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Heated Betrayal by KJ

Saved by the Ice Prince

Alright folks, here's chapter one of my new story, Heated Betrayal!



I'd been following her for months. I knew she was dating my hanyou half brother, but something about her was getting to me. Summer was coming and the heat would be upon us soon, as well as the full moon. The full moon falling on the in-heat period of time was a horrendous mixture. I already have to reign in my control during the full moon, and when I'm in heat, but having them together would be disastrous. I knew I'd have to get far away from her on the night of the full moon, but that was in two days. For now, I could keep tailing her. Her sweet scent was tantalizing and it made her easy to follow. The sky was threatening rain, and following her would be far more difficult if I couldn't scent her out, but if I stuck close enough, I could keep on the trail.

Tonight she was having a date with Inuyasha, my half brother. They were in a pho restaurant across from the cafe I was hiding in. Being reduced to following a woman, a human woman at that, was getting on my nerves. I'm a lord, and having to do anything like this made me furious. My instincts had full control of me, though, and it was all I could do to maintain my restraint and keep myself from taking her right there on the sidewalk. I wasn't a heathen and I wasn't a rapist. If I wanted a woman, I could damn well charm any female that walked past me on the street, and if they didn't want me, well there was no accounting for taste. No use crying over spilt milk.

So, agitated and horny, I sat there watching the two until they exited the restaurant. I sat in the cafe sipping a green tea that was tolerable, but not great by any means. There were people milling around on the streets, strolling hand in hand. It was Friday and apparently people were out having dates. The idea had been foreign to me, wanting to spend time with one particular woman for an extended period, but meeting Kagome had made me think about the concept more often the I'd like to admit. After nearly 90 minutes, they left hand in hand and walked down the sidewalk, headed god knows where. I watched them and followed a few dozen feet behind them, cloaking my aura as I went. It would do no good to have them sense me and question me about my activities. They turned down a different street as the sky opened up above me, dumping rain down to the earth. I grumbled a bit, and noticed that the moon was nearly full and could be seen through the clouds. As I noticed the moon, I heard a feral growl and a startled yelp. I lowered my head and looked to where they had just been standing. They were gone and I felt an angry aura well up, mixed with a pure one that felt frantic. I sped around the corner and followed the auras into an alley. What I saw made my eyes bleed red and made me want to slaughter something.

Kagome was lying on the ground sobbing, with claw marks on her arms that were bleeding profusely and her dress was torn into pieces and was barely hanging from her frame. Inuyasha's eyes were bleeding red and the ragged stripes were present on his cheeks. He was on top of Kagome, pawing at her while she attempted to get away from him. She was shouting 'no' at him over and over again but he wasn't listening. He reached for her underwear and ripped them off in one pull. She fought harder still and he reached for his belt and something inside me snapped.

I ran up to them and snatched the back of his jacket and wrenched him off her. I threw him across the alley and into a wall. Kagome stayed on the ground, sobbing uncontrollably, while I stalked over to Inuyasha and began beating him to a pulp. My control slipped and I found myself driving my fists into his face and abdomen over and over again. He growled and whimpered every time my fists connected with his body. When he wasn't whimpering like a beaten dog, he was snarling at me, curses spilling from his mouth left and right. He fought back as well as he could but he wasn't in complete control of his faculties. When he finally passed out, my sanity reappeared and I made myself stop pummeling him. Rage still seeped from my every pore and I wanted to rip his testicles off of his body and shove them down his throat. Taking a calming breath, I pulled out my phone and dialed our father.

"Toga here."

"It happened again. This time he attacked his own girlfriend. She's a mess, I'm going to take care of her. Send someone to handle him. If I handle it, I'll kill him." My voice was ice, giving the illusion that I was cool, calm, and collected. I could hear a tinge of raw anger in it, and hoped that my father didn't hear the extent of my emotions, he'd likely attribute it to me having feelings for the girl, or some such nonsense like that.

I hung up without an answer, and I purposely didn't give him the address. Inuyasha could stay passed out on the ground in the rain for days for all I gave a fuck. Taking another deep breath, I softened my features, turned to Kagome and approached her slowly. She was still hysterical and I didn't want to cause her more fear. She was sitting on the concrete with her arms covering her chest, sobbing quietly and running her hands over her arms continuously. I pulled off my jacket and walked toward her very slowly. I knelt down by her side and brought my hand to her shoulder. She flinched at the contact and looked up into my face.

"It's me, Kagome. It's Sesshomaru. He's out, Kagome. He can't hurt you anymore. Let me help you."

