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The Succubus by Ashley

Sweet Dreams

Hello all, this is a new series I'm doing with various themes. This collection will be about Kagome as a succubus. For those who don't know what a succubus is, its a demon that can enter a persons dreams and feasts on their energy through sexual interaction. Kagome will be represented varyingly in each story as will Sesshoumaru. So as you might expect, these stories will contain lemons and mature content. I'm not grammar guru, so expect misspelling and mistakes. If there are certain stories ya'll really enjoy, I might be persuaded to write chapter stories on it. The partner series to this will be The Incubus that I will write soon.

Disclaimer- I do not own the characters or the anime/ manga associated. 

In this story Kagome is a succubus and Sesshoumaru is a human. Well, hope you all enjoy.


The street lights lined the dark road, asphalt glistened with wet puddles from the recent rain. The hum of a black car lulled along as it made its way past neon signs and closed shops. It turned, pulling slowing into a parking garage of a tall building and winding its way through the structure. The engine cut off and the closing of the driver door echoed through the concrete walls. The clicking of dress shoes filled the still quiet of the garage. The elevator dinged and the doors opened as a man entered, switching his briefcase to the other hand before pressing the button for the 18th floor. He sighed and ran a hand through his short hair. He stretched his neck and rolled the tired muscles in the shoulders. Looking as his watch he sighed again, 11:56 p.m....another long day. The rumbling of his stomach reminded him of the fact he had yet to eat dinner. For a moment he contemplated ordering something but it was too late and he was too tired to eat. The elevator slowed, coming to a stop and dinging again before the door opened to the penthouse floor.

Walking down short hallway, his keys jingled as he pulled them from his pocket. The lock clicked as the large mahogany door creaked slightly as it allowed him entrance. The plaque next to the door reading, Sesshoumaru Taisho Residence. Flicking the switch on the wall illuminated a polished living room and kitchen, decorated in dark neutral colors and a sleek modern design. City lights could be seen for miles through the tall windows. Kicking off his shoes he shrugged out dark gray suit jacket and tossed it over the back of the brown leather couch. Going through the kitchen, he settled on an apple and headed towards the bedroom. His mind and body were both exhausted. His company had demanded more of his time as of late, since the merger between Taisho Corp with Shikon Industries. Every day he worked long into the night to collect data and finalize necessary documents. Tomorrow morning he had a meeting with the lead executives of Shikon to go over financials and logistics. He hoped there would be no further delays to secure the deal, he wasn't sure his sanity could take it. Sesshoumaru made his way down the hall, he finished his apple and tossed it in the trash. He stripped down to his boxers and climbed into bed, too weary to take a shower or brush his teeth. 

For a good half an hour he tossed and turned. As tired as he was, he found it difficult to fall asleep. Recently, the quiet of his apartment unnerved him. He had worked long and hard for his success and yet, he had no one to share it with. No wife, no girlfriend, no lover. With his busy schedule he had no time for women much less a relationship. "Or sex.....", he thought begrudgingly.

Never would dare say he was lonely but....he longed for companship. Turning on his side he hugged a pillow, wishing it was soft curves of a warm feminine figure. It had been so long he couldn't remember the last time he'd been with someone. He relaxed and eyes grew heavy. His thoughts drifted, quickly falling into slumber.

Streams of cast moonlight filtered through the curtains of his window. Willowy shadows slid along the walls, all was still and quiet. Sesshoumaru twitched lightly in his sleep, he let out raspy groan. Something was beckoning him as his body started to wake. He suddenly gasped as heat enveloped him. Opening his eyes he became aware of a weight on his legs and a tingling between them. Still groggy, he looked around in the dark before propping himself up on his arms. Blinking away his disorientation, his vision focused and breath caught in his throat. There, sitting on his legs was clearly a figure. Black hair cascaded in waves as its head moved up and down. A shudder ran through him and pleasurable tingle ran up his spine. His movement had alerted the figure that he had awoken. His eyes widened as what was clearly now a woman lifted herr head to reveal startling blue eyes and plump red lips. Lips which were wrapped around the tip of his member. Sesshoumaru was caught in her beauty for several moments until she moved to sit up, her mouth releasing him. His red protruding erection pulsed painfully. His eyes widened further as she sat up fully. Pale pump breasts with rosy tips glistened in the moonlight. They gave way to a taunt stomach and rounded hips. Sesshoumaru's eyes returned to hers, her dark lashes blinked over sapphire eyes; her expression unreadable. His mouth opened in stunned fascination, merely staring in disbelief. Without a word the woman smirked and slowly crawled towards him. 

It was in that moment that Sesshoumaru remembered himself.

"Who are you? How did you get in here?", Sesshoumaru rasped out as he watched her straddle his waist.

She stayed quiet as she ran her hands up torso, looping them around his neck and bringing his lips to hers. Once their lips met his mind went blank. He moaned as liquid heat surged through him.

The kiss ended as she pulled away and he heard her sultry voice, "You can call me Kagome", she spoke lightly.

"Kagome...", he whispered back as if in a daze.

There was no way this was real, he had to be dreaming. Sesshoumaru looked into her eyes before she pulled him into another kiss. Her tongue prodded his lips asking for entrance. He opened his mouth without question, their tongues dueling passionately. The taste of her was sweet, like cherry; addicting. Sesshoumaru groaned as his body felt rushed with intense lust, hot fire burning in his belly. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her body flush with his own. It brought her core directly with his length, wedged between them. Kagome ground her hips down on his pulsing cock. They had barely done anything and he felt ready to cum. He moaned unabashedly. He couldn't think, his mind was overwhelmed with her and the sensations he felt as his breathing became erratic with need. This woman was a complete stranger but he was dreaming who cared. His hands roamed her back, gliding over smooth skin and fisting in long silky hair. The longer they kissed the more desperate he felt for more. Precum leaked heavily from his cock as his erection started to feel more painful. She released her mouth from his as she looked into his eyes.

