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Tokyo Hostel by Walter205

A horrid thing most foul

 Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha or Hostel, nor will I profit from it. 


 Three years, three long years had passed since the final battle with Naraku. He had been defeated, the Shikon Jewel had been destroyed, and the well had sealed up with her trapped in the modern area. Many would consider it home for her and sure she had been reunited with her family and friends, yet she had also left friends and perhaps a future family five hundred years in the past as well. In continuing with her education she had also pursued answers as to what everyone's fate in those intervening centuries had been but so far her research had netted dead ends in everyone's fates but had given her a few good grades for term papers.

To this day she still got a little sad when thinking about Inuyasha but it didn't hurt nearly as much now as it used to and she was starting to become a little more receptive to some of the guys who had been occasionally taking an interest in her. Hojo had remained a good friend but nothing more as he was now steady with another girl from their high school and her three friends all either had their own lovers or hooked up regularly with others during parties and other events.

Graduation was coming up soon and she had been examining a list of colleges to go to, yet when looking through she occasionally would steal glances at the old well house before shaking her head morosely. Her forms had been submitted to three universities of her choice and now she was just waiting to hear back from them.


Unknownst to Kagome, one of the people in charge of vetting the applicants for Tokyo University was actually a demon in disguise, one that had a particularly nefarious side job that earned him good money. Jin didn't perform his side tasks for money however, although it was a nice benefit. Like many who partake in the services of his client, he works out a desire for vengeance, one victim at a time.

After vetting the incoming applicants for the day and separating the further review ones from the rejected forms, he took the latter into a back room and sat down as he leafed through each individual one for potential with his secondary employer. Out of the thirteen rejected forms, seven individuals showed merit for further screening, a fairly even divide between three males and four females. One of the females had a particularly odd rash of absences during her freshman year with a wide variety of listed illnesses. He marked that one down for extra medical history evaluations before sending the lot off and closing up shop for the day.


Haka snorted as he received the latest batch of "applicants" for their fine and endearing venture. Seven today from Tokyo U, an increase over the usual number but then latest batch of graduations were about to occur. Taking them from the mail slot back to his desk he opened each one and leafed through it, comparing the applicants histories to the desired qualities of their clientele. He ended up putting one each of the male and female ones off to the side for final evaluation and had started to discard the rest before a familiar name caught his eye. Normally he didn't even other with names; where they would be going, names would be the least bit important beyond the bidding process.

'Kagome Higurashi', hmm that last name didn't sound familiar but the first name did. He took another long look at her picture before long buried memories finally surfaced and the name clicked.

"It can't be...," muttered Haka before rocking back in his chair. As his memories came back fully of events from five hundred years in the past certain details sudden clicked together. Her yellow satchel and odd garb; Perfect matches for a backpack and school uniform. He laughed for a while, now understanding that somehow the lovely lass had been traveling back into the past during their adventures together.

"Hmmm, I wonder how they explained...," Haka trailed off as he looked through her school files. Sure enough, there was the answer right there, a long list of absences in her freshman year, punctuated with all kinds of outlandish illnesses that had pegged the initial screener to add a note for further medical evaluation, the primary reason that he had rejected her form for further review. That she had managed to make up all of the late school work and then go on to graduate with good grades in spite of her adventures in the past...she Certainly still possessed a quality fighting spirit.

Such a spirit was what many of their clientele desired for in purchasing their...victims. Furthermore, her further medical evaluation clearly wasn't needed. Despite their friendship in the past a lot had happened in the intervening five hundred years. Now going by Haka, Hakkaku now was not nearly so outgoing and carefree, not after what the humans had done to poor Ginta. He added Kagome's file to the other two and sent them upstairs for final evaluation.

"Welcome to the Wolf Den, toots," he said upon looking at her picture one last time before kissing it and handing it off. It was very rare indeed for anyone screened by him to be rejected during the final application process.


Even though she was graduating with good grades, in some ways Kagome was still very much trying to catch up with the rest of her graduating class and had barely skipped by in some subjects for her sophomore and junior years. In addition she still sought information on the past and so had just applied to the position of Librarian at one of the smaller local libraries, a stepping stone she hoped in the pursuit of greater knowledge, both of the current and historical sort.

