his desk. Sore joints stretched as he stood up. Perhaps he would stop by and check on Bokuseno. As he left his office Sesshomaru noted the fortress seemed to be quite lively. Servants rushed passed him muttering formalities as the hurried passed.

Hearing a servant gossiping he figured out exactly why his home was in such an upset. His mother would be joining them for dinner. A small smirk graced his cruel features. His mother was a mischievous woman and while she held no obvious resentment towards Tōga or Izayoi, her mood was playful at best. 

His mother had been mated to the Demon Lord Tōga for several centuries. A political mating many would say, a pairing to breed the perfect weapon, him. It was a contract, Lady Kimi would be given a high rank in the demonic court and Tōga would gain offspring worthy to carry on the Tashio line. Sesshomaru suspected something similar would be fated of him. 

When Sesshomaru was younger he had many concubines to keep him occupied. However the allure of sex and musk rarely suited him after his 700th year. The InuYoukai never expected to marry for something as frivolous as love as his father did. Sesshomaru walked through great wooden beams, alerting him to the fact he was close to the exit to the final corridor leading to the gardens. He often used the fortresses gardens as an escape from the routine of life he succumbed to. It was relieving. 

As soon as he stepped into his private domain he spotted a woman sitting by one of the willow trees. Izayoi. He’d become used to sharing this place with her. And while it was not preferred he beared with it’s intrusiveness.

“Good evening Lord Sesshomaru-Sama.” Izayoi greeted the InuYoukai. She bowed deeply before the killing perfection. 

“Lady Izayoi.” He greeted, offering a nod towards the human woman.

The woman righted herself gracefully, opting to walk alongside her step son. 

“I know I often trouble you with my presence here my Lord. However one of the servant girls required help-“ Izayoi began.

“You are not required to help the staff.” Sesshomaru said coldly. The aura shifted and he could almost feel the woman’s discomfort.

Flinching a little she only nodded and laughed sweetly. “It’s my nature My Lord. Pardon me.” 

And with that their short conversation ended. The encounter only made the future Lord of The West despise her more. She was unfit in his eyes to be Lady of a demonic kingdom. Humans held a weakness he would never understand. Nor did he wish to understand such frivolous emotions. 


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