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Open door policy. by Camille

This shouldn't be our goodbye.

Tears slipped from crystal blue eyes, blinking slowly as the words finally registered in her soul. Numbly looking up into the dry golden eyes that bore into her dully.

"I didn't mean to hurt you like this, I didn't think it would have lasted this long," he uttered softly, afraid if he spoke any higher then a whisper he would shatter the already weeping girl. "I didn't think she would come back, you know how much I love her. You have to understand Kagome. I can't just turn her away." It was all sounding like another excuse, it was all she could hear from him. One more excuse to explain his hurtful actions. "I'm sorry," he uttered. As if a simple apology could fix the gaping hole in her heart.

Her mouth opened and closed several times, as her mind turned over words slowly in her head. Settling on keeping her lips and mouth closed, she knew she couldn't form the right words to say. Nothing could be strung together to explain the pain he had caused her. It was not like he would care anyway, he had got what he wanted most while also having his fun. He simply did not care for the well being of her heart or feelings. He was and always had been the selfish kind, and she should have seen this coming, even though her heart had tricked her into thinking otherwise.

She didn't know how long she stood there staring at him, with tears slipping past her eyes. But if she had to guess, long enough for him to feel awkward. His hand rubbed the back of his neck in discomfort while his eyes cast downward, too much of a coward to keep staring at the mess he made. Giving an awkward goodbye he turned and left. She watched as silver hair swayed with every step he took away from her. Her heart crumbling with the distance he put between them.

"Goodbye Inuyasha" it was barely heard coming from her lips. As her voice threatens to cut out any second, her body shook too small and filled to the brim with pain. Turning around, she left the cool fall air for the comfort of her warm home. Only when she closed the door behind her did she allow her knees to finally give out. Sinking to the floor, she shook and cried with everything she had in her until she was left empty and exhausted. 

It would seem that her world has come crashing down. Inuyasha was not only her boyfriend for close to a year. He was also one of her coworkers, someone who she worked alongside in the office for over the last two years. Inuyasha had been dating another coworker named Kikyo for the first year she got the job. That was until Kikyo had taken a job over in America and seemed to have left within a week's notice. Leaving Inuyasha in her wake, while she traveled across the world for new adventures. Inuyasha had been heartbroken over the loss of his long-time girlfriend, and with no one to spend time with he naturally noticed her. The only girl who was willing to speak to him, as Kikyo had made anyone girl's life hell that dared talked to her boyfriend and no one seemed to forget the nasty behavior from both him and Kikyo.

She knew she couldn't return to her place of work, to face him after all of this. It had been too sudden, too painful for her. Besides the pain of the surprising breakup, she knew Kikyo would get all the details of their relationship over the year she has been away. She would make it her mission to torment her, taunt and twist the knife deeper into her heart. There would be no peace in the office, no time to heal her broken heart, not with both of them around.

The only thing left for her to do was start over, she knew deep within her that this was the best choice for her, for Kagome Higurashi. 


AN: This has been something I have been playing in my head for months now, I have a loose idea for this story. Not sure if I want to turn this into one short/dabble yet. 


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