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Oh Captain, My Captain by Bambi


Chapter 1 – Entrance

Shikon University was renowned in Tokyo for producing some of the highest-class business, science, and sports personnel for the last two decades. It's sprawling campus boasted a bias-free zone for both human and demon students to prosper. The school's benefactors gave out numerous scholarships every year to offer opportunities to talented individuals to rise to the top of their ranks in society.

Kagome hurried through the crowded hallway towards what she hoped was the exit of the science building. Her first day of college had been hectic, despite her tour a week prior navigating her class schedule across several buildings with only a few minutes between had been difficult. She had been late to two of her five classes and the embarrassment each time had been cringe-worthy. Although the school's claim of a bias-free zone against demon or human prejudice had been real, the comingling races amongst the student body a testament to that, the prejudice against tardiness was time old and traveled every race, language, and culture.

She glanced at her watch around her arm full of binders and cussed lightly as the time 5:57 pm flashed into view. She had only three minutes to get to the archery club or she would be late for her own new member orientation.

"Damnit." She cussed lightly under her breath.

She quickened her steps, rounded a corner and practically ran for the glass exit doors that came into view. She reached the outside and rushed down the steps pulling her crumbled campus map from her pocket. She checked her surroundings, found her location and almost sighed in relief as she realized she was right next to the massive athletics gym. She shoved the map back into the pocket of her hoodie, the plain grey material hung loosely around her plush form and covered most of the black sweat pants she wore on her bottom half.

She started at a quick pace towards the new building, rounding the concrete path and flying up the stairs and inside with what she hoped was great speed. The new hall she entered was wide, double doors lining both sides with descriptive plaques. She hurriedly weaved through the crowd of moving students, her head swinging side to side as she silently read the plaque's looking for the archery club.

Her blue eyes lit up as the sign finally came into sight and she began to jog lightly keeping her sights on the sign above her destination. She was only two doors away when she suddenly collided with a solid mass. Her binders fell from her arms and as she started to fall back, she twisted so as not to land on her bow and arrows in the shoulder case she carried on her back. She braced for the impact but instead was met with a strong grip and tug around her left wrist, pulling her back onto her feet. She coughed the adrenaline clear from her quivering vocal cords and looked up, her eyes meeting deep pools of molten gold framed in a face of strong masculine features.

"Ah, sorry… no... Uhm, thank you." She looked away and mumbled nervously as she bent to retrieve her scattered belongings.

"Hn." The demons noncommittal reply only spurred her to gather her things quicker.

She pulled the last of her scattered papers that fell from one of her binders into her grip and straightened to apologize to the demon again for bumping into him. When she did the golden-eyed man was no longer anywhere in sight, she was jostled slightly as someone pushed past her and she suddenly remembered where she was headed.

She pushed forward the last few feet and quickly entered the double doors leading to the archery club that she had only seen through a quick glance during her welcome tour. She breathed a sigh of relief as she closed the door and chaos of the hallway fell away. When she turned to face the room though the silent stares boring down on her sent a new wave of anxiety through her blood.

She searched the few faces for the captain that she had spoken with during her initial acceptance of her scholarship and they landed on her sharp elegant features on the left-hand side of the room. Kikyo, the girl had been quiet but pleasant when she had visited the school and been introduced to her. As she neared her, she noticed the girl was in full archery wear, the blue hakama, and white haori clean and pressed to perfection, it made her slim form seem even more elegant with her brunette hair pulled into a loose ponytail at the nape of her neck.

"I'm sorry I'm late." She bowed as she spoke to her new captain.

She waited for a response but rose after a long pause, chocolate orbs lazily traced her form in an appraisal. "Remind me of your name." The cold tone from the girl shocked her slightly.

"Kagome Higurashi… I was awarded the Jewel grant." Kagome was hesitant as she spoke but she wouldn't back down from getting into this club, it was what was enabling her to afford college at all.

