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Undercurrent by Arc-an Angel




Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Inuyasha.


A/N- Hey everyone, with this particular fic I plan to explore some dark/sexual/emotional concepts. Please note that this will be a full story written in drabble chapters and not a collection of various tales. Enjoy!

Also a HUGE thank you to Drosselmeyer whose amazing Sessh/Kag story E Pluribus Unum inspired me to write again after a long hiatus. Please go read it. It's mind blowing.


Once the world had been beautiful and green…

She had been young then. Young and full of hope with a naivety as strong as her innocent soul. She later recalled, it’s easy to be a beacon of light when you have never known such suffering. However, life has a way of changing all that it touches.

And touch her it had.

In the final battle for the Shikon no Tama, Kagome had at last borne the weight of sacrifice like those before her. Spiraling in a haze of death and despair her birthright, her duty, her gift to the world enclosed her whole.

A wish.

It came with darkness, rushing in like icy waves. Sweeping her mercilessly from all she had grown to love…this tide abandoned her forlorn and crippled where it all began. How long had she stayed at the bottom of that well? Hours? Days? Until her family had come upon her.

A broken husk of a woman…

With the names of the dead tumbling from her lips.


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