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Sea Monkeys And All That by Xenoky

Sea Monkeys

I KNOW you're thinking "I know this person isn't uploading a oneshot after not updating her stories for MONTHS" and let me tell you,,,, yeah. ANYWAY enjoy this halloween spooky season drabble!


To say that Kagome was disappointed was an understatement. 

Gazing sadly at the fish tank she had set up so excitedly three days before, Kagome inserted her finger into the water to see if she could nudge the creatures— whatever they were supposed to be— to grow more.

Kagome knew when she bought the package, that humans hadn’t somehow mastered magic and were selling it to the public at large. Of course she knew that. But when she saw the  “NEW and IMPROVED!!!! MAGICAL SEA MONKEYS!!” on the box while she was getting her groceries, she couldn’t resist. She wondered why the girl who was scanning her produce had looked at her, but she figured the obvious judging look she had was because she was judging her copious amounts of pomegranate, not the $1.99 Sea Monkeys.

Growing up inside the magical barrier, Kagome was always excited to see which inventions humans could come up with. A lot of the things that she came across were redundant, especially when she was rooming with a witch. But some things, the internet for example, were a real treat. So, when Kagome had the chance to experience ‘human magic’, she took it. Although now, Kagome really didn’t know what she was expecting, but whatever age old, from the jurassic era, dull single celled organisms that were in this water truly were not it. 

Kagome sighs and taps the water one more time. “Sesshomaru, the humans lied to me.”

Sesshomaru looked over from the grimoire he was reading, and raised a singular eyebrow. “And how did they lie to you this time Kagome?”

Kagome barred her teeth and then sighed, looking back at the water, with small whatever-they-are-isms in it. “The packaging said that if you put the powder into the water, that you’d get sea monkeys. Whatever these dumb things are are nothing like sea monkeys!”

Sesshomaru put down his grimoire, noting which page he was as he did so. Walking over to glance at the water he smirked. “Kagome, do you know what sea monkeys even are?”

Kagome crossed her arms. “Yeah, monkeys that can live in salt water obviously.”

A shocked chuckle left Sesshomaru’s mouth before he looked at Kagome. “Are you joking?

“Sesshomaru, what is there to joke about? I know what the sea is. I know what a monkey is. If you mix it together it’s obviously a monkey that can live in the sea.”

This time, Sesshomaru couldn’t hold in his laughter before it came out, and quickly had to dodge a slap from Kagome. “Don’t laugh at me Sesshomaru! I get it now that obviously I was wrong, but it was the logical thing to think at the time!”

“Yeah, that a small grocery store at 8 P.M. during the middle of a week would be selling magical sea monkeys?”

“Sesshomaru don’t be rude!”

Chuckling one last time, Sesshomaru grabbed a handful of dried cucumber chips from a container, and started to chop them up. “Kagome, do you have any of that Busan seaweed left?”

“Seaweed? I might have a few left over, I know I have Seagrass from South China Sea though is that okay?” Kagome asks, walking into her room, knocking a few pictures off the wall as she does. 

“Seagrass should be okay! The older it is, the better, and I need one in tact boat shell, they have to be connected, they can’t be separated Kagome!” 

Getting a wooden bowl, he spread the cucumber onto the bottom, and grabbed a pinch of the Pink Himalayan Sea salt Kagome bought when she went through her “exotic oceans” phase after first moving in with Sesshomaru, grabs a pestle, and begins to grind the salt and cucumber together. 

Kagome comes out of her room holding a fist full of dried seagrass and drops it on to the counter next to Sesshomaru, watching as Sesshomaru adds the seagrass into the mixture. “Sesshomaru, what exactly are you doing?”

Pointing behind him, Sesshomaru utters a quiet magical phrase, and Kagome watches as the alleged Sea Monkeys are hoisted into the air, before poofing out of existence. 

“Did you at least put them somewhere nice Sesshomaru? I know I didn’t exactly like them, but they were water beings and you know I can’t just ignore them.”

“Yeah yeah, I think they got sent somewhere with lots of rocks and seawater, something like that. Can you get me a small cup of water from that tank and pour it into my potions bowl?” Sesshomaru asked, wiping his forehead as he grinds the last bits and pieces together to form one cohesive powder, before dumping the powder into the stone potions bowl, and flipping to a new page in the grimoire stationed in front of it. 

Kagome manages to bring the cup of water over to Sesshomaru while only tripping over herself once, and pours the water in the bowl, and clasps her hands, waiting on Sesshomaru’s next order. 

“Aqua viva animalia!” Sesshomaru shouts, causing the now sludgy powder to form into small tiny balls. “Kagome, hurry you need to get them into the water tank before they dry out.”

Kagome stares in shock at Sesshomaru. “What? You made water animals?”

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes and slammed his book shut. “Either way whatever they are have about ten seconds left before they die.”

Kagome let out a small cry and conjured up water around the small balls, and hurriedly walked them over into the fish tank, and watched as they started to transform in front of her eyes. “Sesshomaru what did you make?” 

Kagome looked over at his shoulder at Sesshomaru, as he sat back down in his chair, opening his grimoire again. “You said you wanted sea monkeys didn’t you?”

Kagome blushed and looked back at the tank, and watched as the balls transformed into tiny monkeys, filling her head with their calls. Giggling, she put her fingertip into the water to help them grow faster, and smiled wider as their calling got louder, and more rambunctious. 

“Yeah, I guess I did.”


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