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A Very Merry Christmas With You by Reflection of a Broken Dream

A Fight and A Plan

A Very Merry Christmas With You


Chapter 1: A Fight and A Plan


Prompts: Christmas Tree, Hot Chocolate, & White




This is an AU married and mated Sesshoumaru and Kagome- it's their first Christmas together.


This is a series of interconnected drabbles created for the December Holiday Challenge 2018. The rest shouldn't be as long...I'm hoping to crank out numerous smaller drabbles...


I do not desire to take Christ out of Christmas...but I realize they are not of the same beliefs. I write them as they should be. As always.


This is not entirely safe for work.


Sesshoumaru's fur is his tail. That is my preference.


Wow...this ended a lot longer than I intended it to be! @.@


I reserve the right to come back and edit later...I'm too tired to do it right now...




I solemnly swear that I do not own Inuyasha or the characters. Just these adorable drabbles~!




Chapter 1: A Fight and A Plan


"You are a Shinto priestess...this far western holiday is of no consequence," Sesshoumaru frowned, his silvery eyebrows furrowing at his unrelenting mate. "There is no reason to celebrate a holiday of a religion in which we do not partake."


"Religion isn't the point," Kagome sighed, blue eyes blazing up at the insufferable male situated across from her at their small table in the nook of their nice, large kitchen. She was excruciatingly tired of trying to explain her participation in the holiday, only to circle back again and again and again... "Well, I is...but it isn't." His brows rose as he cast a dubious look her way. "For me, it's not. It's...a time where families and friends can come together peacefully and enjoy each other's company. It's a reason to bake yummy treats...and be happy...and decorate...and....and exchange gifts." An image flashed to mind of a colorfully lit Christmas tree with a single parcel beneath wrapped in pink with a gold fuffy ribbon on top. She pointedly ignored the memory and all of the swirling emotions it caused to sift within her heart. "Please, Sesshoumaru?" She folded her hands before her and gave him the absolute best puppy dog eyes she could muster.


"No," he didn't even hesitate, unmoved by the commonplace display of her pretty little eyes. "And that's final." Kagome visibly wilted before him. Sesshoumaru stood, polishing off the rest of his coffee before rinsing his cup and setting it in the sink. "I will see you after work." He placed a ginger kiss to his distraught mate's forehead before grabbing his suit jacket and watch, donning both. Once the band of the golden watch was secure around his wrist, silver hair turned to black, his ear tips dulled, his fangs appeared as normal human canines, and his markings vanished. He looked appropriately human. Satisfied after peering in a mirror by the door, Sesshoumaru slipped on his shiny black leather shoes and left the warmth of their large two-story abode.


Kagome stared out of the nook window into their crisp, white, snow-covered backyard, coffee mug gripped tightly in hand. Anxiety gripped her like a vice, old fears resurfacing. 'Snap out of it,' she silently chided herself, shaking her head all the while. The anxiety didn't leave her, though. 'Just because he banned Christmas...doesn't mean I can't still get him something. I can still...' But there wouldn't be an exchange of gifts...just one given. Kagome didn't mind getting nothing, really- she'd rather the money be spent on something they needed. But because...of what happened so long ago...she needed that exchange. That reassurance... But she had no idea how to communicate what she needed to say to her mate. How much it bothered her. What had happened... Every time she tried, her throat felt like there was a lump in it. Her mouth would go dry, and she would begin to tremble. Would he even understand if she did manage to tell him? '...Probably not...' She sighed to herself. Leave it to Kagome to pick the most anally rational youkai there ever was...


"I'm going to be late," she sighed dejectedly, finishing her own coffee before rinsing it and leaving it in the sink. Grabbing her coat, she trudged to her car and got in. A few scant minutes later, she was heading off to her part-time job- she groomed pets for a living. It paid her college bills, at least, and she enjoyed it.




