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Good Morning. by Elvis

Chapter 1

It was a blue summer morning.  Eastward, the sun had only just begun peeking between the distant outcrops, displacing the lingering mist from the more walked-upon pathways.  The world smelled green, Kagome thought, in those early hours when the people begin to saddle up their mules and pull up the damp earth.  The farm-sound beat slow and steady over the quiet stillness of the forest.  The wood didn’t wake yet, and wouldn’t for a little time.  Here, in mossy places between the roots of trees, Kagome could find many ingredients for tonics and tinctures before the daytime grazers and rooters could gobble them up.

Speckled light was just starting to illuminate the more open areas.  As she sat in one glade, tying up sheafs of herb, a warmth came down through the trees.  A thick wash of power, rolling slowly over pulled-up roots and fallen logs to curl and break around Kagome’s feet as she worked.

“…Guess who?”

“You know who I am.”

“I do.  It’s a game.  You come up behind someone you know, cover their eyes and say ‘guess who!’”

“Guess who, then.”





His voice had come closer, and closer, until his breath tickled her ear and she laughed.

“You’re Sesshomaru!”

“The very One.”

His arms slipped around her waist, but leaving her arms free.  She settled back into him, soaking in warmth and scent and everything about him.

“What brings you way out here in the middle of the forest, O Lord Sesshomaru?”

“A whim.”



“…Maybe you aren’t Sesshomaru after all.”

He nipped her ear.  “I have whims.”

“O really?”

“In fact, I’m told I’m nothing but whim.”

“By who?”

“Lots of people.”

“I don’t buy it.”

“I’m not selling.”

Kagome set down her herbs and gathering-basket and twisted around to look him in the face.  “What’s gotten into you?”

He didn’t say anything; he just looked at her like he sometimes did.  Like he did when she was teaching Rin, or purifying a demon.  Or when he thought she didn’t know he was looking.

She moved closer, her breath mixing with his, and his eyes still looking at all of her.  “Something’s sure gotten into you…”

He pulled her with him back onto the grass, his lips pulling and sipping softly at hers all the while.  His furs had wrapped around them and it was like the world ceased to exist beyond their warmth.

She slid her hand over his collarbone, beneath the folds of his haori, and gently eased it open to bare his broad chest.  He’d pulled loose the belt of her hakama and slipped his hands down over the round plump of her ass and squeezed.  She moaned against his cheek, breathy and light.  He’d begun a trail of kisses along her jaw, down her neck and between her exposed breasts.  As she pulled his sash free, greedily running her fingers over his muscled torso, she pushed his haori down from his shoulders and off of him completely.  Just as she began to grind her hips down against his, he lifted her up and laid her down on the haori and went right back to his work, massaging her breasts as he kissed his way down, down, down.

Every so often, he would look at all of her, pulling back only enough to see with that unfathomable look in his eye, and then refocus back to one part of her.  Kagome grabbed at the furs when he finally pulled her hakama and underthings all the way off.  In the briefest of moments as he was casting the garment aside, he wasn't touching her at all, and Kagome felt the air on her skin like the eyes of the forest itself.  Her whole being was on display, without even a roof overhead, and an audience of one.  She felt an exhilaration unlike anything she recalled before.

The moment passed as soon as it came, because Sesshomau was down between her legs, leaving wet, messy kisses along her thighs.  She arched her back and fisted her hands into the furs by her head, whimpering for him to please just do it already!

She felt his little snicker against her clit, and the sensation zinged up her spine.  And then, slowly and infuriatingly, he began lapping along her lips in deliberate swipes.  Sometimes he’d stop and swirl the tip of his tongue around her clit and nip at the skin in the dip of her hip.  Other times, he would speed up and probe his tongue at the opening of her, and slowly press and tease her clit with a wet thumb until she was trembling and tingling all over, her knuckles gone white from gripping the furs.  He slipped one hand down and teased her until she was arching and gasping, her thighs trembling around his head.  He pressed more kisses to the dips of her hips, her navel, as she melted in bliss beneath him.

She felt him slide up to her, licking his lips, fingers collecting her slick from his cheeks so he could suck them clean.  She hummed, drawing her legs up to wrap comfortably around his waist.

“Yum,” he purred, and she burst into giggles while he nuzzled her neck.  The morning blue and gray was tinted pink to match her cheeks, and he pressed closer.  There was more of his whimsy to satisfy, after all.



A/N: Just something short and sweet.


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