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Musings of You by Nicole


If I were to tell you that I spent most days watching you, what would you say? Would you laugh and assume that I was joking, or would you recoil at my admission and keep your distance? Day after day I watch you. At first I was intrigued. You were unlike anyone I had ever met, and now I am invested in the story that is your life. What is going on within your world today? Will anything new happen? How many times will you turn away the attention of other males? Your days seem mostly the same, a routine that you’ve grown accustomed to and are comfortable in. I watch you as you practice your archery. Your form has gotten better, your body leaner. Your dedication to your craft is absolutely one of my favorite qualities. There is nothing that you can’t do.

I imagine that you hear these kinds of things often, but you are breathtaking. Your eyes, such a bright blue, so unlike the eyes of most humans. In a field of dirt, you are the bright blue sky, a beacon of hope and life and  joy. I had almost forgotten what it felt like, to be joyful. You knew that I needed it. You see me, every once in a while, and you smile timidly at me. You are a nice girl, not like the others. You won’t be demure or show deference to me because of my status, no, not you. You are as fiery as the surface of the sun, the heat in your eyes enough to set my blood aflame with desire. 

Your outfit suits you, despite what the villagers whisper about you. I know that you aren’t a whore like they say. I can smell the purity that practically rolls off of you in waves. You’re not like those women, who need to gossip about others to find validation in their own insufferable lives. Instead, you give and give, even to those who don’t deserve your help or your kindness. You are a good girl. It matters not to me that the males gawk at the creamy expanse of your long, toned legs, or that when you’re in the midst of battle your shirt rises high enough that I can see just above your navel, the ridged expanse of your ribs poking out ever so slightly.

I settle in on my branch for the night, content to keep a watchful eye on your person as you peruse the curious contents of that monstrous entity you call a “backpack”. Such interesting things from such an interesting woman. Would you show me the ways of your world, if I were to ask? I bet you are full of knowledge that this one knows not of, and this one is a very intelligent being indeed. I have read scroll after countless scroll, but I would wager that there is plenty that I could learn from you. Don’t worry, you, there is much that I could teach you in return. We are compatible in that aspect, alike in some ways (such as the dedication to our crafts, our strength, our thirst for knowledge) but so different in others, most notably the charming air of naivety you have whilst viewing the world around you and the people in it.

They are dangerous, Ka-go-me. I know that you don’t see it. I love that you want to see the best in everyone, I truly do. That’s why you need me. That’s why I’m here. To make sure that the dangerous people you surround yourself with don’t overstep their bounds. Because if they do, I’ll be here. I will protect you from them. There is nothing for you to fear as long as I am here to look after you, you don’t have to worry about a thing. There is no one out there that could ever bring harm to you with me being your ever watchful guardian. I will make sure that no one takes advantage of your kindness, your good natured spirit, or your readiness to forgive. I draw in a deep, steady breath through my nose and sigh as the pure rich scent of Kagome Higurashi fills my lungs and soothes my soul.


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