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Quiet Type by Artistry


She wasn't sure how it began- their comfortable companionship. Maybe it was the respect he'd gained for her after defeating Naraku. Perhaps it was just that she could brew a decent cup of tea. It could even have been that she'd calmed down after the harrowing experience of almost dying.

After the well had closed and locked her on the other side, she realized that maybe she needed to grow up and get it together. That maybe she needed to move on, like everyone else. Afterall, in this era, if you don't work you don't eat.

Sango and Miroku had gotten married to celebrate their victory. They'd moved back to the slayer village to rebuild it, in honor of Kohaku. Inuyasha stayed behind with her, in Edo, to protect the village. Or at least, his body had stayed behind. Inuyasha was loud and brash when provoked, but he still mourned Kikyo, and Kagome knew that just being seen around the village was a stark reminder to him that his beloved was gone for good.

Kagome had moved in with Kaede, who had also taken in Rin, Sesshomaru's ward. Seeing her play make Kagome's heart ache for Shippo, that had left to study in the fox village. He hadn't wanted to leave her, but she knew it would benefit him more to learn with other Kitsune. That left her alone, but for Rin and Kaede. Maybe it was that loneliness that drove her to seek comfort in the stoic Daiyoukai, Sesshomaru.


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