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Akai Hana by Aschente

The Heir To The West

This is my first fanfiction. Please leave comments or constructive criticism! It is always enjoyable to read comments. This fanfiction was inspired by the anime Dororo. The chapters will be short however there will be many.





Sesshomaru. The name was perfect for the deadly war Lord to be.


“The Killing Perfection.” A title that hung over him like an ominous aura. Sesshomaru was the son of Toga Tashio, The current Lord of The west and as such it was Sesshomaru’s duty to patrol his lands.


However, the young Lord had a niche for battles and often tested his strength against formidable foes. He was insatiable, deadly, and terrifying. He was perfection and as such he refused to cower in the face of his adversaries.However, at this current moment, The Heir to the West was in a… 




The Daiyoukai hissed loudly as his Dokkasou dripped down his bloodied muzzle. The large white dog slumped down against the viridescent wildlife of a forest. His blood and poison pooling around him, staining his albino fur. 


Sesshomaru was blinded, he had fought with venomous snake DaiYoukai that had been terrorizing the bordering lands. Its venom had been released into his eyes. He had quickly dispatched the snake, however not without damage to his own person...


He was revolted at his own momentary weakness, murmuring nonsensical mutterings to himself. Sesshomaru felt delusional as he staggered forward, his paws becoming heavy.


In a swell of powerful Youkai, Sesshomaru reverted back to his humanoid form. His wounds would be much easier to tend to as he reduced in size.


Sesshomaru let out a soft pained moan.


While his wounds had reduced, the lacerations were deep and he barley held the will to stand. He could almost hear his father’s voice mocking him for being careless.


Sesshomaru scoffed.





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