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His Miko by LadyoftheLemons

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

She woke sometime later the large male wrapped around her back holding her close to him. They were covered in his pelt and he was breathing deeply and slowly. She really needed to pee. She tried to ease out of his arms, but they just tightened around her. Her bladder complained at the added pressure.

Kagome sighed. "Sesshomaru." He didn't move.  "Sesshomaru!" His arms tightened around her and he buried his face in her hair. "SESSHOMARU! I swear to all that is holy if you don't let me up right now I am going to pee on you!" He grumbled and released her. She got up and glanced around the cave again. She couldn't leave the barrier was still there. Did she even want to leave? 

She padded down one side tunnel, she could hear running water. She would take care of her business quickly and got back, the cave was cold.

She should have taken his pelt if he wanted to keep her in this cave naked he would have to deal with the consequences. That meant keeping her warm. She huffed at herself as she made her way back to the main cave. 

She was starving. She remembered the rabbits Sesshomaru had brought in that night. She padded over to the empty fire pit and tossed in several pieces of wood. She looked around for flint or something to light the wood with but found nothing. She huffed.

"So do you plan on feeding me or letting me freeze and starve?" Kagome walked over to the pile of furs.

"Hn. Come here." Sesshomaru's hand shot out of the furs and latched around her wrist. "You are quite loud in the mornings, Mate. I shall simply have to teach you how to sleep in." He pulled her down, she fell over him her stomach over his hips. She could already feel his erection. "This one shall feed your stomach, but first I have a different  hunger that needs to be fed." He arranged her so she was straddling his lap. His hands went to her hips and he ground himself against her.

A moan came unwanted from her throat. She was tender and sore but feeling him against her sent arousal pumping through her veins. She let herself collapse against his chest. She would let him take care of her, so far he was doing a damn good job of it. 

She rotated her hips against him. She needed more of that delicious friction. She rubbed herself along his hard length until she felt the tip of him against her opening. She pressed down and relished in the feeling of him pushing into her.

“Take it all.” He growled against her ear and used his grip on her hips to press her down into his thrust. Last night had been about her satisfaction and showing her all he could give her, this morning was solely for him. 

She went nearly boneless in his grasp as he pounded up into her. She laid across his chest.  He lifted her from him and flipped them. Once again he propped her on her knees and took up his position behind her. One hand gripped her hair and turned her head to the side.

“Good girl,” he cooed into her ear. His dark voice sent shivers up her spine. She liked when he praised her. She so seldom got any kind of praise. She couldn't help it when she pushed her ass back into his thrusts.

“Hn, you like that do you not? You like when I call you my good girl.” he smacked her ass sharply. She squeaked and squirmed under him in response. “Answer me Mate!” 

Kagome tried to make her brain work to reply to him but he smacked her other ass cheek and she moaned instead. 

“Tell me what you like. Tell me what you want. Be a good girl Kagome. Do you like it when I praise you?” his lips brushed her ear with every word his hot breath fanned out around her. She would do anything if he just kept up his stream of praise.

“Yes, I am your good girl.” Kagome panted out. Somehow he always managed to make her say things during sex, she never would otherwise.

“You are mine Kagome. All Mine.” His hips pumped against her ass his balls hit her clit with each thrust. He trapped her under his body both arms braced over her shoulders. His chest rubbed against her back in time to the pumping of his cock. 

He couldn't ask for a better female perhaps one day he would have to thank his brother for scaring off all her early suitors. The thought of anyone possibly claiming what he now considered his made him thrust harder faster into her pulsing channel. 

Her muscles held and released his aching cock in an ever-changing rhythm. She was getting close and he wanted to go with her. One hand reached between her legs and pinched her clit sharply. Her hips bucked up into his groin and she moaned.

“That’s it open up.” her back arched and his knot slipped into her wet heat. “Fuck.” He groaned against the sweat-slicked skin of her neck. 

His thrusts became erratic and he pushed hard against her cervix. Until she bore his heir he would fully knot her. Even for inu females, it could be slightly painful. But his tiny human mate seemed to love it. His cock slipped into her cervix and the tip dilated her slightly. He rocked against it, his knot rubbed against that place right near the entrance of her channel.

The dull aching pain he caused by pushing against her cervix made her cum. Her fluids drenched his cock as he continued to rock against her as he let his orgasm chase hers. They collapsed on their side. He pumped his seed into her womb. He was fully knotted in her and she whimpered slightly.

“Hurts a little.” She whispered. His clawed hand wiped her damp hair from her forehead.

“If we remain still it will be released shortly.”  He kissed her salty shoulders. 

“It didn't hurt this bad last time.” Kagome wiggled trying to find a more comfortable position.

“You are bruised from before. Now be still if you don't want to hurt more later. Your wiggling will only prolong the release of my knot.” his hand went to her stomach and he held her against him.

“I am still hungry.” Kagome yawned. She felt warm fur covering her chilled body.

“Rest now. I won't let my mate go hungry.” He felt her breathing grow quiet and slow as she drifted off to sleep. 

If he could keep her worn-out her transition to accepting him as her mate wouldn't take long. He would see to her every need and in the meantime he would go about claiming her in a way no one would be able to refute. 

He would keep her here in seclusion until she carried her first heir. Once she showed and the unmistakable scent of pregnancy seeped off of her he would take her home. No one would dare touch what was his once his claim was so publicly displayed.

