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The Hardest Decision by Melody Vengeance

Worn and Weary

**Hello my dears! It's been quite some time since I've written anything at all, so please pardon me seeing as I may be rusty.   We're gonna start with a blanket warning, this will be DARK and contain UPSETTING materials so please don't read if you can't handle such material. Let's get this show on the road!!!

**Disclaimer: Nope still don't own Inuyasha, but I did create a story on this before and have taken it down to create this!

  'Tick. Tick. Tick.' The clock's ticks echoed in her ears, getting louder and louder with each passing second.  How...welcoming the sound was, even if it wore on her already exhausted mind. The soft sound of traffic on the streets below captured her attention for a second, the sounds of tires slapping wet pavement as a once reed light changed to green. A sharp light across the floor alerted her to the sun's arrival. 

  Soon her ears perked up at a soft rustle from the hallway behind her, the breathy sound her bedroom door made across her carpet. Turning to look at the other half of her soul, she noticed he looked worn. His hip-length silver hair lay braided down his back already, golden eyes warmer than the rays of the sun seemed to have bags upon bags beneath them, it almost seemed as if his forehead gained wrinkles overnight.  Baggy sweats on lean hips drew her weary eye before she looked up at his face again. 

  "You look like hell, Gome." Gods, even his voice seemed like it wished to disappear as well. When she didn't reply to him, he just sighed and leaned in to give her a kiss to her temple. His hands resting on the island counter before her, for once not an ounce of hesitation in them. 

  She just smiled softly, leaning in for a split second before she gently pressed against his warm chest. He got the message as she tried to stand, backing up to give her the space she needed. Once she was on her feet, she turned to kiss his chin only to find that he was already beginning the tedious process of cooking breakfast. Shaking her head softly, she walked back to their shared bedroom and then into their master bathroom. Looking in the mirror, a startled gasp snuck past her parted lips. 


  'Gods! He was right! I look horrible...' Her black hair was so tangled it looked like a giant rats nest, she was so pale that she could just about count the veins in her face, and her eyes. Oh her eyes. The once bright blue and sparkling orbs were now dull, near dead compared to what they once were.   Shaking herself out of her reverie, she quickly stripped the baggy clothing off of her body and began to shower. As soon as the water hit her body she was thrust back into the memories of what once was and what couldn't be.

**Alrighty y'all there we go for chapter 1!!  Let me know what you think with either a review or a message, I'm going to try to write more from now on out. Chapter 2 might be uploaded today and if it isn't I'll be sure to get it up soon!


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