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Sesshomaru by Zalika

Chapter 1

**Author's Note**

I wrote this years ago (2012) and have been writing the story over the last 8 years as I can. It is complete and sitting on my hard drive. I plan to upload each chapter as I go through a proof read and edit it. With that in mind, if you see any mistakes, I deeply apologize and ask that you over look them and just enjoy the story. I will try to upload a chapter at least once a week.

Thank you!


Chapter One

His heart raced at the touch of her hand. Only her…

Only ever her.

She was what he lived and breathed for. Just to have her near had been enough for him once, but now he craved her caress like no other. She could rise such strong emotions inside of his body like no other.

His father once warned him of such things. The touch of a woman had been the last thing he ever sought. Now, however, he would travel to the ends of time to be with her, this woman that was so willingly giving herself to him.

Growling low, his mouth lowered to the arch of her neck. The word that had been chanting through his thoughts for so long rumbled past his lips with a hunger like none before. She was his, and he was going to show it to the world. Damn anyone who tried taking her from him. She was his.

The roar tore from him as his fangs pierced her flesh. “Mine.”

A harsh bang erupted as she ran from the front door. If she was late for class one more day, it was going to be her head.

“I chose to ignore the first two times you were late, Ms. Higurashi,” Professor Aiko’s words came back to her, “I will not ignore the third.”

What the hell was with her anyway? Yeah, it was normal for her to wake up late and run around like a madwoman, but to be late for class three times in a row?

I really need to get a better alarm clock.

Rounding the corner, she all but collided into the boy waiting for her. “Hey, Kagome. You look like you’re in a hurry.”

That familiar voice that could only belong to one person drew her attention to the set of brown eyes staring at her. “Hey, Hojo. What are you doing here?” He was normally a very punctual person. What was he doing on the sidewalk so far from school right now? “Wouldn’t you be late for class?”

“No.” That ever-constant smile beamed down at her. “School was delayed for an hour because of some sort of piping problem.”

What? No, she couldn’t really be that lucky…could she?

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“Sorry, Kagome,” his smile growing as he reached for her book bag, “I’m just not that creative.”

She knew better by now not to object when he wanted to help her in anyway. He was always carrying her bag for her and opening doors. It was no secret that he wanted to be her boyfriend. Over the course of the last couple of years, he had asked her out several times. She always agreed but never pushed the whole “boyfriend and girlfriend” thing.

Smiling to him as they headed down the street, it was a mystery as to why she insisted on not accepting what everyone else knew. She was his girlfriend. They went on dates regularly. They went to dances together all the time. They were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Yet, she silently sighed, it doesn’t fit.

“Hey, Kagome,” his gentle voice came to her, “there’s a new movie coming out soon. Do you want to see it with me on Friday?”

She didn’t even hesitate. It was pointless really. “Sure. That sounds like fun.”


Was she really so crazy to ignore their obvious relationship so blatantly? He was a great guy. Not once had he asked anyone out except for her in years despite her insistence that they keep their relationship platonic. He turned down every girl that asked him out also.

I am losing it.

“Why don’t we stop and grab something to eat? Class won’t be starting for a while yet.”

Smiling up to him, she pressed close to him as his arm wrapped about her shoulder. “Smart idea. I’m starving.”


He hated coming here. Witnessing the humiliation that was brought upon his family was the last thing he desired to do. It was, however, necessary. Demons were becoming more frequent within these parts of the lands, and he refused to ignore his duties…even if they were to protect the foolish hanyou.

He could never understand how his father could so easily bring such a disgrace upon his family. Letting himself indulge in a human woman was foul and dishonorable. Siring a half-breed was unforgivable.

Staring at his half-brother, pinned to the tree he had been sealed to for half a century, he couldn’t help but loath his father more. Not only had be sired a hanyou but a foolish one at that.

The only good that could come from the boy now was the portal to his father’s tomb. If he could only manage to unseal the half-breed, he would be able to retrieve his father’s fang, Tetsaiga.

What a fool.

Humans were irrational creatures. His brother cursed with such characteristic for the rest of his existence. They were weak and cared for nothing more than their own self-benefit. He would never understand how his father could allow that woman to touch him.

