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I caught Grandma kissing Santa Claus by StormieLikeWeather

A Mistaken Santa Claus

Heat rose up to darken her already flushed cheeks with a blush. Sesshomaru leaned closer, wondering just what color their future pups’ eyes could possibly be. Amber and blue. Sake lingered on her soft lips. Each kiss burned. His thumb caressed her blush, and her scent blossomed in his nose, drowning out the sting of the alcohol they had consumed.

“Sesshomaru!” Kagome spun out of his arms, twirling in the small clearing. Her kimono ties slackened with the wind, the red tie tails swimming in a circle around her. She caught him by the hand mid-spin, laughing, “I’m so glad you decided to wear red with me, we need all the luck we can get.” Her cool fingers moved up his sleeves to his elbows. It steadied her enough to settle against his chest as he moved her in a slow circle. His large hands splayed over her back.

The color of blood, his ceremonial robes only seemed to make him look more lethal. Creamy skin glowed. A glint of gold sparkled in his eyes.

“Luck is for fools.”

She loved the smirk on his face. She pulled a hand from his sleeve, just to brush the tip of her finger across it. Cashmere. Firm.

A snap of his teeth had her pulling her hand away. Brows knitted together, “Then why did you wear red with me?”

“You are my fool.” His arrogant mouth managed to steal another kiss before she burst into another fit of giggles.

She slipped, catching herself on his bicep. She’d had too much to drink. Woops. With a little twirl, she found herself plastered back against his delightfully warm chest.


Fingers probed the sides of his face, his frown unmovable. “Why aren’t you smiling? We just got married! Loooook happy!”

“Hn. You are inebriated.” His palms were cold against her warm cheeks. “Will you remember this night?”

With a soft chuckle, she leaned up on the tips of her toes, twining her arms around his neck. He felt like a wall against her chest, completely wound up despite the wonderful ceremony and celebration they’d just partaken. Her stick in the mud. “How could I forget it? I’m not that inebriated.” She winked, pressing a kiss to his very slight frown. “Relax Sesshomaru,” Warm kisses plucked at his lips until she felt him soften around her, arms curling over her back as he pulled her closer. A ridiculous amount of cloth kept them apart and the idea of slowly peeling layer after layer of kimono away had her feeling more giddy than sake ever could.

His tongue tasted her bottom lip. Chills ran up her spine, down her arms. Hands eased between the silk, she could feel his heart beating just below her palm. So fast. Steady. Excited.

Thick lashes closed over the bluest eyes. Sesshomaru groaned into her mouth as her nails scraped through the fabric. Everything ached between them. Never close enough. Slowly, the first tie fell. A little puddle of red on the forest floor.

She could almost feel his fingers on her bare skin when a crashing sound pulled them apart. Sesshomaru spun her behind him. “What is it?” She hissed. Annoyed with the interruption. Surprised her Mate didn’t kill the intruder instantly. Not that she would have approved.

The sound of tinkling bells broke through the silence. Curious. She peaked around his shoulder. Brow quirked. “Ohh?”

Stepping toward them in a very green jingle bell clad uniform was the tiniest man she had ever seen. Candy canes and hot chocolate smells drifted through the air. Kagome took a deep breath. Sighing. Large glasses sat atop a bulbous pink nose. He blinked. The lenses made his eyeballs look like they’d pop right out of his skull. “Santa?” He squeaked. As if answering his own question, he dashed forward, “Santa!” Little arms flailed around Sesshomaru’s legs. “I thought I’d never find you! A vacation to Japan was a very bad idea! Time travel too! But here you are! I found y-”  

One swift kick and the creature flung into the air. “Saaaantaaaaaaa! Whyyyyy!”

“Sesshomaru! You can’t kick an elf!” Kagome covered her face with her hands, gasping as she spread her fingers to reveal the elf’s vehicle. Bright red lacquered wood, all swirls and filigrees, green velvet lined. “Holy crap, Santa drives a pimp mobile.”

“He was aerodynamic enough.” Sesshomaru walked up beside her as she leaned over the sleigh's top edge.

“Not the point,” She huffed, looking at all the sparkly multicolored lights on what appeared to be a control panel, “I never expected Santa to drive something with green leopard print interior...”  Her fingers slid over the cool laquer.


