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Variables by FragmentedMatter


"You dropped your phone."

Startled, Kagome looks up from behind the counter and watches through the window as a man bends down to reach for the phone but instead gets down on one knee as he fishes a small, velvet box from his pocket. The woman stares at him in disbelief as the box opens to reveal a beautiful diamond ring.

Kagome's heart stops as she looks more closely at the man - particularly the slant of his eyes and the tilt of his aristocratic nose. She can vaguely hear a customer walk into her shop, ask for one of the freshly-made chocolate croissants, call Kagome's name, and repeat her order. All Kagome can do is stare at the scene unfolding just beyond the window case filled with delectable confectionaries and savoury breads. The customer snaps her fingers before Kagome's face, angry that she has been ignored and even angrier still that she hasn't received what she has asked for. Kagome opens her mouth to apologise, to make silly excuses for her rude behaviour, but "Sorry, we're closed" falls from her lips.

The man's head snaps in Kagome's direction, eyes going wide, as the woman before him throws her arms around his neck, profusely proclaiming her answer. Even though he should be returning her ardent affection, his eyes are on Kagome as she ushers the disgruntled customer out of her shop, and just before Kagome can close the door behind the customer, she sees the telling magenta stripes on his skin, poking beyond the cuff of his rolled-up sleeve.


Writing Prompt: Soulmates by @writing.prompt.s on Instagram

Original: My original adaptation of the above oneshot can be found on my blog (link in bio)

Word Count: 255

A/N: While it may not be an update for Inevitability or Compatibility, I was particularly inspired by the above writing prompt and thought I would share a SessxKag version with you. I love hearing your thoughts, so please leave a comment <3


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