She was still crying softly but she nodded at me. The fear that had been dominant in her eyes eased away and what seemed like trust replaced it. I had expected her to become void and emotionless in the face of what had happened to her. I'd heard of many assault victims who became detached and depressed and the thought of her becoming that way, because of the filthy half breed, made me angry, more angry then I liked to admit. Shaking those thoughts off, I turned back to her to give her my full attention.

"I'm going to pick you up, okay Kagome?"

She nodded again but still flinched when I put my arms around her shoulders. Hoisting her into my arms, I settled her against my chest and covered her with my jacket. She turned her face into my chest and let out a few more sobs, then fell oddly silent. She was asleep. I made my way through the back alleys and toward my apartment. On the way her grip around my neck tightened and she nuzzled into my chest. It made fire scorch through me. Making my way into the building, I headed toward my apartment. It was really more of a condo, large and spacious and I was thrilled to be out of the damn rain. At this rate, she'd be traumatized psychologically and she'd catch a nasty cold. Heading straight toward the elevator, I ignored the clerks inquisitive stares. Hitting the button for the top floor, I gazed on her sleeping face. Dried tears still covered her face and the scent of salt was in my nose. I was still in a rage about what he'd done to her, but it was hard for me to feel anything but calm while she was so near. Her face was mostly peaceful except for an angry V in her brow and a slight frown pulling at her plump, pink lips.

The elevator dinged and the doors opened and I strode down the hallway to the door to my condo. Opening the door, I made my way through the hallways and into my room. Settling her onto the bed, she rolled to her side, but didn't wake. The second she was out of my arms, I felt her absence like a blizzard overtaking me. I shook my head to clear those thoughts and went to the closet and rummaged around until I found a long t-shirt. Returning to her, I set my hand on her shoulder and sent a small pulse of my yoki at her. Not enough to hurt, but enough so she'd wake. Her eyes fluttered, filled with confusion and then when they focused on me they filled with tears again.

"Here, put this on." I handed her the shirt and turned around to give her some privacy. I could hear the ruffling of clothes and her sniffing gently.

"You're good now." Her voice sounded raw and was thick with emotion.

Moving over to the bed, I sat next to her and took her appearance in. She looked devastatingly beautiful with mussed hair in my oversized clothing. It sent a wave of pride through me, seeing her in my clothes. I tried to refocus and stop gaping at her body. I looked into her tear filled eyes, "Are you okay?"

The tears fell faster down her face and she threw her arms around my neck, pulling me into a tight hug. I stiffened, surprised at the physical contact, then let my arms go around her and I pulled her slowly into my lap. My arms had a mind of their own apparently, I hadn't made the conscious decision to pull her into my lap, but there she was.

"No, I'm not okay. What happened to him? Why did he… he..", she broke into sobs again and I lifted a hand to her hair to soothe her. I'd seen my father do it countless times to sobbing women, so I assumed it would help to calm her.

"He's in heat. Most of the demons are in heat during this time of year. He doesn't have as much control over himself as a full demon. His half demon blood is raging through him, burning extremely hot and devouring his human blood, and thus his control. He has only gone into heat a few times before, but every time it has ended disastrously. He nearly killed a female servant and our father had to beat him half to death before he passed out. Sometimes he can get through heat without an incident but I didn't trust him with you, so I was following you."

She seemed distraught at the thought that he'd done this more then once. The explanation of my presence, however, was a clever half truth. It explained my presence without me having to admit I was nearly obsessed with the little woman. I never lie outright, but telling half truths had become an excellent talent of mine. She nodded, still sobbing into my chest, and looked up into my eyes. Her blue sapphires shone brightly and were filled with affection.

"Thank you, Sesshomaru. I don't know what would have happened if you weren't there."

"You can stay here tonight, and I can keep an eye on you, if you'd like. He doesn't know where my apartment is, and my father was notified of his actions. More than likely, he's being picked up right now."

As if on cue, my phone rang. I pulled it out of my pocket and seeing it was my father, I answered it.


"It's your father. I've got him. What did you do to him, by the way? He looks like he got into a fight with a heavyweight boxing champion."

"I did what I had to do to knock him out."

He grunted at that and I hung up, and turning back toward Kagome, I noticed the tears had stopped and she was looking at me with curious eyes.

"I'm sorry about this. I'm sure you've got better things to do then watch over me. I can go, if you like."

"No, you're no bother to me. I don't have any plans and after what you've been through tonight, I think it would be wise for you to remain somewhere you know you're safe, with someone who can protect you."