Flicking her hair over her shoulder, she gave him a long look, “What is it?”

“Focus.” His jaw set, sexy smile long gone. “Why are you familiar with such things? Do these vehicles exist in your time?”

A wide grin spread wickedly across her face, “I know more about something.” She took a breath. The air still smelled sweet, but somehow it had just gotten a little bit sweeter. “This must be how you feel all the time.” Her hands met her hips as she grinned at him. Cheshire.

“Will you elaborate?” Death glare eyes. Thin lips. He looked both bored and murderous. She loved that about him.

“I guess so.” But before she went into detail, she squealed in delight, “Reindeer! Oh wow! I can’t believe it! Reindeer! Sesshomaru! Look! They are so adorable!” She grabbed his hand with more force than he’d expected. “Soo cute!”

There were only three. One at the front and two behind.

“I guess it doesn’t need much power when it’s not loaded down with toys.” Reaching out, the soft brown fur tickled her fingers. A wet nose nudged her knuckles, and a rough tongue darted out to swipe over her skin. She giggled uncontrollably.

Sesshomaru felt both confused and highly irritated. The feelings didn’t reach his stoney expression, but they swam through his aura, and he didn’t care to stop them from doing so. Kagome lost it. The night of their wedding, she lost her mind. Over deer. A sleigh. And some odd smelling creepy version of Jaken. How awful. Bonding in the human way had obviously been a mistake...

Their Mating had not been so dramatic afterward... quite the opposite. That night was passionate. This one smelled like herd animals.  

Kagome paused. The large animal nuzzled her fingers as she stilled, much like the way buyo used to when she would try to escape a petting session. An emotion moved through her. Where had it come from? With a lurch to her stomach, she realized. Sesshomaru was annoyed. Blue eyes peered over at him, her smile meek. She caressed her mating mark. The crescent moon hummed in resonance.   

His stoic expression never left the trees. Silver hair cascading through the breeze. Hand on his sword. “You are staring.”

The Elf was returning. Slowly. His aura showed red and white stripes in the distance. Before his return, she owed her Mate an explanation. The reindeer whined as she stepped away.

She smoothed her hand over his spine. Muscles twitched. Her hot breath seeped through the silk, “Come sit with me so I can tell you about Santa Claus.”

“Santa Claus...” The words seemed strange as they rolled off his tongue. His lips quirked an iota at the idea of sitting with her, listening to her voice. “Hn.”

“I knew you’d agree.” His fingers curled into her palm as they held hands. “You’re going to find all of this absurd, but keep an open mind. Promise?”

“Hn.” His brow quirked, so she knew he was interested, but the moment she settled into his lap with her back against his chest, his fingers were in her hair. Claws gently scraping her scalp. Warmth all around her.  

“So,” She shivered, “Santa Claus...”

“Go on.” His lips moved over the shell of her ear, stealing her concentration, “Though, there are other things preferable to this Santa story.”

Her breath hitched as his hand moved through the layers of her kimono. “Sesshomaru...” She shifted, “You’re going to make Santa weird for me.”

Hands stilled. She could feel his sexual frustration like a simmering soup in her veins.  

“Sorry,” Flashing him a grin, she readjusted and got comfortable. “He’s this guy that brings joy to children all over the world, for thousands of years, it’s not sexy.”

“Let us get this tale over with. This Sesshomaru does not have time for non sexy things.” He nipped her ear, relishing the sound of her breath hitching. The swell of arousal in the air. Her heart beating so fast. “Continue.”

She bit her lip in thought, “I guess... I’ll start with Christmas, it’s a Western holiday. There it’s a sort of family thing for kids and part of a religion, but in Tokyo it’s more like a celebration of good wishes and happiness. Couples usually exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, it’s romantic.”

He could see the anticipation in her eyes. “We will celebrate this if you wish. What does The Santa have to do with it?”

“Well,” Shrugging, she continued, “He is for the children. Every year on Christmas Eve the children must get into bed early. Then Santa comes, no one ever sees him.” She blushed, scrunching her nose, “I just realized what my parents were probably doing every Christmas Eve.”