Sesshoumaru read the same line in a paragraph he'd been trying to read for the last half hour. Sighing and massaging his aching temple...he finally gave up. 'I am missing something. Some little thing somewhere.' It told in the way Kagome's scent subtly changed when she spoke of Christmas...the sudden shift and coil of emotion with anxiety at the forefront. On more than one occasion, she had appeared to want to tell him something...but she always quieted. It wasn't like her not to speak her full mind to him. She always did. And trying to force her to speak by banning the holiday in question had only pushed her away...the house was far too silent when he'd left for work that morning. But that begged the question- what could he do? Heaving a heavy sigh, the once-daiyoukai began sifting through the contacts on his cellphone. He really didn't want to talk to this person...but perhaps he understood what was happening to his mate. Clicking the contact, he tapped the green send button and waited...


"WHAT?!" The voice on the other side screamed, making Sesshoumaru's ears ring. Dammit...he knew better than that!


"Inuyasha," Sesshoumaru replied shortly, showing his displeasure with his tone. "Do you answer all of your calls this way?"


"Only yours," the brat snorted, making the full demon have to take a steadying breath to calm his steadily rising temper. "Feh. Whaddya want anyway, ya bastard? Shouldn't you be working?" Sesshoumaru didn't like the smugness in his voice.


"I am, unlike you," he snapped back with a soft growl. Inuyasha hadn't come into work at the company today. Before the brat could retort, Sesshoumaru got to the point. "Something is wrong with Kagome." He could feel the sudden stillness from the hanyou on the other side of the line.


"What? What's wrong with her?" Inuyasha asked, immediately concerned.


Good. Sesshoumaru had his full attention now. But here came the hard part... "When the two of you were...together...did Kagome ever act...oddly about Christmas?"


"Christmas?" Inuyasha asked rhetorically with a snort. "Feh! The wench loves Christmas! A little too much if you ask me, but that's chicks today. They romanticize it." Sesshoumaru could practically hear Inuyasha's eyeroll at that...but his words only disheartened the daiyoukai. It could be that she was upset about not celebrating it...but he had a sinking feeling that it went deeper than he could see. "Why? I don't see a problem here."


"I do not celebrate Christmas...except at father's every December twenty-fifth when he invites us over for a mandatory dinner," he clued his younger half-brother in. "But her reaction seems to go deeper than simple displeasure..." Inuyasha was quiet for a pregnant pause.


"Let the woman celebrate the damned holiday! What's a few decorations and few gifts gonna hurt?!"


"Inuyasha," Sesshoumaru spoke, his tone clipped once again. Did he have to spell things out for him each and every time? "I do not mind allowing her this...but something is not right. She smells of anxiety and fear at the prospect of not having a Christmas...there is something else coming into play. Do you know what it could be?" Now the hanyou's silence was pensive. Had he been before Sesshoumaru, he was sure his triangular ears would be drooping.


"Anxious and afraid? You sure?"


"I wouldn't have asked if I were not."


"Hm...," another long silence. "I dunno... That is weird, though. I mean, I know she loves Christmas...but...I can't picture her afraid of not having it. She'd just do it anyway. Bitch is strong-willed and hard-headed."


"Hn," Sesshoumaru agreed. Those were two qualities he enjoyed in his mate- very few dared to oppose him...she did it on a near-daily basis. But...they were not showing through at the moment, and he found it cause for concern.


"I dunno," Inuyasha breathed out, the frustration in his tone audible. "When in doubt, ask Mrs. Higurashi. She, everything."


"Hnnn....I will," the daiyoukai replied thoughtfully. For once, his brother had given decent advice. "Inuyasha."




"...Thank you."


"Wha...uh....yeah, sure," Inuyasha sputtered, obviously unsure of how to take the gratitude. "Call the woman and fix Kagome or I'll never let you live it down!" The phone clicked off, and Sesshoumaru couldn't repress his chuckle.


"I will, no need for concern there, brother," he spoke to himself as he pulled up Hikari Higurashi on his contact list. Taking a breath, Sesshoumaru hit send. It rang a few times before she picked up.


