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Sesshomaru's First Merry Christmas by Rose Rogan

The Ice Prince

Sesshomaru sat alone in his office. The sun was just beginning to rise as it painted the dark sky in fiery hues of yellow and orange, but the beautiful rays of light filtering through the floor to ceiling window in his high rise office space brought no warmth into this Ice Prince’s lair. It was like an impenetrable frost commanded the spacious room as the young President glared daggers at his computer screen. 

Typical. He had been assured by the agency that the party planner he hired for the company’s annual Christmas party, the human party planner, was the best. An elite among elite within her profession. Yet, here Sesshomaru was, reading the contemptible creature’s email stating her inability to go through with the project. 

Inexcusable. Why should a family member’s death take precedence over the job he was magnanimous enough to bestow upon such a lowly creature such as she? So what if her husband died. Dying was what humans lived to do with their pathetic time on this Earth. That and annoy superior beings such as himself with their mere existence. Fine, Sesshomaru’s usually passive face frosted over as his pale lips fostered a sinister smirk, let’s just see if that women will be able to find work again after throwing away an opportunity such as organizing his, the Taisho Corporation’s, Christmas party.  

Returning to his usual mask of indifference, Sesshomaru closes that laptop while looking composed as usual, but on the inside the Inu was snarling. The wench had been working on this party for three months now and all the sudden she was jumping ship? What was he supposed to do? Plan the party himself? The thought was repugnant. Like he would know how to cater to the needs of others. He was the heir of the all powerful Inu no Taisho. Royal blood ran through his veins, making him much more adept at giving out orders. He could try hiring another party planner but with Christmas less than a month away all the one’s sufficient enough to meet his strict (impossible) standards would already be working on other projects. This left the ever composed demon in a state of slowly mounting rage. He had half a mind to go pull that woman out of mourning and chain her to a desk in his office for the next two weeks. 

Sesshomaru was contemplating the pros and cons of doing just that when his phone began to ring. An aristocratic brow arched, wondering who would be calling him so earlier on a Sunday, but he did not have to wonder long. There was only one person who dared call his personal line so early in the morning. Extending his hand, Sesshomaru reluctantly pressed the speaker button. 

“Father.” Sesshomaru was as curt as ever, implying his impatience with all social interaction in general through his tone, but this was to be expected. He had been this way for all 900 years of his demonic life. This was the norm, as was the person on the other end’s complete dismissal of such attitude. 

“Sesshomaru, my boy! How are you?” The older Inu’s deep voice boomed through the tiny phone’s speaker. Even over the telephone his father had presence. This was to be expected from the only being Sesshomaru begrudgingly respected. Toga Taisho, CEO of Taisho Co., and, for the youkai community, the long revered and forever feared leader of the Western Lands. His father commanded forces of unknown potential and even he, as his son and heir of the West, did not know his father’s legions full capacity. Yes, Toga Taisho was a youkai legend on the battle field and a business tycoon in the human world. For one being to hold such authority in both worlds, it was hard to imagine someone more deserving of the younger Inu’s respect. However, at times, this noble father made it rather difficult to uphold such respect, and those times only seemed to grow in monstrous proportions during this time of year.  

“I am busy. Is this urgent?” Sesshomaru reclined back in his big leather chair, knowing full well that his words and attitude could not dissuade his father from speaking to him if he wished. He would probably rattle on about worthless things like ‘holiday festivities’ and it being the ‘season for family’. Useless, utterly useless, but inescapable. 

“Ahh, son, where’s your Christmas spirit? You shouldn’t be so bogged down by your work all the time and let your life slip you by. I know! Izayoi and I are going skiing next week. Why don’t you join us! I’ll get Inuyasha to come and the whole family can go hit the slopes!” Sesshomaru shuddered in absolute horror of such a scenario. What was even more frightening was that his father truly believed this to be an enjoyable endeavor and would likely find some way to force him to participate. Sesshomaru did not particularly mind his father’s mistress (now officially his stepmother) as she usually sat quietly by his father’s side with no intention of pretending to be his mother, a fact that gartered a minuscule of acceptance from the prickly prince. If she did not disturb him, he would, in turn, not openly fight against her position as his father’s new wife. No matter how degrading he believed having a human mate was for his sire, it was his sire’s choice and Sesshomaru had no right to question his Alpha’s decisions. 

This had been the two’s tactic understanding until about 50 years ago when the human hime birthed a pup. A disgusting half-breed named Inuyasha. The abomination was a vile stain marring his heritage, his blood line, and the whelp was damn near intolerable. Hanyou were an unacceptable existence to people like Sesshomaru, and the boy had his fair share of hardships because of such people—including his own half-brother. Just looking at the loud mouthed cretin set Sesshomaru’s teeth on edge but his father was relentless in his desire to play ‘family.’ That meant the two half-siblings spent at least 4-5 miserable days in each others company throughout the year due to holidays or the like. Luckily, Sesshomaru had an excuse this time to get out of such an ordeal. 

“Impossible. I need to find someone to finalize the plan’s for the company Christmas party.” Sesshomaru raked his claws through his long silver hair. He had refused to cut it as the time’s changed, just like he refused to mask his markings like some other youkai did while living among the humans. They were both a status symbol to remind those beneath him that he was untouchable. 

“The Christmas party? I thought that matter was settled?” Toga’s voice lost some of its holiday cheer and became almost serious. This was a big deal, after all. The Taisho Christmas party didn’t only serve as a party for the company’s best workers but also hosted a guest list of both youkai and human elitist that were prime prey for business investors. The event needed to be perfect for the sake of the company. That was why Sesshomaru even bothered with allowing such a frivolous event in the first place.  

“Human are incompetent as per usual.” Sesshomaru growled, but his father merely rolled his eyes on the other end. “The wench is unable to continue working out the details so I need to find a replacement.” Annoyance was clear as day in the young President’s words but the old Inu was not focusing on his son’s dilemma. Instead, a sly smirk was forming on the handsome warlord’s face as the wheels of conspiracy began to turn in his head. This was his chance! 

“Ah, I think I might know someone, that is, if you’re interested?” Sesshomaru heard the slight change in his father’s tone. He was up to something, evident by the light hearted yet taunting feeling his words held. No matter, he could handle whatever annoying thing his sire threw at him if it meant the party would be handled. 

“Speak.” Sesshomaru leaned forward and rested his head on his interlaced fingers while giving his father his undivided attention. He looked very much like the young, unyielding President of a big company about to make a business deal. Toga could practically see the image he presented in his head as he heard his arrogant pup’s commanding tone. Choosing to ignore it, the famous dog general’s smirk only grew more mischievous. 

“Her name is Kagome. Higurashi Kagome.” 


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