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Angel's Whisper by sesshomarupatrick

Love is over

A / N : First of all, thank you to all the readers who read this fic. This clumsy fic was written for me, and many Sesskag lovers. Reviews are not the duty of readers, but they are a great tool and prize for actually cheering on me and other writers and giving them new inspiration. Freely to claim the grammatical errors or questions of this fic in the review.


“You stupid human wench,”

Before flying to heaven, he shouted in a cruel voice. His red eyes flaming with rage. The loose silk Obi of his Haori still caught his eye as his stunned mate sat on the ground at carelessly.


He wore his Haori to her, who was tired and asleep, and loosely tied up the Obi for her and their unborn baby. And he leaned loosely on her shoulder and looked lovingly at her face. Darkness is not a problem at all for a young god who is in deep love and is struggling. Because the gods do not suffer from night blindness, and they have excellent natural vision. Moreover, his father was King of the gods, Toga. Of course, if he were to allow a little moonlight or oil lamp to enter their bedroom, he would have seen her face more clearer, but it is a dangerous act that could interfere with her sleep or cause her a ridiculous mistake of showing his face.

He has been matured from the time he realized love because of her, but he also realizes that he loved her so much that he became relatively less calm. Perhaps what he just thought; it would be a good example. Even if they do not look at each other's faces for a day, even if their bodies are dry enough to die, he still had to hide his face and his name from her. As in the case of his father and father's second wife, Izayoi, it was not unprecedented for the gods to show their faces to the human mate, but if his lady mother found out that he had followed in the footsteps of his father, whom he despised when he was so immature, her life could be in danger. There's a five-month-old baby in her womb, it won't be safe either.

He didn't want to see same as that situation, and the person who caused the accident didn't want to be himself. He wants to be able to protect her and their pup forever. He removes himself for a moment, bringing in oil lamps or opening curtains with perfectly blocked windows, except for minimal ventilation. Instead, he came down from their bed and kissed from her toes to the top of her head, from her forehead to her toes, again. In her soft body, her scent of magnolia blended with the smell of his saliva. Like many humans, the gods like to lick and caress their mate's skin. They also enjoyed leaving their love bites to their mate's skin. So when he and she had sex, the smell of his saliva was always blended in her body, and she did not hate that phenomenon. Rather, she even petted her own romantic and sexy husband as a puppy....How ridiculous it is.

Anyway, he also loved every aspect of her, as she had a pod on her husband who did not even know his face. She is a strong priestess that threatened the authority of the gods, who could actually speak to him frankly, beautiful enough to overshadow the bright light of all the beautiful things in the world except her, very clever, and not only his young ward, but also his rude half-brother, was a persuasive and sweet woman to follow. Priestess and God are both supportive and incompatible. But can he now give her up? Both his inner angels and devil spoke sternly : No. ABSOLUTELY NOT. He recalled thousands of times the deep love he had for her today, and he himself grew tired, kissed her cheek and lips, and fell asleep against her breast. Until then, he had never imagined that her curiosity, not himself, would cause a terrible accident.

She confirmed that he was very quiet and raised her body. As soon as her body falls out of bed, she can feel their love's trace; his cum, slowly leaking out of her vagina. A year has passed since they had a sex, but cum's sticky, warm feeling was still quite unfamiliar to her. Maybe because he's her first man. Although he is as sweet and sweet as ever to her, she can't help but know that she is the first woman because he turns from bed into a skillful, mischievous and cruel devil. Oh, how can he be so dual? The moment they had a sex, he used all of his body parts gently except his waist. Until she was pregnant, they had a rare rough sex, but after she was pregnant, they never had that kind of sex. Sometimes when she asked for a rough sex, he would block her lips with his soft, sweet lips.

She so wondered; if there was a drug substance on his lips, for she would forget that her lips were always making ridiculous requests to him after being pressed. Coming back to the point, she intends no longer to endure the inequalities imposed on her. She has a lighter and a candle in her hand, and her bow and arrow on the floor. She is not forgetting what her best friend-Inuyasha said.

“Keh! A husband who doesn't even show his face, is he a monster or a terrible ugliness?”

“No, he's too perfect and has a soft voice to be a monster. And I love him with all my heart.”

“Really? Oh, c’mon, Kagome. You are being so naive. You don't know men, and I know men well. Even male monsters, too. I'm glad you didn't marry that skeleton wolf, but it doesn't seem very good to you to marry your husband now. You don't even know your husband's name, let alone his face. This is a serious problem.”

“You are now at our house. Me and my husband’s house. Inuyasha, Are you going to keep calling him a monster, despite you can see that our house is intact?”

“Isn’t that obvious? I won't call him a monster when you know your husband to some extent and share what you've found with me and kikyo to make sure he's not really a monster.”

“….Sit, Inuyasha. I'll take care of the matter between my husband and me. You have no authority to get involved in this topic, ANYMORE! I'm wrong to tell you! SIT!”