"Hello, Higurashi residence, Hikari speaking," her lovely motherly voice chimed over the line.


"Good morning Higurashi-san, this is Sesshoumaru Taisho."


"Oh, Sesshoumaru!" Hikari chirped, joy and love unmistakable in her ever-calming voice. "I told you, you can call me Hikari or mom, if you like, dear. How are you?"


"Yes ma'am," he replied politely with a soft smile curving at his lips. She was a wonder, that one. Just like her daughter. "I am doing well, thank you for asking...and you?"


"I am doing very well, thank you," she laughed softly. Things were going well, then. It always put him at ease to know that his extended pack was happy and thriving. "Oh! ...Are you at work, dear?"


"I am, but I could use this break," Sesshoumaru gently reassured her after hearing the note of worry in her tone. "And I..." He trailed off, unsure of how to broach the subject.


"Sesshoumaru..? Is something wrong?" Hikari picked up on his hesitation right away. She was quite insightful...


"There is something I do not understand about Kagome," he ousted, deciding directness was best when dealing with Hikari. Running his hand through his silky black locks, Sesshoumaru began to pace the length of his private, spacious office. "This one had hopes that you could explain it. She will not speak to me of the matter directly or indirectly...and force only made the situation worse..." He had asked her outright a few times why Christmas upset her, but she side-stepped the question. A couple of times, it had appeared as though she wanted to tell him...but simply couldn't for some reason or another...


"Of course," Hikari spoke in that soothing voice of hers, instantly sobered from her giggly-happy mood. "What is the matter that Kagome won't speak of?"


"Christmas," Sesshoumaru revealed,  scratching his scalp with dulled human-esque fingernails. "Fear and anxiety both permeate her scent...why?"


"Oh dear...," Hikari spoke softly, her tone betraying her worry. She was quiet for a nerve-wracking minute. But, she knew! "Sesshoumaru... would be...difficult to explain over the phone. Could you...get off a little early today or tomorrow and meet me here at the shrine? It would be best if Kagome didn't know you're coming to speak with me about this."


"I'll be there in half an hour," he decided aloud, anxious to resolve this problem between them. The answer was within reach!


"Are you sure you can do that? I know you're a busy man," Hikari gently fussed over the phone, worried for him. Another soft smile of his went unseen.


"This one is sure," he reassured just as gently. "The business won't go under just because of one missed day."


"...Alright," she acquiesced. "I'll have some hot chocolate ready for you when you get here."


"Thank you very much Hikari-san," Sesshoumaru rumbled at the motherly woman. "I will see you soon."


"See you soon," she mirrored his farewell, both clicling their phones off at the same time. Tidying up, Sesshoumaru locked up and headed to his secretary's desk.


"Re-schedule all of my appointments for today and tomorrow, I am leaving on a family emergency," he spoke curly, spurring the bored woman into action.


"W-Wait- Wha- Is everyone alright, Sesshoumaru-sama?" The pretty red-headed female wolf called as he strode to the elevator.


"Everyone will live, Ayame," he sighed, waiting for the damned metal box to reach him. She was a pack-mate by alliance. "It is simply a matter that must be resolved- and quickly."


"Oh...okay," she responded, curiosity obviously satisfied as her nimble fingers flew over her keyboard. "I hope everything turns out well."


"As do I...," he agreed softly as the elevator dinged and he entered in a flash, mashing the floor button before the 'shut door' button. Kami...he wished it were the olden days...flying to one's destination was so much easier than waiting and driving in the slow-moving vehicles...




Half an hour later found Sesshoumaru at the door of Kagome's snow-covered shrine home. He rapped on the door with impatience he tried to hide. He could hear Hikari's footfalls as she moved from the kitchen to the living room. He could smell the bitter-sweet scent of warm chocolate mixed with a hint of cinnamon- her specialty. Admittedly, it was delicious...


"Sesshoumaru," Hikari flashed him a bright smile as she opened the door. "I thought that was you. Come in, dear, come in."


