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DORMant Dynamics by imjaneees


Lolol because I've been guilt tripped into making this public, here it is  XDD



Chapter I:


     The first time Kagome saw her dorm mates, she was in awe. She was warned that they were not completely human--heck, one had not one drop of human blood at all. They told her their names were Naraku and Sesshomaru. Youkai gave such strange names to their children.

     Naraku, lived up to the name with pitch dark hair and red eyes. Sesshomaru was a stark contrast with silvery white hair and golden eyes, emphasised further with magenta stripes on both cheeks and a crescent moon on the forehead.

     Squaring herself, she prepared to make a positive first impression. Her mother told her that the best way to befriend someone was to give honest compliments. She gave her best smile, "Wow, you two are the prettiest girls I've ever seen!" 


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