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Day Breaks by LightoftheWest

When Darkness Calls

Blood was everywhere as she stood with her bow and arrow drawn she breathed slow and heavy waiting for the final attack. Naraku came towards her and it was if the whole world stopped she had put a barrier between her and Naraku as to cause no more destruction and if it did it would only between the two of them. 

Sesshomaru and the rest of them all though bloody and battered from there efforts had been pounding on the barrier they knew what she was doing and damn the girl for trying to sacrifice herself. Sesshomaru’s eyes bled a deep crimson wanting nothing more than get to the woman that he had fallen in love with. 

Inuyasha looked desperately to his best friend wanting nothing more than to bring her to the bone eaters well and return her to her rightful home but knew that’s not what she wanted she had created a family and she would never forgive him. Kagome took one last breath and gathered all her reiki and made one last attempt to kill Naraku once and for all. 

Kagome could feel her energy leaving her she could see Naraku’s dead eyes staring up at the starry night sky and so could she. She finally let down the barrier and the others rushed to her side and they could see that she was dying. The jewel was in between Kagome and Naraku now as if Naraku was trying to reach for the jewel one last time before he died. The jewel, was cursed and now looked as though a simple trinket a trinket than was causing so much trouble for everyone. 

Kagome asked Inuyasha for the jewel as she lay there her energy almost deplete and gave it to her as Sesshomaru adjusted her on his lap. Sesshomaru’s beast was howling in desperation she was going to die and all because of Naraku and the jewel. Sesshomaru had finally realized that he had developed feelings for the woman he had battled with admiring her strength and power. 

Kagome staggered as she tried to stand with the help of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha they knew what she was about to do and could do nothing. The jewel needed to be purified and the wish had to be an unselfish one. Kagome closed her eyes as she started to make the wish she glowed a pure white color that started from her heart and pulsed outwards. Sesshomaru and Inuyasha finally felt peace with himself.

Sesshomaru could feel his heart beating filling him with all the emotions that he kept locked up. They both howled as Kagome disappeared, and the jewel clinked on the ground they all looked devastated. They had all wondered what happened as Sesshomaru picked up the jewel it was dead now. 

At least that’s what they thought while they stood there with shattered hearts there Kagome lay in total darkness. No spark of light could be found until Kagome opened her eyes they were pure light, The jewel was being purified as she started to wake up. The light calmed down a bit as Kagome’s aura and purity softened as sapphire eyes gleamed with tears. 

“Am I alone now?” Kagome whispered but felt like an echo as she stood there but what she didn’t notice was four beings behind her.

The being who watched her everymove waited till she turned around "You are not alone child" one of them spoke and she gasped with surprise. 

The four before her were the original four souls of the Shikon no Tama which were Aramita (Courage), Nigimitama (Friendship), Kushimitama (Wisdom) and Sakimitama (Love). 

Each represented the part of her life and wanted nothing more than to go home and be with the friends and family she made here in the feudal era. 

They stood there and one of them took the jewel off from around her neck which Kagome had just noticed. 

"Your time here is done and you must return to your time" Aramitama said as he held the now dead jewel. 

"You had made your unselfish wish and the gods have rewarded you," Nigimitama bowed. 

"We are forever in your debt Miko and we will see you again soon," the four reminded her of her friends. 

They turned and disappeared leaving behind the images of her friends and the next thing she knew blackness over took her vision and felt as though she were floating in an ocean of stars and dreams of demons. 


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