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Evocation by Elizabeth

A Request Fulfilled

A/N: I know that I am supposed to be writing more for my story "Abyss", but I feel like I have hit a dang wall with that one. I kinda know where to go with it, but then I second guess myself. I promise to go back to that story soon, but I had this nervous energy to sit down and write this out.  Well I hope you enjoy either way. 


The dictionary defines it as the act of bringing or recalling a feeling, memory, or image to the conscious mind. Just be careful of the memories and feelings that mind has seemingly erased, because those are the ones that can bring you to your knees.

“Kill… me.” Her words sliced through the clearing, much sharper than any katana’s edge. Sesshomaru felt the sting of her words as they reached his ears. He was shocked at what lay before him, but maintained his icy demeanor. Any other would have been shaken to the core.

But he was who he was. Nothing could shake him.

Staring at the scene before him, he could not remember the last time he saw so much blood coming from one individual. Her body lied broken before him, and he could tell that she was in immense pain. Her chest shuttered with each breath; her blood was slowly seeping into her lungs.

He knew, even without his demonic senses, that she was nearing death before she even spoke. He sniffed the air, and wondered where his half-brother was. He typically did not leave the girl for any reason. He was able to smell his scent upon the girl, but not in the area. She had travelled here alone.

But then why could he not smell another. There was nothing indicating that anyone was here with the girl, but he knew that she could not have wound up in this state by her own hand. Someone had been there, and done horrific things to this girl.

‘The perpetrator must have masked their scent. Interesting.’ He realized then that he had just recently picked up the scent from the girl. He basically just happened upon her. He could usually pick up her scent miles before even crossing paths, but today he scented her less than half a mile before finding her.

The only reason he even bothered was because of the blood. Not that he cared for her safety. He has always been a curious being.

His head tilted quizzically at the girl before him, and vaguely wondered how she got into such a state. ‘What events transpired in these woods?’ Slowly he approached her, and kneeled down in front of her.

He could see the pleading in her eyes, and the acceptance of her fate. She knew she was dying, and was only looking for mercy. He found her resolve somewhat commendable, and wondered if others in her place would react the same.

‘Of course they would not.’ Somehow, this human female had risen above other humans and attained a mild respect from the demon lord. Not much respect, but more than any other human ever dreamed of obtaining.

She lived with unquestioning honor, which he found refreshing. Especially with a human.

Sesshomaru thought about his decision, and knew that the girl in front of him could not truly die. With little that he did care or know of this human, he knew that her role in this world was not finished. The half breed, Naraku, had been vanquished, but the jewel was still present.

She was the only one who could prevent the evil from taking control of the jewel.

He looked her over once more and realized that there was nothing that he could do to prevent her death. He gently rested her head in his hands and looked her straight in the eyes.

“Please…. Kill… me.” She whispered. Her breathing becoming more labored and her heart was slowing its pulse.

“Miko, I will relieve you of this pain.” He spoke finally. Her eyes welled with tears as her lips tilted into a soft smile. “But you will not escape your fate.”

Realization dawned on the girl’s face. She knew what he planned to do, and tried desperately to stop him. But before she was able to say another word, her world went dark and she was transported into the underworld.

Removing his claw from her chest, he laid her gently onto the ground. He slowly withdrew Tenseiga from his hip. The gentle thrum from the sword spoke to him, and he knew that his father’s sword approved of his decision.

Not that he needed its approval.

He looked upon the messengers of the underworld with his steely gaze. With a sneer, he struck them down and waited for the girl to regain consciousness. Sheathing his sword, he decided to lean against a nearby tree as her body mended itself.

He knew that it would take her a while to awaken, but he already knew that his sword did not fail. Her heart was already beginning to beat again.

~ 0 ~

Kagome’s mind was reeling. The last thing she remembered clearly was arguing with Inuyasha about what to do with the Shikon. He could not understand what was taking her so long to make a wish. The problem that he did not think about was the impossibility of the task.

An unselfish wish. Ridiculous.  

During the fight, she remembered him getting more riled up as they continued. Deciding enough was enough, Kagome left to go for a walk to cool down. He tried to force her to stay, which of course led him to the lovely crater home that he loves so much.

Something must have happened on her walk, as her body pulsed from head to toe. Every piece of her was on fire. ‘What in the world did I get myself into this time?’

She groaned as she slowly opened her eyes, and tried to sit up.

“I would suggest that you take it slow.” Kagome gasped at the deep baritone that flowed with the breeze. She knew that voice and her heart began to quicken. She had no idea why he was here.

“Sess...Sesshomaru!” Forgetting his advice she quickly rose to find the location of his voice. Of course, as soon as she stood she began to fall.

As she landed roughly on her side, she met the golden stare of her best friend’s brother. She was unsure, but had a feeling that he was laughing at her.

Turning his head away, Sesshomaru decided to ignore the human woman in front of him. He did find it funny that in her attempt to protect herself from him, she ended up hurting herself. Of course he could have easily caught her, but that would have meant that he would have to touch her again.

“Why am I here with you?” She managed to force out.

“You asked this one for some… assistance.” He turned his gaze back towards her, and tilted his head in curiosity. Kagome could not help but compare him to normal dogs, but refused to laugh at the image in her head. She really enjoyed being alive in any case. “Do you not remember?”

“OH... no.” She thought for a moment, trying to remember how she even wound up here. A sharp pain enveloped her brain, and she grabbed her head in agony. It felt like lightening was flowing through her head, and only increased with every beat of her heart. Falling to her knees, Kagome completely missed the concerned look cross Sesshomaru’s face as everything went dark.


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