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Once Upon a Nightmare... by Panda chan

The Beginning... Intro

This is a dark tale. 

This will have strong language and scenes in it. 

I will start with a intro before getting into the main chapter.

If you are uncomfrtable with certain situations please keep in mind I have made a warning before we get into the story.

I hope that you will stay and follow me within this tale, as it unfolds before us.








Intro: The Victim


It was an unusual quiet night in the town of Redbud. Especially since it was Friday and the annual Redbud Festival is tomorrow. Normally, the rebellious teenagers were out, causing mayhem and seeing movies or out eating with the rest of their friends. But, the neighbor strays have gone missing recently and some of the neighbors pets have as well. Which helps with the decrease of noise at night. The police have not been much help in this situation either and seem to act like they have other better things to do instead of searching for your furry love ones.

"This is fucking boring!" A neon blue hair boy yelled out as he sprawled over a green garbage can.

His group of friends chuckled and shrugged as they watched another group of teens make their way over after the declaration. A bald boy, who looked to be at least nineteen walked up and popped his knuckles. Looking at the blue hair boy, he stuck his hand out and waved it around.

"Well no shit, Sherlock! This place is mostly full of old bitties and pervs that decided that Redbud was the wonderful retirement home to settle down in and die!"  The bald teen yelled back at the boy on the can.

The blue hair boy pouted and placed his pinky in his ear and wiggled it. The bald boy smiled and widen his eyes.

"Guys and gals I have something great- NO! Fucking awesome that we can do!"  He spoke in a showman's voice.

Turning his back on the boy and his ear picking, the older teenager threw his arms out like a showman at a carnival. "Let's go and see what little Jonathan is up too! He is always locked up in his nana's house! Let's go get him and let him have fun for once, yeah?!"

The large group cheered and toned down, when a whine came from the garbage can.

"Yuuuuuuki, Jonathan is weird and smells. Can't we just go misplace old man Bard's bird bath into the library again? I love seeing his face when he sees it's missing and that big vein pops up near his eye! Looks like it's gonna burst any day now! Hahaha!" The blue hair boy finished with giggles and a tear being wiped away on his green jacket sleeve.

Yuki, dropped his arms down and sharply turned on his heels. With his arms crossed and hip popped out, Yuki squinted his eyes. "Listen here, Lovie-"

"Don't call me that! You know I hate my name!" Lovie bit back.

He jumped up suddenly and marched towards Yuki. Noses touching, Yuki smiled and wrapped his arms around Lovie. Bringing him closer to where their pelvises came together. Giving him a peck on the lips, Yuki spoke in a soft tone. "Because that is your name and I love your name. Everyone knows better to not call out your name with me around. Besides, only I can call out that name." He finished his sentence with a grind. Lovie smiled and placed his hands on Yuki's hips and kissed him.  The other teens in the background rolled their eyes and pulled out their phones to check out Chirp.

Letting go, Lovie snaked his arm around Yuki and signed. "Okay, what's the exact plan with Jonathan?"

Yuki grinned and licked his lips. Turning his head to their friends he began to speak. "I was thinking, since you two know each other so well we would invite him to do a dare." Lovie furrowed his eyebrow and stared at Yuki's left cheek. Licking his lips and clearing his throat of phlegm, he lowered his voice.

"What do you mean by that, exactly?" Pulling out his phone and just scrolling through it, Yuki hummed. Lovie looked down at the silver phone and felt beads of sweat form on his head. Yuki had photos of him and Jonathan kissing at a restaurant. Lovie, swallowed the pool of saliva that formed in his mouth. His stomach churned. Looking at Yuki, who looked on calmly like nothing was going on he removed his arm and stepped away. Shaking his head and raising his hands up in front of him.

"Leave him alone. Don't you dare even think about hurting him Yuki. Remember what Kouga said last time he visited. I have his number and I will call him." Lovie told Yuki as he slowly backed away.