BOOM! Inuyasha fell into the ground as soon as Kagome's words were finished, and Kikyo, who heard her husband's scream and mysterious roar, came out of her house and whispered softly to her. "Kagome, Please forgive Inuyasha. He was just worried about you. If his clumsy nature made you angry, I'll apologize for him." "Yeah..I will." Thanks to Kikyo, Kagome tried to calm her mind completely and return to her room.

“Think your unborn baby Kagome. The man who may be the monster can try to hurt or eat your baby as well as you. I should say this even if you’ll say to me 'sit' soon.”


As soon as Inuyasha mentions her unborn pup, she could feel her legs loose. Her body became fragile because she was pregnant, but it would have been more serious for Inuyasha to touch her achilles tendon.

"Inuyasha, Kikyo...I'm so sorry. But I..want to be alone. I'm probably making a not good look, and I do not want to show you that look. Ah-Un will take you home. goodbye."

"I see, Kagome. Take a rest."

"Thank you, Kikyo. and Inuyasha, I know you said those things out of concern for me."

"Keh! Now you know that!"


Inuyasha instinctively closed his lips. If he harass any more of the gloomy Kagome, she'll shout "Sit" out Until she's sick of that. and no matter how strong he is, there'll be a great deal of strain on his body. Meanwhile, Ah-Un drove Kikyo and Inuyasha home and came back. Ah-Un delivered the news that the mistress was sad to Sesshomaru, his lord. Then Sesshomaru let Rin go to their palace and suggested Rin to play with her. Rin was delighted to accept Sesshomaru's offer and ate some tea and cookies that Kagome gave out. Her heartbreak was forgotten because she was with Rin, who she loved as a daughter. She and Rin enjoyed teatime together, played hide-and-seek, bathed, and had dinner. She wanted Rin to sleep over in the palace, but Rin did not change the thought of ​​going back to her own home.

“If I stay with Kagome-neesan more, Se..I mean, your husband will be jealous! Is that ok with you?”

“Oh, oh…that makes a sense. (giggles) Alright, my dear. See ya.”

‘What is Se…? Is it his name?’

She was so curious about the name she was going to say, but she sent Rin without asking any more questions. She put on some make-up before her husband came and leaned against the window and waited for him. She felt that the palace was so desolate that it was almost impossible for her to see that there was Rin. Her invisible servants played lively music, recommending her with the fruit she shared with Rin, but she didn't want anything.

'Should I visit my mother? If what Inuyasha said really happens, I...'

She looked up at the distant mountain, holding her chin. The scenery around her palace was so magnificent and beautiful that just looking at the scenery would not bother him for a considerable amount of time, but it's as different as it is today. Maybe she won't be able to see her mother anymore after The idea that a baby who had never been hugged could also die with her kept her in her head. At that time, the orange sky turned black at once. Besides, she feels something holding her as hard as he can. Does the monster that finally appears intend to strangle her like anaconda? She got goose bumps all over.

“W-Who are you? Are you going to kill me? Please, don’t do that..I’ll give you all of I have, except my own life and my unborn baby, please..”

“Mate, It’s me.”


“Yes. What’s wrong with you? Kagome, You’re shuddering pitifully…”

“No, I just had a nightmare. A dream of a monster….horrible monster. It ate me alive, whole of me.”

“Hmn. I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you, while you have a nightmare. But, you know. You don’t have to worry. I’m protecting you and our pup even when I gone. So, mate, calm down. What you worry about doesn’t happen. I promise, my Kagome.”

“Yeah..rather, you come back so early today. Have you finished your work?”

“No. So I have to go an hour earlier than usual. I had no choice but to come because I knew nothing in the world was more important than you, and that you were in a bad mood.”

She hears her inner angel and devil arguing fiercely as she feels his hand caressing her back. "Tell him straight about everything that happened today. You need to be faithful to your kind mate," Her inner angel said. "No, why should Kagome do that? He's just cheating on Kagome. He knows everything about her, including Kagome's face and name, and does not provide any information about himself to his mate, Kagome, except his voice." Her inner devil said, too. As usual, she would have succumbed to the good and conscience words that her inner angel whispered, but her heart had not yet had complete calmness. She knows nothing about him except for his wonderful voice and the fact that he loves her deeply, as her inner devil says, and so can't trust him completely now. As she grasped her heart, her devil whispered about a glad voice. "Get him to bed. You have to hurry for the safety of you and your baby. There's no time to waste on you, Kagome."

"Thank you, darling. you're so sweet...By the way, it will be hard to get to work earlier than usual.. aren't you tired now?"

She caressed his chest by saying so. Under her soft palms, she can feel his silky skin and delicate muscles. His skin burned quietly under her palm. He or she can't fully understand each other's feelings, but it's clear that he gets excited as her caress for him continues. As her hands returned to his chest after passing through his slim belly, she felt the touch of a smooth object, not his flesh. 'What is this?' She sparkled her blue eyes. Then this time he smiled quietly as if he had noticed her curiosity.

"It was a surprise present, but you are already caught. It's your new kimono. The Kimono you wore before you got pregnant seemed small now because your belly is getting bigger. So I ordered a new one, tailored to your body type. I hope you like it when you wear it in the morning."


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