Kikyo's eyes gleamed in recognition and she tutted and waved her hand flippantly. "Ah, the poor child." She pinned Kagome with an icy gaze before turning away. "Hurry and change, the locker room is over there, practice has technically already begun." Her hand motioned to a simple grey door on the wall to their left and Kagome started towards it.

"You won't be here long." The quiet sneer followed her as she pulled the door open and closed it softly behind her.

She made her way to the row of lockers, pulling open one that wasn't locked, she placed her messy armful of binders inside and let the shoulder case she was carrying slide free from its place. She turned and opened the case, pulling her high school archery uniform from within. The well worn white and red haori and hakama a stark contrast to her new colleges deep blue, she sighed, wishing she had gotten her new uniform before her first day of club practice.

She shed her clothes quickly, glancing nervously at the door and quickly tied her traditional clothes in place. She hated how the material bunched around her push waist, accentuating the full curves she was slightly ashamed of. She shook off the feeling and hardened herself as she drew her messy raven curls into a loose bun at the back of her head and grabbed her bow and quiver before heading back out into the practice room.

Her reentrance wasn't noticed immediately and she took the time to take in her new club room. The double doors from the hallway had led into a wide room, the side opposite of the door was a wide low wooden balcony that overlooked a long archery range, several lines of targets were placed in the range as well as a large black piece of machinery at the back of the field. The wall with the locker room door was lined by several treadmills, ellipticals, arm presses, bench press benches and a rack of free weights. The wall directly opposite her housed two large barrels of neatly placed arrows along with several spare bows a few empty bow racks and a large cooler stocked with bottles of water. Her moment of observation was cut short as Kikyo moved into her roaming field of vision.

"You seem larger than the last time I saw you." The girl sneered at her obviously plush form, seeming satisfied with her degrading observation.

"I hope you can keep up with practice." She turned to look behind her for a moment, scanning the group of girls that stood in a semi-formal line behind her.

"This is Kagome, she will be joining us as of today courtesy of administrator Taisho's new group of sports grants." She turned to face Kagome again. "Shikon University only produces the best so you will have to show results if you wish to keep that grant, I'm sure you read the guidelines?"

The chocolate eyes roving her face practically stung as the woman in front of her spoke but Kagome was determined not to back down. "I'm confident I will be an asset here." She spoke in a solid but quiet tone.

Kikyo narrowed her eyes before clicking her tongue. "Very well." She turned back to the line of girls before motioning to one of them to come over grabbing the girls' shoulder as she got near, she turned back to Kagome. "This is Sango, she will give you the rundown of today's practice while we begin stretching, shooting practice starts in thirty minutes." Kikyo turned away from the pair and joined the other girls as she began to guide them into a group stretch.

Kagome eyed the girl in front of her from head to toe. She was a plain athletically built brunette with boyish features. Her brown eyes, however, shined with kindness and warmth and as she held out her hand in a western greeting with a bright smile on her face, Kagome felt a small measure of relief, perhaps this could be her first new friend.

They began their own stretching as the girl quickly spoke. "The weekly practice schedule is posted on the bulletin board." She nodded her chin in the direction of the corkboard next to the club doors. "Today we are doing half solid half moving." She nodded at Kagomes look of confusion. "Half an hour of the still target practice, we shoot in groups of three at a time." Kagome looked past the girl to the wooden targets outside. "Then half an hour of moving target practice." Sango pointed to the black machine in the back of the field before sitting down to stretch her back. "It shoots out plate-sized orange discs, we stand in line and take turns."

Kagome nodded in understanding, at her high school one of the team managers had just thrown frisbees in the air for moving target practice, not for the first time she felt the pressure of the powerhouse college she was attending.

Kikyo called their stretching to an end and they grabbed their bow and arrows, Sango led her to the back of the line that was quickly forming, the first three girls stepped forward and faced the shooting range. Kikyou stood to the side and as she blew a small whistle the girls took aim and fired. Kikyo took count of their hits and misses in a notebook and the girls stepped aside as the next three stepped up. The process repeated and the line moved forward.

