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Power Untapped by Masayu The Fluffy

Power Untapped

Disclaimer: I do nooooot own Inuyasha Or Bleach

Chapter 1

It was unfair. I don’t get it. Why was it always me? Why is it always my fault?! Why is it when every time I get hurt its my fault even when I tried my best to help. Its always my damn fault! He never appreciates me!

Sapphire eyes narrowed in anger as she watched the half breed slip through the camp and run off to his undead bitch.

Kagome growled menacingly and something snapped within her. She quietly grabbed her stuff and packed quickly. As her eyes fell on the sleeping form of her kit, her heart softened. The others could care less about her. whenever she asked them to train her, they always made excuses. She could see underneath all those smiles and concern were all lies. She knew deep down they were nice to her only because she could sense the shards. All of them are fake except for this little kit and Kirara.

She laid out her options and decided to just go with it. She swiftly carried her kit without waking him and wrapped him in a makeshift carrier with a cloth and tied him securely to her chest and quickly packed everything else needed. She wrote a note and left it.

“I’m done.” It read.

As silent as her feet could carry her, she ran across the woods and stopped at the well. She turned to see the nekomata looking at her with pleading eyes.

“I’m sorry Kirara. But it has to be done. I’m going back to my time. I’m going to train to the best of my ability, no, I’m going to overcome my limits and train Shippo too. And when I deem us strong enough to take down Naraku without the half breed, I will return. You can’t stop me.”

Tears pooled in her eyes as she addressed the feline but Kirara shook her head and nuzzled her leg.

“I was not going to stop you Kagome. I was going to ask you to take me with you.”

Kagome’s eyes widened as she heard a female voice in her mind and looked at the cat demon. She nodded her head and waited til the nekomata wrapped herself securely around her neck before she sat at the lip of the well.

“You ready Kirara?” the neko mewled her answer and without waiting a second longer, Kagome jumped into the well, praying to the kami in hopes her kit and companion are allowed through with her.

She welcomed the magic as it engulfed her and not a moment longer, she found herself at the bottom of the well. She blinked and released a sigh of relief when her sleeping kit and Kirara was still with her.

Kagome looked up and saw the roof and grinned as they were let through.

“Kirara, can you kindly transform and bring us up please. I don’t think I’m strong enough to climb out with you and Shippo on me.”

Kirara jumped down from her position and transformed into her larger size and waited til Kagome was secured on her and flew them out and landed swiftly next to the well before transforming back into her smaller size and hopped on Kagome’s shoulder.

Kagome took a deep breath and walked to her house and called out, “Okaa-san! Tadaimas!”

A clattering can be heard from the kitchen as a middle aged woman with short brown hair came running to Kagome.

“Kagome! Okaeri! I’ve missed you so!”

But just as Kun-loon was about to embrace her daughter, a soft moan was heard.

“Okaa-chan?” Shippo awoke from his slumber and was rubbing his eyes, still unaware of his surrounding.

“Oh my! I wasn’t aware we had guests! Come in Kagome, place your bag at the side and come have some dinner. I had the urge to make udon today. Now I know why.”

“Shippo, we’re at my home in the future now with Kirara. And this is my mother, Kun-loon. But I’m sure she wants you to call her baa-chan. So can you go with her and Kirara? I have something I need to do first. Mom, can you take Shippo and Kirara with you first? Kirara is a nekomata just for your information.”

Shippo who was by now up and awake with wide eyes that twinkled in excitement and quickly hop off from his makeshift bed and stood before Kagome’s mother and shuffled shyly and proceeded to bow respectfully to the elder woman.

“It is an honour to meet you.” He whispered loud enough for them to hear. Kun-loon’s heart melted at the sight of it and gathered the child in her arms and hugged him tightly.

“Just call me obaa-chan Shippo-kun!”

Seeing as the two got along well enough, Kagome gestured to Kirara to follow her mother as she made her way back to the well house with a few talismans in hand.

She stared long and hard at the well. So much happiness and sorrow but she sighed heavily, her mind made up. Kagome closed the well and slapped the talismans all around the well and let her reiki flow towards them.

Her hair floated around her as her reiki grew stronger by the minute. Until the peak of her powers, she snapped her eyes open to reveal a pair of blood red eyes, “Seal!” the well glowed for a second before it exploded in a bright light as her sealing was successful.