The sidewalk was busy this time of the late afternoon and she kept a cautious eye out as she waited for the Huber that she had called. Soon a small black car with heavily tinted windows pulled up and a handsome young man got out and held up his smartphone to indicate he was her Uber.

"Takeda?" she asked as she took two hesitant steps forward.

"No, Satoshi," he replied with a shake of his head. She smiled in response as he passed her little test, although privately she occasionally wondered how often the drivers were put to such tests.

He held the passenger door open for her as she gingerly got it before he closed it behind her and got back into the driver's seat. The locks clicked but Kagome didn't notice that they only clicked on the driver's side of the vehicle. A mere moment passed as the driver shifted into gear when suddenly a big burly man dressed in dark clothes opened the rear passenger side door and got in next to Kagome.

Alarm bells instantly went off in her head, both for his entering the vehicle and the vibes he was giving off.

"Actually, I change my mind, I...," she started to say to the driver as she tried to open her locked door but mid-sentence she was interrupted by the new passenger clasping a foul smelling white rag over her lips and nose as she tried to scream to no avail. She managed to get out a single fisted knuckle rap against the window as the driver pulled the car away and disappeared amongst the horde of vehicles intertwining with each other on the busy early rush hour jammed lanes.

As the driver headed to the location known between the two thugs as the "doctor's office" his burly associate began going through her belongings as Kagome finished passing out, disabling her cell phone and checking for any other devices or suspicious equipment.


Another day, another round of dealings with the filthy ningens. He didn't know what annoyed him more, the common gold diggers thinking they could sleep their way into his vast fortunes or the common tycoon wannabe that thought they could manipulate him into giving what they want. He allowed only small concessions to be made; when he gave into larger deals, he was merely setting them up with a short term victory in exchange for a final defeat later down the road.

Taisho Holdings Incorporated was his main life's work, life as in the current human identity he held as a seventy year old businessman. In the preceding centuries other companies of his have gone on to become very successful in other countries and markets. Amongst the humans he was known as a multi-millionaire who had done well for himself. Amongst the remaining demons however he was the world's only trillionaire who had become the most successful at curling the pathetic mortals around his fingers.

The events of the past two hundred years had done much to alter his perceptions of humans and start him down the dark road that he found himself strolling along today. The advancement of human technology had seen them become far more adept at both killing demons and surviving demon attacks. That coupled with their ever increasing expansion and occupation of foreign lands had led to gradual decrease in overall demon populations that saw them on the brink of extinction.

His cell phone pinged, one of the burner phones he kept on his person at all times. A small smile came to his face as he saw it was a message from the Wolf Den. Checking the calendar app he saw it was indeed time for another "sampling" as the club liked to call their monthly offerings. What he had been doing to the humans for the past three hundred years capitalism-wise was a very indirect means of vengeance for all that they had done to him and those he had been close to. For a more direct means, he indulged in the services of the Wolf Den and after the latest round of meetings he was in the mood to torture, maim, and kill.

While sometimes he was in a hurry and browsed listings via the hidden app on his phone, tonight he was in a particular mood and wanted to do a more in depth selection so he hurried home to one of his many computers, this one being a laptop he kept hidden in one of the many secret compartments and stashes in his sprawling mansion. Bringing up the website on the dark web he settled in with a glass of nineteen twenty seven porter's vintage preserved pig's blood and perused the selections.

Immediately he discarded all of the male candidates as he was in the mood for the company of a female. His loins ached to take a properly aged virgin of the female variety versus demeaning or humiliating a male victim. He also wanted someone young, just out of high school would be most perfect. That left a selection of five images and names.

He briefly scrolled through them before something caught his eye with one of the names.

"Kagome...," he muttered softly while bringing her image up. His lips became dry as his breathing hitched as five hundred year old memories also surfaced for Sesshomaru. He remembered his half brother's wench that had fought against him and kept showing up in the battles against Naraku, always staying by his side as loyal as a lap dog despite Inuyasha's infidelity towards the undead miko.

Just as it had with Kouga earlier, details clicked in his head that led to the connecting of dots that explained what had happened to her in the past. Inuyasha had always told him that she had gone away after he had emerged from the bone eater's well following her being pulled into the jewel and him leaping into his own meidou but he had assumed that she had died, perhaps sacrificing her own life to destroy the jewel. Now he knew the truth, that with her goals accomplished she had come back to live her life as usual in the modern era.

