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Book of Steamy Prompts by Sora-chan


This is pretty much a lemon with a sliver of plot. A dusting of plot. Enjoy!

Some discussion and depictions of kink, domination/submission.


Pursing her newly painted lips together, she looked at herself in the mirror. Vibrant blue eyes, looked back, framed by long delicate lashes. Red lips lifted in a smirk as she took in her seminude form, her dark hair was pulled back from her face, in a loose ponytail. Her curvy form was clad in a pair of red silk panties that had a bow at the back. Her breasts left uncovered. 

Turning around she placed the lip stain in a drawer before crossing the bedroom to what looked like a table with an open lid. The clock on the wall chimed the hour and she quickly leaned forward on the table, resting comfortably on the cushioned grooves to hold her in and with a little wiggling, her knees found the grooves for her to rest comfortably and without strain, almost locking her in place.

While she waited, she wondered at the picture she probably appeared. She faced the window, while her barely covered ass and jewel faced the doorway, waiting for their imminent guest. She tingled with anticipation. 

Joining Shikon and using their dating app to find compatible sexual partners had been a huge leap for her. She never thought to solicit casual sex online, she was by no means a prude or against one-night stands, but she had wrongly assumed the world of online dating was dangerous and uncontrolled. But a girlfriend of hers, Kagura had introduced her to this particular group. Firstly, you had to apply with an up to date std test and a police report (to see if you were dangerous or not), along with a quick count of previous and any current partners you may be engaged with. 

After being approved, there were different tiers of packages. From the basic one which simply was a program to select and meet up with potential likeminded partners to the premium package where you were able to book rooms at the Shikon’s approved hotels. Because she had a premium package, she was in one such room.

After meeting up with a few different matches, she encountered her current partner. He was a gorgeous man; shoulder length light blonde hair framed an aristocratic face, strong jaw, high cheekbones. His almond shaped hazel eyes were narrowed in his single profile picture, but it was enough for her to continue to his profile. He was straight to the point in his description, no small talk or fluff. He listed his likes and preferences and expectations; almost like a job description.

She hadn’t planned to go farther but Kagura had selected his profile as one of her matches, and it turned out that he had selected hers as well. They met up not long after for a date of sorts. A hot steamy date that included some light bondage, spanking and sensual play. They didn’t have intercourse but that didn’t mean they weren’t satisfied. 

They had been on a few more dates since, deciding that maybe they were compatible after all. And that led them to tonight, she very much enjoyed her time with Sesshoumaru.

The door to the suit opened, breaking her out of her musings. She wiggled her butt unconsciously in excitement for the night to come.

Sesshoumaru paused in the doorway, taking in the view of the room before him. It was a basic hotel room layout with a bed, a table with a chair and a television atop a dresser. There were small additions as well, a full-length mirror leaned against a wall, a shelf with different sized paddles hanging on hooks mounted beside it. There was rope, and other ties of different materials along with various leather and silk restraints. 

What kept his attention, however, was the small writing table set in the middle of the room. On it, laid out for his viewing pleasure was his current favourite partner, her pert ass in the air, covered only by some red silk and with a bow. He smirked to himself before stepping fully into the room and closing the door behind him.

“Kagome” he rumbled in greeting. His eyes enjoying the sight of her spread for him and him alone. Her crotch was already becoming moist.

“Happy Birthday Sesshomaru.” she responded throatily, not moving to look at him or greet him further.

He took off his coat and hung it on the rack by the door. Next, he unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt before loosening the buttons around his wrists and methodically rolled his sleeves up his strong forearms. He took his time, knowing that the waiting was raising her excitement level along with his. 

When she arranged their date earlier this week, he had ensured his schedule for this night had been open. She surprised him tonight, they weren’t anything more than sexual partners, so he didn’t consider doing anything for his birthday. He wouldn’t lie though, this seemed to be a great start to the night.

Walking over her, he trailed the tips of his fingers over her lower back, pulling them along the rounded part of her covered behind. She gasped in response, her body unconsciously moving further into his touch.

“What did you have planned for tonight my dear?” He murmured, running his fingers over the waistband of her panties but not proceeding further.

“I was thinking we could do whatever you desired within the limits of what was previously agreed upon,” she spoke, fairly vague but he figured she meant that things they had agreed upon in previous dates were fair game and he shouldn’t wander further than those. He nodded in understanding and his eyes heated, remembering some of their previous scenes.

“Is the safe word the same?” he purred.

“Yes my lord.” she replied, using his preferred dom pet name.

He continued to rub his fingers lightly over her covered bottom, slowly dipping the graze her pussy lips. It was on his third pass that he realized that her panties were crotchless. The slit resting lovingly along the slit of her lower lips. 

Applying a small amount of pressure, he found her glistening core. Her hips bucked a little and she hissed in pleasure.

