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Sad Tale of the Blue Eyed Beauty by Brittany

Chapter 3

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“Everyone, get on the wagon now!” screamed Kenta, raising Souta to the cart. 

Lord Higurashi unsheathed his sword, as Kenta pulled out his bow and arrow hidden in the back of the cart. He readied his aim, checking all the perimeter with expert eyes. Both were ready to defend the women and young Souta with their lives. The men successfully were able to get Lady Higurashi and Souta on the wagon. However, Kagome still stood far on the other side of the river.

More noises and rustling of grass echoed throughout the forest. Unfortunately for Kagome, another pair of the daimyo men came toward her. She knew what she must do.

“Father! Kenta! Take Souta and Haha-ue away from here. I can lead them away from you.”

“Kagome! No!” said Lord Higurashi. "It is too dangerous." These men were not guaranteed to be honorable men. Heaven knows what they would do to her if they caught her alive. A fate that was far worse than hell.

“Trust me!” Kagome said with full determination. She would be more of a help to her family if she could lure the men to her and give her family a chance to escape. She nodded her head to assure her father that she would be fine. However, he knew that it could be further from the truth.

It was too late to argue with his eldest child as the men came closer and closer. The determination to capture the family for a handsome reward from the daimyo in their eyes was strong. Having no time to consider the implications of letting his daughter become a diversion, he begrudgingly had to take his daughter's suggestion.

Kagome screamed to get the enemies’ attention. Running desperately for her life in fear of being captured, she was at the point of depletion.

“Come here, wench,” one of the daimyo men beaconed. He noticed her womanly figure as she ran and smirked. Male interest in his eyes. “I won’t kill you. I can bestow you real pleasure.” He chuckled very darkly. Her eyes widened at the new danger that awaited her.

After a tiring chase away from the lecherous man, she was able to divert herself from his vision in the vast green landscape. She had squirmed under a bush that provided her temporary camouflage, shredding part of her kimono in the process.

 The perverted leader searched for her with his men. He could tell that she was untouched. He had wondered how the daughter of a samurai family would taste. He felt his member getting hard. “Whoever can spot her can have her after I finish with her!” the man evilly shouted.

The men cheered, lustful intent aiding the search, for the missing Higurashi woman. Kagome’s heart increased impossibly.

Great Anointed One, please help me! She fervently prayed to Midoriko. Maybe if she prayed to gain her warrior spirit to help her defeat these evil men.

Noticing something outlined within one particular bush and the torn fabric of Kagome’s kimono, a subordinate discovered their little prize. “Found her!” he excitedly shouted. The worse fears of Kagome came true.

Oh no! Please, Lady Midoriko! She panicky thought.

The sinister laughs of the men surround her. Their glee was unquestionable. They dragged her out of the bush that hid her. Kagome kicked and screamed. They dragged her to a clearing where they can comfortably have their turn with her. But a soon as a hand touched her backside, a terrifying screech was heard. 

The men refocused their direction on a fearsome creature. A demonic bird. The dangerous creature hovered above them with bloody intent. Elongated talons contracted. The demon bird had an almost human figure attached to the body signifying the demonic heritage of the being.


One the other side of the forest, Lady Higurashi screamed as she clutched Souta to her breast. A demon hovered above them. A demonic centipede. The centipede desired to have its next blood meal. 

Aiming his bow and arrow at the creature, Kenta shot the demon with the intent to kill. However, the piercing of the flesh of the demon merely aggravated it. It attacked Kenta and the Higurashi family with full force scattering members of the party across the forest floor in a spiral motion.

Kenta flew away fifteen feet into a tree. He shouted in surprise. The impact left horrible bruised upon his back and left him unable to move. The force of the attack blasted Lord Higurashi into the bushes. He grumbled in pain.

“BLOOD. I WANT BLOOD. I WANT THE JEWEL.” it bellowed salivating at the mouth. In front of the creature, Lady Higurashi and Souta were both paralyzed by fear. Unable to move, they looked at their executioner.

“Milady! Lord Souta!” shouted Kenta from his tree. His bow and arrow several feet from them.

Suddenly an arrow seemingly coming from nowhere pierced the centipede demon from nowhere. An indescribable, unexplainable pink energy decorated the tip of the arrow.

Lady Higurashi screamed in terror and disgust, as Souta fainted from the implications of almost become a demon’s meal. Remains of the demon covered the woman and her child everywhere. Lady Higurashi shook uncontrollably. 

From the shadows, a new person entered the scene. She was a maiden, not much older than Lady Kagome. She was a warrior as she was wearing Miko warrior garb and had a bow and arrows attached to her back. Her silkily black hair swayed in the breeze as the moonlight illuminated her alabaster skin. She was a sight to behold. Not that far from her, a younger female child ran to assist the warrior maiden.

“Sister Kikyo, is it dead?” The young girl asked, inspecting the remains of the centipede demon.

The warrior maiden finally spoke. Her voice, calming yet striking. “Kaede, come away from the creature. The evil aura of the body of the demon has yet to be purified.” She then unsheathed her arrow on the back and shot an arrow on the dead demon’s remains. The purification was complete. Kikyo then turned to the small group of strangers behind her.

“Are any of you harmed?” she asked calmly. “ Demon attacks near the Western Border are common. It is not safe for any travel. I advise you, considering you keep a woman and young child in your party, that you take shelter at the village.”

Her demeanor was that of a person who had dealt with killing demons regularly. She was unfazed.

Kenta, Souta, Lord Higurashi, and Lady Higurashi stared at the priestess that saved them with awe.  

Lord Higurashi was the first to speak. “Lady Priestess, my family, and I are fleeing from an attempt on our lives. Someone framed us. For saving our lives, you have the greatest trust. But someone is after our heads! If we come with your ladyship, problems will follow you.” He then turned to where the dead creature once laid.

She observed the group cautiously. Two men, a woman, and a child could not all be criminals.

She then noticed the unconscious child in Lady Higurashi's arms. The little boy shook to his core. He needed to rest. They all needed to rest.

“Although I do not know the reasons behind your travels, the fact remains that you have an ailing child. That child needs rest; so, consider my offer for his sake. “Please follow me,” Kikyo asked. However, the woman of the group, Lady Higurashi, blocked her way to her village. She got on her hands in knees and bowed.

“Honorable Priestess, you have done so much for my family. We are eternally in your debt.” the Lady sobbed. “ My only daughter is still in the forest.  Wretched men attacked us. The slain demon that you purified ate the men. Shortly after, the creature pursued us. We do not know if my daughter has suffered the same cruel fate as those evil men.”

The Miko Kikyo lips thinned into a firm line. She did not want to alarm the family that the likelihood of finding the young maiden alive in the forest was minuscule.

“I will have my husband look for her in the meantime. Please come with me. The safest place for all of you right now is in the village.” 

Kikyo tried to comfort the aggrieved woman, helping her to her feet. She then aided the heartbroken woman with walking toward the village. Both, Kenta, carrying the unconscious Souta, and Lord Higurashi followed behind them.

Inuyasha is going to love this. Kikyo sarcastically thought.


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