Inuyasha had pined for her for three hundred years before finally snapping out of his stupor, the loyalties of a dog being a curse at times in its own way. During that time Sesshomaru had finally found a human that he considered worthy, someone that he had taken an interest in. He had returned one day after being away for a week to find Inuyasha in bed with her and that had been that. He didn't take it out on either of them but never saw one or the other ever again.

Hell, he didn't even know in his modern day and age if Inuyasha is still alive and quite frankly didn't even care even now. Humans were weak and frail yet so easily corruptible, nasty, and manipulative. He took great care in being around them for they had indeed managed to kill off so many of his kind yet he took great pleasure in their suffering, whether self inflicted or aided and abetted by the actions of him and other surviving demons.

If she had come from such a time and place then she was no different. Perhaps it was the humans of the past that had influenced her to act in such a good manner five hundred years ago, certainly the humans of that era had much more in the way of honor, respect, and common sense. He put an overwhelming bid on her auction price, ten times the listed amount, which earned him an instant win under the Wolf Den's bidding rules. She was now his to do with as he pleased and he looked forward to pleasing himself at her expense.


A pounding headache is what Kagome found when she awakened, eliciting a groan from her limp form on the bed. She opened her eyes, only to immediately close them again as a bright light was shining down at her or maybe the whole room was brightly lit? Where was she anyways? Last thing she remember was walking out of the library, getting into the Huber, and then...

Her eyes snapped awake again as she remembered the details of her kidnapping including the foul smelling rag. Wishing and willing down the pain in her head she focused on her surroundings, seeing her still in her full attire lying on a bed in a white room with all sorts of dangerous looking devices, equipment, tools, a camera, and seated at a desk nearby was a single individual. Tears at the corner of her eyes, a lump in her throat, and a chill running down her spine all formed simultaneously to one another as the full gravity of her current situation hit home as she eased herself up onto her elbows, turning onto her side to face the individual in the room with her.

"Well, you're finally awake I see. About time, I was growing bored of waiting," came the odd sounding voice. It hit a note with her, almost with an air of familiarity about it. The man in business attire that was now getting up and started walking in her direction didn't look familiar though, not until her removed his glasses and starting transforming, a red glowing aura flowing around his form as the teeth in his smile were now complemented by fangs, his cheeks adorned with stripes, and his eyes turning from brown to yellow as an unmistakable above all else crescent moon took root in his forehead, memories of the past rushing back to her in an instant.

"Sesshomaru?!?" came her incredulous reply to his transformation as a mixture of both relief and suspicion entered his voice. Why was he here and if he had her brought her, then why? What was this place and how had he come to be here? What did he want with her? If he was still around, then how about the others? Did he bring her here to reunite her with Inuyasha and Shippou? A seeming million more questions wanted to flow forth from her lips simultaneously, almost making her dizzy as she tried to formulate additional words.

"Kagome, you don't know just how happy I am to see you alive and well. Come, we have much catching up to do," he said as he stepped towards the bed. Her eyebrows rose at both his statement and his walking over to the bed in which she occupied. She moved to the edge and swung her legs over the edge, thinking that he was going to sit next to her before he resumed talking. She looked up into his eyes as he got within a few feet and that's when she froze completely.

In the past she remembered when they had first met and done battle with one another in the tomb of his father, how cold and calculating his eyes had been. But then over the next year or so during the battles against Naraku and the time he spent with Rin his eyes had gradually softened, become more like a humans eyes even. Whatever had happened to him in that intervening five hundred year time span had caused that warmth to disappear, as his eyes were cold, calculating, perhaps even arrogant and cruel now, much like Naraku's gaze had once been when he used to look upon her.

His actions belied both his intentions and his words as he reached out with a hand to roughly grab ahold of her left breast, squeezing firmly as he pushed her backwards onto the bed. At first she could do nothing but lay there taking it as she was utterly shocked at what he was doing, a million things in a million years could she have told you Sesshomaru would do to her in the past if he had gotten angry at her but sexual assault wasn't even remotely close to that list. As he continued fondling her with his right hand joining in now on her right breast she finally found her words and used them, at the same time trying to push him off of her.

