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Excuse me! Mr. Mail-man! by Lady Nefertiti


Excuse me! Mr. Mail-man!

Lady Nefertiti


Summary: You've got 'Male'

A/N: Who doesn't love a man in uniform? ;) This is my newest sticky situation, as usual list can be found on my profile page. I don't own Inuyasha. Don't forget to review!

Mirage: illusion, visions.

Chapter 1: Mirage

-Higurashi House- (Kagome's room-Thursday-Night time)

It was quiet-there were others sleeping in the house after all. She couldn't make any noise if that would be possible in a little while. She had a naughty grin on her face as she looked at herself in the mirror. Sango had bought her this indecent piece of lingerie-saying it might come in handy-A very happy birthday to her but Kagome had just looked at her like she was crazy. Well it would come in handy tonight…..she'd remember to hug Sango later for her 'thoughtfulness'.

The outfit was made in easy-to-tear blue and black lace which accentuated (emphasized, highlighted) her breasts, the panties-rather thong revealed too much-barely there and could be torn by those skill-full hands of his. The way he was he'd be annoyed she'd worn anything at all but it was important to raise his blood pressure before they did it of course. Just to see him harden in front of her wanting to press his body against his. Suck her, thrust himself in her till she begged him for more. It was just priceless.

It would be foolish for him to ring the bell so she hovered around the front door in a bathrobe just as so not to shock her mother, grandpa or Sota. This was not Kagome's 'everyday wear'. And Kagome wasn't the erotic type and her to wear this outfit? Impossible.

A soft knock and a gleam in Kagome's eyes. She licked her lips her lower regions tightening waiting for his fingers. The door creaked open and blue eyes gazed into his. She had no idea what was going through his mind right now.

His expression said he wanted her very, very badly….just looking at her black hair and blue eyes made him want to push her into a bed and take her-very badly and do it hard to hear her voice, her moans, her screaming his name.

Shame they couldn't be loud…..

He'd come into the house in complete silence looking around to make sure no one was watching or saw them. She had tip-toed down to open the front door for him. He followed her up the stairs inwardly wondering what she was wearing underneath that bathrobe. Or perhaps nothing at all?

Walking inside and getting irritated he shut her door behind them flipped her body around, a smirk on his face, he tore her clothes, panties first and then the top. She gasped as he lifted her and placed her on the bed. Taking his own clothes off he pushed her onto the bed so she was lying underneath him.

"Hmmm Kagome. Looking lovely as usual." He whispered into her neck and kissed it. His hands brushed her breasts and he sucked at one. Kagome gasped as her body arched telling him to do more to her.

It was a full moon as the light came pouring into the window down at the pair that was on her bed-making love in sheer ecstasy. Not a sound except for their moans and a gasp from her. She felt his finger sink into her and she widened so he could go into her deeper. She felt him move his finger-thrusting back and forth hard.

"Ahh yes!" Kagome cried as she encouraged him to go harder and felt him put another finger into her. She sighed breathing deeply feeling wet and totally well spent. How long had she been waiting for this? She felt him pull his finger out. Seemed like he was trying to loosen her before he had her as his. He had never wanted to hurt her in any way. Whether it was her heart or while having sex.

She wanted it…..she wanted him…..for HIM to take her virginity. He had pulled her legs apart, rather roughly, glad that she was loose enough for him to take her now. He slid in slowly watching her expression. He thrust in and out of her-not wanting to stop at all. He had his mouth on hers so she didn't make any sounds—shame that there were people in the house. He'd rather take her to his house instead.

He slid out and brought her into his lap, feeling her body and her breathing hard trying to calm down. A caring smile-rather smirk-on his face as he patted and rubbed her back. She would be his and his only. He decided to slide back into her-not caring that she gasped as he held her against him-not moving but just holding and feeling him inside her-tighten around her.

Pulling out reluctantly he laid her on the bed and lifted her leg up and started kissing her thigh followed by the other one until he reached her vagina. Without warning he slid his tongue in and sucked back and forth and then bit her softly enjoying the sounds coming from her.

Suddenly there was a light and both looked at each other and then peered towards the door….were they? had they been caught? The both would be in deep shit if Kagome's mom caught them but…..

Kagome Higurashi-Naked to the world-woke up with a rude start, bolting up in bed, looking around wildly for some hot man? Sweating like crazy, feeling very wet, panting hard, a shiver down her spine-like she'd just had some hot and wild sex…..

-Kagome's Room- (Friday Morning)

No the door was closed shut as she looked at the door and sighed at the ceiling of her room. The light was just the sunlight streaming into her room. What the hell was that? Pushing her blankets aside she shook her head. Stupid! Stupid! She was so stupid! The hell with her rolling around in bed with a hot guy!

She sighed very loudly and walked towards her closet to pick out her 'everyday wear' then marched to the bathroom mumbling something insignificant. She heard her mom calling from downstairs that she'd be late and shook her head. Late huh? It was a Friday maybe she should just call it a 3 day weekend and not go to school. She trudged (slow, weary steps) her way downstairs into the kitchen to see Sota eating cereal and her mom making her lunch.

