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Limitless by InumeT_FlyGirl

Scene One

Scene One: Sit Still

Word Count: 200

“Kagome! Stop that this instant!”

The 10-year old ignored her caregivers warning, and with a laugh grabbed a duvet from her mums’ bed and raced towards the grand staircase. She had head from her friends that sliding down the stairs was much more fun with a smother surface. It had taken her sometime to find out which blanket would be the softest to use on her bum for this adventure but she found that her parent’s bedroom had the best one of them all.

Finally reaching the stairs, she hurried and created a nice pallet to sit on from the duvet spread. The shouts of her caregiver to stop only made her giggle. Sometimes she felt bad for her. If only Lady Kikyo was more fun. Then she would have had a buddy to slide down the stairs with.

Oh well, at this rate she wouldn’t be able to catch her!

“For all that is holy Kagome can’t you just sit still!”

Arms raised above her head and a smile that could light up any room, the young girl pushed herself down the grand staircase, with the blanket as her surfboard.

Lady Kikyo felt her heart stop at the sight.

A/N Yep I brought it back Its nagging me so Im publishing everything Ive been working on as of late. Maybe that will help me focus on my maint two stories XD


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