"Sesshomaru! Stop that, this instant!" she half demanded/half cried at him. Remarkably, he did let go of her in that instant and rose into a standing position from where he was straddling her waist with his knees on the bed, but only to immediately backhand her across the face with his left hand none too gently, pain once again exploding in her head, helped along by a ring Sesshomaru wore on his left hand, some kind of a thick metal band.

"Shush miko! Back then, Kara was only screaming and moaning while Inuyasha was atop her. I want you do nothing but the same!" he growled down at her.

"Kara? Who is that? And what do you mean, back then?" asked Kagome in turn in a lighter tone, confusion entering her voice.

"Ah right, you weren't around back then. Quite frankly I was sure I would never see you again. In the three hundred years since Rin's death there was not a soul that I had come across that could elicit such a smile or such emotions from me until I had met the mortal girl known as Kara. She and I over the period of three years developed what you weak humans call 'Feelings' for one another. I had even, if only for an instance, starting to considering following fully in Father's footsteps, when one day I came home early from patrolling my territory, only to hear Kara screaming in the distance. I rushed to her aid, only to find the screams being ones of pleasure, along with moans and other sickening noises as Inuyasha ravished her in my bedroom. She turned out to be quite willing and the two had apparently been seeing each other for quite some time while she pretended to be 'interested' in me," Sesshomaru went on to explain, as he started ripping the clothes from her body as she lay beneath him with her hands holding and protecting her head.

"That's...horrible...but What does that...have To do" Kagome gasped out in between deep breaths to counter the pain in her head and occasional claws scraping against her skin as he finished divesting her of attire via her underwear.

"What is that mortal saying? Turnabout is fair play? Inuyasha took Kara from me, I shall take you from him," Sesshomaru replied with a lecherous grin spreading across his face as he gazed upon her naked form. She would've expected such a look from Miroku but never him and in his current state of mind it looked especially heinous and evil with him wearing him.

"There was a thought, in the time after Kara, that if I ever found you again that I could extract such a vengeance. But alas, I had thought that I would never see you again, even though you obviously wore a school uniform from this era, I never put two and two together on the odd attire. I must say, in however much time has passed for you since I last saw you and now, you certainly have filled out to a succulent degree. I was somewhat worried that I would have to violate a slip of a girl, delicious as your legs have looked, but I see that worries were unfounded," he prattled on, standing up from the bed now as he removed his own clothes, Kagome being able to retreat farther onto the massive bed as with the fading pain from her head she was able to use her arms to cover herself, slightly having time to note that oddly enough, he left her socks and shoes on.

"All right, enough talk, now is the time for action," said Sesshomaru as he literally dove onto the bed, swan jump style with arms spread wide as he landed partially atop her, eliciting a squeaky squeal from her. His hands and mouth proceeded to go everywhere over her, his tongue tracing lines and licking her skin in various places, his hands groping and his fingers pinching and flicking, his mouth suckling, kissing, and softly biting or nibbling. His foreplay was not to be denied and any attempts by her to resist, whether it be through words or action, was rewarded by the slightest of reprieves before another backhand sent her into dizzy land once more before he resumed his ravishing.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity but may have only lasted for a minute or less, he was done for the moment and sat up to admire his handiwork. He has tasted virtually ever inch of her from her knees up to her nose and she was most exquisite in flavor, although he had a particular fondness for the taste of her tears and sweet honey nectar.

For her part Kagome had stopped resisting and had grown very annoyed at herself at how her body have been reacting to his caressing tongue and hands. He only hurt her through when she had put up a fight and he did mention just wanting to get revenge for Inuyasha having an affair with whoever Kara had been. Perhaps if she even went with the flow they could get this disgusting act over with? She admonished herself with a shake of her head, no this was wrong and it needed to stop regardless.

"How will violating me help you? I haven't seen Inuyasha in years!" Kagome croaked out as Sesshomaru stared down at her. His eyes narrowed at hearing her speak. He considered backhanding her again, but decided to answer her instead.