Yuki snarled and whipped his head to stare Lovie down. "Leave my cousin out of this! You should know who you belong too! Not him! Not goddamn Jonathan Parker! Me! Yuki! Yuki of the Southern wolf tribe! You are mine! I will take out any others that try to steal you from me!" Yuki finished with a snarl. Lovie, folded his arms and looked down at his worn out nikes. Sure he wasn't a demon and he did become unfaithful, but Yuki pushed him in that direction with being controlling and mean. Walking away from the situation, he pulled his phone out and began scrolling his contacts for Kouga's number. Kouga would help so it wouldn't get out of hand. Yuki felt rage coming up into his throat. Clenching and unclenching his fists, he stared at Lovie's form fading away into the night. Before he go out of hearing distance, Yuki growled out a promise to his love. "You gave me no choice in this. I will fix everything and you better be gone when I am through. I'll be hunting soon."

Wrapping his jacket around him, Lovie kept walking to keep himself warm. Kouga wasn't picking up his phone and so he sent some quick texts, summarizing the reason and why he needed to call as soon as possible. Getting closer to the beat up stop sign, Lovie paused and blew out a puff of steamed air. His dad tried warning him that being in relationship with a demon was never good for both parties. But he loved Yuki and went for it. "Hehe...loved. I use to love him. But I can't take the pain and misery any longer." Feeling so tired, Lovie raised his head and began his trek home once more. Pulling his phone out, he looked down at the screen for any texts or missed phone calls from Kouga. About to put the phone away into his pocket, it vibrated. looking at it, it was a text from Jonathan. Now he knew he was no demon, but humans had instincts too and that text drove the feeling of dread into his stomach. Looking around his environment first to make sure no one was around, Lovie opened the text up. The first bubble said hi and what was he up too. Feeling silly, Lovie smiled and began to type his text out but stopped when a video popped up next.

Clicking the play button, Lovie squinted at it. "I don't get it. It's just black and I don't hear anything." He mumbled to himself.

Turning the volume up and bringing it closer to his face he kept watching. The blackness faded and a figure was being shown in a long mirror. 'Okay, Jonathan is recording himself in the mirror I don't see what he wants me to see.' Lovie thought. The figure backed up to where the face could be seen and Lovie felt his blood turn cold. Yuki had Jonathan's phone and sent him a video. Waving at his reflection he held up two fingers.  Feeling like he could piss himself another video came through. He was shaking from the cold breeze and the fear that was trying to explode out of his pores. Not clicking on the video, another popped up. Then another and another. Letting a small whine pass through his lips, he played the second video.

Yuki moved away from the mirror and recorded the room. Jonathan's desk was turned over, his computer was in two pieces, and his clothes were ripped into pieces on the floor. Bending down, Yuki picked up a small picture that had crushed glass on it. "Look how handsome you are in this picture, Lovie. So handsome." Yuki whispered in the background.  Lovie looked around and pressed play on the third video to see what Yuki had done. He hadn't seen Jonathan in the two videos so far. Looking around again, he looked down and clicked play once more.

Grunts and breathy moans came from the background. The picture lay on the unmade bed sheets. The phone would shake at times and then something shot onto the picture. Moving the phone's angle, it now recorded Yuki's softened member. Wiping his soiled hand on the sheets, Yuki smeared his semen all over Lovie's picture. "I love you, you know. I told you I was going to fix everything soon and soon I will be hunting. I have never lied about my promises and threats."

Feeling sick from the video, Lovie couldn't even think about watching the other two. Before clicking on the fourth video, he tapped Kouga's name and prayed to who ever was listening, he would answer. But he did not. It went to voicemail that he never set up. Sniffling and wiping his nose on his sleeve. He began walking to his house and looking around. He did not want to be caught by Yuki at this moment or any future moments. Feeling like prey, Lovie hurried his steps to his home. The kitchen lights were still on so that meant his parents were still up for now. Breaking into a jog, he chanted the word sanctuary in his head. The blood pounded in his ears and his forehead. His throat felt tight and his lungs were burning. Tripping on the two steps on the porch, Lovie swung the storm door open and the main door as he flew in. Turning quickly, he locked the deadbolt and the other two locks on the door. His parents quickly came to him, concerned about his behavior at the moment.

"What in the hell are you doing, son?" His dad questioned him, with a glass of water in his hand.

His mother wiped her hands on her jeans and touched Lovie's arm. Lovie jumped and turned to stare at them with large eyes. Gasping for air, he began to cry. "Mama...mama help me!"