He ran his calloused hand in circles over her womb she was cramping because of his rough treatment of her. But he would make it up to her once she ate. He let a bit of his power seep into her to warm her muscles and relax them. She sighed in her sleep and pressed her hand over his and held it against her. 

He waited patiently for his body to finish releasing his seed into her womb. Slowly his knot lessened and he was able to pull out of her swollen body. 

He eased from the pallet of furs and made his way over to the firepit, he called forth his yoki and sparks flew from the dry wood. Soon warmth began to seep into the chill air. He secured the rabbit to a stick and allowed it to roast over the flames. He would fill the jug with water and wait for her to wake. 

Kagome woke up to her stomach cramping and growling with hunger. She gingerly sat up gasping at the soreness between her legs. She pulled her legs up under her until she was sitting on them even the soft fur of the pelts hurt her swollen flesh. 

Sesshomaru tore a back leg off the rabbit and put it in a wooden bowl and brought it over to her. "Eat." He handed her the bowl with far more patience then his brisk tone implied.

"Um? Thanks." Kagome said softly. She didn't know how to act around him now.  He was taking care of her but she didn't understand why he picked her. But she found herself inclined to let him have his way. It didn't make her feel any less awkward though.

She picked at the rabbit using her fingers to pull bite-sized pieces off and bringing it to her lips. His eyes watched her as she licked a bit of juice from her index finger. 

He couldn't seem to take his eyes off of her. Every little thing she did made him want to flip her over and take her again. But she was too sore for such treatment. He refused to damage his mate to sait his own desires. He leaned forward as her little pink tongue ran the length of her first finger. She licked fat and juice from it and all he could think of was her soft tongue traveling the length of his cock. He growled. She swallowed hard and set her bowl aside. 

"Did I do something  wrong?" She watched him his eyes were slightly red and his markings were a bit jagged.

"No, eat your fill. Once you are sated you will soak in the spring until the soreness has gone." His hands clenched at his sides with his want to pull her into his arms. He didn't like the distance between them. "Come here." He held a hand out to her and waited.

Kagome picked her bowl back up and unfolded her legs she stood and winced. She really was sore. On careful feet, she went over to the demon lord.  Once she made it to him he pulled her down into his lap. "Eat." He tore off a piece of the rabbit and held it to her lips. 

Kagome looked into his eyes and opened her mouth. She wanted to see how far he would take this. He pushed the meat into her mouth and his finger trailed across her bottom lip. His eyes stayed on her lips as she chewed and swallowed.

Sesshomaru was torturing himself. Each time his fingers touched her wet tongue or her soft lips he wanted it to be his cock. He began asking himself why he shouldn't use her mouth for his pleasure he could be far more gentle with her mouth. And he very much wanted to see those soft pink lips wrapped around his cock.

"Go grab Mokomoko." He made up his mind.

His mate turned questioning eyes to him. "What?"

"The fur. My fur." He pointed to his white pelt on the pallet of dark furs.

"Awe, you named your fluffy." Kagome giggled and went to grab the incredibly soft fur. The pain was beginning to lessen. She was sure that after a good long bath in the hotspring she would feel so much better.

She brought it back over to him and he kneeled and took it. He wrapped the fur around her calves from her ankles up. He positioned her on her knees and tied the ends around her wrists. He stood.

"Good girl." He ran his thumb across her bottom lip over and over. "Open."

Kagome opened her mouth she knew what was coming and the thought of taking him into her mouth excited her. Over the years she had wondered what it would be like to do so many things. And this one had always gotten her aroused.

She opened her mouth and relaxed her tongue. His thumb ran up and down the center of it.

"Hn. Good girl." She sucked on his thumb and looked up at him.  His thumb was replaced by his cock. "Lick it."

She licked the underside of it from his balls all the way up to the tip. She worked it like a quickly dripping popsicle. Running the flat of her tongue up it. She sucked the tip into her mouth and could taste his seed. 

His hand went to her hair and quickened her pace. He made sure he was gentle with her. He kept his thrusts short and slow. Even so, he hit the back of her throat a few times. 

Her hands clenched and relaxed behind her back. She could feel herself dripping she wasn't sure if it was all him or her as well. She couldn't keep from moaning around him.

His other hand worked the base of his shaft in fast pumps. He watched as his cock slid in and out of ever-swelling pink lips. Her tongue wrapped around him as best as she could. Spot and precum collected in her mouth. She rocked against her bounds. She was so close to cumming but he had tied her in such a way she could just barely put pressure on her clit with her heels. 

The fur around her wrists and legs made her feel hypersensitive.  She felt the first few streams of cum hit her tongue with near burning heat. He pulled his cock from her mouth and rubbed it against her face as he kept going.

Sesshomaru growled with satisfaction as he spread his seed all over her pretty upturned face. He painted it down her neck and across her breasts. He released his hold on her hair and kneeled down in front of her. She was flushed and panting thick white streams of his cum ran down her face.  He wiped it away from her eyes with his thumbs. 

“Perfect.” He untied her wrists and pulled her to her feet. She swayed slightly her small hands gripped his shoulders. “Hold on to me so you don’t fall. Keep your eyes closed.” 

Kagome nodded and tightened her grasp. She felt his hands unwrap the fur from her calves. Everything seemed to be a little tingly and fuzzy. She still didn’t want to open her eyes in case it dripped. She felt fur wipe across her face. “Don’t open your eyes yet.” She felt him pick her up. She hoped he was taking her to the hotspring.


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