"Kikyo is a hardass on everyone so just do your best, your tournament placements are what really matter." Sango whispered over her shoulder as they neared the front of the line.

The whistle blew and Kagome stepped forward as her turn came up. She didn't miss the quiet snickering of Kikyo and a few other girls at her awkward fidgeting at the balcony edge. When the whistle blew, she raised her bow, notched an arrow and took aim at one of the closer targets. When she released the arrow, she breathed out and didn't turn away until after she watched her arrow sink into the center of the target. Satisfied she turned to follow Sango back into line.

"Aim for a further target next time, only the best shooters get picked for the main team events during competitions." She saw Sango glance at the notebook in Kikyo's hand. "It's all a numbers game." The kind girl gave her a reassuring smile as they moved along in line.

"Thank you." Kagome whispered over her shoulder.

She saw the smile on Sango's face widen. "Anyone Kikyo doesn't like is a friend to me." Kagome felt a gentle hand on her back and was confident her next arrow would strike true as well.

The still target practice continued on with Kagome steadily moving to further targets with every turn until she was continuously hitting the center of the furthest target with perfect accuracy. A break was called before they would begin the next half of practice and she was grateful as she set down her equipment and made her way to the water cooler to retrieve a drink.

Sango quickly met her there. "The next half can be brutal." She pointed past Kagome to a laptop on a thin desk next to the workout machines. "The disk launcher is preprogrammed for five, ten, and fifteen disk sets. For group practice it is set to five, the disks come out one after another in different directions." She splayed her hands much like an imitation of a firework exploding. "On our current group team everyone can shoot down all five during group practice, but for today if you could hit three it would probably shut Kikyo's snickering up."

Kagome grinned slightly at the thumbs up the girl gave her. "Thanks for the tips, I would be fumbling without you." She told her honestly.

Sango smiled at her words and clapped a hand on her shoulder. "I've got high hopes for you. Kikyo has been haughty and controlling from the moment she became captain. She needs a little knocking down." The hand clasping her shoulder squeezed before that low whistle sounded again and the club members once again gathered their gear started forming a line facing the shooting range.

Kagome heard the whistle blow again and watched the disks come forth from the machine and as the first girl struggled to rapidly aim and fire only hitting one disc, she started to feel a bubble of anxiety build in her stomach. The large clay discs looked difficult to break and there wasn't any time between their exit, to top it off they flew in almost opposite directions.

As she continued watching the girls in front of her take their turns she continued to fret, by the time her turn came she was a bundle of nerves. She could feel the eyes of everyone in the room on her back and tried to take a calming breath, waiting for that cursed whistle. When the sound came her eyes flashed open and she moved quickly, notching an arrow and letting it fly to pierce the first target cleanly in half, she fluidly pulled aimed and fired a second one, splitting the second disk, but her fingers fumbled with the third arrow and the few seconds she took to regain her grip had the last three discs falling out of view.

She didn't need to look to Kikyo to see her elated grin as whispers rose quietly. She turned and marched to the back of the line, crushing the small spark of jealousy she felt when Sango cleanly took down four targets after her.

The rest of the moving target practice found Kagome struggling to hit three targets consistently. With every third disk, she had fumbled, missed, hit only a few but only nearly breaking the disc with their weak impact.

When Kikyo called practice to an end she was thankful for the reprieve. She called the members to attention before dismissing them. "The clubroom will be open until nine if anyone wishes to stay and… practice." Her eyes brushed over Kagome as a grin broke out on her pristine lips. "We all know who needs it. Practice again on Wednesday, don't be late, team rankings will be up by the end of next week." She waved her hand at the end of her speech and the club members started to file towards the locker room.

