Purple Haze: Definitive Edition by ruuruu-chan

Purple Haze: Definitive Edition Chapter 1

Purple Haze:
Definitive Edition

By: Ruuruu-chan

Disclaimers: I do not own InuYasha or any of the characters associated with it. I'm only borrowing the characters to amuse myself and hopefully others. ^__^



Ch. 1 Memories



“Good morning Tokyo, tragedy has struck the city as more than a dozen construction workers were found dead on the newly established condo site. So far there are no new reports on the cause of death. We will bring you updates as they become available. Aimi, how are things looking on the ground level?” the news anchor asked as the screen split to reveal the reporter on site.

“Thank you, Makiko, after interviewing some locals, here is what they had to say,” the reporter showed clips of the people she spoke to.

One elderly man said, “The only reason why those men died was because they were building on the grounds of an old temple. It was a warning from the spirits to stop construction immediately.”

“As you can see Makiko, superstition and rumors surround this mystery,” Aimi said as the camera panned the area in which the incident occurred.

“Thank you, Aimi,” Makiko turned back to face the camera at the station, “In other news…”

The television could be heard from the dining room and Mrs. Higurashi seemed particularly interested. “I can’t believe something like that could happen. Do you think they were murdered?” the mother asked with a serious look spreading over her face.

Kagome looked up from her notes with wide eyes, “Mother! Are you serious? Who would murder over a dozen people? Who could get away with it?”

Kagome’s mother shrugged her shoulders, “I have no idea who could get away with it, but the only reason why I asked is because the locals seemed disgruntled over the fact that condos were being built on sacred ground. It was in the news some time ago and there was a huge dispute that eventually went to court. You can obviously see who won. There could be someone out there bent on getting revenge.”

“Mom, I think you watch too much TV. Just stay in the realm of reality please,” Kagome said with an exhausted sigh. She glanced at her watch and gathered her documents, “Mom, I’m running late. I need to get to work.”

“Souta! Hurry up or I’m leaving you behind!” Kagome shouted up the stairs.

Souta ran down with a backpack flung over his shoulder, “Yeah, yeah, I’m coming Sis.”

Kagome quickly bent down and kissed her mother on the cheek, “Love you Mom. We’ll see you later.” The two siblings left the home and got into the family car.

As Souta buckled up he said, “It does seem weird how all those workers died in conjunction to one another. I was reading a report online that stated the times of death and they were very close, mere minutes from each other.”

“Ah, so that’s why you’re lagging behind this morning,” Kagome commented. She continued, “Don’t forget there is an exam today in class.”

“I know Sis, you don’t have to remind me,” the brother said with annoyance.

Kagome became irritated, “Look, just because you’re sixteen and in college doesn’t mean you still can’t be forgetful. I was just trying to help you out.” Although her brother tested out of high school at the tender age of fourteen, there were still times when she thought of him as her baby brother.

“Do you help your other students like this?” Souta questions while crossing his arms.

“Actually, I do. I email all my students so that everyone comes in prepared. The last thing I want to do is flunk someone, but I suppose I could make an exception for you,” Kagome finished with a joking tone.

“I think it’s embarrassing how I’m even in your class to begin with. Too bad I have to take Feudal History as a requirement for my degree.” Souta was joking right back with his cocky mannerisms.

“You could have chosen another time and professor for this required class.”

“Not really. Any other choice would conflict with my work schedule.”

“Oh right, that waiting job at the restaurant. Isn’t that a hotspot eatery in downtown?”

“It sure is. You should come in there sometime and get something to eat.”

“If I wasn’t so busy all the time I just might take you up on that offer.”

There was a brief silence in the car until Souta changed up the subject, “I guess it makes sense that you would become a professor teaching the very thing you lived through.”

Kagome nodded, “I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve always been interested in that time period even before I went there myself. It only flamed the fires more with my curiosity to the people and how they lived.” She became silent once more, recalling her time in that era, her time with… She shook her head of that memory so many years ago. It was best to leave it in the past and forget about it.

“You know, since Grandpa passed away you’ve been hitting those books harder than ever before. I know you want to help people, but I can’t recall what you said you wanted to be?” Kagome clearly wanted the subject matter to revolve around her brother. She didn’t want to think about herself at that moment.

