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How To Train Your Ward by Inuyaoi


In front of a girl, in the royal gardens, stood Inukimi. Next to her was a guard. Behind her, on the ground, lay a second guard whose shift was decidedly over,—a guard the girl had smitten as if he was nothing more than a common demon. Never had Sesshomaru seen such a dirty human in such dirty, greasy clothing. She was so filthy he could not determine if she was fair skinned or tanned.


Your loving mother has returned bearing gifts. A new ward! Happy birthday, firstborn.”

Sesshomaru blinked a vacant stare at his mother. He had wanted a dragon, and though she was tied and muzzled like one, that girl was no dragon.

“If I wanted a human I would have snatched one from the fields.”

He was serious, and Inukimi knew this. It’s just... she had other plans.

“She is yours. It’s her punishment for stealing from my carriage while I was out peacekeeping.”

Somewhere, in the depths of Sesshomaru's mind, was a distant scream. He insulted the law that let the grandly subject thieves to a life of servitude. He looked across his mother's shoulder, his eyes gleaming like coals as the girl indulged a rude scratch. It made him itch. Kami knows what her tangled hair harbored.

As if knowing his thoughts, Kagome returned a scathing glare of her own. She would have given him the finger if not for the guard forcing her arm to her side.

I propose I eat her and be done with this partisan nonsense.”

You could do that... and have her fight you down your throat, while altogether violating the gravest demon and human law.” Inukimi seemed to be thinking. “I wouldn’t recommend it. She is a Miko. Inexperienced but still a Miko.”

His bones felt like they were leaving his body. “What on earth am I supposed to do with a Miko?”

Sesshomaru my dear, you will put her to good use, that’s what! I would do it myself but I’m far too busy. Far, far too busy. But imagine, if you will, a creature of healing under our thumb-claws. It will be unprecedented.” Rage walked on comatose feet and stopped before its subject. “She’s wild, this one. She wears a muzzle not because she bites, but because she dared to swear before the Lady of the West.”

You wish for me to train her?” Sesshomaru had concerns, but all demon that he was he wouldn’t go jawing about them... yet.

Silent, Kagome turned away from him. Even her profile had a layer of grime.

Precisely. And do not make excuses. You have only turned three-hundred and six and do not have pressing matters to tend to.” A warm spring day, Sesshomaru nearly rolled his eyes when his mother fanned herself. “Now if you will excuse me, I’m weary from my travels and wish to retire to my chambers. Train her well, Sesshomaru. I leave you to your endeavor!”

Sesshomaru sulked at her leaving until it was as if every time she had slighted him. He wanted to tear after her. He wanted to shake her as she sashayed with condescending grace, and he exhaled when she disappeared into the Shiro. 

His attention then shifted to Kagome. A gentle breeze rippling through his silk and fur, he stared in a studied calm, 

“You,” he said, “are filthy. You smell like grease and onions. Truly, it is suffocating.” Unsure where to begin, Sesshomaru regarded her with lordly disdain. 

A claw sliced through her gag, and for a beat, Kagome stared into the pale symmetry that was her master’s face. Had he not blinked he could not have been a living creature. Before blinking he was made of marble, an expressionless statue marred with indigo and magenta. 

Her awe ended there.

Don’t just stand there sniffing. Bathe me, ya jerk!”


A/N: I felt like something lighter, sillier and fun—and rated T.  And Kagome with some of Inuyasha’s qualities.

While this story started as a light and silly drabble, I might challenge myself to go beyond that. There's humor but not for the sake of it. The tone changes some several chapters in. Average chapter length will be 1000 words. 


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