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Alpha B*tch by LadyoftheLemons

Little Bitch



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this is the rewritten version many things remain the same but 2 major plot points have changed. REVIEWS ARE FUEL!!

Alpha Bitch

Chapter 1

"WIND SCAR," a dog demon hanyou dressed in red yelled. He swung his giant fang sword down and through his opponent. He landed crouched on the ground his long white hair in disarray around him, his white puppy ears swiveled from side to side trying to pick up any sound of another opponent. His claw tipped toes dug into the pebbly dirt under his bare feet.

The poor black-haired woman who was standing in the road pointing her drawn bow where the demon had been just moments before, was covered in the guts of a particularly nasty bug demon.

"AHH, SERIOUSLY YASHA?! DID YOU HAVE TO EXPLODE THE DAMN THING? These were my last clean cloths. You better start sniffing out a hot spring because I need a bath, Buster. There's no way I am going any longer than absolutely necessary covered in demon bug guts," Kagome said while glaring at her half dog demon best friend. She held her arms out from her sides as green slime dripped off her. Gross. The slime dripped from her formerly blue t-shirt and black jeans, it created a pool at her feet thoroughly soaking her sneakers and socks.

"Feh, I'll go find you a fucking hot spring Wench just stay here and try not to get into too much trouble. Don't go letting yourself get kidnapped or nothing." Inuyasha replied. He chuckled at his own joke. He sheathed his sword at his waist, and took off into the woods in search of said hot spring. 

He knew there was one not too far from the Pack's current location. Hell, he had planned on stopping there for the night anyway. Not that he would ever admit it. He had been able to smell it for at least the past 20 minutes.

Really, he hadn't meant to cover Kagome in demon guts, but he didn't really regret it either. 

He loved it when she got pissed at him. Her eyes would get darker. Her breasts bounced in time with her breathe. She had the sassiest mouth ever. Her scent would get a spicy note to it and it just did it for him. It turned him on, made his cock rock hard.

Fuck am I a glutton for punishment, Inuyasha thought. He reached down and adjusted his cock in his hakama.

Even better, he knew she would be taking an extra long bath in a hot spring tonight. Which meant maybe, just maybe, he would get to watch her for a while. He smiled to himself one fang peaking over his bottom lip. 

He decided to go hunting after he scouted for danger and let the others know where they were going to stay for the night. Fresh food would likely chear Kagome up.

Inuyasha ran back to the Pack and told them what he had found. Then he went off to hunt something up for everyone to eat. He knew Kagome didn't understand what he was doing every time he went hunting, he was trying to prove to her that he could provide, that he would be a good mate. But Inuyasha was worried he might have fucked everything up with the young Miko. Too many times had he gone to Kikyo, and Kagome just didn't seem to understand that he only did it out of obligation. 

He didn't love Kikyo and he had decided to tell her just where to shove her plan of dragging him to hell with her. Yes, tonight he would tell Kagome the truth and the next chance he got he was going to tell that dead bitch to go to hell on her own. Kagome was his best friend and he was finally ready to take their relationship  to the next level. Hopefully she would be ready as well.


Sesshomaru had been following the group for some time. He kept his little pack within a few miles of his brother's. He had found himself nearly obsessed with his foul-mouthed half brother's bitch. Why Inuyasha hadn't marked and mated the feisty female truly confused him. If he had such a bitch she would have been mated, marked, and pupped by now. 

Hell, it took everything in him not to steal away with the woman each time he spied on her. His beast was very vocal about wanting the little one. Constantly whining and growling about how he wanted his mate.

Mate. Mine. Take bitch, the beast whined. Sesshomaru sighed it never failed if he was around the Miko the beast came to tell him what he wanted.

How Inuyasha could restrain himself around her smell was starting to make Sesshomaru think maybe his brother had more self-control than anyone ever realized.

Sesshomaru knew she had to smell even better when she was in heat. He knew the whelp must have experienced the scent of her heat several times in their travels. He himself had caught small whiffs of it from time to time. It drove his beast to distraction. The image of the female round and full of pups came to his mind. It made his beast growl possessively. He would have his female and soon.


The rest of the pack found the camping site Inuyasha had mentioned. Sango sent Kagome off to clean up, she knew the longer those guts dried the harder it would be to get them off her body and out of her hair. Sango also knew that Kagome was about at the end of her rope from the day. Getting covered in entrails always turned her mood sour, not that the slayer blamed her friend.

