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Yes sir by krynn

First you will crave

In what some would call ancient history, feudal japan was a harsh, dangerous place. War and famine, plague and murder. Every day was a testament of your survival. The two main species on earth always fighting, killing each other for no reason other then because they were different. Human and demon. One species mortal the other said to be immortal.

The arrogance of demons caused them to feel superior to the mortal humans, while humans began to fear demons for their ‘unnatural’ strength and lethal claws branding them murderous and dangerous. Legend says that a war broke out amongst the land. Both species killing each other in hopes of wiping the other out. It was said the war raged for decades until a lone miko stood amongst the front lines.

Her body glowed with the essence of the heavens, dressed in a traditional miko attire underneath battle worn armor. She stood with an authority that demanded all to gaze upon her. She came speaking of peace, claiming it a command of the gods. Many humans and demons alike scoffed at the unarmed maiden, writing her off to be a fool. They attacked her, claiming anyone who wanted peace was a traitor to all.

Legends read that the skies over the battlefield grew dark. A black abyss swallowing all light. One single golden ray of light illuminated the miko causing the air around her to become charged with power purifying all near, who had malice in their hearts. The battle stopped at the blast of power and all looked upon the mouth piece of the gods. It was said that from her throat voices of many spilled forth, voices of the gods themselves demanding unity or death to all who oppose them.

The leaders of each side coward in fear of the display of power and the threatened wrath of the gods they had angered. A treaty was demanded and accepted. Both sides not wanting total genocide of their clans. The land was divided into four territories each land lead by powerful beings. Human lords were accepted into each court where they would government their own lands while under the protection of the lord of the territory.

Life began anew, peace between demons and humans became second nature and the world prospered. Centuries passed and the society that had once swore to tear each other apart was thriving as one. The modernization era brought forth new technology and architecture and the world slowly changed becoming the country is it today. Demons and humans living peacefully, coexisting in blissful harmony.

Legends never mentioned the miko clad in armor again. All traces of her having disappeared from history.


Sapphire eyes furrowed in concentration at the sketch pad beneath neatly manicured fingers. Fingers that were moving rapidly in fluid motions almost as if she was painting on a canvas with a brush. Random lines and swirls coming together to form beautiful designs and patterns full of warm hues. she had been drawing up her newest summer fashions for the past few hours when her phone vibrated pulling her attention away from her work.

Reaching down to grab her phone Kagome’s eyes glanced over at her digital clock on the wall of her office. Blue eyes widening in a panic Kagome looked from the clock on the wall to the watch on her wrist. Confirming that her clocks time was correct and it wasn’t playing tricks on her, Kagome quickly grabbed her things, and was out the door leaving her sketches laying in a pile on her desk.

Locking her office door, Kagome headed down the walkway through the empty work space. Passing by each uniquely decorated cubical, Kagome noticed that they were all vacant. “Everyone else must have left already. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this empty before. Well at least there won’t be anyone to try to stop and chat.” She thought with a smile on her face as she reached for the intricately designed door handle stopping to lock the door behind her as she left

Entering the long hallway Kagome hurried toward the lobby, her red satin heels clicking rapidly across the pristine white marble flooring. The sound echoing through the deserted hallway. Inky black tresses swished furiously with each step taken. “Man time really got away from me again. I should have left over an hour ago.” Berating herself for losing track of time Kagome entered the extravagant lobby of the building her office was located.

Huge stone columns lined the room while dozens of windows let in natural lighting. The sun reflected off the marble floors creating a glittering effect across the lobby. Like a river of stars floating in a white sea. Checking her watch the blue eyed beauty furrowed her brows in thought. “Okay bus runs in fifteen minutes. I can make it.” Hurrying towards the large revolving doors that were marked exit, Kagome looked to a lone mahogany desk in the corner of the massive room.

A tanned demoness with golden tiger stripes was furiously typing away at her computer, her annoyance visible with every sentence. She sat behind a pile of paperwork that looked as if it had been spread haphazardly across her desk. Grumbles of frustration could be heard from the demoness as Kagome got closer, a string of curses flew from ruby red lips before furry brown ears swiveled in Kagome’s direction.

