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Maybe One Day by Shanice


Hi! So this is my first story here. Ever.I know the first chapter is a little short but I'm currently winging it and making this up on the fly, but I hope you enjoy it as I sort through my thoughts and write it out for you all lol

CC is totally accepted and I appreciate it. 

with love 


Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to InuYasha. All characters (Except he ones I make up lol) belong to Rumiko Takahasi and her Respective company. 



" I mean, Ok...I undersand where you're coming from but that doesnt neccessairly mean I'm ok with it." Kagome said with a clap and a clearly skeptical look on her face.  It's not that she was more of a homebody, it's just that she didn't do house parties. She could feel the side eye and glare over the phone and it made her feel even worse. She hated being put in situations that may cause her to have an anxiety attack, but she also hated making her best friend feel disappointed. It felt like she was in a lose-lose situation, with no other alternative but to go ahead appease her best friend. her love for Sango sometimes really did out weigh her anxiety. 


"Ok? Wait...did you just say OK?! So you're going, wait WE'RE GOING?!" 

"Yes WE are going! but you better not leave me alone, you know how I get when I feel overwhelmed." Kagome all but blurted out while she whinced as Sango screamed in her ear. Its been so long since she's been to an actual party, she felt out of sorts at the whole idea, and realized that their really was no backing out of this one. Kagome lazily sat as she dropped her head on the counter sighing as she listened to the details and plans to go to said party.  

"Alright, I'll be there at 7pm to help you get ready, your task is to pull out every dress you own that is skin tight and guarenteed to garner attention...and Kags? I'm really proud of you for doing this. I can only imagine how you feel right now but I can tell your serious about over coming this, and I want to be there with you every stp of the way. NOW GO TAKE A SHOWER! IT'S ALREADY 6:30!" With that, sango abruptly hung up before Kagome could even utter a word. 

She sat in complete silence not wanting to lift her head from whereit rested. The counter was the only thing stable enough to hold her at the moment. She sighed again and allowed the coolness of the surface to calm her thoughts.  She could hear the clock that was placed so neatly on the wall by the fridge ticking, the sllight rattle of the ceiling fan as it spun, the light hum radiating off of the electronics in her small but quint studio apartment. It was happening again, her spirtual energy rose, warming up the area she currently occupied, while her body gave off a metalic like taste in her mouth that she became all to familar with. IT was happening. She was slowly starting to have an anxiety attack. She knew the measures and precautions she learned in therapy to control it. Deep breaths focus on the sounds of objects around you, calm yourself. These were things she was all to familar with. Things that she slowly grew tired of doing.  

'I just want to feel normal. It's just a stupid party. Thats it. A party.'

'But what if everyone there doesn't like you? What if what you're wearing is too much?' Will they see me as too much? I don't want to give off the wrong impression..'

There it was. The voices. The voices that caused her to shut down and stay home. The voices that made her feel as though she was undeserving of any and everything. She wanted it to stop. She couldn't take it anymore, but it felt so ingrained in herto listen to them. Listen to them tell her all the awful negative things about her, her situation, her hopes, her dreams, and even her relationships with people. 


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