Souta knew what his sister was doing and played along effortlessly. He didn’t mean to cause her undue stress with the thought of her past self. “I want to become an immunologist with a minor in virology. There are a multitude of titles for people who work towards cures for diseases. Virologists work with viral diseases, while immunologists try to create immunizations and vaccines to prevent disease. I suppose this could also fall under becoming a biomedical scientist because they specialize in finding cures for human diseases. Their research involves finding patterns in the body in order to use that information to treat those diseases.”

Souta was long-winded when he began to talk about a subject matter that interested him. Kagome smiled as she saw the excitement build in her little brother.

He continued, “Grandpa died of pneumococcal disease and this includes infections of the body, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, bacteremia, and meningitis. This is caused by 83 serotypes of streptococcus pneumoniae…”

“Alright you can stop now,” Kagome said while trying to suppress a laugh.

Souta huffed, “My point is, I want to find cures for all types of diseases so that people don’t have to suffer like our grandpa did. Who knows, what I conjure up might help mom when she gets older.”

Kagome smiled, “You’re headed in the right direction with the schooling you’re taking. Every semester you manage to get the maximum number of classes and seven of them are a lot. I could barely manage four per semester when I was going through university.”

“I would love to attend more classes if the school administration would allow it. The administration feels that I wouldn’t be able to handle more classes. I can’t help it if I’m dedicated to education,” was all he had to say about it. Kagome knew what he meant about dedication. All his time was spent studying and he never thought to go out to play, hang out or even have a girlfriend. Kagome couldn’t even recall if her brother had any friends to hang out with.

Before any more could be said, they pulled up into the college parking lot. Kagome grabbed her briefcase and went straight to her classroom with Souta right behind her.

“By the way, I got the assignment done for the class,” Souta mentioned as they got into the empty classroom. The class wouldn’t start for another hour or so.

He rummaged in his backpack and handed it to his sister. Kagome scanned over it while she bit her bottom lip. The assignment consisted of the student writing a compare and contrast synopsis of a real historical fact or event with a fictional story or creature of that same time period. The point was to find the origin of the story and see how it fit in the grand scheme of things within that time of history. The origins of a story are often linked to real events in time and Kagome thought this assignment would force her students to think outside the box. She put the assignment on her desk face down, promising to read it after her lessons were over. The report wasn’t due for another week, but her brother always turned assignments in early no matter what class he was taking.

Class came and went and the time seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. As the last student left the classroom Souta held out his hand, expecting to be given the car keys so that he could get to work. They had limited funds and could only afford two cars, and one belonged to their mother. Kagome only took the bus home if her brother had to work late at the restaurant.

“What time do you get off work?” Kagome asked.

“I get off at about nine. Do you want me to pick you up?” Souta asked as he was handed the keys.

Kagome nodded, “If you could that would be great. I need to stay a little late to get these exams corrected anyway. I’ll see you later tonight.”

The siblings parted ways and Kagome headed down the hall to get to her office. The documents almost spilled out of her hands as she laid them down on the desk. Kagome caught one paper in mid-flight and surprisingly, it was her brother’s report. She sat down and began to read the paper and before she knew it she was swallowed in by the content. Although the paper was scientific in nature, it did hold up theories on how demons have intermingled in the human world with unseen eyes. Demons were prominent in Feudal Japanese folklore and were the backbone to a society who believed in such things. The people of that time acted and reacted to things that they were unable to give an explanation to, and these in turn became the myths and legends that are known in modern times.

Kagome knew that some of these legends were true because she experienced them first hand, but the human world would never know it. Very few humans can sense demons, especially those that are hiding their true forms. Demons learned through the ages on how to hide themselves from human society and Kagome knew that some lived for hundreds to thousands of years. She did wonder if InuYasha would still be alive because she didn’t know if half-demons had the same life expectancy as demons. If he were alive today then he would be nearing six-hundred years old. Her mind began to drift to the past once more on its own accord. She wondered what she could have done to change the past to make the present more bearable.

“Kagome, please wish Kikyo back to life. Naraku is dead and there is no one left to use the jewel for evil,” InuYasha pleaded his case to the miko.

Kagome gripped the jewel tighter, “We can’t know that. This jewel has to be wished out of existence and you know that.”

“Kikyo and I could take care of it. It shouldn’t matter to you anyway because I know you’re going home after this is done,” InuYasha lashed out.

Kagome became confused at InuYasha’s harsh tone, “What do you mean? I thought I was going to stay here with you. After all we’ve been through, I thought…’

“Kagome, listen, I care about you, but I still love Kikyo. I can’t help it,” InuYasha explained.