Stopping her work to greet the newcomer the receptionist brushed a strand of platinum dyed hair out of her face to reveal brilliant but curious violet eyes. A fang poked over red lips as a smirk grew upon the demonesses face. “You seem to be in a hurry today Ms. Higurashi. Big plans tonight huh?” Resting her chin on her clawed hand the blonde receptionist looked to Kagome expectedly waiting for a reply.

Flashing a brilliant smile at the curious women, Kagome stopped at the large mahogany desk practically throwing her bags on the counter with a huff. Pulling back her blazer sleeve with her now free hand Kagome checked the time again. “8 minutes. You can do this Kagome. Keep it short.”

“Hey Hanna. Yeah I’m running late again. I lost track of time working and I can’t afford to miss the bus today. Walking home last time was brutal and I’m not doing it again.” Fumbling through her purse Kagome shouted in triumph when she pulled out a I.D card with her name and picture on it.

The security in the lavish building Kagome’s office was located was strict. All I.D's were scanned by a little machine upon entering and exiting the building. In order to keep all people, items, and documents safe nobody without an I.D can use the elevator doors to access other floors of the building. Handing the I.D to Hanna for her to scan, she watched as Hannah swiped her I.D on the machine causing a little green light to blink twice.

“Alright all done.” Handing the I.D back to Kagome, Hanna waved her goodbyes. “Well, be safe on your way home and I’ll see you Monday morning.” Placing her I.D back into her purse, Kagome gathered her bags in her arms and headed to the large rotating doors marked exit. Turning back to wave at Hannah with a smile, Kagome said her farewell and was out the glass revolving door headed to the bus stop.

The sun shone brightly in the sky as birds flew high over head swooping through the city in hurried patterns. As a child Kagome had always loved watching the birds bathing lazily in the bird bath on her family’s shrine. Now however the birds that flew above her seemed just as much in a hurry as she was today. Their chirping harmonized together creating a melody that overpowered the noisy sounds of the busy streets of Tokyo.

The sun wouldn’t set for another two hours giving Kagome enough time to get home and change for her date. Yes Kagome Higurashi was going on a date for the first time in a long time. Her last relationship ended not so pretty and she hadn’t wanted to get back out there again. After graduating high school with honors, Kagome went to a college close to her family’s shrine on a full paid scholarship. After a few months of attending Youkai Academy Kagome met a boy named Bankotsu.

They had hit it off immediately, sharing similar interests and hobbies, the two dated for awhile before becoming more serious. As their relationship grew Kagome’s academic grades started to suffer. Bankotsu became possessive, demanding she spend her time tending to him. Helping him study or doing his homework for him. His constant emotional abuse wrecked havoc on Kagomes life. The day it ended Kagome had gone to his dorm to find him in bed with not one but two other women. The scene had crushed Kagome’s spirit into pieces making her feel inadequate and undeserving of happiness.

That’s when she met her best friend Sango and her boyfriend Miroku. Miroku's best friend was a half demon named Inuyasha. Inuyasha having grown up a half demon knew what it was like to feel utterly alone and helpless, like the world doesn’t care what happens to you. Yes society knew peace between each other but children were vicious. Only caring about each others differences and putting strain on those who are different.

School had always been tough on the half demon but he learned to use it as a driving force to excel above everyone who looked down on him. This lesson he slowly taught to the broken Kagome, helping her out of her funk and back into enjoying the life she lived. Bankotsu was a horrible boyfriend anyways right? Why mope and feel sorry for yourself when he defiantly didn’t feel the same way? Words she would tell herself nervously at first but it soon became a motto she spoke with confidence until he almost completely evaporated from her mind. Thought of only as a lesson in life and a motivation for the future.

The break up had tore her apart while building her back up again stronger. She may had lost what she thought was love but instead it had lead her to a path of true friendship with people she now couldn’t live without. After graduating collage with high marks Kagome pursued her dream of fashion. Opening up her own design studio, Kagome and Sango spent hours thinking of a name finally deciding on Shikon. With just her and Sango as its only employees. Sango acted as her secretary and manager handling all the ugly paperwork that made Kagome weak in the knees.

She started small, creating clothing for small local stores and boutiques in Tokyo. The Name Shikon quickly become a top trending topic on local social media. It was said that a celebrity somewhere fell in love with one of her designs hiring her immediately for a custom outfit. This created a massive influx of people wanting to buy their clothing. A private investor who remained anonymous bought a space in a lavish office building in downtown Tokyo claiming it to be a gift for a budding business.

