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LoveStruck by Sora-chan

Chapter 1


Hi All

It’s been a minute. Welcome to my first story in way too long.

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Rating: MA, for cursing and future chapter scenes.

Note: This is AU set in modern times. Everyone is human and they will all be OOC at some point or another. Chapters won’t always be long, but I’ll try to keep them from being too short as well. This story is un beta'd. Hopefully there aren't many mistakes. :) If you like it, please review!

Summary: A modern day love story.

“You want me to speed date your sons?” Kagome deadpanned.

“Well….yes actually. I guess that is the most succinct way of putting it.”


Takeda Sesshoumaru, son of Takeda Touga, heir to the Takeda Family Enterprise, and all-around perfection, was bored. Not only was he bored, he also was stuck. It was the annual Autumnal banquet that his Family hosted, thus meaning he was unable to sneak away and hide for the night as he used to be able to do when he was younger. 

From his perch on the second-floor balcony of the ballroom, he watched Japan’s Elite socialize, drink champagne and other spirits and laugh in comfort and elegance. He didn’t hate the party per say, he just wished there was more to it than well-dressed people standing around and gossiping. 

Lifting his glass of whiskey to his lips, he took a sip and glanced around the room for his parents and younger half-brother, their natural blonde colouring not exactly standing out with all the perfectly peroxided strands below. Finding his mother’s elaborate kimono, he made his way down the stairs closest to him. 

He walked through the throng of people dressed elegantly in both kimono and Western attire, nodding in greeting to friends and colleagues alike before stopping beside his father and brother. InuYasha, he noted, looked just as bored as he felt. His sandy blonde hair pulled in a bun, messy from InuYasha’s constant need to touch it in his discomfort.

The younger man leaned over, “How much longer before we can leave without being rude?” he muttered for his brother’s ears. His father glanced over, hazel eyes narrowing for a moment, but he said nothing. Sesshoumaru didn’t respond, leaving InuYasha to wonder if he had heard him at all before, he noticed that while his brother took another sip of his drink, he tapped the glass twice with his index finger. Two more hours. With an internal sigh, he took a sip from his own glass and looked out into the crowd, maybe he can find his friends or a distraction.

The event space was decorated to perfection in earthy tones complimented by jeweled ones. The lighting was superb, golden and glowing, not too bright to ruin the atmosphere but not too dim as to be mistaken for a restaurant or bar. The room screamed elegance and the din of conversation and laughter only added to the atmosphere.


Higurashi Kagome kept her face pleasantly neutral as she walked behind her family through the party, they were late on account of her, but at least they were there. From what she knew, they had to greet the hosts of the party before anything else could happen. She could feel the stares of the other guests, see the heads tilting in whisper, but she pretended to not notice because they were discussing her.

Her brother’s hand bumped hers, bringing her back to awareness, they were approaching the Takeda’s. Fluffing the fur stole around her shoulders, she imperceptibly straightened her spine and elongated her neck, her body falling into a practiced pose of poise. She took in the powerful Family before her, possibly Japan’s most powerful depending on who you spoke to. They were picture perfect; the Takeda blonde was sought after shade. Touga’s hazel eyes passed down to both his sons. InuYasha looked the most like him, whereas Sesshoumaru strongly favoured his mother.

She brought her eyes neutrally to her mother and grandfather as they smiled, hugged and laughed with Takeda Touga and Izayoi. They were good friends and business partners after all. Her brother Souta stepped up and bowed in respect to his elders before stepping to the side, it was her time to wow.

“And I present to you my granddaughter, Kagome, I know it's been quite a while since you’ve seen her, having been away at school in Europe.” Higurashi Suzuka said beaming with pride while he ushered his granddaughter forward.

A vision in red stepped forward, and Sesshoumaru felt his brain halt for a moment. She was beautiful, bright blue eyes, lined by kohl and smoky eyeshadow. She bowed demurely before straightening again and his attention was brought to the lines of her body; a long neck (appearing longer due to her upswept hair, no doubt), flowing into fur covered shoulders, he couldn’t exactly see the cut of her dress, but the silk fabric flowed to the floor, with a slit that came to her thigh. She was petite in stature, her small wrists and hands draped over the fur as she kept it close. It was dislodged enough that one shoulder peaked up, bare to his gaze, he idly wondered if her dress was strapless.

She smiled and stepped forward to hug his stepmother and father in greeting. Something something great to see you and come over for tea. It occurred to him that she should know her, yet, he had no clue who she was. She should have grown up with them, being the granddaughter of his father’s closest business partner and all. His curiosity piqued, he glanced over at his brother who was having a whispered conversation with Kagome’s brother Souta, the younger male looking very uncomfortable. Sesshoumaru knew he would have the information he sought soon.

She stood in place for a moment, taking in the famed Takeda boys, having seen pictures of them in magazines and newspapers, she knew what they looked like. Their chiseled features were as swoon worthy in person as they were in print. She could see InuYasha was the more outgoing of the two, he seemed uncomfortable in his tuxedo, his hair tousled. Sesshoumaru, he was bred for this. His broad shoulders emphasized in his own tuxedo, his light blonde hair was tied back at his nape, it shone in the lighting. He stood comfortably, one hand in a pocket, the other holding a whiskey glass, the picture of sophistication. 

Catching his eye, she nodded slightly at him with a smile before turning and leaving the group, the guests in front of her parting to let her pass.

