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Just A Taste Adventure by StormieLikeWeather

Chapter 1

Just A Taste Adventure

A choose your own smutty adventure.

Special thank you to VS* for helping get this thing ready and the summary.

Instructions: When you get to the end of a chapter there will be two choices, they will each correspond to a specific chapter. Follow your choice to the chapter listed. When you get to an ending it will say so at the bottom of the chapter.

Chapter 1

Running through the downpour, Kagome searched out shelter. In the middle of the forest. Lost, and soaked to the bone. Legs numb. She shook the thought of giving up out of her mind. It wasn’t in her to admit defeat. 

Though her head filled with fear and uncertainty, she focused on the will to survive.

Lightning struck and illuminated the pitch night. A cave showed bright in the distance, welcoming and hopefully bear-free. 

She rallied the rest of her strength. 

“Just a little farther!” Feet pounded over the mud.

Another bolt slashed through the sky. The cave entrance beckoned her forward. 

As soon as she made it inside, she leaned back against the rock wall and caught her breath. The back of her arm wiped the water from her eyes, and her bangs up to her hairline. “Ahh...” She leaned down to rub her suddenly aching legs. 

The chill she had felt began to wash away with warmth, though she hadn’t started a fire. 

Hugging herself, she turned in a small circle. Somewhere in the bowels of the cave, heat radiated. It’d be dangerous to move through an unknown cave, especially in the dark, yet she couldn’t remain in the cold. 

If there was a fire somewhere she had to find it. 

She took small steps through the darkness toward the warmth. One hand on the wall, she felt her way forward. The path turned and a gentle light glowed. 

The small fire lit the room enough for her to notice the unoccupied futon in the corner. Noticing it was near death, she took one log from the rack against the wall and threw it into the fire. It crackled greedy sounds as it ate it up. 

It was safe to say that for the moment, she was alone. For how long she couldn’t speculate, but her clothes had to come off whether someone showed or not. She stripped quickly and laid her clothes on the rock floor in front of the fire. 

A small trunk in the corner of the room caught her eye. She opened it up and threw a hand over her mouth, “No way.” 

A familiar haori laid perfectly folded before her. The red and white honeycomb pattern belonged to Inuyasha's older brother, Sesshomaru. 

Reluctant to touch, she stared at it and swallowed hard.

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