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The Underground Lord by Bambi


Chapter 1 – Fate

Kagome stopped to retie her tasuki holding back the traditional Miko garb before she continued to hurry the cart full of supplies down the sidewalk in front of her. Her mother was waiting at the shrine for the medical supplies and it was already past sundown. Their shrine and home were atop a hill in one of the worst neighborhoods in town. Her grandfather, father, and mother had always provided medical care for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t seek professional help. But her father was killed for such a deed several years ago, still, they turned away no one.

The supplies she currently had were gifted to them by a doctor at the hospital. Someone who once lived in this neighborhood and was once saved by her grandfather. She finally made it to the steps of the shrine and grabbed the first box to run up the stairs.

The sound of a low growl behind her had her freezing mid-motion. She turned to see golden eyes peering at her from behind the shadow of the street light. Her senses quickly flooded back and she recognized the youki from the being in front of her as that of an extremely powerful youkai.

She hadn’t survived to the age of 20 in this neighborhood by sheer luck though, all those in her family possessed holy powers, though she had not been as diligent in her training lately, times had been hard for all and they had been kept busy by the rivaling underground Youkai bosses that their home straddled the territory line of. She steadied her breathing and gloved her hand in reiki to give herself extra confidence before confronting the being in front of her.

“Youkai” She started confidently “do you require something of me?” she kept her posture ready, fists at her side, reiki gloved hand hidden behind her turned figure.

Deep blue eyes flashed in surprise as the figure in front of her stepped forward to reveal himself in the street light. The one figure became two as the demon stepped into the light. Tall and masculine was the man behind the golden eyes. Long silver hair tied at the base of his neck, stern features and a mask of cool rage, the figure clad in blue hakama and haori had an unconscious man draped over his shoulder as if he were a sack of rice.

He growled low again, this time obviously in annoyance before speaking. “Miko, this one seeks the Higurashi residence, my companion requires medical aid.” He rolled his shoulder and let the man he has carrying slide to the ground at his side. The young mans’ orange hair flopped to the side, matted in blood, deep gash trailed from his hairline down into his haori and blood pooled in the fabric at his abdomen. The young man couldn’t have been older than 18 and his boyish features were completely unresponsive as he was moved despite his injuries.

Kagome hissed in dissatisfaction and quickly walked forward, she brought her reiki gloved hand into view and laid it against the cheek of the boy. She ignored the growl of the youkai demon next to her as she gently assessed the boy's condition using the skills known only to her lineage, the ability to heal demons with holy power, completely unknown to the Miko and monk societies her family had been doing so for generations.

“Miko, harm him further and it will be the end of your life” The words hissed dangerously into her ear. She smiled sadly as once again her kindness was mistaken for malice, but she understood his apprehension. She focused again and understood immediately the gravity of the situation. The boy had been cut deeply and raggedly, major arteries, bone, and ligature had been damaged, if not for his demon healing abilities he would have died instantly but his wounds were not healing as quickly as they should. He needed help now if he was going to survive.

“Bring him to the top of the steps, he is fragile.” She turned and grabbed the most essential box and leaped up the stairs as the demon gathered his friend and ascended the stairs in two graceful bounds. Her mother came rushing to greet them having felt the demons youki flood their shrine area, searching for hidden dangers.

She handed the box to her mother and motioned the demon to follow her to the shrine opening. They all entered through the doors and she led them down the hall to a low-tech patient’s room. A hospital bed, shelf of simple medical supplies, cabinet of herbs and a small sink was all that occupied the room. The demon placed his companion on the bed and stepped back seeing the two women’s eagerness to begin addressing the obvious wounds.

“Mother gather a basin of hot water and prepare a sleeping tea, he may wake.” Kagome asked as she peeled back the haori of the injured male.

The demon frowned before he spoke “Miko, is your mother not the more experienced healer? Yet you order her so.”

Kagome’s mother smiled sweetly and cut off her daughter’s reply “My Kagome has surpassed my skill long ago. Your companion is in our most capable hands.”