When he next caught sight of her sometime later, she was draped around Hisoka Sango, smiling animatedly at something the other woman said. Her fur hanging from one elbow showing off the structured v cut back of her silk dress. The straps draped loosely along her biceps to give that romantic look.

He didn’t know she knew Sango, or Kikyo for that matter. ‘Just who is this woman?’ he thought.


“Finally.” InuYasha muttered sometime later before stalking off, Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes, the whelp could at least make it seem like he wasn’t trying to run away. His father Touga laughed beside him.

“InuYasha will never be happy at these things” he said while shaking his head

‘Nor will I’ Sesshoumaru thought before leaning over to kiss his stepmother on the cheek.

“You’re off too? I shouldn’t be surprised, you both stayed with no complaints, go have some fun.” Touga said, shooing him off before resting an arm on his wife’s back and going back to their conversation with the Higurashis.

He followed his brother to a smaller room off the side of the ballroom, it was a more intimate setting, fluffed couches and chaise lounges spread around with tables within reach should one need to rest their drinks. The large windows on the far wall were open, letting in some of the cooler fall air, while a fire crackled merrily on the other side of the room. 

He stepped in, hearing the boisterous laughter of friends and family alike as they separated themselves from the uptightness of their parents and their business partners. One day, they will all take their places at the family tables, hosting these events, but no one was eager for those days to come. Their parents were still healthy, strong and very happy running the family businesses. The room reminded him of descriptions of French aristocrats, and their parties, drunk, gambling and being overall rowdy, before descending into debauchery.

InuYasha greeted a group of men before going to a cluster of couches where there were higher pitched greetings of his name. It was there he found the vixen in red, ‘Kagome’, half sitting half lying on a chaise lounge, her dress and fur draped around her, her leg peeking salaciously through the split in the fabric. She had her head back in a laugh, and in that moment, he wanted to press his nose in the crook of her neck to see if she smelled as delightful as she looked.

“Sesshoumaru, there you are.” it was Takahashi Kikyo, calling him over. The brown eyed woman motioned him forward while she stood and allowed InuYasha to sit in the seat beneath her. They were a fairly new couple, both dancing around each other for years before gaining the courage to date. They weren’t official but they seemed very comfortable with each other. She pushed her violet dress to the side to not wrinkle it while she sat in his brother’s lap.

“Have you met Kagome? I know she was introduced to you, but I assume she probably disappeared not long after” she continued wryly. Off to the side there was a noise of squeak of feminine outrage

“Kiki, I do not disappear” Kagome returned. 

Kikyo rolled her eyes and forged on. “Sesshoumaru, Yasha, this is Higurashi Kagome, my very beloved cousin. She just came back from an unnecessarily long”, here she cut her eyes playfully to the woman in question, “time away and is now back. You guys probably met once a long time ago before she left so I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t remember her.” she finished.

Kagome smiled good naturedly at her cousin before standing and bowing shallowly in greeting. She went to drape herself over the lounge again before pausing. “Would you like to sit?” she asked, motioning to the length of cushion she was previously commandeering. He was unbuttoning his jacket and moving to sit beside her before he even fully processed if he should. 

“So, what were you doing away so long? Kikyo makes it sound like you were gone for a lifetime.” InuYasha asked curiously. He had gotten some basic information from her brother, but he didn’t expect to be talking to her so soon, perfect time to pump her for information in his opinion.

“I guess I can admit that she isn’t exaggerating with this one, I’ve been away for,” she paused and looked to the ceiling, seemingly counting on her fingers, “...twelve years? I think.” she took a sip of something clear from a whiskey glass, while everyone did their own mental math, probably trying to see if they would have ever crossed paths before she left. 

“So that knocks out a hidden pregnancy.” Came a laughing voice, a man walked up, his brown cropped hair making his blue eyes pop, his facial hair short and a little on the scruffy side.

“Kouga!” Hisoka Sango cried out, throwing a decorative pillow at the laughing man. Both Kikyo and Kagome looked shell shocked, Kagome turning troubled blue eyes to Sango

“What’s he talking about?” she asked, her cheeks flushed, more so than the sweeping of blush she wore.

Sango sighed, “the guys have some dumb bet about why all our parents were so interested in your ‘return’. I’m sure you noticed all the glances and whispering. Of course, NO ONE believes that dumb idea and we’re all going to forget about it because it wasn’t funny. Aren’t we Kouga?” she ended threateningly. The man in question nodded stiffly before walking away.

“Well, ok” Kagome said, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear and licking her red lips, “There’s no scandals here, it’s pretty boring actually. I’ve just been in school this entire time. I left Japan before high school, did a double major for my bachelors, and I just completed my masters. My grandfather decided I was away too long and told me to come home.” she shrugged delicately 

“You’re right, that is fucking boring. I almost wanna hear what other shit the bouzo came up with.” said InuYasha before Kikyo whapped him.

“Well since I’m back in town, I trust you all to spice up my life a little.” Kagome giggled, “But not too much, please, have pity on this poor boring girl.”

The rest of the night was spent with lively conversation. They played a few drinking games; the girls took photos together and of each other. Sesshoumaru was never too far away from Kagome. They spoke, flirted lightly but didn’t get close enough to act on those flirtations. They were always separated by someone, calling for their turns in games, posing for pictures. 

‘She’s a lively woman, I wonder if she’s that expressive in other ways’ he thought watching as she danced around a billiards table happily. She had just won a game after claiming she didn’t know how to play. She was sharp, he noted, very sensual and unafraid to use it. He determined that he would find out the answer to his questions, after all a romp never hurt anyone.


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