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Thunderstorm Run

For Troll’s Dad!Sesshomaru is the best dad Challenge & Slayer’s Thunderstorm prompt.

Sesshomaru rounded up the grandchildren. They were many in number, though nothing he couldn’t handle. Throughout the years his brood had managed to mingle with many other subspecies of youkai. 

Foxes, wolves, dingos, humans, some biological, others not. Thousands. He nudged the younger ones with his nose, urging them in line. 

The storm would soon arrive. He could make out the first patters as they hit the grassland before them. 

The youngsters were eager. Their excited chatter filled the air. Youki swirled through the air, mingling together in a joyful green mist. 

“The grass looks like it’s glowing.” His Mate leaned into his massive paw. Her hands sank into the thick soft fur. “I always forget how beautiful the run is.” 

The ground vibrated as he growled in response. 

He could feel her smiling through their bond. 

“I’m so glad we started this tradition.” The first thunderstorm of the spring. It started by accident, first with their children and then it had evolved for the grandchildren.  

“Mom, come join us.” Their eldest took her hand and they floated up to the cliffs above. 

Rain began to pour and the whoops and hollers of the parents erupted. Energy buzzed. A crackle of lightning and Sesshomaru rose his muzzle into the night. First, his howl shook the earth, then the feet of the young ones caused it to quake harder. 

They ran in a horde of giggles. The storm around them lit up the great stampede. 

Soaked to the bone, giggling, boasting, they took the land in one massive run. 

Kagome grinned as she watched her Mate take to the air and land at the other side of the clearing. As the grandchildren flowed over the glowing land to the finish line, they caught him and climbed. Soon he’d be covered in laughing little ones.


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