"Thank you, Hikari-san," Sesshoumaru inclined his head, tapping the snow from his shoes thoughtfully before entering. He slid out of them and followed the female at her beckon to join her at the dining room table. As promised, she'd whipped up some of her famous, rich hot chocolate. He took his with gratitude as they sat the table, sipping it in amicable silence for a moment.


"Kagome loves Christmas...but she hates it, too," Hikari finally spoke up, surprising Sesshoumaru. She had a saddened smile on her face as he gazed at the woman, perplexed. "Do you know why that is?"


"No," he shook his head almost immediately. "I have only seen her love for it...until recently. The thought of not celebrating it leaves her anxious...and fearful."


"I see," Hikari gave a terribly doleful smile that didn't reach her glistening deep brown eyes. "May I tell you a story?"


"By all means," he inclined his head again, curious of what she had to say.


"Kagome had just turned eight, and I was pregnant with Sota at the time," Hikari began slowly, hands firmly wrapped around her white mug. "It was a very good year...and her father and I were able to provide her with a toy we knew she had wanted for a long time. It was a special edition character doll- a princess wrapped in layers of an ornate silk kimono. husband...he wrapped it especially for Kagome- it was dressed in a pink paper with a golden ribbon on top. She was so after day, she would admire the box and ask questions. Shake it to see if she could guess what was inside. Time came and went so fast...and it was Christmas eve before Kagome finally decided on what she wanted to gift her father. We ran to the store...he was due back from work pretty soon, so we wanted to get it home and wrapped by the time he got back. We were able to, her little box wrapped in blue with a silver ribbon. It was a wristwatch he'd secretly been eyeing. We waited for a long time for Satoshi to return...but we wound up going to bed in the end. The following morning...Satoshi still wasn't home. At eight o' clock, the police came to inform me that he had been in a terrible car wreck...he didn't survive. Kagome...took the news very hard. What should have been a happy day was the exact opposite... And, for a while, she blamed herself."


"Why?" Sesshoumaru interjected, brow furrowed. He knew that Kagome's father had died...but not on Christmas eve. Things were beginning to click into place...


"She was just a child then, dear. And children perceive things differently than adults," Hikari explained slowly, sorrow still tainting her voice. "She believed that waiting and not having his gift ready is what caused the wreck. I know it's irrational-," she stopped him as his lips opened in protest, "-but that is what she firmly believed then, no matter what we said. It was a horrible accident...and she didn't understand. She probably couldn't. So...she formulated her own understanding of it, as wrong as it may have been. Kagome insisted on keeping the Christmas traditions up, buying gifts for everyone early each year. Being able to exchange gifts seemed to ease her I allowed it. Encouraged it, even. Anything to make her happy again and put her at ease... But I think now...that may not have been a good idea. If she's still upset at the idea of not being able to exchange gifts..." Hikari's voice tapered off, the woman distraught for her daughter.


"She never truly fully healed from the incident," Sesshoumaru inclined his head, mind awhir.


"Hindsight," Hikari gave a wan smile.


"You did what you thought was best," he comforted his mother-in-law as best he could. "Did her present wrapped by her father?"


"No...," Hikari shook her head. "I keep it locked away in my closet."


"The gift to her father....," Sesshoumaru began as delicately as he could.


"We opened it and buried it with his urn," she responded softly. A plan began to formulate in his mind...


"What is Kagome's preference in decorating for Christmas?"




"I'm home," Kagome sighed as she deposited her shoes at the door of her house.


"Welcome back," Sesshoumaru startled her, suddenly standing in the just-empty living room.


"'re not at work?" Her brow furrowed as she approached her mate.


"This one had enough of the wolf of the east," he shrugged nonchalantly, bringing a wry grin to her face. It wasn't a lie- Koga had hassled him on his way out.


"Ahh...Koga's making trouble for you again," she nodded sagely, Sesshoumaru closing the distance between them.