“Not the most desirable of images.”

“Maybe not those kind of images, but...” Kagome caressed his fingers, holding his hand, looking from his smooth palm to his attentive gaze, “They cared deeply for each other. It’s nice to remember the memories of them sneaking off to rooms at random times. My dad would chase my mom through the house to steal a kiss. They were really very cute.” Warm lips pressed to her temple, and a gentle squeeze. She leaned into his hug, wiping the tears before they fell down her face. He knew her dad passed away while she was a child. There wasn’t more to say. She kissed his cheek. “Holidays are important for memories.”

Sesshomaru’s gentle smile, brought chills to her spine. “We will have our traditions.”

She looked at him starry-eyed, beaming. Her many emotions swam through their bond, like nothing he’d ever felt before, strong and steady. So sure of how she felt about him. “I know.” She kissed the side of his smile, lips soft and pliable.

He murmured, “The Elf will return soon.”

“Right.” She sighed, “The Elf. So Christmas Eve, it’s anticipated all year. Really great day. Then Christmas Day...” Claws drew lines up and down her thigh making it hard to focus. “Um...”

“Yes?” He purred into her ear.

Tingly. She shivered, “You’re doing it again.” The tease.

“What?” He blinked, anything but innocent.

Blushing, she muttered, “Making me...want you.”

Slow kisses ran down the line of her neck. “How nice of you to notice. Don’t you like it?” Layers of silk moved aside for his hand to tease her bare leg.

“Yes. No.” She scoffed to keep herself from crying, “Later.” Kami. Breaths came deep as heady arousal flowed between them. Too tempting.

He grinned, one canine peeking out, “Is that a promise?”

Fingers ran up her inner thigh and she had to bite her lip to keep from moaning. Aching, he hips shifted the sudden movement for his knucks to brush over her panties. “Sess...” She kissed him hard. Biting his lip. “Yes, later.” She groaned as he kissed her back. Fingers tangled in her thick raven hair. Kami. She wanted him so badly.

“Ahem!” A disheveled Elf stood at the edge of the clearing. He plucked leaves and twigs from his flaming red hair before fluffing his green hat and plopping it back on his head. Pointy ears tinged pink at the tips. He jingled all the way to the couple. His face twisted, a sneeze erupting from his big nose. “Excuse me.” He wiped with a lace kerchief. “Santa, I see you are otherwise engaged, however, Christmas is nearly upon us and your vacation must end.”

“If you value your life, leave.” Sesshomaru growled.

Kagome’s brow rose, glancing from her stoic faced but perturbed Mate, to the Elf. “Those glasses don’t work too well do they?”

His huge eyes blinked. He leaned forward. Jingling. Hot cocoa scent filled the space. “Hm.” With a bouncy jingle he moved backward. Little hands clapped over his hat, and he began pacing. “This is not good. Not good at all. Nope. Nope. Nope. Cinnamon and sassafras! This is just terrible!” He stomped his feet. With a wail he collapsed to the ground in tears.

“Sesshomaru.” She whispered while squeezing his hand, “I think Santa may really be missing. Which would be very bad. He delivers presents to all the good children on Christmas Eve, the next morning the children wake to find all sorts of gifts. Sometimes it’s the only toys or clothes a child receives from anyone all year. He’s like a beacon of hope.”

“Not this year!” The elf sobbed, “Christmas will not come for anyone this year! Santa is g-gone!”

If Sesshomaru had been anyone else, Kagome could have sworn he’d have sighed. His gaze lingered on her expectant face, “This is important to you?”

She nodded, leaning up to kiss his cheek. “Thank you.” The air felt warm as it ruffled red silk and tossed black and silver hair into a river behind them. Quiet night shifted into a deafening silence.

The three reindeer whined. Hooves scratched at the dirt. A restlessness overcame them as they looked on, watching the scene unfold.

Sesshomaru caressed the side of Kagome’s cheek. Warmth met his fingertips. Looking down into her gleaming blue eyes, anticipation lingered between them. She waited for him to gather his words. As quick to action Sesshomaru happened to be, his mind kept her waiting all the time. Hadn’t it taken almost marrying Inuyasha to get him to move his feet on his feelings for her? Annoying, but endearing.

