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The Western Lord's Pursuit of Ultimate Conquest by Ardis

Chapter 1

She was running again against a backdrop of a cacophony of cracking lightening. Her wits felt hypersensitive, attuned to not only noticing the surrounding moonlit forest but also feeling as if it were an extension of her very existence.

Her nasal passage burned with the electric air, filling her with a restless anticipation. She shut her eyes momentarily, exhilarating in the wet soil beneath her feet and the wind gently lashing her heated body. She relished the sense of freedom and the accompanying insistence of belonging. Kagome could not help but smile at the buoyancy she felt in her soul, instigated by the pounding blood in her veins.       

A loud wolf-like howl followed a series of boom-like thunderbolts. The resonance seemingly growing stronger by the second, its intensity pulsating alongside her heartbeat. As if a spectator rather than the one in charge, she leapt off the ground and into the air.

Swiftly, an emerald energy wasp expands and engulfs her, wrenching her back into a phantom figurine. Reeling from the jarring impact of her unexpected collision, she froze by degrees as a striped clawed hand cinched itself on her hip and another trailed from her waist, up her back, grabbing on to her nape. Startled by the icy scorch left in its trajectory, Kagome stared into unblinking pair of red eyes adorned beneath a crescent moon marking.

Kagome raised her hand to caress the twin purple stripes high on his cheekbones feeling their opposing smooth and rough texture, blinking in confusion at the familiarity of the being who held her immobile and irritated by her inability to recall his identity. Almost understanding her predicament as if she had voiced her enquiry out loud, he growled wracking her hostage form with pleasing zings of static energy. A peculiar tickling wet hardness pressed against her abdomen.  

Was she nude ? Releasing a yelp, she pushed against his shoulders with both her hands. Red eyes fleetingly flashed with amber and she found herself constrained harder against his form and being uplifted until her feet barely touched the floor. She slightly dangled in the air as his clawed hand wrapped itself in her hair while the other held her firmly around the waist.

The storm raged in the background, pouring sleets now, drenching them, pelleting in its force. Sodden midnight blue tresses blocked her vision of the being who had seized her mid-flight. Renewing her struggles, she thrashed harder against him. It seemed to break his trance like stillness. He slid the hand resting on her hip, cupping her bare bottom for a second and then  lifting her upper thigh into cradling a side of his striped hip. In the next breath, she was impaled, a wail escaping her lips before being quieted by nipping canine teeth.

Was this what an out-of-body experience felt like ? Pleasantly stretched and full, she grit her teeth against his oral onslaught, fighting the rising need to rock into him. Her internal muscles contracted involuntarily, convulsing as he tilted her head and trailed his lips down the side of her neck in murmurs. His kisses, butterfly fleeting, imploring, with a hint of pricking, in direct contrast to the mounting throb he stoked in her nether regions.  

She felt herself being carefully lifted and lowered onto his shaft. Hissing at the internal blistering the pace incited, she slammed her balled up fists on his shoulders and tried to leverage herself into a hopefully less disorienting hold.

He was everywhere and nowhere, gliding his hand on her hip petting her in a gossamer manner. Blazing heat arose from the tip of her toes. Slight shudders shook her form, flooding her arms and thighs with goosebumps. Her nipples felt pinched, zinging with the periodic perusal of  a combination of sharp and soft nips and suckles. Her struggles only seemed to encourage him in sliding her cavern over him at a more painstakingly measured pace.

Her heart was going to break free of its rib cage. He sniffed into her neck, nuzzling her, rubbing his nose into her visible blue jugular vein. Anticipation and frustration riddled her limbs hurling her towards a precipice which enflamed her and empowered her very core. Open-mouthed caresses drifted smooth lips over her roaring heart.

“This one aches here only for you too Priestess”.

Glittering Blue-eyes snapped open to the sound of a keening echo. Incoherently, they tried to focus onto the lightening night sky in a wide-eyed stupor. Her hearing slowly honed onto the staccato of the panting escaping her slightly open mouth. As if awaiting the moment she regained her faculties, her vaginal walls impulsively convulsed and clamped. Something wet and sticky creeped down her inner thighs.

Kagome clenched her legs firmly shut, mind spinning from the mental image bombardment of the dream anew. It adamantly insisted on imprinting her with the image of the one who had held her in tormented captivity.


Not very far from where she rested in her sleeping bag, a foreboding figure lurked in the shadows of the surrounding forest. The demon lord studied the Miko in patient anticipation, reveling in the chaos which seeped from the fluctuating reiki she unknowingly emitted. Amber eyes gleamed as thin lips skewed slightly in amusement.

- TBC -

Author's Note: Hi guys ! I have been wanting to write something sizzling for a long while now. I dedicate this to devoted Sess x Kag lovers. I do not expect this fanfic to be longer than 5 Chapters of similar length. Please review and let me know what you think ! If not, thanks for reading and stay tuned for the incoming. ;)


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