She nodded and then all at once seemed to realize that she was in my lap. She crawled back onto the bed, with a blush covering her face, and looked up at me. Her eyes were big beautiful sapphires and they seemed to bore into my soul.

"You said.. You said nearly all demons are in heat right now. Doesn't that mean you are too?"

My libido chose that time to rear its head, but I stomped it back down and cleared my throat, "True, I am, but I have complete control over myself. I've never hurt anyone during my heat, and I've never taken anyone against their will."

She blushed again and dropped her gaze. I could smell the embarrassment rolling off of her and decided to give her a little space.

"There are sweat pants in the closet. I'll make some tea. If you want to bathe, the bathroom's through that door."

I turned to leave and she caught my hand with her own. The feel of her soft skin on my hand made me shiver pleasantly. She was intoxicating, her small gesture sent lightning through my veins. I turned back to her and her eyes were filled with affection again.

"Really, Sesshomaru. Thank you. I'm… untouched still. You saved me, and I'm in your debt."

When my head wrapped around her statement, I decided I needed to escape her compelling presence soon. Immediately. She was a virgin and gorgeous, in my bed while I was in heat. I nearly pounced on her right then. Clearing my throat to empty my head, I glanced away from her.

"No thanks necessary." With that I pulled my hand from hers and walked swiftly out of the room and to the kitchen. I could hear her rummaging through my closet but the second I was at the kitchen island, I put my head in my hands and took a few good, deep breaths that didn't have her scent on them. She was deliriously intoxicating and she made my head spin. What right did one tiny woman have to upend my world in one evening? How in god's name did she manage to still be a virgin even while dating Inuyasha? That kid was a deviant if I ever saw one. He was nailing sluts left and right before he started dating Kagome. I scowled at the thought of them together like that and I felt fury start to boil up.

When I'd regained my composure, I put the kettle on to make some tea. While the water was heating, I focused on getting myself fully under control and staying in control. The kettle started to boil and I made two cups of tea. Coincidentally, Kagome and I had the same favorite tea. She'd been telling Inuyasha her favorite foods and drinks while she was over at our fathers mansion and I'd happened to be in the room. She'd gone on and on about this amazing Chinese green tea with american peppermint in it, and she'd stated fervently that it was her favorite kind of tea. Little did she know, it was also my favorite kind and my father had looked between the two of us with his eyebrows raised. Inuyasha had blatantly ignored her during the entire conversation and had been texting on his phone. She hadn't noticed, but after she'd gone, my father had cornered me about the girl. He was telling me how beautiful and kind she was, and how she even liked some of the same things I did. He had also said, on more then one occasion, that she was far too nice for Inuyasha and that he needed someone to put him in his place. I'd silently agreed and avoided talking to him about her since then. I'd wondered for a while why my father even allowed him to date her. I had a sneaking suspicion that my father loved Kagome and wanted to keep her around until either Inuyasha tossed her aside or I 'came to my senses and snatched her up for myself'. I rolled my eyes at the statement he'd muttered angrily while making a hasty retreat in the shadow of my anger.

Finishing up the tea, I walked back in the bedroom to find her in my shirt, sweatpants, my sweatshirt and scrolling through her phone. The sight made more pride and possessiveness roll through me. I handed her the tea silently and she sipped it gingerly. When the taste of the tea finally registered in her mind, her eyes lit up and a small smile crossed her face. She looked like a kid on Christmas morning and I almost smiled at the beautiful sight.

"Did you remember that this is my favorite, or did you just happen to pick it?" Her voice was sexy and alluring even though I could tell that wasn't her aim.

I cleared my throat, slightly embarrassed she remembered that I was even present that day, "It's actually my favorite as well. I only keep a few kinds of tea in the house, but I did remember that you like it."

Her grin grew wider and I felt uneasy at her attention. Her eyes penetrated my usual mask and made my skin tingle. I felt her presence like she was a blazing forest fire that I stood in the middle of.

"How thoughtful of you", her voice was like chiming bells and I wanted to bask in it.

"You should try to get some sleep. I'm sure you're exhausted after such a hellish evening."

Her face turned grim again and she nodded at me. She set her empty cup on the bedside table and burrowed into the blankets. I watched as she got comfortable and then I got up and snagged a book from the shelf, and settled into the chair that faced the bed.

"Thank you, again, Sesshomaru. I don't know what would have happened if you weren't there."

A shiver ran through both of us at the thought and I nodded my head toward her. Her breathing started to even out and her heartbeat slowed. In minutes she was asleep and I followed close after, her wonderful scent and the calming sounds of her breathing lulling me into slumber.

  Thank you for reading. Love, KJ


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