Capturing his hand over the side of her face, she grinned up at him. Happy. Full of everything he would never say out loud, emotion swam through their bond and into her veins right to her heart. It burned. He would not let her down, “This will be your gift.”

Teary-eyed, she nodded. Unable to speak without choking on everything he kept hidden.

His lips quirked at the edges, an iota of a smile, just for her. It disappeared as fast as it came.

Holding hands, they looked down at the trembling Elf. “Hn.” Sesshomaru looked away, “Get up, creature.” When the Elf didn’t move, he gave him a hard nudge with his black boot. “What do you know of this Santa you seek?”

Giant eyes blinked up at them, “Whaa- um...” He dusted himself off and blew his nose. The wadded hanky wiped at his spectacles, though it didn’t seem to remove any of the smudges.

With a deep shaky breath, he tipped back his head. The longer he looked at the couple before him, the more his eyes seemed to bulge. “Cinnamon and sassafras...” A little gloved hand pressed over his heart. He stumbled forward.

Catching his shoulder before he fell, Kagome smiled, “We may just help you, but you must trust us first.”

“Ohh,” Steadying his feet, he warrily stepped away from her hand. He glanced back up at the youkai before him, and quickly returned his stare to the ground. Tinkling bells broke the quiet. He shuffled his feet as he continued, “Thank you Mistress... Santa... well, he’s been on vacation for a few months.” His hands grabbed up his hat from the top of his head and rang it in little fists,  “He does so every year, only this time he did not return during the toy making season. Nor did he return for Elfsgiving, nor the Tree Topper Palooza. It is very unlike Santa Claus to ignore his duties...even if he is a bit eccentric.”

Now something Sesshomaru could respect. Honor. Duty. He looked down at the weak little Elf. Repressing the image of his own retainer, he considered the predicament. “What do you know at this time?”

“Not a whole lot, Sir.” He leapt into the Sleigh, digging around with his legs kicking out in the air. Jingle. Jingle. “Here we are!” He held up a post it.

Kagome took the paper and read, “See ya later minions! I’ll be on holiday in the Sengoku Jidai. TTFN!”

“He’s been really into those Despicable movies lately.” The Elf squeaked, looking quite miserable.

She giggled.

“What is TTFN? A location?” Sesshomaru looked at his Mate with a set jaw and steely eyes.

She shook her head, still grinning, “Ta ta for now. Basically, bye.” The Elf nodded.

“Hn.” Repulsive.

“Well,” Kagome clapped her hands, looking from sliegh, to reindeer, to Elf, to her Mate, and back again, “Where do we start?”

Her Mate's deep voice began the plan, “Do you recall your Master behaving in an unusual manner before his departure?”

The Elf shook his head and paused, nodding, “A little. I guess he did seem less cherry this last Christmas season, looking at the yule log for hours with a somber face instead of a smile, only drinking plain cocoa instead of peppermint cocoa with cinnamon whipped cream.” The more he spoke the more worried he looked. Deep lines formed above his brows, “In fact... he even started trimming his beard regularly...” He bit his fist, “Do you think he may have been depressed?!”

“Grooming is not usually a sign of inner turmoil.” Sesshomaru ran his knuckles along the evening stubble forming on his jaw.

“So,” Kagome bit her lip, “He wanted to look a bit more put together.”

“What makes you say that?! Santa has always been a snazzy dresser!” The Elf squeaked.

“Not his clothes!” She sighed, “For some reason he wanted to look more attractive, trimming his facial hair and cutting back on fat and sugar are ways to do that. Hey Elf,” She eyed him like a predator looking at prey.

“It’s Tiddly, Mistress.” He stepped back.

“Tiddly then,” She grinned, “Does there happen to be a Mrs.Claus?”

Tiddly shook his head, the tips of his ears blushed scarlet.

She clapped her hands making the Elf jump. “There you have it!”

Sesshomaru's brow rose, “You know why Santa has not returned?”

“It’s obvious! He’s fallen in love and decided to remain here.” Her mate decided she looked entirely too egotistical with the wicked smile on her beautiful face. “Hey!” She rubbed her pinched rear.