Running to his mother's open arms, he held onto her tightly and sobbed. Oh how, he wanted to be a little kid again in this moment. How everything was so simple when he was little and scraping his knees outside. Lovie felt his dad pull him out of his mother's arms and hold him. Petting his head, as he rocked him as they stood. In a calm voice he asks, "tell me what happened Lovie. You're safe now, I promise." Trying to calm himself, he told his dad everything that has happened to up to the videos. At the end of his statement, Lovie's father asked him for his phone and asked his wife to call the police. Shaking, Lovie followed his mom to the living room and sat down on the leather couch. He felt himself going out, his mother was a static sound in the background. His father walking up to his mother and taking the phone away to talk to the dispatch.


Lovie jumped when his name got called out. He looked up and noticing a female officer in front of him. She looked down at him and had a notepad and pen out, waiting on his statement of tonight's events. He looked around and noticed the red and blue flashing lights outside. He noticed the big sweaty officer with the crooked mustache talking and looking at Lovie's phone.

Looking back at the officer in front of him, he ran a shaky hand through his hair. "I'm sorry, I had focused out of reality for a moment."

The officer nodded her head and slowly sat down beside him. Clearing her throat, she positioned her pen. "Okay now Lovie. Can you tell me what happened tonight? Do you remember where you were when you began to get the messages on your phone?" Lovie looked at the worn out coffee table in front of him before answering the officer.

"I was actually hanging out with my boyfriend and friends, you probably arrested half of them before. But, my boyfriend Yuki. He brought up that we all should go and get Jonathan- Jonathan Parker. He lives with his grandmother- and take him out to have fun or actually a dare. I didn't want them to mess with him because I have had a secret relationship with him and made a comment that he was weird and all that."

The officer nodded and looked at Lovie for him to continue on. Inhaling, he closed his eyes and rubbed his earlobe. "Well, Yuki- my boyfriend came over to me and we started talking and then he pulled out his phone and was scrolling through pictures he took of us. There were so many the fuck he took them I don't even know." Looking at the officer, he watched as she wrote everything he said down. Scratching her nose with the tip of the pen she asked him a question.

"Is Yuki a human?"

Lovie licked his lips and shook his head no. "He is a wolf demon. He is cousins with Kouga who is the leader of the Eastern wolf tribe. I kept texting and calling him tonight after our fight and he never answered my calls or texts. But I kept trying and then I got a text from Jonathan's phone and then the videos came in. I watched three of them, but not the other two. I ran home and told my parents."

The officer nodded and finished writing. Closing her notepad, she looked at the other officer and nodded. Standing up, she and the officer began to walk out. Lovie's dad called out as they were leaving.

"So are you going after the sicko or what? My kid is in danger here."

The female officer turned and looked at all three of them, raising her eyebrow she began to speak. "It's just two kids who are fighting in my opinion and not really needing law enforcement to help. Call us if someone goes missing or if you find a body. Goodnight." Lovie and his parent's jaws dropped to the floor with her comment and did not move as the officers left. They had stood in place for a few more minutes, his mother breaking the silence.

"I don't understand what just happened. Are they going after Yuki?" She asked her husband. He snorted and walked out of the room, she followed him and questioned him along the way.

Lovie looked up at the ceiling and huffed. Getting up, he made his way to his room and quietly shut the door. Closing his eyes, he rested his head on the cool wood. Moving away from the door, he began to strip out of his clothes and into some shorts. He crawled into his bed and closed his eyes. He drifted off to sleep and woke up to his door opening and closing. He didn't say anything since it was probably his mom and she normally came in and talked to him.  The bed dipped with his mother's body behind him. He felt her hand rub his arm through the covers. "Mama, I love you." Lovie felt like she needed to hear that. He rarely tells her and she has been by his side through thick and thin. Smiling when his mother hugged him, he felt so happy.

"I love you too, Lovie."

His heart stopped. That was not his mother's voice. Trying to turn out of Yuki's embrace, he began to yell and scream for help. For his parents. For anyone to help him. He begged Yuki to let him talk and to listen. Yuki smiled and chuckled.  

In the next chapter, we follow Kagome. Who works in a asylum as a assistant. A new admission is coming in and she needs to be prepared for the storm that is following.  


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