Kagome smirked slightly to herself before narrowing her focus to her patient. She knew her grandfather would admonish her later for using her power so blatantly in front of a stranger but this boys’ very life depended on it and she doubted his demon companion would leave if asked so she began the healing process. Her hands glowed pink as she laid them atop the most serious part of the wound. Muscle and bone began to shift and grow, knitting back together at the boys’ abdomen, she frowned as her reiki came across something that clouded its path. She tugged at the object gently at first, and then more firmly with her reiki until an audible ‘pop’ sounded in the room.

Immediately the boy sprang to life, wide green eyes flew open and a long-pained groan left his lips. He writhed in pain from his still half-healed wounds and his demon companion was quickly at his side. “Shippo, tell me who attacked you” Kagome huffed as she pushed him aside slightly to continue healing the younger demons wounds. Shippo’s panting and pained mewls subsided and he answered softly “Naraku’s men were waiting for Inuyasha and Kikyo when they arrived from visiting the northern lands, I made sure they escaped by making myself a decoy. I was stung by Naraku’s saimyosho and I barely escaped before I fell unconscious. Where did you find me, my lord?”


Sesshomaru had been tense with adrenaline since finding his youngest lieutenant injured and unconscious at the outskirts of their territory. His brother and the whelps ignorant mate were visiting friends in north Tokyo, oblivious that their return would leave them open to an attack from the vile Hanyou criminal that they had ousted from their ranks years before. After finding the creature guilty of being a murderous power hungry fiend Sesshomaru had banished him from his lands not wanting to sully his hands with the hanyous’ blood. He regretted not ending his life when he had the chance.

Demons and humans coexisted under the one reigning law that demons police their own race against violence towards humans, although comingled relationships and hanyou young were tolerated they weren’t widely accepted and Naraku was a clear example why. His demon blood fought with his human side, though Sesshomaru always found it strange how severe his demented affliction was. His banishment had come when it was discovered he had amassed a den of demon and human women alike which he was abusing and harboring against their will, leaving a wake of dead loved ones with each new woman. At the time, Kikyo had been one of those women, Inuyasha discovered and rescued her from the pointless plot. Sesshomaru scoffed at the thought of his brother again. Nevertheless, Naraku had become a threat as now was made clear.

“….Where did you find me, my lord?”

“At the edge of the border, but it is no matter. Rest pup, this Sesshomaru will find and eliminate the vile hanyou.”

Shippo grabbed his sleeve with pleading eyes “Please don’t leave yet milord…” he trailed off as the Miko who had been forgotten moved to the last remaining portion of the wound on his face with a warm rag, cleaning the last of the dried blood from his skin.

A hesitant smile graced his lips when he realized he no longer felt the stinging pain of the open wounds. Astonishment flashed through his gaze as he locked eyes with the woman next to him “Thank you, Miko”

“Kagome” She insisted.

“Thank you Kagome, I did not know if I would live.” Shippo smiled a toothy grin and hopped off the bed.

“You may be slow traveling home but your demon healing will have you good as new by morning” She smiled and wavered slightly in place before steadying herself on her feet. She was drained but refused to show it.

Sesshomaru silently took in the astonishing sight in front of him, Shippo who had been limp and near-death not an hour ago looked nearly fully recovered. Despite the situation, he did not miss the absurdity of what was happening. This Miko had healed a demon with holy power, not just a little, but to complete health. For centuries the demons and holy men and women had been natural enemies, holy power being the downfall of many a great demon. Yet this young priestess gave her strange healing freely and of no cost.

She was capable, powerful, and kind. At that moment his beast stirred deep within his mind rumbling a growl of approval and he slammed his mental gate closed on the beast with an internal snarl. The creature had been restless as of late perking and humming in approval at every respectable female he crossed paths with. Unlike usual though the beast outwardly protested at being shut down, he whined and petitioned him to scent the female Miko for any claim. He denied it and returned his attention to his lieutenant.

“Come Shippo, if you are well enough we will make our return” He tipped his head in a bow to the Miko. “I will return to make payment for your services as soon as I am available.” With that, he spun on his heel to exit the shrine.