 Kagome didn't even want to think about how she was going to get the bug guts out of her clothes and shoes.

Ahh, stupid, selfish, impulsive Inuyasha! Why did he have to use Wind Scar and explode the damn thing all over me?

She gave her kit a kiss on the top of his head and headed to the hot spring. Her whole body hurt and all she wanted to do was get clean and soak till her muscles relaxed.

Relieved to not have to suffer being covered in slime for much longer Kagome set her bag down at the edge of the hot spring and started to get undressed all the while contemplating her abysmal love life.

Each time Yasha ran after that stupid undead bitch it felt like another sliver of my heart was being carved away. How long can I go on letting him slice pieces off of me? How long could I live with my heart bleeding so badly? Then there was his conceited arrogant asshole of a brother. Why did the most dangerous being around have to get me wet with just a thought? I have even had a few dirty dreams about him. Several times Yasha had nearly caught me touching myself to thoughts of him or his brother or sometimes my imagination ran completely away with me and I dreamt of both of them. Like that could ever happen. She snorted at her own silly thoughts. A girl can dream though can't she. Kagome giggled the two brothers would be scandalized  if they knew just what kind of hentai thoughts go through her head on a regular basis.

Slowly the woman walked into the spring her dirty clothes in hand she hoped soaking them would help get the nastiness out of her clothing. She let the warm water soothe her aching muscles and start to loosen all the nastiness still stuck to her body. She sank into the water till only her nose and top of her head were visible. She just let her clothes float around the pool.

What am I going to do? Yasha was my first love, I still love him. But I don't think I can hold out much longer with him going to that dead clay pot. And I should definitely know better than to think I had any chance with the perfect Daiyōkai. Maybe just maybe I should take Kouga up on his offer. He always calls me his woman. I like him well enough, he never betrayed me, he didn't run after a dead woman. I knew where I stood with Kouga. But would I really be happy with him? I would be a second mate, would that be enough for me?

As Kagome sat there thinking about her prospects she didn't realize that she was being watched by not one but two sets of golden eyes.


Inuyasha crouched in the bushes, he knew his brother was watching her on the other side of the spring. He had been following them for the past several weeks, he had even taken care of a few threats to the pack before Inuyasha had gotten a chance to. But he couldn't figure out why his half-brother was hanging around. Why he seemed so focused on Kagome. He decided it was time to confront his brother about it.

Slowly he approached the daiyōkai, making sure the woman they were both watching did not notice. His ears twitched on top of his head straining to catch any sound out of place.

"Why have you been following us?" Inuyasha folded his arms over his chest. His voice was low and threatening.

"I intend to have her. She will be this Sesshomaru's mate. She intrigues me, brother." Sesshomaru stood there as cold and unmoving as always. The wind ruffled his white silk haori and hakama, it lifted his silver-white hair so it caught the moonlight. His facial marking stood out in sharp relief.

"She's mine Sesshomaru, you can't have her. You have everything else. You can't steal her." Inuyasha uncrossed his arms and his hands fisted at his sides, his claws dug into his palms.

"This Sesshomaru thinks he can and will have her little brother. You haven't marked her yet. You have hurt her too many times. She is past the point of forgiveness Pup, she needs a real alpha to help her lead the pack. Not some beta who chooses the dead over her time and again. The other members of your pack are already mated, the alpha bitch should have been first, you know that. Why have you not mated, marked, and pupped her? It's her right as the alpha bitch. You're not doing your duty Inuyasha. And as head of our family, it's up to me to make sure you meet your responsibilities. So the bitch will be this Sesshomaru's."

"You don't know anything I love Kagome, not Kikyo. Yeah, you don't think I fucking know that. But she isn't Inu. And I am not just going to hand her over. She doesn't understand pack law. She doesn't even understand that she is the leader. Besides she wasn't ready and neither was I. I really don't see how any of this is your business Sesshomaru. " Blood started to drip from his palms to fall to the forest floor.

"How long has she been the alpha bitch and never once have you tried to explain to her?"

"She's human, you hate humans. She would be freaked out, she doesn't have those instincts and you know it." Inuyasha's voice was getting louder with each word.