As Kagome’s business grew her reputation grew as well, inquiries for custom pieces became a normality and it began to take all Kagomes time and drive for designing. To ease the strain on the two women they set up a open interview. Any aspiring artists could apply with their portfolio, from here Sango and Kagome chose a team of promising artists, all who couldn’t have been happier to get this chance of a life time.

After a just three years her business became one of the most respected and sought after clothing lines in japan. In the winter of that following year Kagome had made an appearance to a gala held by the C.E.O of Unify Industries, the leading company in Japans technology evolution. The invitation had been sent from the C.E.O himself so Kagome couldn’t ignore it for it would have been disrespectful. Upon arrival Kagome was in awe, the gala was being held at what she could only consider as a castle. Once they had giving their names at the entrance, Kagome and Sango had been lead to a private study away from prying eyes.

Upon entering the dimly lit study. Kagomes eyes had sparkled with the faint outline of hundreds of books lining the walls. A beautifully designed fireplace stood on the back wall, the fire in it was almost embers but still illuminated the room enough to allow the mortals with their human eyesight to see the figure standing behind a large wooden desk. It came to be known that, that man was Sesshomaru Tashio, C.E.O of Unify Industries and the anonymous investor who helped her start her business.

The name Sesshomaru Tashio was written repeatedly throughout history said to be the strongest Taiyoukai of the four lords, a Killing Perfection as his name so beautifully states. The powerful demon had been the Western Lord for centuries ruling with a cold indifference to all. Although his demeanor was harsh he was well respected by his subjects and the west flourished under his rule. With the advancements in human society the world began to change at a rapid place, the original territories eventually made way for human cities of concrete and metal. Sesshomaru took this development in stride growing and changing with the times. Still considered in demon society the Western lord, he also became the C.E.O of the multimillion dollar company he owns today.

Sesshomaru interrogated the two women for what had felt like several hours before he stood telling them that he would further support her company, with the request that they hired his daughter to be apart of their team. His daughter Rin had always loved Kagome’s designs and had given the girl a confident to create her own fashions. Filled with passion Rin pushed forward to complete her dream of working alongside the infamous Kagome Higurashi.

The duo business women couldn’t say no to the request, happily agreeing to hire Rin. They found out that Sesshomaru had been the one to buy the office space in one of the most lavish office building in all japan. When he had found out that Kagome had been looking to expand he had taken it upon himself to offer a hand, securing Rin’s spot in the business in the future.

As Rin and Kagome’s relationship grew a new friendship began between the three women. Time passed and Sesshomaru had begin to take an interest in the blue eyed beauty that his ‘daughter' had become so fond of. Rin had been a orphan that he found as a infant many years before, raising her as his own pup he decided to provide for and protect the little human he had come to consider his daughter.

It had been almost a year into Rin's employment at Shikon when Sesshomaru and made a stop by the office and asked to speak with Kagome privately. Normally he would come by to see Rin or discuss business with the three women together but never one on one. To say that the request startled Kagome was an understatement. Imagine her surprise when the stoic business man asked her to join him for coffee.

The time the two spent together started becoming more and more frequent. Getting coffee together multiple times a week with dinner every once in a while. A spark had begun to develop between the two and after one dinner with two many drinks their relationship changed. The passion shared that night brought to the surface the feelings they had for each other giving them both the push they needed to take the next step.

Bouncing from one foot to the other Kagome patiently waited for the bus to arrive. Sighing happily when she could hear the squeal of the brakes coming to a halt in front of her. Sliding her bus pass upon entrance Kagome quickly found her seat in the back. Reaching into her purse Kagome pulled out her phone and headphones, placing a ear bud in each ear before hooking them into her phone. Clicking the side button on her phone, her screen lit up a notification that had been long forgotten. “Oh yeah. Shit. I never even looked at this.” Opening the forgotten notification reveled that it had been a text from Sesshomaru himself.

‘I’ll be there at 7:30 to pick you up. Be ready. Dress nice. And don’t where those ridiculous shoes that you can barley walk in. ‘

Giggling at his blunt statement and her memory of the last time she had worn those shoes in particular, Sesshomaru had to carry her around for the majority of the night. She cheekily typed out a response, her eyes twinkling with mirth.