I will never fall for such foolishness.

Taking in the air, his gaze shifted to the direction of that old well. It had been a while since a demon had come so close to his brother’s resting place. Many chose to test the field on the edgings of the forest, not desiring the full force of his wrath so quickly.

Except for that one so long ago.

He could still remember the pull he felt towards the clearing that day as he pursued the demon. It had called to his beast with an unrelenting need. That familiar feel of his blood running warm rose again as he advances in the direction of the snake.

It had been years since he allowed himself near the old well. The pull he felt towards the object was frustrating beyond reason. Yet, moving closer to it through the distance, he couldn’t help but find some comfort in the warmth it brought to his suddenly aroused nerves.

The comfort, however, didn’t last long as a woman’s cry drifted to his sensitive ears. Taking in the air again, a scent that hadn’t been there before hit him with a tangible force.

She smelt of jasmine and lavender, a natural perfume under it all that beckoned him.

Growling out, silver and white vanished into the distance.

Her classes were a breeze with the hour delay the piping issue had brought. Each session was cut sort significantly enough for her professors to delay upcoming assignments for an extra two day. That meant the paper she had to do for modern Japanese cooking styles verses other old fashion ways wasn’t due until Friday.

Whatever god is smiling down on me, thank you, thank you, thank you.

“Hey, Kagome,” Yuka, one of her closest friends, giggled as they headed out the door, “I hear you’re thinking about making it official.”


Forcing a smile on her face to hide the confusion, she knew it was better to act like she knew what was going on than try to convince her friend she was absolutely clueless. Yuka always seemed to believe that people were lying when they really didn’t know what was happening. The fastest and safest way to get to the topic was to pretend.

“Sorry, Yuka,” she smiled at the girl, teasingly, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” God, she honestly didn’t.

“Don’t play me, Kags,” she playfully glared at her friend. “So, you weren’t talking to Hojo this morning about wearing his glass ring?”

What? Now she really was confused. “But, we didn’t talk about his class ring at all.” Did we?

“So, you’re not telling me that he asked you to the final dance and you didn’t say yes,” she smirked.

Blanking, she did recall Hojo asking her to the dance in a couple of weeks, but that was it. The ring wasn’t even mentioned.

“Well?” her friend smiled happily.

She didn’t feel too joyful right now. “Well, yeah, he asked me.”

“And you said yes.” It was more a statement than a question.

“Yeah, but he didn’t even mention the ring.”

Two pairs of brown eyes turned to look at each other. “Serious?”

“Would I be kidding about that, Yuka?”

“Then, why is Eri telling everyone that you’re going to be wearing his ring?”

Shrugging, they headed back down the rest of the hallway. “Beats me, but she’s always doing things like that lately.”

A giggle escaped her friend as a hand came to rest on her shoulder. “I know what you mean. Like last month when she told everyone that you guys kissed.”

Despite her friend’s obvious enjoyment of the memory, she wasn’t too fond of it. “Yeah, I remember it.” It was so awkward for a good two weeks whenever Hojo asked her out.

“Let’s drop it, Kags.” The giggle dying abruptly at the open sign of irritation coming from the girl next to her.

“Thanks, Yuka.” Smiling as they headed their separate ways outside, she could always count on Yuka to help in any situation, from shopping to boys. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye, Kags.”

She was only a couple of feet away from the building when a strong arm wrapped itself about her shoulder. “Hey, Kagome.” The familiar sound of his voice drifted down to her.

Looking up, the soft brown glint in his eyes were filled with such joy it startled her a bit. Short brown hair shined ever so slightly with the sun. “Hey, Hojo.”

“I talked to Eri not too long ago,” his gentle voice muttered.

Of course, you did.

They were in the same class. It would have been surprising if he hadn’t talked to her so called friend. Sighing, it was better to bite the new issue in the butt now before letting it drag out too long.

He cut her off before she stated her case, however. His gentle warm voice washing away all of her rising frustrations. “Don’t worry, Kagome. I won’t believe any of it unless I hear it from you, okay?”

God, what was keeping her from just saying yes to this man?

“Thanks, Hojo.” Smiling, she did enjoy his company and he was a great guy. What was wrong with her?