"Help me? Whoever said anything about helping me? I just wanted to help myself to you, to see what it was like for him. I must say, so far I'm enjoying myself quite immensely and even find myself becoming a little more forgiving of my half brother's transgressions against me. As for having seen him recently, well it's been two hundreds years almost since I've last seen him myself. As far as I know he's still alive, his normal lifespan even as a half breed should last another two hundred years or so, but I didn't kill him back then, tempted as I was to do so," Sesshomaru replied. During his little tirade he was considering what to do next and a plan came to mind. Crawling atop her, he would take her what the humans call 'Missionary' style, much the same way he had found Inuyasha atop Kara all those centuries ago.

Minutes later, he found himself delighted even further, by the fact that she had been untouched, that her moist flesh cave was so tight around his penetrating shaft, and that she was transitioning from making noises of pain to soft ones of pleasure. He stayed humping her missionary style but transitioned slightly as he spread her legs and picked them up into the air, as if a woman would do if she were wrapping her legs around his torso. Kagome did no such thing but continued to lie there and take it with her arms resting in place along her sides, tears running down the sides of her face even as her mouth opening and closing intermittently as pleasurable sounds emerged from between her bruised lips as he leaned down and again for smooches and nibbles amongst his back and forth thrusts that were now decreasing in their intervals.

Sesshomaru kept in such a manner until he triggered her first orgasm, which incidentally triggered his own as he felt like he was being squeezed dry like a cow attached to an automatic milking machine, his seed flooding into her and some leaking back out again.

A pause occurred now as he permitted both of them to catch their breaths, Sesshomaru being surprised that he had actually broken a sweat. Withdrawing from her form, he lifted one of her legs up and starting cleaning her out with his tongue, deciding that he quite like how he tasted when mixed with her essence, reminded him of sweet and sour sauce in a way.

"Cleaning...up...?" Kagome questioningly panted out. Sesshomaru smiled as he caught the unspoken question hidden in that tone. 'All Done?'.

"Paving the way for Act Two. You see miko, demons aren't like humans when it comes to mating and rutting. Some demons can go on for close to a week with their mating rituals. You may have thought that we were finished but in fact, we're just getting started," he stated in response, allowing himself another small smile as he started positioning her for how he would take her next.

"'ve Already had your revenge...Rin...wouldn't Want this...," she stammered out in renewed protest as he started getting into position again. The mention of Rin stopped him cold though, memories flashing through his mind of his beloved young ward and his eyes went wide, before the memories faded away and he found himself in the present once more, his eyes now clouding over with anger.

"How dare you try to distract me with mind games, miko. I was being nice with you, trying to be gentle for both our sakes, but if you think for one moment that you can play games with me, well, then I'll just have to stop playing games with you," he snarled down at her as his eyes flashed red.

Abandoned were all of the carefully laid plans of the past five minutes and the position that he had just placed her into. Instead now he grasped her around the waist with one hand and lifted up, placing her onto her knees and positioning himself behind her in preparation for again what the weak mortals referred to as doing it 'Doggy' style.

One hand each adorned her on either side of her waist, grasping in part each lovely and voluptuous butt cheek in addition to holding her in place as he entered her in one swift and determined motion, burying as much as himself into her that he could in a single moment, giving her no time to adjust as the tip of his member finally ran out of room, eliciting from her wide open mouth a visceral ear drum shattering wail of pain and agony as it felt like he was splitting her in two.

Just as quickly he pulled out of her fully before once again slamming back home, rocking her back and forth violently upon the bed several more times before mercifully he stayed immersed within her as he settled down to a more humane pace. The damage had already been done however and her blood now coated his dick in addition to her other juices as a combination of tears, snot, and drool pooled into the sheets upon which the side of her head now rested, her mouth hanging wide open as she stared vacantly at the pillows nearby.

Soon he finished inside of her once more and after pulling out, determined that she was finished as well. A shame, because he had been having a fun time with her, but she just had to go and provoke him into hate fucking her by bringing up a mention of Rin. He could now call his revenge for Kara satisfied, but by far he wasn't done with her yet. He went over to ready some of the other tools and equipment for use while she recuperated to the best of her ability on the bed.

