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Bad Secretary by Lucy Morningstar

Bad Secretary

Bad Secretary

Summary: Sesshoumaru thinks his secretary is too hard-working, so he decides to loosen her up. MA, PWP, straight smut. Shoo, you younglings.

Kagome bit her arm, trying to stifle her whimpers. She wasn't sure how it happened, but her boss had locked themselves in the office past the closing hours, and by a unbelievable turn of events, she was now completely naked, and bound with rope in a degrading manner. Sesshoumaru had turned out to be a beast, and she was going to need to satiate his desires.

And she realized with a damning fear, as he teased his way down her body with his long fingers, his sensual lips and experienced tongue, that her body craved for his every touch.

"You thought you were all prim and proper, didn't you?" he taunted her. Right now he had her on her knees, her head on the floor, her bare pussy fully exposed in the cold.

"Look at yourself, spreading your legs for me, your round ass perched high." He caressed a hand down a hip, appreciating its curve. She could feel his warm breath on her sensitive pussy lips. "All it takes is a slight breeze on your skin and you're already bucking your hips in my face."

Sesshoumaru smirked. His secretary was a quivering mess. Her pussy was drenched and in dire need of cock. His cock.

"I tell you who you really are," he whispered to her skin as though imparting a secret, inhaling her thick musky scent, an indication of her arousal. He fashioned his index and middle finger together and slowly pushed it into her wet hole.

"Just a secret little bitch in heat."

Kagome moaned at the sensation of getting penetrated. It was so fucking good, the way it stretched her inside, and it was just his fingers. She began to thrust her hips urgently, needing those fingers to stroke her walls and drive her to completion.

Her boss clicked his tongue as he watched her work her way. "I don't even need to move my fingers. So hungry, so impatient, my dear Miss Higurashi. There's no one else in the office," he reminded her. "We have all the time in the world. There's no need to rush."

Kagome let out her whimper. So good, so good. She fucked herself on her boss' fingers with wild abandon, her hips rocking, her ass wriggling.

Sesshoumaru gave a demented smile, observing how his secretary had fallen from grace, becoming this wanton, lusty woman. Just earlier today she had expressed distaste when a fellow colleague shared a dirty joke during a meeting, clutching her file closer to her chest as she adjusted her thick glasses. Where was all her prudish ways now? All because he had seduced her with a kiss in the empty archives room. She must have secretly yearned for him all this while.

"Your juices are glistening down your thighs, Miss Higurashi. Do you need help to clean them?"

Kagome couldn't speak. She could only whimper in reply. She gasped in delight as Sesshoumaru neared his face and began to lick her juices, his tongue going up, up, finally to her heated, molten core. His fingers still inside, he pulled her lips apart, exposing her entrance. His tongue chased all over her pussy.

Kagome groaned in anguished pleasure. Then his lips found her clit, and that was it. He began to suck the sensitive nub, coaxing more of her juices until it was engorged and tender.

His fingers continued to squirm inside her.

"Taisho-san, please!" Kagome screamed in tears now.

"Please, what?"

"Please fuck me! I need your cock inside, please!"

He gave a dark chuckle as he withdrew his fingers. They had became wrinkled from her juices. Carefully he unravelled the rope from her body and laid her down on the floor, placing her on her back. His cock jutted out from his trousers, red, robust, ready.

"Say it once again, Miss Higurashi."

Her tears rolled out in big, fat drops. "Please fuck me, Taisho-san," Kagome pleaded. "Please fuck your bad, undeserving secretary."

"Good that you know."

Sesshoumaru shoved his whole length into her waiting hole. Kagome's back arched violently, her head thrown back, her eyes rolling, all her wishes granted.

Sesshoumaru began to move, his hips rowing steadily. He had denied himself from any pleasure since the beginning, only her pleasure. His cock was slick with her juices, ramming her tight, juicy hole with finesse. Kagome's legs stradled and locked around his body, pushing him further inside her. He couldn't escape even if he wanted to.

His thrusts began to pick up speed, nearing his climax, and she matched his ardour, meeting him in the middle each time. His balls slapped against her asshole relentlessly. Sesshoumaru toyed with her supple breast, teasing her pert nipple. He leaned down to suck, and she became even tighter, clamping around his dick, if that was possible.

"Ah, I'm coming!" she screamed like a warning. "Don't stop! Just like that!"

"I'm coming too," his voice hoarse under his breath, their bodies tangled in a hopeless lust. "Kagome."

"Come inside me please!"

It was too much. Sesshoumaru came hard, then pulled out his dick to spurt his remaining seed onto her face. He stroked himself, aiming for her lips. Drops of cum clung onto her skin. She opened her mouth. He pushed his cock into her, and she began to milk him for more, her lips and tongue sucking him hard for the last drops. Sesshoumaru bellowed.

They continued to fuck again in different positions: cowgirl, doggy-style, over the table. And each time she would grind herself deliriously on him, and they would both breach the point of no return, with an explosion in their heads.

It was mindless fucking, and nothing else. But she was the best fuck he ever had. And he fucked around a lot.

They laid on the carpeted floor, staring at the ceiling, collecting their breaths. As reality and common sense began to piece back in his mind, Sesshoumaru wondered if he should have done everything he had in the first place.

He couldn't withstand it any longer. Miss Kagome Higurashi was always drowned in her work. She was forever running around, ensuring his journey forward was smooth and hitchless, fixing the broken ends he'd left behind.

But his cock had gotten hard each time he watched her, and the way her round ass bounced around in office. The way she was always so merry, always laughing with others, but not with him .

It was all worth it.

He heard a whimper beside him. Sesshoumaru turned. Kagome was stretching herself like a cat. Then she glanced at him and smiled, and his heart was suddenly lifted.

"We should have done that a long time ago," she said.

Sesshoumaru stared at her in disbelief. She really was the worst secretary.

The end!


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