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Cornered by missysessy

Of Him

            He was what every woman would die to have their hands on. The CEO of Tashio Inc.; smart, intellectual, one of the richest men in Japan and oh so handsome. Yes, the eldest son of the most powerful family in Japan, Sesshomaru Tashio was the man that could give even a blind woman or sometimes, a blind man, wet dreams. As even the low timbre of his voice was enough to rouse uncontrollable feelings inside.

            His father, Toga Tashio, the founder of Tashio Inc., was thought to be the most powerful man in Japan, even had his hand controlling pollitical welfare of the country until Sesshomaru took the reign of their company, surpassing his father in just about five years.

            His mother, Isumi Tashio, a very renowned lawyer, holding her own law firm, it was said that it was easier to win against the Devil but not against her.

            He even had a younger brother, Inuyasha Taisho but not much came out about him into the tabloids, just that he was a pianist and was in Paris.

            Once in a magazine called 'Insight' it was mentioned that Inuyasha was actually the outcome of one of Toga's flings but that magazine company was shutdown overnight after that. No one dared to try turnishing the pristine image of the Taishos afterwards.

            So being the heir of such a strong lineage, Sesshomaru Taisho was very ruthless. Overtaking companies after companies, day by day making his empire stronger and stronger. Everything was business to him and he would cut any and every weak links, whether that being shuting down a low profitable branch company, firing hundreds overnight or distroying his competitors in business.

            Right now sipping champagne at the big merger party of his company with one of his rival companies, for whom he had left only two choices; either being a part of his chain or committing suicide due to the debts the owner was forced under.

           "Son, I am so proud of you. Onigumo Corp. was a big catch. I had tried for so many years to drag them under somewhat of a partnership but to no avail. It was kind of a shock when it was Hibiki, who contacted us for a merger one week ago. I mean, how did you even make that possible?" It was like the tenth time his father asked and praised for the exact thing to him this past week. And his answer would be the same as before.

           "This Sesshomaru is out for supreme conquest and beyond. Nothing will stand in my way." Before his half drunk father could have said something else, a woman's voice called to them both.

           "Toga, stop bothering our son on such a fine evening and Son, congratulations." His mother joined them, looking beautiful and elegant, all at once.

           "Hello Mother." Sesshomaru greeted while nodding his head.

            It was said that he got his charms from his father and mother both, but it was from his mother that he got his wits alone.

           "Hey boss buddy, having all the fun without me?" Sesshomaru rolled his eyes at the childish term and welcomed Kouga, his ally and sort of a friend.

            Kouga was one of the few people who was close to his family and could be trusted with company secrets. Being together from Howard, Kouga was the first to merge his company with Sesshomaru's, upon him turning the CEO of Tashio Inc.

           "Uncle Toga, you are looking so handsome tonight and... drunk..." At which, Toga gave a grin, "And Aunt Isumi, you are looking as beautiful as ever." Kouga kissed Isumi's hand for which Isumi blushed, Toga mumbled under his breathe and Sesshomaru rolled his eyes again. "And if you both will have it, I would like to borrow your son for a couple of minutes."

            Something in Kouga's eyes indicated that he had some serious issues to discuss. Walking a little away from his parents, Sesshomaru asked Kouga, "What is it?"

            Signing, Kouga said, "We lost the bid and contract like the last two and to the same company again."

            Sesshomaru narrowed his and was about to say something when the anchor at stage announced his name to make an appearance.

            Walking amidst the crowd to the stage, only one name resonated in his head, 'The Shikon'.



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