‘What, I thought you liked to carry me. ‘ popped up in their messages with her image beside it. She watched as the little bubbles appeared and disappeared over and over signaling that Sesshomaru was at a loss for words. Turning on some music to play through her ear buds the ride to her last stop seemed longer then usual. The ride itself only taking thirty minutes seemed to go on forever. Her anticipation for the night ahead making her feel anxious to get home.

By the time the bus finally came to its stop Kagome was already up and gathering her bags. Stepping off the bus and onto the street Kagome hurriedly began walking in the direction of her home. Her apartment building was only a block away from the bus stop so the walk wasn’t to terrible. Making her way to the front of her apartment building Kagome quickly walked inside and to the elevator. Riding the elevator up to the third floor, Kagome stopped in front of her door a little ways down the hall.

Upon entering her apartment Kagome couldn’t help but sigh in delight. Shoes were kicked off into the corner of her living room, and her clothing was immediately replaced with a black plush robe. The warmth and softness caused Kagome to moan in delight, thankful in that moment that she was finally home. Checking her watch the time read 5:45.

“alright, I got what…a little over and hour and a half to be ready so that I’m not rushing by the time he gets here. No problem.” Tapping her chin as she spoke to herself Kagome walked over to her closet, flipping through her wardrobe looking for that perfect outfit. Smiling to her self at her choice she laid her outfit across her bed with her shoes and accessories.

“Okay. First shower, then makeup and clothing and bam!” she exclaimed bringing her fist into her palm with a confident look. “I’ll be ready before he even gets here.” Discarding her robe on her bedroom floor, Kagome walking into her bathroom and turned on the water to her shower. Steam quickly started fogging her mirrors as she adjusted the temperature to her liking. Stepping to the shower another sigh blew past plump lips as the warm water ran across her chilled skin.

“Oh man this is probably the best part of my day.” Grabbing her shampoo and conditioner Kagome lathered her midnight tresses. Closing her sapphire eyes Kagome stood under the water rinsing her hair of her shampoo and conditioner while her mind began to wander. Images of sweaty skin, ropes, and crinkled bedsheets rose to the surface of her mind. Her body tingled at the memories, every night shed spent with Sesshomaru was a completely different adventure from the last.

A delicious warmth started to pool in the pit of her abdomen, a feeling that she had grown used to in the company of her lover. His eyes and voice alone could make her wet. Golden flecks swirling in molten pools of amber and a voice that was like chocolate on gravel, it just about brought her to her knees every time. Rubbing her thighs together to help relieve some pressure Kagome gingerly ran her hand down her body stopping in the junction of her thighs.

A gasp escaped her lips as she dipped a lone finger inside of her eager core. Slowly at first but quickly she started pumping her finger into her awaiting flower desperately, hungry for more. Soon a second digit joined the first as she began a steady rhythm making her body hum in a building pleasure. Images of Sesshomaru’s long elegant fingers bringing her to completion over and over commanded her mind. She couldn’t stop the moan from escaping when she accidentally brushed against her little bundle of nerves causing her body shudder in response. Pulling her slickened fingers to her aching clit, Kagome pleasured herself further, begging her release to a demon that was not there.

A flashback of looking down into molten eyes as he went down on her played across her mind caused the orgasm that been building to spill forth. White light burst behind closed eyelids as fingers slowed and a quiet moan fell from soft lips. Her orgasms seemed so intense when she thought about him. Rough hands, his fangs dragging across her skin, his firm body holding her in place, filling her up. Her body quivered as she rode the last waves of her orgasm. The fog slowly being lifted from her mind until she could think clearly again.

Finishing up her much needed shower Kagome quickly dried off and exited the bathroom eager to get ready for her date. Putting on a little eyeshadow and mascara Kagome added a deep plum lipstick to complete the look. Turning toward her full length mirror, a smile graced her lips as she examined herself. Navy blue and silver lace bound her breasts In a lavish design accentuating her hourglass figure.

