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Isekai Book 1: Reincarnated In A Novel?! by Yanayu

Waking up and remembering

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha nor the manhwa Who made me a princess. Its a first in a long time. Give me a break guys.

What the hell… my head was spinning when I woke up. I tried getting up and hold my head but found that my body was heavy and almost impossible to even rolls to my side. Grabbing a fist of my hair-

wait… my hair?! Why is it so short?! What is going-

Normal POV

Kagome stared at her chubby hands and her eyes bulged.



She was wailing in her head

“Oh my, princess why are you crying so loudly?” a soft voice asked in worry.

A woman with brown hair and eyes came into Kagome’s view.

Is that a maid’s outfit?


“There there my princess, Linette is here. No matter what happens, I will be here to protect you, Princess Luna.” The maid carried Kagome into her arms and gently rocked her.

Princess Luna? What the hell? My name is Kagome damn it! Where the hell am I and what is up with this situation?!

Kagome scowled as nastily as she could but the maid didn’t falter and continued to smile and rock the baby Kagome.

Okay calm down Kagome. Getting mad won’t get you anywhere. Think back, what was the last thing you did before waking here.


Eyes widened in realization.





Kagome was reading her favourite love novel again that one of her friends recommended her to read in her boredom from being sick. An excuse her grandfather once again brought up when she couldn’t attend school. She couldn’t remember how many times she has read that book. It never got old for her.


It was a great way to kill time while waiting for the others to return. Miroku had escorted Sango on an errand to get more supplies. Shippo decided to learn under Sesshomaru on how to protect Kagome better. They would often swap places. On alternate days, Kagome would be the one to learn under the western lord on basic self defense which consisted on hand-to-hand combat and swordsmanship. Other days she would learn from Kaede.


It was a peculiar relationship she has with the western lord. But one she welcomed warmly as the male youkai was more tolerable once she understood him better.


Inuyasha on the other hand would disappear from time to time. No doubt to the cold arms of his walking corpse lover, Kikyo. Nevertheless, Kagome held a soft spot for the hanyou. He was the first friend she made in the feudal era.


Today was one of those days where she had nothing to do and thus watched over their camp and enjoy the peace and quite while reading her book.


The title of the book was Luna the Light Princess. The story revolves around Luna Vasilias, the daughter of Duke Deo Icarus Vasilias. The world she lives in is one where the empire is called Stoicheiodis. The empire is made up of five states. Fotia, Anemos, Nero, Gi and Skotadi. Each state was known for the element they specialized in, Fire, Wind, Water, Earth and Darkness respectively. Out of the five elements, darkness was the strongest. Luna is the daughter of duke Deo, the duke that governs over the state of Skotadi who was next in line to the throne as emperor of Stoicheiodis.


Only the strongest duke would be able to be the next king. And for generations kings of Stoicheiodis has only come from the Vasilias, the duke of Skotadi. No surprise would Luna’s father be the next head as his father, Emperor Exousia Drakon Vasilias.


 Each generation the child of Vasilias would be a son. Their bloodline was too powerful hence they could only have a single child in their family. For generations, the Vasilias would only have a son as their only child from the beginning of the line. And that son will be trained to be the next ruler from the moment they could speak. That is, until Luna was born.


Hair black as night and eyes the color of blood with specks of gold in it. That was the characteristics of Vasilias. Not only was Luna born a daughter as the only child of Vasilias bloodline her eyes were sapphire blue with specks of gold. A total contrast to the bloody red eyes of the family.


“What is the meaning of this?!” Duke Deo yelled at the top of his voice at the royal healer as his eyes glared at the child presented to him.


“Never before has the Vasilias bloodline birthed a child with eyes other than red, let alone a female child! Explain this to me this instant Deacon!” He threatened.


Deacon, the royal and personal physician of the Vasilias stood calmly as he addressed his lord.


“My lord, I believe the reason is because the of Lady Phoebe’s bloodline. As you know milady’s bloodline, Astrapi, is the only one in the continent that can match the Vasilias family’s strength. The land of lightning has eyes as blue as sapphire and has only birthed daughters.”

“Are you implying that my seed was not strong enough to dominate her bloodline Deacon?!” Deo seethed.


He glared at the dead body of Phoebe Agnetha Astrapi, a fallen empress of the empire of Astrapi. He conquered her empire in the name of the king to unite the continent and thus taking their empress as his wife in exchange for the lives of her people.


The marriage was one with no love. The lord had only slept with her until she was impregnated with his seed and then left her in the darkest corner of the castle while he continues with his duties as the next king.


“Precisely milord.” Deacon didn’t even budge when the bloodlust from his king went wild and overwhelmed the attendants to his child.