"Minx" he purred, raising his moistened digit to his lips and licking it clean of her juices. "You please your Lord." He praised, punctuating his statement with a sharp slap to her left cheek.

She exhaled harshly in response

He palmed her stinging cheek, soothing the pain a little. When her breathing evened out, he slapped her sharply again, this time pulling a cry from her lips.

He grabbed her ponytail strongly and pulled her back towards him, molding her naked back against his clothed front. He noticed her gritted teeth and loosened his hold, kissing her behind the ear in apology of his harsh pull.

"I am going to reward your thoughtfulness tonight," he intoned into her ear, his deep voice and closeness eliciting a shiver through her. "I am going to fuck you so deeply, walking will be a challenge." He ground his hips into her ass, letting her feel his straining covered erection, ready to fulfill the promises of his mouth.

He directed her back into her previous position and stepped back, unbuttoning his shirt all the way and unbuckling his belt. Once naked, he noticed a seeming toiletries pouch sitting innocently on the bed he went to and opened to to see the contents. Inside were a few vibrators, clamps, lube and plugs. All more than likely hers. 

Selecting a small egg shaped vibrator, he went back to his panting partner. Her panties now soaked through in anticipation. 

His fingers found her slit again, stroking her puckered lips lightly before uncovering her engorged bundle of nerves. She bucked below him with a moan, pressing back against his hand to gain more pressure and pleasure. He allowed it, not reprimanding as he usually did.

Leaving her clit, he inserted one long finger into her weeping core. Her inner muscles contracted around him, seemingly grabbing him and pulling him deeper. He alternated between thrusting shallowly and deeply, working her body and pulling continued cries from her. Adding another digit and eventually a third, he continued to thrust, stretching and preparing her for what he had in mind.

Feeling her impending orgasm, he sped up his thrusts, the butt of his palm slapping against her ass as she tried to thrust back into his rhythm. Her moans became uncontrolled and punctuated by her ragged breathing. Her orgasm crested over her, alighting her nerve endings with lightning.

Sesshoumaru slowed his thrusts, feeling her body go limp beneath his dripping fingers. He turned on the small vibrator on the lowest setting and began to thrust it shallowly into her dripping cunt with the smaller tapered end. She wailed in response, back arching at the new sensation.

Leaving it inserted, he went about ripping the red panties, exposing her ass and puckered asshole to his gaze.

She was finding it hard to stay still with the vibrations running through her sensitized body and she was punished, rewarded really, with a sharp slap to her right cheek. The air left her lungs and she gripped the top of the table, trying and failing to steady herself, receiving another slap in response.

She shivered as the vibrations continued up her core, unable to stop the second orgasm that flowed through her, not hearing the shuffling of clothes behind her. She then felt him rub her clit before using the same finger to swirl around her asshole.

He did it again, this time swirling around the head of the vibrator and applied a little more pressure to the ring of nerves. There was the click of a cap opening before the cold sensation of gel on her asshole that made Kagome jump.

Sesshoumaru made shushing noises, stroking along her back apologetically while he continued to shallowly press his finger into her puckered entrance. Pulling out the vibrator, he tossed it aside before replacing the lost sensation with that of his tongue thrusting into her.

The overwhelming mix of sensations pulled a sharp cry from her, she pushed back against his finger and mouth, the double penetration feeling amazing to her sensitive body. He was sucking her clit when he pressed a second finger into her rear, the added lubrication aiding to stretch her for his larger intrusion. 

He remembered the first time he suggested anal intercourse and she balked a bit, telling him that she had a bad experience with a previous partner not prepping her enough and not listening to her, only stopping when she swung an elbow behind her at his head.

He had promised to take it slow if she consented to try with him and if she told him to stop or that she didn't want to anymore, he would stop immediately.

Appreciating his direct approach, she had tentatively agreed. Deciding to see how the scene took them and if she felt uncomfortable, she would end it.

Fast forward to now and he was up to three fingers shallowly thrusting while his other hand was slowly rolling a condom onto his waiting shaft.

Positioning himself behind her, he used the hand that was not fingering her asshole, to play with her clit.

"Take a deep breath" he whispered, continuously rubbing her bundle of nerves. He heard her deep inhale and thrust partway into her rear entrance, gritting his teeth at the tightness that met him.

He pulled out a little and continued to thrust shallowly, working his way in slowly. Kagome breathed harshly below him, unable to stay tense while he kept rubbing her clit so well.

Soon he had bottomed out, seating himself full into her and taking a moment to allow her to catch her breath. He pulled out almost to the tip before thrusting back in slowly in one strong thrust. She clenched around him and he shifted his grip before repeating the thrust, this time pulling a keening wail from the woman below him.

He continued in this way, creating a rhythm that was maddening. Kagome raised herself from the surface of the table, her back arching with each thrust. Sesshoumaru grabbed her neck, pulling her backwards into him, adding a new angle to his thrusts.