Other memories from the past surfaced, he recalled during the battle inside Naraku that she had fallen from a considerable height after being slashed by Inuyasha during his transformation. Despite a fall that would have killed a normal mortal she had not only suffered only minor injuries from the fall but had even regained consciousness and joined him in searching Naraku for...her, As the name almost came to mind again but was rejected.

Indeed, it didn't take him long to set up the equipment but in that time she had started moving again, one hand gingerly probing her heavily violated nether region as she seemed to be assessing her injuries, the other hand wiping away her snot, drool, and tears from her face as she rolled slowly over onto her left side.

Walking back over to the bed, he collected her mostly limp form and started carrying her bridal style over to the waiting straps and bindings hanging from the ceiling nearby. While walking with her he gazed down at her naked form and admired her beauty even now, although the pitying gaze from those sad blue eyes and the small frown she was sending his way wouldn't do if they had been properly mated or married.

He settled her legs across some of the straps and used others to buckle her into place before moving around in front of her. Suspiring him, she raised a hand to caress his cheek as she started whispering soothing words to him.

"Sesshomaru I'm sorry, so sorry. I can't imagine what could've happened, even beyond the affair, to have changed you so much over the past centuries, from the demon I knew when he last saw each other, to how you are now. You must've been hurt so much and so often and I may not know how it happened, but I'm sorry, I'm sorry for both your pain and for how you are now," she whispered to him while holding his cheek. She was crying again but he instinctively knew he was crying for him and not for herself like earlier.

More memories surfacing, of how he had observed her traveling with and interacting with her companions.

"Like a mother soothing her pack. Yes, I remember that about you now. And yes, you're right, you don't know about everything that happened, but don't worry for I shall tell you," he replied, his hand resting over hers on his cheek before roughly grabbing it and raising it along with her other hand above her head, securing her arms over her with another strap before finally moving her hair to rest over her chest instead of her back. He then moved around and stood about ten feet behind her exposed back, near the foot of the bed.

"First, Rin ended up marrying Kohaku and together they had three kids, all of which I wholeheartedly had approved of and took great joy in visiting, that is until one day when Kohaku was away slaying demons, human bandits had raided their village, violated my Rin, and slew her alongside their three children. I brought the offspring back with Tensiega, but she was gone forever and neither Kohaku nor the children were the same ever again. Humans," he said as the green light of his poison whip emerged to strike her across the back. She cried out as tears started leaking once more, though whether it was at the pain or the shock of hearing the story Kagome couldn't quite say.

"Second, mankind expanded in both population and territory, driving demons from their lands and slaying them in increasing numbers as their technology kept pace with their increasing numbers. Humans," he finished the same as another lash cracked across her back.

"Third, during the Meiji Restoration demons had tried to help the older Daimyo survive, rewarding him for having helped to keep the peace between demons and humans. Not only were many of the remaining demons killed during this time, including ones you may have known such as the ones named Shippou, Kirara, Ayame, and Ginta, but they failed utterly in their attempts. The new Imperial Government reacted harshly, driving many demons out of Japan and burning the enclaves in which they had been shielded. Humans," the end of this third tale was accompanied by a third lash.

"Fourth, demons had sequestered themselves into new hidden enclaves and our numbers had started recovering quite nicely by the time the second world war came around. Against the wishes of many, some demons entered into the conflict and were discovered, captured, and tortured, their existence being kept secret as much information about demons and their existence had been steadily destroyed by the humans over the past couple of centuries, with us being relegated largely to superstitious myths and fictional books. Those tortured demons revealed the existence of the hidden enclaves and they were steadily destroyed, first the two in Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and then others scattered through the world, ones above ground by so called 'Nuclear Testing' and then other, subterranean enclaves destroyed by 'Underground Testing'. One of the last, most prominent enclaves we had hidden, in North Korea and home to a council that ruled over the remaining demons, ceased communicating with us just a few years ago, accompanied by reports that North Korea had 'tested' a nuclear bomb. Humans," Sesshomaru snarled now, lashing her three times instead of just once as he finished.

"Fifth and last, but not least, there's what humanity has become in this day and age. Kouga may have been the one to set up the Wolf Den here in Tokyo, but the idea didn't entirely originate with him. Rather, he came across a similar setup while searching for demon survivors in other countries, but this one wasn't a place for demons to torture and kill humans like what we have here with the Wolf Den. No, this was a place for the wealthy to come and both torture and kill other humans. What humans do to other humans is sick, you mortals are all weak, sick, and depraved creatures. Humans," Sesshomaru almost whispered now, the volume of his voice coming down considerably as he lashed her for the seventh and final time.