Deo walked up to his child and glared down at it. He would be laughed at by the other dukes at having a daughter as his one and only child. The thought of disposing of her was running wild in his mind when Deacon spoke.


“It would be unwise to carry out the plan in your mind, milord. Would you rather be the laughing stock of the dukes that you don’t even have an heir?”


Deo gritted his teeth and turned to leave but stopped when he was at the door.


“I never want to see this child cross my path.” With that he stomped off.


From then on, Luna was brought up in pain and starvation. She was given scraps twice a day. The pariah of the Vasilias. No one paid her any heed except Linette, her personal attendant who would sneak snacks for her when she could to feed the princess.


When the princess was sixteen, she walked in the garden of the castle. Her limbs thin as twigs, her eyes sunken from the lack of sleep and nutrients. It was then she accidentally came across her lord father who has by now became the Emperor. His cold glare cut through her soul


She has always asked Linette why her father had never visited her even once. The maid told her the lord was busy with his duties and even more so when he was crowned King 5 years after she was born. Linette advised her to be a good daughter and perhaps one day the king would visit her. though her eyes told of a different story, Luna smiled and accepted happily.


Luna finally seeing her father, first time in her sixteen years of living. Her heart pounded heavily and fast in excitement to finally see the man she’s dreamt of seeing. She reached out




“What is this thing doing here Deacon?” His voice cold and void of emotion.


Luna’s blue eyes blurred from tears. The way he looked and spoke to her was the same as the others.


Almost immediately Linette found her and quickly pulled her away, fearing for her lady’s life.


When they got back to her run down room, Luna looked at Linette with lifeless eyes.


“Linette, I was never wanted was i?”


her servant’s eyes welled up as she hugged Luna tightly.


“Don’t say that princess. Please don’t think much of this perhaps today was a bad day for his majesty.” Linette led Luna to her bed and laid her comfortably.


“Please rest for now princess and don’t think too much of it. I will return with your dinner.”


Little did Linette know when she returned, the Princess would be no more. Devastated with her life, Princess Luna Vasilias took her own life. Never knowing her strength and true worth.


Kagome wiped away a tear as she closed the book.


“It’s so unfair. Why was her life like that? No one knew how strong the princess really was. She had the power of lightning and darkness like both her parents and she had another affinity. Towards the element of light. The rarest of them all. Those who had the power of light, there were only 6 in the history of the empire. It was said that the first emperor Damen Estevan Vasilias governs his empire alongside his most trusted partner who was his wife and beloved, Queen Gaia Karan Astrapi who had the power of light!”


Kagome was so annoyed at the ending that she let her guard down.


There creeping behind her was none other than Kikyo with her arrow notched and aimed at Kagome.


It was too late when Kagome realized as the arrow had flown and embedded itself into her back.


She knew who it was and didn’t turn back as she ran.


“Inuyasha!” She called out.


“INUYASHA!” again she called out as she ran into the forest feeling hopeless. Another arrow was shot and this time it hit her knee. Falling ungracefully and screaming in pain Kagome called out her best friend’s name once more and by this time, Kikyo had calmly stood before her.


“Foolish reincarnation. Did you think you’d get away with taking my soul?” Her expressionless face looked down at Kagome whose vision was getting blurry with each passing moment.


“Inuyasha…” she called out again in one last attempt.


A smirk made its was on Kikyo’s face.


“You called?” the half demon’s voice spoke softly as he came into her vision. Inuyasha wrapped his arms around Kikyo with an accomplished smile on his face.




“Did you really think I would choose you over Kikyo? Nah, I was bidding the right time to dispose of you after we got the shards. Then we were going to kill you to get Kikyo’s soul back. You’re no longer of use Kags. Don’t be mad though, I’ll make sure I tell your family you died heroically.” He snickered.


Kagome could feel hate boiling at the pits of her heart at his betrayal.


“You won’t get away with this hanyo-”


Inuyasha’s claws were at her neck, squeezing painfully into it. A disgusting smile on his face,


“But we already did.” He crushed her neck left her bleeding body with Kikyo.


End of Flashback


That fucking bastard backstabbed me! Kagome yelled which caused her to wail in her baby form.

That was when Linette changed the way she was holding Kagome and patted her back as Kagome wailed into her shoulder.

When she was sobbing at her own tragedy she saw her reflection in the mirror.

Black hair, sapphire eyes. Her name is Luna and her maid’s name is Linette… next to the mirror was a portrait of the heartless man she read in her favourite novel. Duke Deo Icarus Vasilias.



Calm down child…


Oh great and now there’s another voice in my head. I’m definitely going crazy.


No you’re not. It is I,

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