“No problem, Kags,” his reassuring voice came as he took her bag. Pressing closer against him, the arm about her shoulder tightened ever so much. “Just know that whenever you do change your mind, I’m more than happy to be stuck with you.”

Giggling, she jabbed at his side as they headed down the busy sidewalk. “You are such a goof, you know that?”

“Just my playful side, Kagome.” The deep sound of his laughter filtered to her through the slight distance. He always did have a way to make her smile.

“Thanks, Hojo.”

Smiling down to her, his arm gave her another tight squeeze. “You keep thanking me, Kags, and I’m going to have to start causing trouble.”

Another giggle escaped her at that. He was so different from the boy she met years ago. The all so quiet Hojo that every girl wanted to be with was now the joking and playful unofficially taken man that everyone wanted.

He was perfect: nice, sweet, polite, funny. What was wrong with her? She turned down every guy that asked her out because they weren’t like him. She hadn’t gone on any dates in the last three years because she chose to spend her time with him. No one seemed to compare. So, what was taking her so long to just say yes?

I’m insane. That had to be it. She was crazy.

Despite all the times he made her smile and laugh, she just couldn’t say yes. Regardless of all of his traits that she loved; it didn’t feel right. There was just something off, missing.

Coming closer to the shrine steps, he gave her another tight squeeze before handing the rather light bag back to her. “You really should pack some book, Kags.”

Again, another giggle escaped her. “I hate carrying it around when its heavy, but I don’t know why I bother. You’re usually carrying it for me.”

“Yeah,” his brilliant smile hinted at the corner of his lips, “and I’ll keep carrying it, Kags.”

“Thanks, Hojo.”

A wide grin flashed across his face as he shook his head. “Stop thanking me, Kags. You make me feel like I’m being forced to.”

Smiling up at him, her mind blanked as her body moved on its own. The smooth sensation of his cheek under her lips was abrupt and immediate. The soft feeling of his shirt under her hand as it glided back to her side was almost exotic to her suddenly sensitive nerves.

“Thanks, Hojo,” the gentle whisper of her voice filtered the air between them.

His gaze was distant almost as he stared at her. “No problem, Kags.” The once playful tone to his voice was softer and barely audible.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

With that, she left him staring out into nothingness as she climbed the vast steps to the top of the shrine. He was perfect, wasn’t he? She was just crazy, losing her mind crazy.

What the hell had gotten into her just then? She never kissed Hojo before, not even on the cheek. Why just now did she decide to? To be honest, though, she hadn’t. She didn’t plan on kissing him just now. It hadn’t even crossed her mind. She didn’t know it happened until afterwards.

I am losing it.

Who in their right mind kisses a guy without being aware of it?

Granted there was a lot going on recently that she wasn’t aware of until afterwards.

Like now for instance…

Stopping in her tracks, her gaze fixed on the old well hut just a couple of feet from her. The house was on the other side of the shrine. Why was she coming over here? She hadn’t been in the silly hut for years now, not since Buyo ran in here. The things been locked since.

Her skin still crawled from that day. No, it was more liked a warmth. It was like once she stepped foot in that place she couldn’t forget about it.

Yep. Definitely losing it.

Despite knowing fully well that there was no reason for her to even go into the place, the door was sliding shut behind her.

Just like before, brown eyes fixed upon the structure in the center. Her skin warming under some magical touch as small hands fell upon the wood. Was she really so far gone that it didn’t matter anymore?

Staring into the dark depths of the well, a moment’s thought of whether she was subconsciously suicidal filtered through her mind. Her nerves desperately screamed for her to jump, and yet, there was no fear either.

Swinging her legs over the mouth, the darkened depth vibrated with a new hue. Purple and blue drifted up to her as a new warmth radiated in her side.

What’s the worst that could happen?

She pushed off.

Amber eyes fixed upon the tall form of the snake demon no more than a few feet away from him. It’s full attention, however, wasn’t on the daiyoukai to his side but the fiery woman before him.

The fresh scent of blood was heavy in the air. Jasmine and lavender drifted to him as his gaze fixed on the girl. Crimson flowed from between her fingers at her side, but she looked unaffected from the wound.