"You are doing her a great disservice, little brother. She needs a mate. If you do not tell her then this Sesshomaru will. One moon cycle little brother no more." With those parting words, Sesshomaru walked away into the night leaving Inuyasha to stare after him wondering if he was right. Inuyasha knew he hurt her many many times before but was he hurting her with his inaction?


Kagome narrowed her eyes but tried her best to ignore what she had overheard.

I will make Yasha explain it tonight. What did Sesshomaru mean? Why does it matter to him? Kagome sighed, she finished washing and started trying to get the bug guts out of her clothes, after all, she didn't have very many anymore, she was on this side of the well for good now. There was no going back. They had defeated Naraku and the jewel was whole it had gone back into her body and the powers had absorbed into hers.

She would demand answers later, for now, she was going to wash her clothes and relax. She finished getting dressed and made her way back to camp after a small stop at the stream to fill the water bottles. She looked around the camp and saw that a fire was going as well as a few rabbits already cooking over the flames.

Kagome smiled at Sango and Miroku and thanked them for getting dinner started. She tossed her clothes over a bush not too far away hoping they would dry by morning. Kagome picked up Shippo and sat next to her best friend.

"I thought I sensed Sesshomaru while I was bathing." She looked over at her dog eared friend. "Please Yasha, I know something is going on. I have sensed him a few times the past few weeks, just tell me already. Why has he been around so often?"

"Keh," Inuyasha grunted at her. His ears flattened to his head. He wasn't ready to go there but he knew she wouldn't let this one go. One way or another they would end up talking about it.

Kagome leaned into her favorite hanyou and rubbed his soft puppy ears, "What did he want Yasha?"

Inuyasha sighed deeply, "I will tell you later Wench. For now, let's eat and get some rest ok?" Ear ribs were his weakness he loved them. No matter how much he might grumble and complain about her obsession  with his ears he adored it when she gave him ear rubs.

Kagome sighed and nodded. He wouldn't tell her until he was ready to.

So dinner was eaten and everyone else got settled down for bed. Sango and Miroku sat by the fire talking softly Shippo was sleeping in his mother's sleeping bag when Inuyasha grabbed her hand and pulled her onto his back. He hadn't done that for some time and she felt hope soaring that maybe he wasn't lost to her.

Inuyasha ran for a few minutes before he jumped up into a tree and putting her in his lap facing away from him. His nose went to the curve of her neck and he inhaled deeply. He held it for a moment then released it with a sigh.

"Gome, first before I get into what my asshole of a half brother wanted, I need to talk to you about Kikyo. And please just let me get it all out. I don't love Kikyo. I don't want her. I haven't wanted her for a long long time. I have only ever gone to her because I promised I would. I..I am not going to let her drag me to hell. There's too much for me here." He hugged the small woman tightly to his chest and took a deep shaky breath. "What I needed to tell you before I explain why Sesshomaru was here is I love you Gome. I want you. But there are a few things I have to explain to you about inuyōkai."

She tried to turn in his arms to look at him but he just held her tighter and wouldn't let her turn.

"Ok so, I love you Kagome. Now I have to get into what the ice prince said earlier. So you know you're alpha female of our pack right?"

"Yeah." Kagome nodded her head. When she had decided to stay here in the feudal era she had researched a lot about dog and wolf packs thinking it would only make her job easier.

It's hard dealing with instinct driven demons all day long when you had no idea why they did what they did. So she had studied and thought she had a good idea as to typical wolf and wild dog pack structure.

Inuyasha continued "Did you know our pack doesn't currently have a real alpha male? That's what Sesshomaru and I fight over. It's not the sword, it's for the position in the pack. And you."

"Oh… but what do you mean me?" Kagome felt her cheeks heat at the implications.

"Usually a mated pair of alphas lead the pack Kagome. And Sesshomaru has decided to push the issue. We both want you. We both want to be your mate Kagome."

"WHAT? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN INUYASHA? Since when the hell does he want me? Since when do you want me? I am a human. I don't understand. What are you asking me?" Kagome panted, her mind was going a thousand miles a minute. What did this all mean?

"You are going to have to pick Kagome. You're going to have to pick between the two of us." He tightened his arms around her and buried his nose in her hair.