“Your name please sir” he stopped and stiffened his beast roaring at him to turn around and investigate the female more. He tilted his head to the side just enough to catch her tired eyes. “I am Lord Sesshomaru of the Western Clan.” He turned once more to leave but not before catching the way she swayed tiredly as she began to move.

“Take care on your travels home, Lord Sesshomaru, Shippo-san this Naraku you speak of has kept our treatment rooms full and is relentless once he has a target.” Sesshomaru stiffened at hearing he familiarity with the evil Hanyou. Seeing him tense Kagome amended her statement. “I only know from what his victims speak of but if it is all true, he is truly evil.” He relaxed slightly and felt it time to leave. He exited the shrine building and summoned his youki cloud, motioning Shippo to climb onto it. He gave the Miko one last backward glance and took to the clouds, grateful to be returning home with Shippo alive and well, and eager to address the threat to his clan.


Sesshomaru arrived at his family estate on the outskirts of the city and lowered his cloud to the entrance, dismissing Shippo he headed to his private quarters. His home estate backed up to a large forest complete with a natural lake and ownership of half the mountainside. His family had long been the rulers of the western lands but with the last century and explosion of the human population, demons had taken a more economical route. Choosing to coexist with humans rather than attempt a worldwide war. Demons now ruled the sale and trade of the black market, illegal firearms, weapons deals, assassinations, anything that was beyond the scope of the law. Although some demons owned legal businesses or joined the ranks of humans in modern jobs most preferred work that let them scratch their natural urges.

Sesshomaru’s clan had been running a conglomerate of hotel chains in Tokyo for the last 60 years, providing high quality and special needs for human and demon clients alike. Their buildings offered ideal spacious suites for a variety of different species of demons as well as willing and pleasant servants and hostesses. Their ruling theme had been business in the guise of hospitality. Unfortunately for him it was at one of those very hotels that his father had fallen in love with a singer and sired his Hanyou brother shaming his own mother.

He slid his hand into his hair capturing the band holding it together and pulling it free of his head. He sighed and ruffled the stiff locks as he thought on the vile Hanyou threatening his wonderfully peaceful and prosperous life. As he deliberated his options, he made it to his private room. Pushing open the heavy marble door he made his way to his wardrobe. Shedding the soiled clothing and donning a pair of modern sweat pants he walked to the balcony. Opening the sliding door, he slipped out into the cool night air to think in solitude.

The only acceptable outcome was for the Hanyou to die, the course for getting there was not as important. Closing his eyes and humming to himself in approval the Lord froze as his beast flashed the tired image of the Miko before his mind's eye. He lashed out at the creature, once again it showed him an image of the capable girl and he conceded to humor the beast. It growled its approval once again and made an impatient movement in his mental cage, pacing in anticipation.

Sesshomaru tried to understand, while his beast was part of him it often had a mind of its own, voicing an opinion to him as partners would to each other, although he hated to admit it, the creature had been a pivotal part to making him an all-powerful lord and had steered him in the right direction for most of his life. He Conceded to his beast, it obviously had a desire to investigate this Kagome woman more. She was obviously powerful and although Sesshomaru had healers under his reign he had none so powerful and capable as her. Perhaps the beast wanted her to be close with the threat of the Hanyou nearby.

He calmed his beast, placating it with the promise that he would visit the Miko within three days’ time to repay her for her deeds and investigate her worth more. The beast purred and circled its cage before contentedly laying down. Sesshomaru sighed and leaned back in the chair he had settled in. it wasn’t often he felt stressed, but tonight was an exception and he promised himself he would hunt at dawn to relieve his nerves. There was much to prepare for the coming days.


Thank you all for reading. I’m not sure when I will have the next chapter up but this will be M rated by the end. Thank you for all the comments and any suggestions for where to take this!

Tasuki-A clothing accessory used for holding up the long sleeves of the Japanese kimono. It is a sash made from either cloth or cord that loops over each shoulder and crosses over the wearer's back.

Saimyosho- Naraku’s bees.


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