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Book of Steamy Prompts by Sora-chan

A Ride Out

Sesshoumaru takes Kagome on a leisurely ride  on Ah-Un


Lord Sesshoumaru sat astride his large two headed dragon regally, he was out for a leisurely jaunt, and was waiting for his companion.

He smelled her before he saw her walk out from a copse of trees, he scowled inwardly. He had told the woman that they would be going for a ride and to dress appropriately, he couldn't fathom how what she called her 'school uniform' was proper riding attire.

Sure, the strange kimono was useful for other endeavors, and he very much enjoyed the unencumbered view of her shapely legs, but riding tended to chafe and be uncomfortable on uncovered skin.

She stopped in front of him, a smile on her face along with a blush and it was then he knew she had something up her sleeve.

Their involvement with each other happened fairly suddenly. He visited the village of Edo frequently to visit Rin while she learned under the care of the old miko Kaede and Kagome was ever present. She struck up the odd conversation now and then when they crossed paths.

It wasn't long after that he happened upon her bathing in a river and instead of screaming in maidenly fear, she had instead invited him to join her. He didn't of course and she continued to bathe herself, rubbing her body sensually with her scented soaps while he watched, unable to make his muscles move from the riverside.

To say he was stunned was an understatement, the miko had been nothing he expected, and he found himself growing warm with arousal. His traitorous mind supplied him with images of his own hands cupping and squeezing naked flesh and he felt himself go hard beneath his armor.

While her humanity didn't bother him, he had never before in his long life lusted or even sought to bed one and he hadn't seen that changing, until this miko.

She alighted the river slowly, allowing her body to be slowly revealed from the clear water to his gaze. She kept eye contact, not once looking away, only the blush on her cheeks suggested she knew what she was doing was naughty.

She stood before his still form and paused, seeming to argue with herself before she slowly raised her hands to his face. She watched him, looking for any signs that he was uncomfortable or upset. Seeing no such signs, she stood on her tip toes and kissed him, chastely at first but upon meeting no resistance she took it deeper.

He responded then and pulled her naked form flush against him and she clung to him. He took her then, there by the riverside and she bloomed beautifully. She did surprise him though, suggesting and doing things he didn't think the small miko had in her. But during their hours-long excursion he learned that while still sexually shy, the miko from the future had more sexual knowledge and awareness than some of the more seasoned concubines he's known.

Outside of their continued sexcapades, she was always very normal around her friends, he wasn't aware if they knew about their arrangement, but she never alluded to it or treated him differently in the face of them. He knew however, when she was thinking about their activities while alone, for there was always a prominent blush on her cheeks, coupled with musk that would lace in her scent, it always made his own body heat in response. Then they would find someplace quiet and slake their lust for each other.

He had to admit, it wasn't a bad arrangement.

Now as she stood before him, a blush on her face, not in a kimono fit for riding, but her seldomly used school uniform, he knew she had perverted plans for their activity. And he couldn't deny being excited.

"Miko, you are improperly dressed for a ride." He greeted.

She smiled at him, tilting her head coyly. "Oh, but that's where you are wrong Sesshoumaru, this is perfect for a ride."

He said nothing before reaching for her arm and pulling her easily onto the saddle before him. She leaned back onto him; obviously happy he wasn't wearing his armor this day. She kissed him on the jaw in greeting before stroking the arm that banded around her to keep her steady and close.

Ah-Uh started walking and it wasn't long before he realized her breathing pattern had changed, getting shallower. Looking down at her he noticed the slight glaze to her blue eyes and the blush on her face was more pronounced. Before he could question her, she ground herself against him, pushing his hand to rest closer to her lap.

She rested her head against his shoulder, exposing her neck to his gaze and a shallow moan left her lips. Sesshoumaru's eyebrows shot up into his bangs, she was aroused and getting off on their ride.

Put off that she was enjoying herself without him, he commanded his dragon to stop. 

"N-no!" She breathed out; her face scrunched.

"Miko-" she cut him off with a kiss, still grinding against him imitating the previous motions while Ah-Uh was moving. She guided his hand under her skirt, and he realized his amorous miko was primed and ready for a ride indeed.

Slipping his fingers into her strange but alluring underwear, he slid his fingers over her peaked clit, swallowing the cry of pleasure she released at the touch.

Making a decision, he leaned her forward to rest against Ah -Un's long necks. She went willingly, arching her back and raising her ass off of the saddle. He only needed a moment to untie his hakama and free himself. Pulling her panties to the side, he eased his stiff cock into her weeping snatch. She moaned loudly at the connection, gripping onto the curved edge of the saddle in front of her.

Nudging his steed forward with a squeeze of his thighs and the motion of Ah-Uns running aided his thrusting in and out of the tight cunt gripping him tightly. They continued like this, the movement of the dragon pushing and pulling them together in a rhythm that was exhilarating. 

They came by the time the ride was over, punctuated by a crying moan from the miko and a masculine grunt. Sesshoumaru took her satiated form from the back of the now grazing dragon and took her to a small glade on the edge of a pond. 

“It seems miko, that you were correct. Your clothing is very suited for riding.” He rumbled in her ear, nipping the appendage lightly. She only moaned in response.


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