Kagome made no move to follow the group of women and was thankful when most of them paid her no mind. Sango moved to her side nudged her shoulder playfully. "Don't worry about that, you're going to do great. I can tell." She smiled brightly. "I have to go right now, my little brother is waiting for me, but we should hang sometime!" She jogged to the locker room waiving slightly.

Movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention as the door to the clubroom swung open and a silver hair Hanyou rushed in, his doglike ears swiveling on top of his head, amber eyes looking back and forth inquisitively.

"Kikyo!" He yelled slightly louder than necessary and he eyed her carefully before sniffing the air.

"Tch. Where's the cap'n?" He asked her as he stepped forward. The musk of his sweaty form permeating the air.

Kagome took a small step back before motioning to the locker room door. "Changing." Was her short reply.

He walked around her and plopped himself onto one of the bench-pressing platforms and eyed her from head to toe before opening his mouth again. "You new? I don't remember there being someone so…" He motioned to her up and down. " …in Kikyo's club."

Kagome bristled at the obvious judgment, she was thick, she knew, but she wasn't obese and she was still an ace at archery, even if she was struggling at the moment. "I am new." She didn't want to encourage the half-demon to continue the conversation.

A few minutes passed with her awkwardly standing there while he busied himself looking around before fiddling with the weights. Finally, a rush of chatting girls emerged from the locker room, some quickly exiting, Sango being one of them as she waved when she passed Kagome. Kikyo exited last and the half-demon intruder perked up when she came into his line of sight.

"Kikyo! You ready to go?" He rushed to her side and Kagome almost laughed at his obvious excitement, but her humor died as his eyes turned to her. "Who's tha newbie? Kinda looks like you, but maybe more like a fat little sister!" Kikyo laughed at his side and his face lit up at the sight.

Kagome felt true disgust roll in her stomach, mostly for the people taunting and laughing at her expense, but a small portion of that disgust was at herself, her self-loathing leaking into her mind.

She turned away from the duo as the continued to chatter and laugh along with the remaining club members who exited with them. When they left, she gathered her things from the locker room, placing them by the door and snapping a photo of the club schedule with her phone for when she left before she placed it back with her notebooks and turned filling her quiver from the barrel of arrows. She walked to the balcony and took aim at the furthest wooden target, ready to take out her frustration with training.

After almost two hours of steadily shooting her arms ached and she was raw emotionally from all the stress she had been relieving with every shot. She had worked hard in high school to become the best in archery, her love of it stemming from her childhood memories with her grandfather at their family shrine. She had followed the path of the archer, despite the snickers it got her as her body began to grow and mature. The recognition she gained during tournaments and finally from the grant to Shikon University had validated her existence but the first day had returned her to the feeling of inadequacy she thought she had left behind.

Tears began to stream down her face as she notched another arrow and let the feeling of self-hatred, she was bundling deep within from the day of embarrassment was released and pulled away from her with the release of the bowstring. She gasped as a swell of warmth burst from her skin, pink light enveloping her before it washed outward.

As the glow of power left her the tiredness of her mind and body hit her senses with the full force of their weight. She fell to her knees as she panted lightly in exhaustion, but she only had a second to rest before the clubroom door slammed open.

Sesshomaru watched the club members in front of him as they went through their cooldown exercises. The practice had run smoothly under his guidance; the new recruits had been thoroughly assessed and he already had a mental list of who would quit by the end of the first week. His eyes shifted to his brash half-brother Inuyasha, he clicked his tongue in annoyance at the incorrect movements he displayed during the routine, even after being a member for two years the Hanyou had still not corrected his flaws.

For a moment his thoughts wandered to the sweet scent of the female that had run into him outside. It still clung to his hand where he had caught her from falling, she was surprisingly clean smelling for a human and sweet like jasmine.

He glanced at the large clock hanging from the wall and whistled for the members to cease their movements. "Practice is over, the club room will remain open until nine for any who wish to do personal practice." Weary sighs and groans of exhaustion filled the room as the club members filled towards the locker room, dropping their wooden swords into a storage barrel along the way.