"Mom, Sota. Good Morning, I'll be leaving now." Kagome said not waiting for a response. Her mom said something about breakfast and eating lunch and wasn't she hungry?

'Hungry? Yeah I'm hungry alright.' Kagome thought a sad smile on her face and walked down the shrine steps. She kicked a small pebble on the road. As she walked seeing the front doors of school she inwardly wondered even if she wasn't engaged in 'some sexual activity' with a hot guy why was she feeling crazy wet, breathing heavily, body tight and very very sore like she really DID do something.

That had been way too real to be a dream…

"Kagome! Kagome!" a voice called from behind her. It was Sango. Kagome was always happy to see her but right now she was too irritated with herself to even muster a smile and just nodded hello. She couldn't show Sango how she was feeling or even tell her about her 'very real or fake' dream even though both were like sisters. She had to put up a good show-otherwise Sango would see right through her.

"Sango. Good morning." Kagome said nodding. Sango returned the smile and said that she, Kagome was early coming to school today. It was rather odd. Almost as if she'd been running away from something? Dammit! Sango was going to see right through her. Kagome shook her head like she was being silly and changed the subject to what Sango planned to do after school and that she was glad that school was getting off early and how it was great that Chemistry class was canceled.

Sango didn't catch on and started talking normally and Kagome was just nodding (not listening) as she went through her 'dream' again and again wondering whether that had been a real event or not.

-Tokyo High School- (Algebra Class)

"…..and so class Algebra is the broad part of mathematics in which letters and other general symbols are used together to represent numbers and quantities in formulae, equations, geometry and analysis." Mr. Takanaka said. He was about to go on (probably about how great algebra was) but the class was 'saved by the bell'.

Bring! Bring! Bring!

The last bells of the school signified the end of the day and it was a Friday too. Unlike the regular day which ended around 4:30-5 pm-it was half a day due to teacher conferences, after school activities etc…

Kagome rushed out of math class which was her least favorite-and since it was a half day with no homework why should she be paying attention? Sango or Ayame weren't in this class either so it was even more boring. She didn't stop to hear what Miroku was asking her-who sat at the back of the class. He was probably missing Sango who was in English class right now with Kikyo and Ayame.

She went straight to her locker which was on the ground/first level floor (thank god) grabbed her bag, looked at her reflection in the mirror, smoothed her hair-and slammed the door shut. She didn't take the school bus even though her home was far enough that she should be. She would rather walk; it was good exercise for her too since this semester she didn't have Physical Fitness (P.E) in her schedule. She didn't want to 'pack on the pounds' so to speak.

While she walked out the front doors she heard some students making plans for the weekend, girls excitingly talking about their newest crush, complaints from some guys about their 'insecure girl-friends' and sighed inwardly shaking her head. She didn't care to make any plans. Sometimes it was better off being alone and needing your own space.

Inuyasha caught up to her before she made her 'great escape' asking if she wanted to see a movie Saturday with the rest of their group. She shook her head-said have a great weekend-and took off demoness style. Inuyasha scratched his head wondering what had gotten into her.

Perhaps she had plans of her own?

GASP! Could it be a hidden super secret she hadn't told anyone? Not even her girl-friends? Could she be seeing someone-An older guy? Did she do a dirty weekend job to make money? Like stripping or pole-dancing? Easy money? Because she couldn't get a decent one? But hmm…Inuyasha had never seen her in the red-light district….

Leave it to Inuyasha to jump to really irrational conclusions…..

-With Kagome-

Kagome Higurashi was running home from school as she brushed off her friends and Hojo that she was in a hurry and couldn't walk home with them-she'd just hear about gossip from her friends and Hojo talking about the newest remedy to treat her….

Besides….she had a really good reason to rush home…..

Her raven hair blew behind her in the wind and she ignored the man yelling from the car that she almost ran the red light and was she stupid or something? Did she want to die? Etc…..

Arriving at home she climbed the many hundred steps up the shrine (no wonder she was in good shape) and opened the front door with her key. She said hello to the house but no one was home. Mom worked, Sota was at school and grandpa was probably at some local shrine or in the warehouse (where he kept his entire demon saving things and trinkets) went up the stairs to her room and shut the door, locking it. She looked at herself in the large stand-up mirror and bit her lip. How could she concentrate on school at a time like this?

So… if she had indeed 'done something dirty' with a really hot guy last night she should have a mark or some type of bruise. She blushed as she thought of his love marks on her body.


Closing her windows and then turning the light on she undressed and looked at herself in the mirror-almost dying from real shock. There on her chest were soft marks; her thighs were sore because she had bruises-it seemed as someone had bit her by her neckline… why hadn't she noticed this before?! When she was changing for school earlier?!

She wondered if it was a good idea to go into 'panic mode' or keep her calm and sort things out one at a time…..errr…..well…that is…..

Who was HE?! Who the hell was this guy who ravished her last night?! How come she had no memory of him? He hadn't left any evidence behind as to who he could be either.

GASP! Was she!? Did he really?! Was she perhaps pregnant?! Oh no! Then it was like a one-night stand?! GAHH! She was too young to have a baby! Wait…she'd never consented to do this…had she? When did she decide that?