Once Kagome had finished getting ready she took one last look in the mirror. She had decided to wear a maroon dress with a simple floral pattern, the sleeves billowed out at the elbows causing the dress to sway with each movement of her arms. The dress coming to mid thigh left her long toned legs bare, smooth and clean shaven after her well deserved shower. Completing the look with some brown booties and a beige sun hat, Kagome smiled at her reflection.

Hearing a knock on her front door Kagome couldn’t stop the smile that graced her features. The opened door revealed a well dressed Sesshomaru awkwardly holding a bouquet of flowers. “Rin said it is customary for males to bring flowers to the female he is courting.” Closing the distance between them Sesshomaru snaked his arm around Kagomes lower back, pulling her in close till she was flush against his chest. Lowering his head to the juncture of her neck he sniffed slowly enjoying her natural scent behind the smell of her shampoo. “I however, I can think of many more enjoyable things we could do to show you my appreciation of you.”

A blush rose on her cheeks as Kagome smiled at the hungry looking demon. “Oh yeah? Well after dinner your gonna have to show me” she whispered in his pointed ear. Her smile grew as she ran her fingers down his chiseled chest and stomach underneath his suit, stopping just above his pants line. His hungry growl shook her out of her naughty thoughts about what was beneath those constricting cloths. The thought of undressing him right here and now caused her precious flower to clench in desire.

Sesshomaru purred at the change in Kagomes scent, honeysuckle and lavender became spiced with the scent of her arousal. Gripping her waist tightly he had to restrain himself from ripping off her cloths and fucking her senseless. Her body pressed flush against his tore at his mental restrains on his most primal desires. Inhaling her scent one last time the handsome Taiyoukai released his prey, golden eyes promising to finish what he had started later.

“Come Kagome, we will be late if we do not hurry.” Glaring down at his watch he continued “You know that I am a punctual person, being late for our reservation will not do.” Closing and locking her door behind her Kagome pouted at the man who had caught her attention. His swirling golden eyes were not looking at her instead he had already started toward the elevator. His silver hair was tied back in a high ponytail. The long silver stands looking like a waterfall against his neat black suit. The beautiful markings that told of his high status and power, shown bright against his alabaster skin. Following Sesshomaru to his car Kagome couldn’t help the devious thoughts of what was to come after dinner from parading through her mind.

Dinner had been delightful in Kagomes book. The extravagant restaurant called Edo had not disappointed the happy couples as they dined in the luxurious building. Beige table cloths with intricate gold embroidery covered every table in the dinning room. Candles and fresh bouquets of flowers adorned each table as the lighting was dimmed low creating a alluring ambiance.

They had been on their third bottle of wine by the time dessert had been ordered and placed in front of them. Rosy cheeks stained Kagomes face as the alcohol took its affected. Laughter spilled from wine drunk lips as the normally flustered women chatted. Sesshomaru had always admired the women’s work ethic but sometimes she didn’t know when to relax and have fun. The many glasses of wine had helped to unwind her, planting a smile permanently on flushed cheeks.

At the end of dinner Sesshomaru had pulled out a solid black card key handing it to Kagome telling her it was her copy of their room key and to not lose it or be ‘punished’. The promised threat had Kagome momentarily feeling weak in the knees, eyes glazing over in desire. The thought of what her punishment might be if she ‘accidentally’ lost her key sent tingles throughout her body. She had always loved his punishments, each one completely different from the last but always left her wanting more.

Sesshomaru had booked them a romance suite in one of the fancier hotels in Tokyo. Kagome had read about this hotel in particular in an travel magazine article once. It stated in Youkai magazines, Oasis was the newest high dollar five star hotel owned by a wealthy business man who had the reputation of being a womanizer. A handsome wolf demon named Koga Takeda. Apparently he owed Sesshomaru a favor so letting them use a fancy room for the weekend as their mini getaway wasn’t an issue for the wolfs pocket.

Arriving at the hotel Sesshomaru had instructed the bell hop to take all their luggage to their room on the top floor. Passing his keys off to the nicely dressed valet he received a ticket in return claiming his vehicle and parking spot stuffing it into his wallet for safekeeping. Placing a clawed hand on Kagome's small waist Sesshomaru lead her through the large wooden doors leading into the lobby of the so called ‘finest’ hotel in Japan.