“There is no evidence to support your full theory”

She deflated. Puffing out her cheeks to retort, he stopped her with a claw against her lips.

He smirked, “It is likely The Santa seeks a Mate.”

Tiddly gasped, one hand over his open mouth, the other over his heart. “There’s never been a Mrs.Claus before...” He was breathless and light headed, “Cinnamon and sassafras...”

Kagome grinned, leaning into Sesshomaru's warm side as he replaced his claw with a gentle kiss. “It is a romantic holiday, didn't I tell you?” She murmured.

He answered with another firm press of his lips, sliding his claws through her hair.

“Mm,” Blue eyes gleamed like the sea, “We should hurry and find him. Where do men go to find a Mate?”

Both brows rose.

“Oh yeah, I forgot you weren’t looking.You just fell for me.” She beamed, “Maybe Miroku would know?”

“A brothel is not a matchmaking service.”

“I guess you're right.” She sighed, turning in his arms. “Tiddly, what kind of woman would Santa be interested in?”

Sweat dripped down Tiddly’s face. “How would I know?”

A wahh from one of the reindeer had Kagome and Tiddly spinning around. Sesshomaru offered a cool gaze in their direction.

“What is it Whizzer?” Tiddly pushed his glasses back up his large nose, watching as the head reindeer scratched at the ground.

Whizzer turned to his companions and they all started pointing their black noses into the air and whining loudly. The metal links on their harnesses clinked together. Bells ringing.

“Oh! Oh yes! Of course!” Tiddly leapt into the sleigh. Whizzer snorted, rolling his big dark eyes. With a shake of his entire body, glittery pink magic surrounded his hooves. The two back reindeer followed suit.

Kagome looked up at her Mate and back at the Elf, “What's going on?”

“They can smell Santa's reindeer!” Tiddly bounced in his seat, waving a hand at them, “Hurry! Get in!”

Sesshomaru narrowed his gaze, “This Sesshomaru will travel by other means.”

Excited, Kagome grabbed his hand, tugging him, “Please Sesshomaru! It's been a dream of mine since I was a child! Come on!” When he didn't budge, she turned on the charm. Batting her eyes, pouting. She ran her thumb over his palm, “Please? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Share it with me, Koi.”

He pulled her tight against his chest. Planting her with a kiss. Passionate and heart pounding. Her fingers curled into the silk over his chest. Images of what awaited played in her mind as his hands ran over her body. Lashes fanned her cheeks as he pulled away. “No more concessions this night... Koi.” She groaned as his hot breath whispered against her pulse.

Licking her lips, she gave in, “Okay.” He held her close to his chest as his youki cloud built up beneath them.

“Proceed Elf, allow your beasts to lead the way.” Sesshomaru barely paid attention to the path through the skies. His mind remained on the feel of his Miko in his arms. Rescuing her childhood gift giver did not seem as important as holding her close to his chest. The winds grew cold at such heights. She shivered. Mokomoko snaked around her shoulders.

Sinking her fingers into the fur, Kagome leaned back. Sighing. Starry universe all around them. A sleigh to the side, a trail of Christmas lights on invisible strings danced behind. Jingling bells chimed in the distance. “Beautiful.” She clutched his arms as she held her close. The Stars zooming past.

Sesshomaru's lips tickled her ear with a warm kiss. “Soak it in.”  

“I am.” Snuggling into the cozy warmth his arms wrapped her up in, she felt completely relaxed for the first time all day. Their entire wedding ceremony had been fun, but entirely too coordinated. “You know,” She whispered, “We haven’t laid under the stars in months.”

His chin shifted on top of her head. “An issue in much need of correction.”

“Dire need. Ooh,” She grinned, “I love it when you purr against my back like that.”

“This Sesshomaru does not purr.”

Rolling her eyes, she turned around to catch his smirk, “What would you call it, if not a purr?”


Chills cascaded down her skin as his claws eased over the back of her neck and into her hair. Slow kisses. Soft lips. He cradled her lower back, pulling her ever tighter to his chest. Her breasts ached in their bindings. The heavy sleeves of her kimono pulled in the wind, keeping her from wandering her hands further than just his shoulders. His warm tongue ran over her full bottom lip and deeper, curling against her own, tasting, teasing.  