Now she was pissed. How dare those two arrogant dogs tell her she had to choose! What if she didn't want either of them? What if she couldn't choose between them? What if she wanted someone else entirely? They did not get to choose for her!

"What the fuck! Who the hell do you two think you are? You don't get to make me take a mate. You don't get to make me choose! What if I don't want either one of you? Put me on the ground Inuyasha."

He nodded once picked her up bridal style and jumped down, he set her on her feet. His ears flattened  to the top of his head and his hands went into the sleeves of his fire rat robes.

"SESSHOMARU GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE NOW!" Kagome crossed her arms over her chest and yelled. Inuyasha's ears went up and swiveled around trying to catch any sound from the forest.

"OI WENCH! What do you think you're doing? Do you want to die?"  Inuyasha's hand went to the grip of his sword.

"Yeah well you suck at explaining and I want to hear it from him. No we are gonna have this whole thing out in the open right now. I don't believe he sees me as anything but a filthy human. Besides, why would he want to be a part of our pack? It just doesn't make any sense to me?" Kagome put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot impatiently.

And suddenly he was there all white and red silk standing in front of her. As perfect as ever, long silver hair untangled shining in the moonlight. What surprised her most is he had a slight smirk. The daiyōkai never seemed to show emotion.

"Why have you required this Sesshomaru's presence, Little Bitch?" Sesshomaru  walked up to Kagome and looked down at her.

She heard Inuyasha suck in a breathe. He took several steps back.0

Oh, fuck he really shouldn't have said that. Well, I guess I get to see her tear him a new asshole. Inuyasha thought.

Now she was shaking with fury, fists clenched at her sides. Her powers started to swirl around her.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME? I AM NOT NOR WILL I EVER BE A BITCH OR WENCH OR ANY OTHER NASTY NAME YOU WANT TO CALL ME. I HAVE A NAME.  IT'S KAGOME. KA. GO. ME! You better fucking learn it Lord Fluffy because this little bitch doesn't answer to anything but her name." She got right up in his face, she pointed her little finger at him her other hand firmly planted on her hip.

Sesshomaru smirked again, he quite liked the bitch's fire very few ever stood up to him but she always had. "But that is what you are little one you are the alpha bitch of this pack. You're strong feisty sassy infuriating and I want you for my mate." He leaned down into her putting his face next to hers he let his words warm her ear.

She could feel herself blushing and shook her head. "But why? I don't understand where any of this is coming from. You have never shown any interest before other than trying to kill me a few times and saving me a few others and I am with Inuyasha, well kinda… Not only that any children we would have would be hanyou. You hate hanyou."

"That is where you are wrong, Little Bitch. I have shown you my intentions several times, nearly since the beginning. As for my brother, it seems he may have left something out. Or perhaps he does not know of the precedent. I am not asking you to pick between us, you would refuse to do that. I wish to share you with him. Our pack would be much stronger if we stopped this pretense of being two separate packs, we aren't and never have been. It's time to bring our pack together."

"Let me get this right you want your little merry band of misfits to join ours? Not only that but you want to share me with Inuyasha? Is that what you're telling me?" Kagome stood there in shock.

"Hn." Was his only response.

Kagome looked to Inuyasha. "Is this what you want? You want to share, with your brother?"

His face turned as red as the firerat robes he always wore. He shrugged, "Yeah I think I do. It would give our pack more strength. It would keep all of the members safer. I just never thought that's what he would want. It's an inu thing. It's pretty rare to share mates, but not unheard of, and to be completely honest the idea of you being with him, and me watching. That turns me the fuck on. Come here." He grabbed her hand and pulled her over to him. His arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her in flush to his body.

That's when she got to feel just how much Inuyasha seemed to like the idea. His cock was at full attention and pressed into her stomach.

"Hmm, I guess you do like the idea. But can you two get along well enough for that to work? I won't do it if it's going to be nothing but a pissing contest between the two of you." Kagome looked from Inuyasha to Sesshomaru.

"Might I make a suggestion?" Sesshomaru smirked at her again. "Let us combine the pack and prove to you just how good at sharing inuyōkai can be. Would you be willing to do that Little Bitch, give us a chance to prove just what we could be together?"

Kagome nodded her head. "Yes, we can try that but I make no promises."

And that's how this crazy relationship started. I am still not sure what made me agree to give it a shot but I planned to make the most of it while I can.


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