No, instead, she looked infuriated. Her breath heavy from the mix of pain and rage that was so open in her brown gaze. Her free hand balled into a fit at her side. Long raven locks hung loosely over her one shoulder, away from the wound.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” her voice covered the momentarily silent clearing.

“Don’t toy with me, girl.” Green eyes narrowed as its grip enclosed around an object in its grasp. “Tell me how to use it.”

The warmth of his beast was immediate when her scent spiked ever so slightly. “Why you,” the slightest sound of a yell of frustration drifted from her lips. “I don’t know what it is.”

It was then that everything happened all at once. The snake’s hiss as he charged for her. Her small waist wrapped within his secure grasp as he brought her to the other side of the clearing. His free hand ready to attack at the first opportunity.

The foolish creature.

Small hands wrapped within the silk fabric of his sleeve. Her warm touch permeating through the thin garment. Her already intoxicating scent was stronger with her body so close. The rise and fall of her chest as she drew in heavy breaths pushed her body closer to his own. The metal of his armor did nothing to stop the sensation from getting to him.

It was only the scent of her blood that allowed him to keep check on his instincts.

“How dare you,” the snake hissed as its tail whipped out to them.

Wrapping his arm more securely about her form, raven locks mixed with silver from the force of his movements. Her tight grip upon his sleeve tightened ever so slightly. The heat of her breath batted at his chest, running down under his armor.

Had he not just vowed only moments ago to not fall weak to a mortal woman like his father had?

This girl was testing his control now.

“I do not suggest trying that again, snake.”

Her breath caught as his voice flowed over her. The silky baritone rumbled through the clearing with a confidence that she had never heard before. If she had thought Hojo’s voice was nice, her savior’s was majestic.

Hojo. Just moments ago, she had given up on the idea of seeing him again, confident that the snake was going to kill her.

Snake demon.

They weren’t real. Granted her grandfather always spoke of demons as though they had actually existed centuries ago. She never believed the myths, though. Right now, however, taking in the presence of her savor and the thing that so badly wanted a piece of information from her that she didn’t know, she sure as hell was believing now.

“Give me the girl and I won’t hurt you,” came the snake’s hiss on the other side of the clearing.

Her grip tightens ever so slightly on his sleeve with the demon’s words. The act was silly. She doubted he would turn her over after just saving her and so easily dogging the youkai, but it made her feel a little better.

Yeah, she had been a smart aleck before, but that was when she thought she was going to die. When you know something is going to happen no matter what you do, why worry?

“You are being foolish, snake.” Her nerves hummed with the sound of his voice again. “Leave.”

Was the demon so greedy that he was willing to die to get her?

His instincts flared at the sound of the snake’s hiss. The poisoning energy of his whip lashing out as he drew her in closer. The warmth of her body so close to his own called to his beast with a hunger he had never felt before. Her scent covering him with a soft touch.

The distant cry of the demon was muffled by the sound of his blood running through his veins.

She smelt heavenly. Never before had he come across anything so perfect. That natural fragrance that underplayed the jasmine and lavender consumed him. The caress of her hair against his hand on the small of her back was hypnotizing. The feel of her small hands so securely clinging to his sleeve…

The woman was proving to be the devil of him.

For the first time, her gaze drifted up to her savor’s face. The distant, cold, voice she had heard run over her matched the empty expression she saw now. Yet, his golden amber eyes spoke volumes of emotions that she was and was not familiar with.

His eyes rose things inside of her that she could not even fathom to comprehend.

Moving to step away from him, the threat was gone. He had killed the snake. Somehow, he had done it without even moving. She silently regretted cowering into his chest. Her curiosity was strong when it came to things she didn’t know, and she wanted to know how he did it.

Reluctantly, he released his hold upon her. His beast screaming at him for doing so. Where a part of him hated to admit the instinctual pull he felt to the girl, his beast did not. No, it was more than willing to draw her in and have her.

Watching as she moved to the remains of the demon, he couldn’t help but acknowledge her control. It was obvious she didn’t want to go near it, but she had to retrieve the item the snake had taken from her. Gathering her possession was more important that her unease.