Kagome wiped the beads of sweat on her forehead, finally realizing the toll it took upon her to seal the well strong enough for the half breed to not come through. She even made sure that if somehow Kikyo tempered with the well to help him through, he won’t be able to come here and be forever trapped in the abyss of time.

She was startled out of her thoughts when a hand clasped on her shoulder, turning to find her grandfather staring at her thoughtfully.

“Come, Kagome. If you are back for the same reason I think you are, then we are in for a long night.” He held his granddaughter’s hand and led her back to the house, fully aware that his granddaughter was at the verge of her tears but he walked slow enough for her to compose herself before explaining to her mother.


When they entered the kitchen, Kagome was welcomed with the sight of her son and her mother chatting animatedly over household appliances.

“Okaa-chan! Baa-chan was telling me there’s candies stored in this box shaped thing that’s cold like winter! Its called a furijju!”

Kagome smiled warmly at her son as she sat across him with her grandfather sitting next to her and her mother across her grandfather. Kirara was seen sleeping next to Buyo as she took heaved a sigh of relief, glad the nekomata was comfortable with Buyo.

She turned to address the others in the room, her brother, she noted was most probably still asleep in bed. It was understandable as it was past ten at night, he had school next morning.

“Okaa-san, jii-chan. The reason why I came back, with Shippo and Kirara is because I’m done with the abuse of that half breed. I am done being belittled and ridiculed for my weakness. I am done with being given excuses when I ask for someone to train me. Long story short, I’m here to train. To overcome my limits. To train Shippo and Kirara so that if I were to ever be separated from them, they can fend themselves against enemies. I won’t go back until I’m capable of taking down Sesshomaru.”

“Okaa-chan! That’s dangerous! Sesshomaru is powerful!”

“I Agree with Shippo, Kagome. I understand your wish to grow stronger but to be able to win against Inuyasha’s brother? That’s reckless! How can we find someone to train you in the modern era is also another issue!”

“It’s of no issue Kun-loon. I may have somebody who can help Kagome with this.”

All eyes turned to the elder Higurashi.

“Father you don’t mean to-“

“Yes daughter-in-law, it is as you think.”

Kagome’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Alright you two, who and what are you talking about? Spill.”

Her grandfather sighed heavily as he crossed his arms and gazed his granddaughter’s features before smiling softly.

“Your father, you…” he sighed again. “We have living relatives aside from us, Kagome. You have a living uncle, a younger half brother to your father. He was never mentioned because of his powers. He took it upon himself to separate himself from us because of this. He shared the same mother as your father. You and Souta were visited by him on every holiday when you were younger but a war broke out amongst his kind and others that shared the same line of job he does. Seeing during that time neither you nor your brother had the same power he did, he distanced himself from us to avoid dragging us into his world, his war. But he lost his family. Only himself and his son remains. Their once great clan now remains of them and maybe that classmate of his.”

Kagome had widened her eyes, stunned by her grandfather’s words when he mentioned a living uncle and cousin. She quickly processed his words and wondered if her uncle would be willing to help her train.

“He is the only one that I can trust to help you ‘Gome. If you wish it, I will make the call.”

Kagome immediately made her choice, her head lifted to gaze determinedly into her grandfather’s.

The elder, nodded his head in understanding and made his way to the phone to make arrangements for his granddaughter.

Only the trio left in the kitchen., Shippo having dozed off halfway through the old man’s explanation, sleeping snugly in his mother’s arms. Silence fell upon the mother and daughter.

“Mom, I”

“It’s alright Kagome. I knew this day would come the day you fell down that well and began your journey. I ask that you call me as often as you could. And if you find yourselves in a middle of another war, leave me a heads up. A code if you will, to inform me of your situation.” Her mother smiled softly, unshed tears glistening in her eyes as she knew of the inevitable trouble her daughter always find herself in.

Kagome’s tears flowed freely down her cheeks. Nodding her head in promise to her mother, not trusting her voice.

“Kagome, I’ve already informed your uncle. He will have a driver escort you as he will be busy making arrangements for your arrival. Go to bed Kagome, you still have a week before you’re picked up.” Her grandfather clasped her shoulder in comfort as he walked off to his room to sleep.

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