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In The Shadows of Silver by Utena

The Three Faces of Fate

In The Shadows of Silver

By Suseh


“Tell me…. Sesshomaru…. have you someone to protect?”

“That arrogant brat!” Lachesis, Dispenser of Lots, spat angrily as she moved away from the viewing waters of the cauldron. Her child-like fingers reaching for the shining silver thread that was being weaved into the fabric of life and glared at the piece. Although she somewhat understood the young demon lord’s disdain for humanity, it still annoyed her that because his father loved one of them, that the boy would dare allow his own father – heavily wounded as he was – storm the palace in which his beloved had been currently in the throes of childbirth. It had been heartbreaking to watch her eldest sister cut the Inu no Taisho’s thread. The once shining piece of dark grey pulsed once before completely disappearing from her Clotho’s basket. Her heart ached knowing he would never know the son he had saved.

Clotho, the Spinner of Thread, paused in her work to glance over at her younger sister. She could see the wheels in her head turning and knew the young girl was planning something. It was a rare event for any of them to seek vengeance against any of the mortal realm. They were meant to dish out threads and place the owners of these threads on the path. They were never meant to interfere unless the need arose, and it had become apparent that Lachesis was going to do so with or without any of them.

“I see that look in your eyes and I know you are planning something, Sister,” Clotho stated as if they were discussing the weather outside of their cozy little home hidden near Olympus. “We should not interfere in that which we have no business to be.”

Lachesis turned her silver eyes toward her older sister and reminded her, “We are the Fates. We are also the ones to call upon the Goddess Nemesis to bring retribution of those who fail us, but I have a better lesson for the young lording to learn.”

Clotho sighed knowing it would be of no use to argue with Lachesis. She knew that once the child had something in her head, it would be done one way or another.

Lachesis had tasted victory in her war of words with her sister, Clotho, and ordered, “I want a beautiful piece of thread to be created. A beautiful shade of bright pink.”

Clotho paused and looked down at threads that she had made just a bit earlier and picked up one of the threads that matched Lachesis’s words. She held it up allowing her young sister to give it a look over.

“What of this?” The Spinner inquired.

“Yes!” Lachesis cried out happily and clapped her hands together.

“But, Lachesis, I had planned this thread for the young boy of the Inu no Taisho’s. A young woman in the Village of Edo is set to give birth to a female child, who will one day bear the burden of being caretaker to the Shikon no Tama.”

“Make another,” Lachesis demanded refusing to allow such a thread to be woven. “Take a sliver of the pink thread and weave it into a lighter shade.”

“You play a deadly game,” Atropos, the carrier of the “Abhorred Shears”, spoke finally taking in both of her sisters. Her wrinkled hand laid the shears back down on the table and returned her full attention to the discussion between her two youngest siblings.

Lachesis shook her head. “No, I don’t. The young lord believes humans are below him and perhaps that is true. The demons that walk the planet were created by Gaia herself and so they have a connection to not only her but the planet itself. I am sure, in the eyes of the demons, humanity should be eliminated for their need of expansion and waste of the planet resources, but the Elder Gods placed them on this planet for a reason. A reason, I am sure, that time will only know the answer.” There was a pause as Lachesis, the one with child-like innocence, looked at her two sisters – Clotho, the one in the stages of young adult, and Atropos, the one in the last stages of life – and continued, “I can only surmise that the young demon lord’s disdain for humanity is due to the belief that his father set aside his mother, the lady Inu Kimi, for that of a human princess. What would the young lord do if his own fate were tied to one?”

“I don’t understand what you are plotting,” Atropos was the first to voice, not only her concern but her confusion. “You are tying the thread to both brothers. This will only cause pain and chaos in its wake.”

Lachesis sighed, “It is a chance I am willing to let play out.”

Clotho took just a tiny piece of the bright pink thread and weaved it into the less bright pink one. She did not break the threads from each other, letting the colors to weave together. She could only hope that whatever Lachesis had in mind did not come back and bite them all for this.

“It is done, Sister,” Clotho announced and placed the threads back in the basket. It would only be a matter of time before they would be weaved into the fabric.

Drawing her attention back to the viewing waters of the cauldron, Lachesis’ lips up turned into a knowing smirk as her eyes watched the arrogant young lording make his way through the forests. Soon, arrogant dog lord, soon.

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