"Fuck" he cursed, grinding into her and she shuddered in response. He thrust one last time before pulling out completely and tugging the condom off. 

Lifting her pliant body, he threw her on the bed and used her legs to pull her lower half to the edge. Lining himself up, he thrust into her sopping core, hissing at the sensation of her clenching around him.

Beginning a bruising pace, he locked her legs towards his chest while he worked her over the edge into an orgasm.

Not giving her a moment to breathe, he pulled out completely and instead filled her dripping womanhood with his tongue, thrusting and coaxing more of her juices while she writhed beneath him.

Easing above her he thrust into her at a more relaxed pace, throwing her off kilter once more. He took a full breast in his mouth, nibbling and sucking at the glorious piece of flesh, no doubt leaving marks. He continued upwards until he reached her red lips that were in a permanent o. Molding his lips to hers, he ground their hips together while he explored her with his tongue. She moaned into his mouth, unable to do much more than dig her nails into his shoulders and back in an effort to pull him further against her.

She orgasmed a few more times before he himself came, spilling his seed over her chest after she deepthroated him to completion. He sagged against a wall, sweaty and spent while she slumped bonelessly on the ground, leaning against the side of the bed for support. She smiled an exhausted smile up at him and his eyes crinkled in mirth, noticing that she wasn’t making any moves to try to stand.

“Legs stopped working?” he joked, closing the distance between them.

“Highly possible, I don’t have the energy to try just yet.” she answered truthfully, wiping a sweaty bang off her forehead.

He lifted her off the floor and sat her on the bed, before going to the discrete fridge that looked like a cupboard and took out two bottles of water. Handing one to her, he watched to see if she would need help in bringing it to her mouth before taking a swig of his own bottle.

“How do you feel?” he asked, “feel up to trying a shower?”

She nodded in response, feeling her energy restore just a little bit. He helped her up and led her slowly into the bathroom, thankful for the standing shower and not a tub to step into. He turned on the water, finding a suitable temperature before helping her under the spray. They helped each other wash, their touches ultimately turning more sensual than functional.

Sesshoumaru tilted his head back under the spray while she stroked his dick, groaning when she fell to her knees and took him fully in her mouth. She worked him quickly, drawing him into her mouth, sucking hard, running her fingers along his taint and swirling around his asshole.

He reached behind him, groping for the knob to turn off the spray and used it to keep himself up as his knees buckled. He released a harsh breath of pleasure as she breached his asshole with her finger, her thrusts coupled with her amazing mouth and humming moans made his toes curl. His free hand tangled in her hair, keeping her in a fast rhythm against him, her now two fingers mimicking the movements of her mouth.

He shouted his completion, a drawn-out groan as his whole body tensed. Her fingers pressed into his prostate pushed him over the edge. He looked down, watching in wonder as his cum decorated her beautiful face. He always loved doing it, and knew she wasn’t always a fan of the cumshot.

He sagged along the wall, completely spent and she grinned up at him, wiping what she could of his pleasure off of her face, before standing in front of him.

“Happy birthday” she smirked, kissing him on the cheek. He breathed out a laugh while righting himself with her help. They showered again, properly this time, and made their way back into the bedroom. 

He watched her as she towel dried her hair in the mirror, eyes taking in the curve of her bare hips and ass. He hesitated, something he rarely did. He found himself wanting to spend time with her, outside of their sexual relationship. Sure they spoke a lot, it was important to be clear about your wants, expectations and anything you like or don’t like. Communication came natural to them.

However, while he knew they enjoyed each other sexually, that often, in his experience, didn’t relate to an emotional relationship. He used Shikon to find partners that had similar kinks and were discrete. He was a high profile person after all, and didn’t need his private matters being judged by the public. He found it difficult to find a romantic partner that understood what he wanted and needed from them, emotionally and sexually.

That he thought Kagome could be that person, made him uncharacteristically hesitant. The possibility of her rejection didn’t sit well in his stomach. They both liked the casual nature of their relationship and he wasn’t sure if she would be turned off by an admission of wanting more. He stood to lose a great sexual partner.

“Are you feeling ok?” she asked in concern, cupping his cheeks in her palms and looking into his eyes. He seemed to be zoned out but she wanted to make sure he wasn’t experiencing a drop. 

He glanced up at her, not realizing she had gotten so close. He placed his own palm on one of hers, staring into worried blue eyes.

“Have dinner with me?” He asked, ignoring her question. Her eyes widened in surprise.


Small cliffhanger, more like a ledge. Does she accept or reject him? Let me know what you think!


Drop – The physical or emotional exhaustion that takes place after a scene. Both tops and bottoms may experience a drop. Crying, feeling sad, and physical shaking are all signs of a drop. Emotional signs include needing reassurance of safety.

Scene – The actual BDSM activities or encounters that take place are known as a scene.

Safe Word – An agreed upon word or phrase that a bottom, sub, or slave can say during a scene to stop the activity or session immediately.




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