Nope…Kagome wasn't able to keep her calm at all at the moment…..

'Okay, okay. One step at a time Kagome Higurashi.' She said to herself nodding and took a deep breath. Then she saw the torn and totally destroyed lingerie pieces on the ground and fell back on her bed in deep and utter shock and just stared at the ceiling.


-With Inuyasha-

He had this bewildered expression on his face as he stood where he was watching her go. Hnnn….he had watched her 'fly off' in a hurry like there were demons at her feet, raven black hair following behind. What was so…so important that she had to run off home?

Should he be concerned? Was she hurt? Should he follow her to see if she was injured? He bit his lip as he heard Miroku call his name. Inuyasha turned to look at the 'pervy monk' (as everyone called him) and Miroku asked him the same thing he was wondering.

Why was Kagome behaving so strangely?

"Keh. She probably wants her 'space' or something along those lines. Girls are weird sometimes man. Sango and Ayame will probably take care of her girly-issues." Inuyasha said and that they should grab the rest of the guys and do something together instead.

Yeah…Kagome had some real issues alright….

-With Kagome-

There she sat on the bed-looking at the ceiling-then at the lingerie on the ground and then her reflection in the mirror. To say she was in shock was just an understatement. She should be behaving much much differently. How was she going to explain this to everyone? Something like:

'So like hey I'm not a virgin anymore just thought I'd tell you all'


'I had this wild and hot night of sex with a random stranger and damn it felt good…no hard feelings? Can you still call me your friend?'


'Well it was one night…..and you girls should try it once or twice too! You will never regret it...'


Nope….she was so screwed! Even more so than she had already been! She would be looked down upon. She couldn't even go to the doctor to see if she was pregnant or not. What a shame on the Higurashi name! Her mother would disown her!

This was the worst. She looked back down at the torn up lingerie pieces sighed very loudly and went to the bathroom to take a long shower and clean up her thoughts. A while later she got out and dried her hair looking at the time. She was glad that none of her friends had shown up to see her.



'Crap! Of all the! Spoke too soon' Kagome thought glaring at nothing in particular and wondered if she should open the door at all. It was Friday so she would play 'no one is home' but then…..


Knock! Knock!

"Really I don't know why I'm going but anyway…." Kagome muttered and made her way downstairs. She opened the door to hear a deep voice and she looked up at him. So it was a guy wearing a mail-man uniform. Yeah she figured. Mail was here.

How exciting for a Friday afternoon…..

"Hello. You must be Miss Higurashi, Kagome? Am I right?" he said looking down at her with those….those eyes! They had a grin type look in them. She didn't realize she was staring.

'OH HOLY HELL HOT!' was the only thing that went through Kagome's mindset at the moment.

"Miss Higurashi? are you well?" he asked. Cute. She was-looking at him with pretty azure eyes. It wasn't as if this was the first time he'd been stared at. He shifted and waited till she 'came back to her senses' Raised an eyebrow as he saw her shake her head. Real charming-she was.

She shook her head. Idiot. How stupid was she? What a terrible first impression. She beat herself inside and said hello-that she was indeed Kagome.

"I am Taisho, Sesshomaru." He said introducing himself and that he was their new mail-man…

A few minutes went by…then….

Kagome looked lost to the world for a second as she comprehended these words and then her heart skipped a beat. Their new mail-man was this guy? This was his part time job?

But why would someone so hot do a job like this?


But she wasn't complaining-not at all! "Ah yes I'm fine. Thanks." Kagome said taking a deep breath. Okay then. One step at a time…..

"So did you bring me mail right now or something?" Kagome asked. He didn't have letters in his hands at the moment and not even a box to deliver at the door. So why was he here?

"Oh if you're going to ask about our mail-box then you're going to have to climb the stairs and hand-deliver them. We don't really have one." Kagome said. Was she talking fine? She wasn't sure. Hopefully she wasn't sounding stupid in front on him.

"I see. Well that can be arranged. If someone such as you is at the door." Sesshomaru said with a sexy grin. 

Kagome blinked. Was he flirting?

"Anyway, I should go. Just thought I'd introduce myself. Oh and by the way….the towel you're wearing around your body is soaking wet. It's quite revealing in fact." With that Sesshomaru turned and walked down the shine steps. Kagome just blinked at his retreating back then at her body-wrapped in a towel.

Was this a form of 'Hentai' or not? Or was it a pick-up 'suggestive let's get in on line?'


How mortifying! She could just DIE! Right now! Would the earth open up and swallow her whole right now?! Please! And closed the door behind her and sank to the floor mentally hitting herself.

-With Sesshomaru-

He was smirking on his way down the steps in deep thought. So this was her….His half-brother's ex-girlfriend Kagome Higurashi…..

How very interesting….

She was quite unusual for a typical Japanese girl…..


She was back in her room staring at the ceiling-still clad in her towel. How come Sesshomaru hadn't even noticed the marks on her body? Was her first thought? Surely he would've asked/said something….it's not like they were light or invisible.



Lady Nefertiti: Hmm..Kagome's trying to figure out her dream or was it even one? Please read and review! thanks! 


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