Upon entering the establishment they were immediately greeted by a nervous looking lamb Youkai dressed in the uniform of one of the hotel staff. A navy blue women’s suit with a white blouse underneath. Her curved ivory horns were placed high atop short curly blue hair. Her curls bobbed with her timid bow as her bright red eyes stayed downwards in submission to the well known Youkai and his stunning date. While Kagome couldn’t smell emotions like a demon, she could read auras.

Her priestess powers had awoken at full force when she was a young child. Her family history dated back to the feudal era, a long line of strong priests and priestesses said to have defended the land from evil for years. As the generations passed, a Higurashi born with holy abilities became few and far between and the family name had gone from defenders of the holy word to simple temple keepers. So when Kagome had shown her natural talent for the holy arts her grandfather was thrilled. He immediately taught her how to use and control her powers. She hadn’t ever had a reason to use them against someone else but she could defiantly defend herself if needed.

The attendant whose name tag read Atsumi in bold black letters against a gold background, visibly shuddered when the steely eyed Taiyoukai turned his intimidating gaze upon her. Clearing her throat of any hesitation, she offered her hand out to the couple in a friendly gesture. “My lord” bowing low to Sesshomaru then to Kagome, “Ms. Higurashi. I’ve been assigned to bring you to Mr. Takeda upon your arrival. He’s waiting in his office if you wouldn’t mind following me?”

Upon seeing Kagomes welcoming smile the little lamb Youkai relaxed at her calming aura. “Thank you… Atsumi right? Please, lead the way.” Kagome gripped the taiyoukai’s arm silently asking him to for the lack of a better word chill. Atsumi began to lead the way through the hotel gradually relaxing enough to engage Kagome in idle charter. The conversation made the long trek through the enormous hotel an enjoyable experience. Kagome practically pouted when she realized they had arrived in front of large double doors with the name Takeda in big bold letters.

Turning to the blue haired lamb Youkai Kagome grasped dainty clawed hands in her own human ones. “Atsumi I greatly enjoyed your company if you don’t mind hopefully we can hang out again sometime during our stay? We're here for the weekend so maybe we can sit pool side later and continue our conversation?” The lamb Youkai blushed bright red at the compliment and gesture of the beautiful women, she normally wasn’t displayed such kindness so it came as a shock to her. Stuttering open mouthed in a lack of words, Atsumi managed to get out a quiet thank you.

“yes ma’am I’d like that as well.” Bowing low to the couple Atsumi took her leave, leaving the two outside of the large double doors. Watching her leave Kagome turned her gaze back to the tall Taiyoukai beside her as he captured her attention. “You are aware that now that I have you here for the weekend your not going anywhere outside our room?” Seeing her eyes start to flare in anger and her scent spike with her fury, he cleared his throat and continued. “you won’t have any time to do anything but order room service, sleep, and bath between the times I don’t have you tied up fucking you senseless on every surface in that room.”

He watched as the fire in her eyes died down to a smoldering gaze, a blush rising flush across her skin. Not giving her a chance to respond he knocked on the doors and entered upon hearing a faint “come in” from the other side. Realizing that Sesshomaru had left her standing in the doorway, Kagome shook her head trying to clear it of any lewd thoughts that were playing across her mind. ‘Oh just you wait Sesshomaru.’ Warmth had started to pool in her lower abdomen, her arousal dousing her scent in the unmistakable aroma.

Quickly reigning in the smoldering fire in her belly she continued into the vast office space. A loud gasp left her lips at the sight of the beautifully decorated office. A large red and gold rug sat in front of an electric fire place. Books took up solitude in the shelf space surrounding the room. A beautifully stained desk was placed in the back, a wall of windows behind it. The view was amazing, the city of Tokyo was lit up with lights across a black backdrop. The moon cast a glow through the room that seemed to give the occupants inside an unearthly glow.

The meeting with Mr. Takeda went by faster then Kagome had expected it to. She had spent the majority of the meeting in front of the large windows enjoying the view of the city. She had always loved the look of the city at night, lights decorating the landscape twinkling against a starry sky. By the time she had come back to reality, Sesshomaru and Mr. Takeda had already finished their discussion and were standing shaking hands. Turning to Kagome and offering her his hand, Sesshomaru cast her a heated stare across the room.

“Come Kagome, let us make our way to our room.”


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