"Please", he begged with a hiss as his hips bucked into hers.

She smirked at him coyly before moving over him. Her hand reached down to wrap around his cock, her fingers unable to fully grip his girth. She positioned his engorged length at her dripping entrance, swirling her juices on his swollen mushroom head but made no move further. Sesshoumaru whined pitifully as he bucked his hips impatiently but she pulled back. His eyes searched hers imploringly.

"Tell me you want me", she commanded.

She could've asked for the moon and in the moment Sesshoumaru would've given her everything in the sky. He had never begged for anything in his life but right now he'd beg like a dog if she asked.

"I want you", he panted.

She kissed him hard, moaning wontonly as she sunk down on his cock. Her walls gripped him like a vise as she took all of him. He threw his head back with a shout in ecstasy as he came violently. The suddenness of it took him off guard. His cum spewed in thick rivets into her cavern as he shook from the force of his orgasm. He was certain he blacked out for a moment, his body no longer under his control.

"So delicious ", she moaned licking her plush lips.

When he opened his eyes to see Kagome was grinning at him seductively as he tried to catch his breath. What the was this woman?, he thought. Before he could gather himself, he felt her begin to move on him. They both groaned as he gripped her hips roughly, realizing he was still hard even after cumming. She slowly bounced on his girth, the tightness of her exquisite. She moaned erotically above him, quickening her pace as she rocked her hips.

"Fuck", he hissed out.

Already he could feel his balls tightening again in anticipation of another orgasm. She felt so good, so tight and hot. He grasped her bouncing breast, molding them in his hands. Leaning up he took a pert nipple into his mouth, sucking harshly. Kagome gasped in pleasure, moaning as he played with her mounds. He knew he wouldn't last much longer, his cock throbbing within her. His other hand reached down to rub her clit in rapid circles. Her walls pulsed and tightened around his dick and her moans grew louder as she began to cum. He thrust hard up into her; pounding his length deep. Suddenly his back bowed and he shouted his release into the night. His cock pulsed uncontrollably, his orgasm drawn out as his essence dribbled down from where they were joined. Sesshoumaru shuddered as her core wrung out every last drop and he collapsed onto the bed. His body felt boneless and drained, but he had never felt so satisfied. 

Laying there panting, he barely registered as she moved off of him. He felt her lips claim his once again before pulling away. Darkness closed in on him, exhaustion weighing his mind. As he drifted into slumber a gentle hand ghosted on his cheek, a soft breath near his ear.

"Thanks for the meal. Sweet dreams Sesshoumaru", she whispered.

Then all he knew was faded back into the night and sleep took him once more.


Sunlight beamed through slits in the curtains, signaling the new day. Loud ringing could be heard as a cellphone went off. Sesshoumaru sat up abruptly, startled. He searched groggily for the sound of his phone, finding it on the bedside table.

"Hello", he answered. His voice deep from just waking up.

"Sesshoumaru! Where the hell are you?!!", came a voice on the other end of the phone.

Sesshoumaru sighed as he recognized the voice.

"What do you want halfbreed?", he asked becoming irritated.

"What do I want?! Oh! I don't know. Maybe to ask when your ass is going to show up for the meeting about the merger?!", Inuyasha growled sarcastically.

Sesshoumaru frowned before pulling the phone away from his ear to look at the time....9:03 a.m.

"Shit!", Sesshoumaru shouted as he shot out of bed.

The meeting was supposed to start at 8:30 a.m, he was beyond late. He was never late!.....He never over slept.

"I'm on the way", Sesshoumaru said before hanging up.

He quickly threw on a suit and a tie, haphazardly making his way out the door. How could he have overslept?! His memory flashed images of his erotic dream but he quickly put it to the back of his thoughts as he made his way to his car.

Fifteen minutes later Sesshoumaru made his way into his office building, riding the elevator to the top floor. Inuyasha was waiting impatiently at the reception desk, pacing back and forth until he caught sight of Sesshoumaru.

"What the hell?! Where have you been? Shikon has been waiting for nearly an hour!", Inuyasha whispered vehemently.

He kept his voice low to avoid causing a scene but he was definitely pissed. This was an important meeting, one they had been busting there asses to prepare for. Sesshoumaru glared back at his half brother, not needing a reminder of his tardiness.

"I'm here now. Are the executives in the conference room?", Sesshoumaru asked as he adjusted his tie.

Inuyasha huffed as he headed towards the conference room.

"Yea, been waiting for ya. Luckily for you Miroku kept them occupied. Come on."

Sesshoumaru knocked lightly on the door before entering, Inuyasha following behind.

"Ah! Sesshoumaru, you've finally arrived", Miroku spoke from the other end of the long table.

Sesshoumaru made his way to the presentation board and set down his briefcase. He turned to address the others in the room.

"Yes. Thank you all for waiting. I apologize.....", he stopped mid sentence as he eyed the faces that were seated.

Onyx hair and familiar sapphire eyes met his own, red lips curling into a seductive smile.

"Kagome?", Sesshoumaru whispered in shock. "Hello Sesshoumaru. Slept well?"



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