He didn't miss how Inuyasha didn't bother to enter the locker room after practically throwing his practice weapon into the storage barrel. The Hanyou turned heal and jogged from the room, exiting the club room with a slam of the door, his sensitive hearing picking up the opening of a door just down the hall before he tuned out the noise completely.

He circled the few remaining humans and demons who were stretching or beginning to spar to the doors that led outdoors, he needed fresh air after being locked in the tight room for over an hour.

He left the doors open behind him and settled onto the wooden balcony that was circled by a small area of grass and a low wooden fence on three sides, a high tightly knit wire fence stood on the left side of the yard, it bordered the archery clubs' field. He looked back through the thin glass door he had exited and watched the sparring match between Koga and Miroku, two of the second-year students who joined the club last year. Despite Koga being a wolf demon Miroku wasn't unmatched in the battle as a human, his holy power strengthening his muscle enough to be an adequate partner for practice and teammate during tournaments.

Their next tournament was soon coming already, being held in Tokyo in September. School started in late July so that left little time to prepare any new members, their team from the last tournament would be their team for this one. He mulled over the fact that he would have to include Inuyasha on the six-man team or be hounded by the imbecile for weeks afterward. That left himself, Koga, Miroku, Shippo, and Naraku. While Shippo's technique was immature and Naraku seemed more bloodthirsty than necessary they made for a formidable team during their last tournament.

Inuyasha's voice drifted to him through the wire fence next to him. " ….. like a fat little sister!" and then a cackle of laughter. He sighed and centered his mind to begin meditating, he would wait for the other club members to leave before he began his own personal training, he preferred not to be stared at.

When he opened his eyes after a few long moments he realized he was blissfully alone and drew himself up to reenter the club room, not missing the gentle 'thwack' of an arrow hitting a target every few seconds next door and the soft warm scent of jasmine that floated on the breeze. He glanced at the clock on the wall again, 7:48 pm it read, that left him little over an hour to practice before the maintenance came to lock the building.

He walked to the barrel of wooden swords and grabbed one and walked back to the center of the room. The wide hardwood floor spread underneath his feet, he focused on the wall he faced, three intricate Japanese katana were displayed on the wall, their forms held high on the beige wall, gripped by ornate racks made of cherry wood. He turned as he swung into the first form of his routine and his gaze fell on the clubroom doors, the walls surrounding them littered in tournament awards and commemorative photos of teams in the past. His next swing brought him to face the locker room door on the right-hand wall, its frame surrounded by storage units for the wooden swords and protective equipment that they used during practice on one side and a line of free weights on the other side. The last swing of his first form brought him to face the wall that led outdoors, his own private sanctuary, at least since his reign as captain of the team.

He continued moving through the motions of his routine, stopping and repeating when he felt himself falter in the movements. Time passed and sweat began to bead on his skin as he drew his practice to a close, he slowly walked to the storage area to return his practice weapon. The clock on the wall read 8:58 pm, just enough time for him to gather his things and exit the building.

Just as he reached the bin his skin prickled with the forewarning of impending reiki. His head whipped to the side and his eyes narrow as his youki rose to the surface, the beast deep within his mind awakening at his call to his power. He jerked as he felt a shuddering force ripple through the air moments before a wave of reiki crashed against him, his youki rose to cover his skin in protection and he forced it outward to shield himself in a wide ark before the deadly wave dissipated as quickly as it had come.

He panted lightly in alarm and narrowed his eyes on the origin of the outburst, the archery club next door. He snatched his messenger bag of belongings from the floor where he dropped it earlier and stormed out of the club room. Quickly reaching the neighboring clubs' doors and slamming them open.

He spied the single occupant kneeling on the balcony to the firing range and angrily stepped into the room. "What is the meaning of this, Miko?" His nostrils flared in a slight show of anger, flooding his senses with a sweet scent, as he stood over the dark-haired female.

