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Finding Where She Belongs by Aiko Kokawa

Chapter 1

~This story takes place kind of were Inuyasha: The Final Act left off. Everything down to the kiss Kagome and Inuyasha shared and to Kagome being sent back home. We're starting with Kagome realizing that she can go back to the past. It's not word for word how it is in the show but yeah, Let the story begin! And don't forget to review and let me know what you think. I'll be waiting!~

If this story seems familiar to any of you readers, it is because I posted this story back in 2017 but never finished it. I'm going to do my best to give this story my all and finally try to break free from the writers block!

Inuyasha and It's Characters do not belong to me!


Looking down into the old well, her eyes widened. "Momma.." Mrs. Higurashi turned to look at her daughter. She walked down the old creaky stairs, lightly placing a hand on her daughters back, also looking down into the Bone Eaters Well. Kagome then spoke again, "The Sky." It was those two words, that's all her mother needed to hear to know how the future from here on out would be. It was time to say... goodbye. "Momma, I.." Mrs. Higurashi turned Kagome to face her, "Kagome.. It's fine." She smiled at her brave daughter as Kagome nodded with determination.

**********IN THE PAST **********

The sun shined brightly as the Miko's old traveling companions sat outside with hut of Miroku and Sango and their growing family. The twins known as Haruna and Hikari played on top of the hanyou's head, tugging at his puppy ears.

Sango glanced to Inuyasha, "I'm sorry, Inuyasha. You don't have to let them bother you like that." Unknowingly, the hanyou actually enjoyed letting the young ones mess with him. It gave him hope that one day his children would be just the same.. maybe not pull as hard though. "Whatever," he grunted out.

The wind blew, the trees danced with the breeze, and that's when he smelled it. His ears quickly shot up and he turned his head towards the direction of the scent that blew it's why into his nose. He then jumped to his feet and threw the young twins on top of the Shippou, " Go slay the fox," and then he ran. The twins laughed, pulling on Shippou's ears, "Yay, Shippou, we slayed you," one of the girls called out.

'This scent.. there is no mistaking it,' thought the hanyou as he ran through the forest, faster than he thought he could ever run before with the wind whistling past him. He finally reached the Bone Eaters Well, leafy vines surrounding the outside and the edges. Inuyasha stared down into the darkness of the well. He paused for a moment before he leaned over, reaching his hand inside, then something.. NO, someone, grabbed his hand and he pulled back, and there she was. The one and only person he thought he'd have to wait 500 years to see again, "Kagome.."

She smiled down at her beautiful hanyou, the man she had been loving for years, the man she had waited and hoped to one day be reunited with. "Inuyasha, I'm sorry. Were you here waiting for me?"

But that was the problem.. three years she had waited. She desperately wanted to see him. She missed him with everything she had in her, but even if he did miss her and may have once longed for her as she longed for him. It wasn't enough..

She remembered their walk back to Sango and Miroku's hut. They held hands, smiled, and laughed like they had never been separated. Everyone was so excited to see her, especially Shippou. She kissed and held everyone so tight, never wanting to let go but so eager to hug the next person. Eager to hold everyone of her little family. And that's when she showed up. Her name was Kiyoko. To Kagome, this woman was everything she wished she was, even more than Kikyo. Kiyoko had long light brown hair that went past her waist and flowed in time with the wind perfectly. Her hazel eyes were like no other and beautiful as ever.

It didn't take Kagome long to put two and two together. Especially when she glowed and even with her belly the size of a watermelon. Kagome stood with her eyes wide with shock at the woman before her. She didn't speak. She didn't move.

That's when Kiyoko spoke, "Inuyasha, Hunny, who is this?" Then Kagome's world shattered.

She turned and stared at the silvered haired man beside her. Her eyes spoke her pain without her saying any words. Inuyasha's ears laid down on his head as he looked back into her eyes. He didn't mean for everything to be revealed this way. It wasn't how he wanted to spend this moment with her. He wanted to cherish this time with her, finally coming home to him, to them.

But that was yesterday. Now, Kagome layed in the room of her own hut that they had built for her incase they were to ever meet again. She just layed there. Her eyes puffy and red from the tears that were once there, that had been there for the past day and night. She couldn't understand what had happened. Yesterday was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, or at least one of them but it was more tragic than anything. She thought she had come home but now she felt so out of place.

Even in the future, she felt out of place. What was she to do now?

**********Flashback to the day Kagome came back**********

Kagome turned to look into her hanyou's eyes. The yellow orbs stared into her while his puppy ears laid back on top of his head. She didn't say a word to him, only stared and then tears began to appear in the corners of her eyes, her dark brown eyes went into a shade darker, almost turning black. Then she blinked and it was over. She pretended to brighten up as she patted her face and smiled lightly.

"Please forgive me, I'm so happy to see all of my friends again that I've become rude for a moment." She turned and walked to stand in front of Kiyoko.

She extended her hand and smiled, tilting her head slightly to the side, and spoke once more, "I'm Kagome. Not sure if you heard of me but I used to be the shard detector for this little group here."

Those words made Inuyasha flinch. He knew what Kagome was trying to say. She was trying to be strong. She was trying to let Kiyoko know that Kagome was his friend, maybe not even that, maybe only someone he just traveled with for some time. It was already too late for that though, Kiyoko knew the stories. Everyone had made sure they told her of the love between him and Kagome that once was there. Of course Kagome didn't know that. Kiyoko had spent a year and a half to get him to fall for her as much as she had fallen for him and when she finally succeeded, she soon became pregnant with his child. She was now 6 months pregnant and ready to pop. Carrying a demons child, she wouldn't have to wait 9 months. Even if Inuyasha was only a hanyou.

Kiyoko stretched out her hand and smiled as well, and took Kagome's hand lightly. "Hello, Kagome. I'm Kiyoko. I've heard so much about you. I'm sure we're all happy to have you return. Welcome Home."

She really wasn't trying to be rude. Kiyoko seen the tears in Kagome's eyes. She knew what she was going through. Complete and utter heartbreak. She also knew of the past relations between her, Kikyo, and Inuyasha. She knew of the pain the half-demon had caused her, him and his dead lover. Now she was helping break Kagome's heart all over again when she knew Kagome had hoped to return and live her life out with Inuyasha by her side. Kiyoko did feel bad. She didn't want things to be this way but in reality, there was no escaping the pain they had caused her. She had hopes that one day, after hearing all the about the kind woman they called Kagome, she would forgive her.

Everyone waited for Kagome to lash out, but it never came. She nodded her head and released Kiyoko's hand before turning back to everyone and asked, "So, what's for supper? I'm starving."

And that's how the rest of the evening played out. Everyone acted as if everything was fine. As if Kagome and Inuyasha had never admitted to loving one another before she was sent back to the future. They showed her the hut they had built for her in case of her return, it was next to Miroku and Sango's hut. They all ate food, shared laughs, and Aunt Kagome played with her two niece's Haruna and Hikari. She show much love and attention on Sango's also very pregnant belly. Kagome then retired for the night but not without saying goodnight to everyone, avoiding the eyes of Kiyoko and Inuyasha. Kagome walked into her hut, smiled, walked into her room, before laying down and then breaking into a million little pieces.

**********End Flashback**********


~Alright, That's the end of chapter one. I hope you all enjoy. I don't know if I will be able to update with new chapters every week but I will try my best. I know my writing could use work but hopefully I won't get judged too harshly. lol. See you soon!~


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