Kagome groaned as he somehow managed to get a hand inside the layers of silk, squeezing the underside of her ass. Fingers curled into the space between her thighs, dipping against her panties until he could feel just how wet she’d become. She nipped his lip, “Sess...” With a tilt of his wandering fingers, a moan stole the rest of his name from her lips.

Lost in silk and fur, and tongues touching hidden places, neither paid attention to the path they were following through the cascading stars around them. The universe mattered less than the slick glide of his tongue as it warmed the column of her neck. Hot breath whispering against her pulse. With a gentle tug, her obi swam away on the wind. Sleek fabric parted. In an instant his mouth found the overflow of her breasts. Shoving more fabric to the side, a nipple peeked from the silk. Too tempting.

Kagome gasped. Her nails dug into his shoulders. His mouth and fingers had her so close to cuming. There was just one thing lacking. Her lashes fluttered. Hot breath moaned into his ear, “Sess...I need me.”

She pulled at the ties keeping their bodies apart. His kimono much easier to escape into than her own. Silk began to fall over the cloud. Littering the trees below. Until red layers turned into white, and only a single layer of cream colored silk hung over his shoulders. Chest bare for her soft lips and greedy nails.

His fingers slipped upward, drawing wet lines over her skin as his hand escaped the folds of her kimono. Claws ran through her thick hair, teasing her scalp. Her slow kisses moved lower.

Every sound crawling up her Mate’s throat made her ache deeper. Her teeth grazed rippling muscles, hot tongue curling against his hip. He hissed. She groaned. Hard, his erection rubbed against the tops of her breasts. A bead of cum slid against her creamy flesh.

Lavishing his skin, Kagome gazed up at the face of revelry and yearning. Lips slightly parted. Red swirling eyes. Ragged breaths. His rousing beast thrilled. She gripped his shaft and drew her tongue over the tip with one firm stroke. He growled. She consumed him. Plunging his entire penis deep inside her mouth. Swallowing over his spongy tip. Teeth grazed his shaft as she came back up for air. Half lidded gleaming eyes took in every detail of his face as he moaned.

The slight widening of his eyes. His hitched breaths. The way his fingers gently tugged her hair. She devoured him, tasted and teased. Relishing in every bit of his cock. Until he shuddered a groan, “Enough.”

Shoving away a mountain of silk, he plunged into her from behind. Leg hiked back over his hip. Wet and tight, she fit his erection like a hungry vice. Hurried strokes had her screaming into the stars.

Canines scraped her sensitive neck. Tongue lapping at her pulse.

Completely consumed, he coaxed her to orgasm and thrust deeper with every cry from her lips. Cuming over and over again. Her neck cradled against his shoulder. Wet slick desire spilled around his penis, dripping as he ravished her inside and out.

Entirely filled, she cried once more as he spilled white hot cum deep inside her core. She wriggled her hips, forcing a tremble and her name from his lips as he nipped her pulse.

Panting, he laid with her over the plush cloud of youki. Lazy strokes of his claws over her naked hip and thigh. A soft kiss lingered over her cheek. She dazzled. Raven hair spilled over her breasts. Softer than the red silk still clinging to her shoulders. Glowing as she looked into his eyes, he caressed her cheek and as she took in the beauty of the stars all around them, he soaked in the ravishing image of his Mate bare to the universe.

He leaned over, capturing a kiss from her unbelievable smile.

Silver strands tickled. She trembled. “Sesshomaru.” Her thumb ran over the stripe on his cheek. “This is the wedding night I've always dreamed of having.”

“The morning after.” Sesshomaru corrected and watched her eyes ignite in the first rays of sunrise.

Kagome laughed, pulling him in for another kiss. “It’s like the night we Mated all over again.”

“Hn.” He pulled her kimono back up her shoulders, “Not quite.” The wrinkled layers of fabric looked hardly elegant anymore. Small holes from his claws. Most of the ties gone to the wind. When her brows crinkled, he elaborated, “That night we didn't spend most of it with herd animals and Jaken.”

“Oh!” She blushed, “I forgot about looking for Santa. Do you think it's possible to find the Elf now?”

“We already have.”


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