He started walking forward again, now feeling a tad sad upon seeing how marred her beauty had become at his own hands. Her flesh was red and black where he had struck her, his whip wounding but being hot enough to instantly cauterize any blood vessels that he struck, the black coming from burned flesh and skin. As he drew closer he could now hear her whimpering softly. He almost felt like whimpering himself as he knew his time with her was drawing to a close, the curtain was about to be called and the endgame was upon their time together. Come to stand at her side he fondled her full breasts one more time, copping a final feel before undoing her arms and holding her left one straight out at her side with one of his hands.

"And let's not forget the first time we met. There's another human saying as well, I believe it goes 'An arm for an arm'?" he questioned before using his free hand to sever her left arm between elbow and shoulder, another visceral scream assailing his sensitive ears as he had deliberatly made the cut messy and unstraight, the gushing of blood from her artery fatal it left untreated, which he most certainly wasn't going to treat it.

"Goodbye, Kagome," he stated as he listened to her moaning grow quieter and quieter as her breathing started to hitch and grow hoarse, before she finally stopped moving all together, her eyes staring vacantly at the ground, the light from them having finally disappeared.

A mere moment after she died a yellow light engulfed her body, causing him some alarm before it engulfed him as well. He thought it was some kind of a miko power and thought he would be burned, but instead it was a very soft and warm light, seemingly soothing him, almost like taking a warm bath.

"Remember, Heal, Remember, Heal, Remember, Heal," the two words, spoken as if by different females, one familiar, the other not, each word repeated three times before his mind was assailed as the dam burst forth on the lid he held over his memories, of better times spent with better people. A single image came to mind then, one that he had long forgotten about. Kagome was there in her school uniform, helping Rin to build a crown of flowers. He thought that she was going to place it atop Rin's head, but instead the two of them came over to him and Kagome placed it atop his head, before the two of them stepped back and admired their handiwork with huge conspiratol smiles.

It was at that moment that he realized the unfamiliar voice was coming from Rin. It was her voice, but it had been so long since he had heard it, he swore he would never forget it or her smile, but he had, he had forgotten them both. The memory faded but a hundred others remained as he returned to the present, the light fading away, leaving him in the white blood stained room with Kagome's battered corpse. At that moment, he felt like a heavy weight had been lifted from his shoulders, one that he didn't know he had been carrying around, as his breathing seemed to become as easy as it was when he was younger, five hundred years ago.

"What...have I done?" he asked softly, to no one in particular but to himself. Not just what had transpired today either, he had been a participating member of the Wolf Den since it was founded nearly fifty years ago, every month he had participated in the gruesome slaughter of some poor victim, his kill count numbered in the hundreds, paltry numbers compared to what he had killed in the past but back then those had been soldiers and bandits, people far less innocent versus some of the ones abducted by the Wolf Den nowadays...including her.

He...would have to make this right. First, he walked over to the button by the door and pressed it. An answering wolf demon asked if he was done. He answered in the affirmative but requested that Hakkaku come and collect the body personally and wheel it into Kouga's office and that he would meet them there in just a bit. Next, he went outside and reached his hand out, summoning something that he had put away two hundred years ago with the thought that he would never have a desire to use it ever again.

Thirty minutes later he was entering Kouga's office, Hakkaku having left after wheeling in Kagome's body along with her severed arm. Kouga was sitting behind his desk, the tv monitors of the various rooms arrayed behind him, his one good eye glancing up at him as he smoked his pipe.

"I watched the whole thing on the monitors. Tame, compared to what you've done to some of your other victims, but then again she wasn't just some nameless nobody compared to the others, was she?" asked Kouga with a lecherous grin spreading across his own face. Sesshomaru growled at him in response.

"None of them were 'worthless', you and the other wolves like I, have forgotten exactly who we used to be," Sesshomaru stated as he stepped forward, going to draw Tensiega from its sheath. However, while the sword had allowed him to grasp it when it had arrived outside, it now burned his hand when he went to draw it now on the inside.