"When does he not?" Sesshoumaru snorted, wrapping his arms around his little mate and burying his nose in her hair. She giggled at the tickle it caused, but she didn't pull away. Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck instead as he nuzzled her head affectionately.


"You're being mighty amorous today," Kagome all but whispered, just basking in the unprovoked attention.


"I was...too harsh this morning," he slowly got out, Kagome backing up to look him in the eye. "Can you forgive this one?" She could tell his apology was sincere...which made her heart thump happily in her chest. She had been dreading coming home for nothing...


"You're already forgiven," she smiled and pecked his nose. Relief was visible on his face...and she was surprised to feel his muscles uncoil beneath her fingers...was he really that worried about it? "Can we have just a little bit of Christmas?" She had to try, pulling her hand back and motioning about an inch apart with her forefinger and thumb. "Just a little."


"I will...consider it," Sesshoumaru responded, the hesitance audible in his voice. But he was willing to give on it a little! Excitement and hope bloomed in her heart.


"Gifts?" She tried.


"....Acceptable," he responded slowly again, making a wide smile break across her face.




"...We'll see," he responded less enthusiastically, her smile stretching wider.


"Fair enough," she grinned up at him, satisfied. His features visibly never failed to make Kagome's heart skip a beat.


" that this is out of the way...," Sesshoumaru murmered, bending down and placing several heated, chaste kisses to her lips. Her fingers tangled in his silken silvery tresses, pulling him closer. "I am quite hungry, mate." Kagome gasped as he spoke the words against her lips, his breath making them tingle. She blinked in confusion for a brief moment. "And you look...delicious..." The heat in his eyes told her exactly what kind of hunger he was talking about...Kagome felt her cheeks heat, and she gave a squeak when he cupped her hind cheeks with his large hands, gently squeezing her behind.


"S-Sesshou-!" Was all she could get out before she was hefted into the air and pulled against her frisky mate. What in the world had gotten into him?! ...Not that she was complaining...


"Tasty," he teased, his lips meeting hers again and again, getting more and more intimate with every liplock. A moan bubbled up out of her throat, and she was in a haze of lust by the time he managed to set her down...on the island in the kitchen, she quickly realized. Kagome's cheeks burned hot. He was taking the "eating" teasing way too far... "Time to undress my meal..." She scowled up at Sesshoumaru, a twinkling of mirth shining amidst the lust in his molten golden eyes.


"Really Sesshou?" Kagome asked blandly as a soft, low chuckle passed his talented lips.


"Truly," he rumbled back, leaning in to press his lips to her jaw. Kagome's pulse jumped, and she tilted her head back obediently, gaining what she now knew as an inu growl of approval. His lips seared her flesh, hot tongue lazily tracing patterns as he slowly worked down to the base of her neck. Her fingers grasped for a hold on her mate, squeezing and pulling and holding. She was panting by the time he reached her collarbone, deft fingers unzipping her coat and sliding it off to the floor. " meal is almost the temperature it should be." She was definitely warmed up from the cold outside...definitely. "Let's check and see..." Kagome gasped as his hand dipped into her jeans without warning, long fingers bypassing her wettening panties and dipping straight into her core. Her fingers gripped him more tightly as a strangled moan tore from her lips. Her hips bucked of their own accord when his fingers pumped inside of her, twisting and pressing on sensitive areas that had her legs trembling. "Almost..." Sesshoumaru smirked as his lips brushed against hers again, not allowing prolonged contact. His free hand ghosted over her right breast, and she could feel her nipple hardening unbearably, straining against the fabric. Kagome could feel the heat from his hand...but she wanted his touch, not this teasing!


"Please," she begged softly, a lingering low whine to her voice as she bucked against his hand again. His golden eyes lidded at the sound, Kagome nipping at his lips and making the inu whine again in an attempt to spur him into action.