His beast growled within its depths at the ever so slight sway to her hips. Those silky raven locks moved within the calm breeze her movements created. Long smooth legs were exposed to his suddenly hungry gaze.

He never found indulgence in a woman’s touch, pushing those away who desire the title they would receive if he took them. When a dog demon beds, it is for life. No female until now had ever called to his beast so powerfully.

“There it is,” her gentle voice came to him. Moving, he was silently intrigued when she turned to him as though she knew he was going to be standing so close. “I honestly have no idea what this thing is.”

Amber eyes shifted from her angelic face to the jewel between her fingers. The power radiating from it was unmistakable. “It is the Shikon Jewel.” Yet, how did she come to possess it? The jewel was destroyed within the flames of his brother’s miko.

“I read about that in my grandfather’s study.” His gaze shot to her. It was rare to find an educated woman, and it to be her, the woman that seemed to be drawing him in deep with every passing moment. “But that doesn’t make any sense.” Every vein in his body flared to life when the impact of her gaze met his. “The jewel was destroyed centuries ago. How did I get it?”

Centuries? “You are mistaken,” his voice flowed over her with a silken touch that left her gaze faltering ever so much, an effect he didn’t miss. “The jewel was merely destroyed fifty years ago with the miko.”

“No,” her suddenly sharp brown orbs leveled on his. “It was buried with the priestess five hundred years ago. Everyone knows the story of the priestess and the demon.”

“What tale would this be, girl, that you speak of?”

Was he serious? All of the history professors for the last couple of years loved to tell the story of the priestess that fell in love with a demon and died by his hand. It was one of the stories they tell the kids to keep them from having sex with just anyone.

“You’re not serious, right?”

“Do not play with me, girl,” his rumble darkened ever so much. It had little effect on her.

Sighing, she knew the more they bickered on the subject the longer it would be until she got the information she wanted. “All I’m saying is that the jewel hasn’t existed for centuries and then that snake tore it out of me.”

To emphasis the point, her hand fell to her side. Where there had just moments ago been an open wound was nothing more than dry blood on a torn shirt and skirt. His gaze followed her suddenly wide eyes to the smooth skin of her stomach, a silent growl coursing through him at the sight.

“It official,” if it wasn’t for his demonic hearing, he wouldn’t have heard it, “I’m losing it.”

“Losing what, girl?”

Brown eyes snapped up to him. She had barely heard herself. How did he? “Nothing,” she lied. “You by chance can’t tell me how to get thing back inside of me, can you?”

His gaze fixed on the object in her hand. When the jewel had existed fifty years ago, it had called to every evil soul in the lands, human and demon alike. The knowledge that she was so willing to be entrusted with such danger surprised him.

“I’ll take that as a no.”

Looking back to the well, she wondered for the first time since she got here if it would take her back too. The snake had attacked as soon as her feet had touched the ground that she really didn’t get to ponder too much on it.

“I could always try.”

Again, his questioned startled her. “Do you frequently talk to yourself, girl?”

Okay, maybe my knight in shining armor is suddenly becoming a royal pain in the butt. So what? He did save me. So, keep it calm.

“Yeah, actually,” she smiled up at him, “I do.”

His nerves tightened as he stared at the beauty before him. God, she was beautiful. An untouched woman as she was a rare find within the lands. Most were married far younger than her.

“I was wondering if the well would take me home,” she muttered, shifting her brown orbs from the well to him. “It brought me here—wherever here is—it should take me back, right?” The last was spoken more to herself than him.

“Where are you from, girl?”

He didn’t miss the spark in her eyes as she looked to him. “Tokyo and my name is Kagome.”

Kagome. It was lovely.

His gaze narrowed upon taking in her answer. “I am not familiar with this village.” Granted, he wasn’t familiar with most human villages.

Sighing, her gaze wondered back to the old structure. Maybe Tokyo’s not around yet. Gramps did mention once that the well had magic. Maybe it took me into the past. It would explain the demon that attacked her and the one in front of her now. It would also explain why he thought the jewel was only destroyed fifty years ago instead of five hundred. I’m in the damn Feudal Era.