He dropped it, gasping in pain at the severe burns as the sheathed sword now floated in midair, before heading over to where Kagome's corpse was. Kouga and him both stared wide eyed as the sword unsheathed itself and floated down, seemingly sinking into her body itself as her body was encompassed within a ball of blue light, one that suddenly expanded outwards. Sesshomaru again found himself trapped within his memories, seeing new ones of Rin and Kagome, this time each of the girls individually during moments where they had been brave in battle and against adversity, the former grinning with missing teeth after surviving a close encounter with stray demons, the latter wiping sweat off her forehead with the back of a hand clenching her bow, her quiver empty as she glanced his way with a smile of appreciation for his help in the battle against Naraku's demons.

When the light faded away again, Kagome was made whole and was now standing, the sled her body having been on disappearing entirely, her form seemingly glowing blue before it faded away, Tensiega nowhere to be seen. Sesshomaru glanced to Kouga only to see that he had been affected in much the same way he had been earlier, memories racing through the wolf's formerly clouded mind. Soon Hakkaku and the other wolves that helped to run and maintain the place came into the office as well, with looks of regret and guilt crossing their faces.

"No excuses, I can't say what happened, but I'm thankful to have remembered who I once used to be, even if I...if we can never go back to being who we once were. Come, there's only one thing left to do now but as of this moment, the Wolf Den is officially closed for good," said Kouga in a soft tone, Sesshomaru and him sharing meaningful glances along with the other wolves before they exited the office, leaving the resurrected Kagome standing by herself.

She was coming to grips with coming back to life and having all of her wounds healed, even her arm being reattached. She started to come to the realization that Sesshomaru had revived her with Tensiega, but the entity of the sword, which had now merged with and become a part of her, corrected her on that score. The sword's spirit intertwined with her own and she realized both what she had become and what she was now destined to do.

"Stop them," came the soft male voice, seemingly from within her, as her entire body seemed to pulse.

"What? Stop who?" Kagome asked no one but herself, suddenly feeling silly and not expecting a response but getting one anyways.

"Stop them," it stated again as an image of Sesshomaru and the wolf demons came to mind, "their work is not yet finished."

Not knowing what the sword entity was talking about, Kagome followed in the demon's footsteps, the sword spirit leading her up the path of the various staircases to the roof, where she gasped in shock and horror at the sight that beheld her. Kouga and Sesshomaru both knelt upon the shirts that they had removed from their bodies, daggers held in both hands as they breathed deeply, readying themselves for the plunge. On either side of them, Hakkaku and the other wolf demons already hunched over dead, their eyes wide and lifeless as entrails and gore continued to spread out from their slashed stomachs.

"Stop!" yelled Kagome, reaching out with her right arm. As if by command, her powers surged forth, her normal pink powers (where had those been earlier, when she really needed them?) come to light and wrapping around Kouga and Sesshomaru, shielding them from themselves, even as a blue light also emerged to wrap around Hakkaku and the other wolf demons, bringing them back to life as well.

"Kagome. Why, why stop us from atoning for what we've done?" asked Sesshomaru in a sad tone as he turned to face her with a frown.

"Sesshomaru, you old fool. Seppuku is not the answer, you're abusing it to take the easy way out. You said earlier that humans had other places like this? If you really want to atone for your actions, both you and the wolves, then you can all help me find these other places, shut them down, and bring their users to justice," stated Kagome while glaring icy daggers at him and the others.

"Kagome, these people, the ones that use the human hostels, they're people of considerable power, infuence, and wealthy. If we went against them, then before you know it...," Sesshomaru started before Kagome interrupted him.

"What, we'll all be killed? Does that make us anymore dead then what you did to me in there or what you all were doing to yourselves just now?" she asked sarcastically of them.

"We're in," Kouga stated, speaking for both himself and his fellow wolves. Kagome looked to the others for individual confirmation and they all nodded.

"That makes seventeen. You feel like going on an adventure, like old times?" Kagome asked of him, sparking more memories, of him traveling with Rin and the others during the hunt for Naraku. She offered him her hand as she gazed deep within his soul.

"Hnn, like old times? Sure, together," he said as he accepted her hand.


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