When she looked up, he recognized her immediately as the female that he had met in the hallway.

"Miko?" She asked him finally.

Her parroting of his words was not the answer he was looking for. "Yes, I assume it was you who released that purification wave. Therefore, making you a Miko." His anger abated slightly at her obvious confusion.

She stood and held out her hands in a placating manner. "I'm not a Miko, I mean sure I lived on a shrine as a kid… but that doesn't make me holy." She was waving her hands and backing away. Sesshomaru eyed the edge of the balcony that she was slowly backpedaling towards. "I'm sorry… you've ah… ack!" Her words were strangled as she nearly fell off the ledge by her own movement. He reached out and snatched her upper arm to catch her before he could think of why.

"I am not mistaken." He replied sternly, his original anger gone but bristling slightly at her broken implication that he was incorrect. He released her once she was steadily on her feet and didn't miss the way her tired eyes seemed to lose focus for a moment. "Whether or not you believe me, I can feel the reiki within you. Had I been a weaker demon your earlier wave would have killed me." He finally explained his presence.

Strained blue depths flashed to meet his gaze and the girl finally stood to her full height and faced him honestly. Her bun had come loose, long loops of wavy curls falling around her face, which was streaked in the drying trails of tears, her cheeks and lips flushed with emotion. Her figure was clad in the traditional Miko garb and he didn't miss the way her chest and hips widened with maturity creating an hourglass figure not common amongst Japanese humans.

She was stunningly beautiful and he couldn't help but focus on her lips as she spoke once again. "I… I think that was me. I'm sorry." She bowed her head after she spoke and he nodded his head in approval.

She swayed slightly before she stumbled and he reached out to steady her again. "This is the first release of your reiki." He spoke his thoughts aloud.

The blue eyes holding his gaze were steady as she leaned into his touch. "Yes, that has never happened before." She breathed out a sigh as her eyes closed tiredly.

He mulled that over for a moment, it was hard to believe a Miko could grow to this age and not realize their ability but it wasn't impossible. He scented the air lightly, her scent held no trace of a lie, and he decided her actions were an innocent accident.

"You are forgiven." He spoke to her quietly. She slumped slightly in his grip on her arm and mumbled a reply. He looked around and cursed inwardly when he saw the clock on the wall. It was well past nine by now and the maintenance crew had certainly locked them inside the building by accident.

He shook the girl in his grasp slightly to rouse her. "Where are your things?" He questioned her shortly. Her blue eyes blinked slowly before they cleared and she pointed to the door he had come through minutes earlier. A neat pile of binders and papers sat next to a large archery case. He eyed the girl in his grasp once more before he released her once more and retrieved her belongings, returning and helping the tired girl pack away her bow and quiver in the case and handed her the pile of binders once she had slung the case strap over her shoulder.

He shouldered the strap of his own bag before catching her gaze again. "Your name?" He was intrigued as the flush of her cheeks doubled and she seemed to awaken slightly clasping her hands together in front of her.

"Ah… sorry, again… I'm Kagome Higurashi, and yourself?" She asked as she steadily held his gaze, her body language was strong and honest despite her fumbling words.

"Sesshomaru Taisho, I lead the kendo team." He gestured to the wall separating this room from his own clubs' room. "The campus maintenance locks the building doors at nine." He told her, not missing the way her eyes flashed to the clock on the wall.

"We are locked in." She caught on to his point quickly and he was pleased by her quick intelligence.

"Yes, but if you are willing, there is a way to leave easily." He smiled slightly at the thought as a playful feeling he hadn't felt since his early youth blossomed in his chest. At her questioning look, he couldn't stop the slight smile from crossing his lips as he gestured with a clawed hand to the high fence surrounding the archery field. "I am easily capable of jumping over the fence." He let the statement hang and was rewarded when the woman in front of him pouted slightly before she sighed and seemed to resign herself before she spoke. "Please take me with you." Her honest request stunned him a little, her tiredness was obvious and he felt strangely overcome with compassion for the female, he wanted to comfort her.