“I shouldn’t be surprised.” Her grandfather was always going on and on about the magic that resided on the shrine grounds, and she always did have a strange feeling whenever she got close to the well hut.

“Girl,”—his words were cut short by the suddenly harsh glare directed towards him. No creature before had ever attempted such a look and expected to walk away alive.

“My name is Kagome,” her gentle voice snapped. The fire in her gaze only seemed to call to his beast just as powerfully as everything else about her.

This woman is going to destroy me.

She was beautiful beyond reason and processed a will that was entirely open to the world. Her scent alone drew him in with each breath, and her gaze was hypnotic with its fire. Long raven black hair danced ever so slightly in the breeze. The thought of running his clawed hands through them was almost tangible.

Staring at her now, this woman that he just set eyes upon, he so desperately desired to know everything about her. Where she came from. What she loved. Who she cared for.

This human woman had destroyed every vowel he had sworn within moments of seeing her, hearing her. Where he swore to never fall weak to a human female, he now so desperately wanted to know what the touch of her skin would feel like against his own.

“I’m not from a village.” Her voice was softer now, misunderstanding the heavy amber gaze for one of irritation. “I think that well brought me here from the future.”

God, it sounded so corny saying it aloud.

“What you say is impossible.”

Brown eyes narrowed once again as she stared at him. The strong look sparked his blood to a new level. His beast pulling at his control, it so desperately wants to be loose. He knew, however, the risk it would bring to the beauty before him.

“Apparently it is,” she stated. Her hypnotizing gaze shifted from him to the well. “That, or you’re toying with me.” She didn’t think he was, and his suddenly hard gaze confirmed it. “All I know, is that where I’m from it is the 21st century, and the jewel has been destroyed for the last five hundred years.”

He had never heard of a link existing that connected the present to the future before. Such strong magic was normally, however, secretive. The well had always possessed an aura of power to it. Her attire alone did not fit with what females were normally dressed in.

“You say this Tokyo is where you are from, girl.” It was more a statement than a question.

Her already open irritation was ever so slightly rising to newer heights. The faintest hint of spiritual energy became visible to his heightened gaze. Amber eyes taking in the purple hue to her shapely form.

“Yes,” she weakly growled out to him. “That is what I am saying.”

He didn’t miss the sudden change in her eyes before they once more narrowed. Following her attention to the old structure, it was too much to hope for that she had no reason to return back to her time. She didn’t carry the scent of a male on her, but that did not mean there was not one in her life.

The thought of another touching her turned his blood from the gentle warmth to a fire he was not familiar with. Jealousy was a foreign emotion, but one he realized now he was capable of.

How had a human woman affected him so?

“I need to get back home,” her barely audible words drifted to him, “but I don’t know what to do about this thing.”

She didn’t think anyone in the future could help her. The jewel hadn’t existed for more than five hundred years. Her grandfather was guessing on most of his tales. Demons were myths in the future, nothing more than fairytales.

Looking to the youkai before her, they were very much real here. If she had any luck at finding a way to seal the jewel back into her body, it was here.

God, help me.

“You by chance wouldn’t know of anyone that could help me with this, do you?”

Looking to the object held within her hand, he couldn’t help but find some pride in the fact that he was not drawn to it. He was not in such desperate need for power as most creatures.

“I am familiar with a witch that may be of use.” He did not believe that the old hag would be willing nor able to assist, though. He would, however, take any opportunity presented to keep her close.

“Could you take me to her?” He marveled at the swift change in her gaze. The once narrowed glare now one of hope.

“It would be a several days journey from here.”

She understood the statement for what it was. “Thank you.”

“We shall leave.”

Right before his eyes once again, her gaze changed from hope to worry. Her attention subtly bouncing from him to the old well. “I can’t.” His beast growled with her whispered words. Looking at him, the disappointment was so clear. “I have to tell my mother what happened, and I can’t ask you to wait.”

“Then do not,” he spoke. The cold and distant tone to his voice never once betrayed him. “I merely request that you do not dally.”

His body warmed once more with the smile that erupted from her tempting lips. “Thank you.”

With that said, he watched as she rushed past him and down the well. The purple and blue haze engulfing her as the sensation of her scent disappeared.

She is mine.


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