"Not yet," Sesshoumaru gently bit her bottom lip and withdrew his hand. She had to fight the urge to try and force his hand back down there. But she knew she was at his mercy this time...and he would do only what he wanted to do. It was part of the inu alpha male-alpha female dynamic she was still learning...but she knew this much, at least. Kagome felt her cheeks burning hotter, however, when Sesshoumaru slid his slickened fingers into his mouth. The fingers he'd had inside her. She felt her insides clench as more heat pooled between her thighs. The look he gave her made her thighs twitch open a little more. Kami she wanted him... "I believe this one will have desert first." Before Kagome could wrap her mind around what he meant, she found herself lying back against the cool countertop, azure eyes blinking hazily up at the white ceiling. And then his lips were on her. Hot and heavy, burning kisses moving down her jaw and neck to the collar of her long-sleeved beige sweater. She hissed as coolness pressed against her warm back, the fabric of her shirt abruptly yanked up.


"S-S-Sesshou...maru!" Kagome half-gasped, half-moaned as he worked his dexterous lips and tongue over her chest, teasing her nipples over the thick fabric of her sky blue bra. Her fingers sought him again, pulling as her body writhed beneath Sesshoumaru's carefully controlled onslaught.


"Kagome," he growled softly, the vibrations making her squirm as his mouth passed on down to her stomach. She moaned, arching her back to try and get him to go lower. With a soft, pleading whine from her, he finally acquiesced. She found herself gasping as his lips found the edge of her pants. Powerful fangs scraped against her skin, causing her to inhale sharply. His hands settled on her thighs, keeping her lower half still, as his fangs moved to her button and quickly pulled, unsnapping it. Her fingers gripped the island to keep from grabbing for his head. Her nether regions were on fire and breaths erratic as he bit the zipper and pulled down. She could feel his breath on her before he bent down to place a sensual kiss at the very top of her covered womanhood before nosing into her sensitive folds. Grrruuurrroooowwww~ Kagome's cheeks heated for another reason entirely as her hands slapped over her growling stomach. She felt Sesshoumaru pull away as he chuckled.


"Not funny," she snapped back, daring to look at her bemused mate. His tail was swaying to and fro behind him while he wore a strange little grin on his face. Amusement danced in his eyes, making her huff at him.


"It looks like my little mate is hungry in a different way."


"It can wait," Kagome immediately protested, eliciting another chuckle from her inu mate.


"I won't deprive you of what you need," Sesshoumaru shook his head. She opened her mouth to protest, but he layed his chin on her stomach and spoke again. His warm breath made her squirm... "No. You are going to eat, Kagome. Afterwards...I will devour you." She swallowed hard at the intense look that crossed his a predator ready to pounce on his unsuspecting mate. "I can wait." As if that settled the matter, he pulled a stool up to the island and sat.


"Fine," Kagome finally agreed after a moment of gathering herself and regaining her bearings. She sat up with a scowl, clothes in disarray. His eyes wandered. Good! She wasn't going to make this easy for him! "But you owe me!" Gold met azure, a silvery brow lifted as she slid to the edge of the island and hopped off. Grumbling to herself, shirt caught funny, Kagome lifted it up and off, tossing it to the floor. She could feel his eyes on her. Good. She held her head up while she scoured the kitchen. Well...he didn't say what she had to eat...peanut butter sandwich was the quickest way to go. It only took a minute to make, and she sat down near to him to make sure he got an eyeful. He positively radiated amusement, tail flicking quickly now. 'I'll show him...,' Kagome silently thought, aggrivated by his lack of squirming, however slight. She chomped into her sandwich a little too fast...and got choked. He was by her side in an instant, rubbing her back as she coughed, her eyes watering as she tried to catch her breath.


"Do not wolf it down," he chided lightly, Kagome recovering after a minute that felt like an hour. He left her side for a second, and returned with a glass of milk. "Drink." Kagome sighed inwardly as she took the proffered glass with a nod of thanks. She held in a cough and got some down, swallowing a little more to clear her mouth. "We have time." Sesshoumaru nuzzled her cheek affectionately.