"Of course." He responded quickly and scooped her up bridal style, enjoying the small noise of surprise she released but not wasting time as he pushed off the balcony, holding her form close as he landed on a high tree at the edge of the fence and pushed off with incredible force to launch them into the air.

He heard a gasp as they hovered slightly in the air and the wide blue eyes of the woman in his grasp took in the beautiful night scene of the campus sprawling in front of and underneath them. He took the brief few seconds to really enjoy the feeling of her soft back pressing into his arm, her side molded against his chest in deliciously soft curves, she was luscious. As they descended from the jump he was bathed in her scent as the wind rushed upwards around them and his beast rumbled in the traces of his mind.

He slowed their fall with a buffet of youki around his feet and touched down on the ground lightly, setting Kagome onto her feet after the dust had settled around them missing her warmth. They stood on the walkway that surrounded the outside of the athletics building, he scanned the area quickly to make sure they hadn't been caught jumping a campus fence.

"That was amazing." The soft words reached him and he looked down to meet the blue gaze looking up to him with childlike wonder. He was pleased his small gift had touched her, he hadn't meant to tease her earlier, it had been his intention from the beginning to help her leave the locked building, making her beg had been cruel.

"Do you live on campus?" He asked, changing the subject.

The head of raven curls bobbed slightly as she replied. "Yeah, dorm building C." She looked around then and bent to pull a crumpled map from within a sleeve on her archery case, unfolding it to study the paper. He smiled at her antics.

He interrupted her by pulling the paper from her grasp, meeting her stunned look with a clawed finger between them pointing down the path to their left. "Follow the path till you reach the second crosswalk, turn left and it will be the building straight down the path in front of you." His easy directions were well learned through his own trial and error in his first year navigating the school.

The small woman smiled brightly at him and he handed her back the abused school map he had snatched from her. "Thank you Sesshomaru. For everything." She spoke quickly as she began to turn away and head down the path without waiting for his reply.

He watched her until she disappeared down the correct turn he had mentioned and out of his sight. His senses were still reeling from being so close to her, the scent of her lingered on his clothes and filled his nostrils, sweet and enticing. His beast was awake and alert in his mental cage, it normally slumbered unless he called on it, its' show of interest proved that there was something intriguing in the young Miko he had just met. He shivered slightly as he remembered the wave of her power, she was strong. He finally turned to make his way to the student parking lot, his steps slow as his thoughts were consumed in a chaotic swirl. His head cleared as he slid into the driver seat of his sleek sedan, he would have plenty of time to think about his abnormal attraction to the human girl at his apartment.

He dropped his bag in the passenger seat and started the car, letting it warm up for a few minutes before he pulled out of the parking lot.

Kagome unlocked her dorm room door with tired hands. Her day had been hectic, practice harsh, and her evening overwhelming. She was a miko. She couldn't wait to call her mother tomorrow, she had so many questions.

And then there had been the demon kendo captain from next door. Sesshomaru. She had recognized him as the demon she bumped into before practice and was stunned to meet him again so quickly.

She set her binders and archery case by the door and began shedding her clothing as she pulled her tired body toward the bathroom and its' small standing shower that called to her. She turned the water to scalding hot and groaned as she stepped under it, letting it massage her tired shoulder muscles. As she began to wash, she suddenly remembered the feeling of Sesshomaru holding her bridal style, he had carried and jumped with her as if she weighed nothing. She blushed at the memory and tried to finish showering quickly.

She rinsed off one final time and exited the shower, wrapping a towel around her body and falling onto the top of her neatly made bed. She was thankful she had moved into the room the night before, but she was too tired to crawl under the covers as her eyes drifted closed and she finally relaxed into sleep.

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