“I-I know that, but I thought your feelings might have changed. You kissed me and told me you loved me,” Kagome didn’t know if she could keep it together. She fell in love with the half-demon and she knew that InuYasha would always have feelings for Kikyo. There were times when she thought that InuYasha came around to love her and only her, but she was mistaken. He loved two women at once and in the end, he had to decide.

“Please wish her back,” InuYasha pleaded one last time.

Kagome knew what she had to do and she knew that InuYasha would hate her for life, but she had the responsibility to ensure that the world would remain safe. She had to ensure that she had a future to go back to when this was all over. The miko held the jewel close to her heart and gazed at her comrades, their faces ashen with worry. Sango hugged Kohaku to her bosom and it was thanks to Kikyo that he was saved. Shippo looked like he was on the brink of tears as he sat on Miroku’s shoulder, and in the background with a backwards glance was Sesshomaru. They all fought alongside InuYasha in order to defeat Naraku, and the end result was the current situation.

Kagome closed her eyes and whispered, “I wish that the jewel would cease to exist forever…”

The jewel cast a bright pink hue that illuminated over the decrepit valley. The jewel floated into the air and vanished without a trace. As the light dissipated, the reality of the situation struck a chord within the half-demon.

“What did you do?!” InuYasha screeched.

Kagome winced back as InuYasha grabbed her arm, “I had to wish the jewel away. I had no other choice and you know it.”

“You had a choice! You could have wished her back, you jealous wench!” InuYasha berated the miko as he threw her on the ground.

Sango immediately went to her friend’s side, “Kagome didn’t have a choice because this isn’t about you or me or even Kikyo! This is about all of us!”

InuYasha’s ears flattened to his head. He knew why Kagome had to wish the stone away. He only wanted that last ray of hope and it was lost to him forever.

Sesshomaru made his presence known and stepped between the quarrelling groups, “Cease these antics. There is a way to bring her back. Her body is still here and if Kagome wishes to give up part of her soul to Kikyo then I can bring her back to life with the Tenseiga.”

“Why would you do this for me?” InuYasha asked.

“I’m not offering this to you because I want to. I have a debt to repay to the woman who saved Rin. The last thing that woman wants is to hurt you and this is her way to repent,” Sesshomaru said with a cold voice.

 Kagome knew what the dog demon was trying to do. He was trying to mend the relationship between Kagome and InuYasha, and this would be the only way to do that.

“Kagome, if you do this for me I will be eternally grateful to you,” InuYasha said as he got on the ground to be at her eye-level. He grabbed her hand and stared into her blue eyes. Kagome could see hope restored and she knew that she had no other choice.

She nodded her consent, “Alright, I will do this if it means you forgive me.”

InuYasha helped her up so that he could rush her to Kikyo’s body, “I will do more than forgive you.”

Kagome gave a weak smile as she was literally being pushed to get to their destination. InuYasha always had a pushy personality, but this was almost too much even for her. The ritual was short and to the point with a few slashes from the Tenseiga to complete the transition from death to life. Without as much as a word, Sesshomaru disappeared from the foray, never knowing that Kagome was from the future.

The reanimated clay pot was no more and in its place, was a living and breathing Kikyo. With this resurrection there was nowhere in the past that Kagome belonged to. She promised her friends that she would still visit often because she believed that the well would always be open to her. Tragically, once she passed the timbered walls of the well back to her time, the well would be sealed forever. Kagome was not able to give a proper goodbye to her friends and it tore her heart to pieces knowing that she would never see those she cared about most. Kagome would forever be stuck in her own time to live a normal life after that fateful day. She was able to graduate from high school without incident and eventually she attended college to teach of the time that had forgotten her.


A clock chimed and this brought Kagome out from the past. She glanced up and realized that it was half-past nine, which meant that her brother had been waiting out in the parking lot for her. She checked her phone and saw two missed phone calls.

“Oh no, he’s going to kill me!” Kagome said to herself as she stuffed papers in her briefcase.

She ran outside and was met with the cool air of spring. Souta honked his horn at her and yelled out the window, “How long are you going to make me wait!?”

Kagome quickly got inside the car and apologized, “I’m sorry Souta. I had my phone on silent and I didn’t hear your calls.”

Souta sighed, “I was about to leave you here.”

Kagome breathed out with relief, “I’m glad you didn’t.” She meant to get some work done but in all actuality, she didn’t get any work done at all.


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