"I know we do, that's not...," Kagome started and stopped dejectedly.


"What, then?" He asked, stepping around her so he could face her. The once-daiyoukai never took his hands off of her.


"Well...for one, you know I hate starting and stopping!" Kagome's face was lit with upset, cheeks as red as an overripe cherry. "I could have lasted a few hours without food. And you have to be so damn smug? Third...third...I could probably walk around stark naked and you wouldn't be affected..." His lack of held interest stung a little. Okay, more than a little...


"This one is holding off for your wellbeing," Sesshoumaru spoke, lifting her lowered chin so that they could see eye-to-eye again. "You are my mate. I worry for you...and if I took a guess, you didn't eat lunch again." She winced and guilt set in- the answer he was looking for without uttering a word. "You need sustenance, Kagome. You must take better care of yourself...or I will be doing it for you. This one guarantees you would not like that." No. She most likely wouldn't. "And this one is not smug. Merely amused...if feeling a bit playful. I want to see my Kagome lit with fire and passion. It has been a while since we've had a more interesting romp through the bedroom...or house." Really?! Kagome felt like her face was on fire... He stroked it gently with his cool hand. "Lastly...who said I am unaffected?" Kagome blinked up at him in surprise. He took hold of her right hand and guided it to the crotch of his slacks. Her eyes widened at the large, pulsing, rock hard bulge. "You are not the only one who does not enjoy a pause after the start. This one is merely restraining myself, youki and all, until you have the proper nourishment you need. The moment you swallow the final bite of your food, you are game. Ready or not. If you strip down to nothing before me...I will be forced to feed you while I fuck you senseless." Kagome sputtered, completely floored by his full-on explanation. Those were rare to get...and only when he felt the need to. And, damn. That stirred the heat back into her body... "Like on our honeymoon..."


"T-That was just f-fruit and stuff," Kagome stammered out, fully flushed at the memories. "Not-not full-on food!"


"There is a first time for everything," Sesshoumaru smirked, brow raising at his restored, if shocked, mate. He needed her to be happy and positive now...tomorrow would be a big day for her. Not a bad one, though. Her biggest and hardest day wouldn't be until the twenty-fifth...


"No!" Kagome shook her head and lightly hit his shoulder.


"May I hold you while you eat, then?" He compromised, hands teasing her waist. "This one will not interfere...just wait."


"Now you sound like a horny puppy begging," Kagome couldn't help but laugh. What in the world had gotten into Sesshoumaru today?!


"I am not a puppy- I am a full-grown alpha male dog," Sesshoumaru corrected, his pride a little stung now.


"You didn't deny the begging...or the horny-ness."


"I am aroused, although this one does not beg," he sniffed like the adorably arrogant prig he could be.


"You will when I get through with you," Kagome took it as a challenge as she flashed him a not-so-innocent smile and took another bite of her sandwich. She missed the ripple of arousal that visibly had him twitching. Next thing she knew, Kagome was hanging over his shoulder, sandwich still in hand. "Wh-what-?!"


"This one wants to see how you intend to make me beg," he replied simply, hands groping her pert little ass before he yanked her pants off and threw them behind them carelessly. While walking towards the bedroom. She realized then that she'd crossed the line...he couldn't hold back anymore.


"Sess-! Sesshoumaru!" Kagome sputtered, then giggled, nervous butterflies flitting around her stomach. She gave a yelp when he smacked her bottom with his clawed hand, followed by another helpless laugh. "I'm still eating!"


"You can eat in bed," his reply was curt, Kagome grinning, as the door to their bedroom clicked shut behind them.




"'re in a good...horny mood," Kagome finally prodded as they ate breakfast together amicably. Her cheeks pinkened at the thoughts of their entanglements the night before...and when they woke up...and in the shower not half an hour ago. "Are you in rut or something?" It was not often he went into a sex-crazed frenzy...not that she was complaining.


"No," Sesshoumaru answered immediately, taking a bite of his barely-cooked sausage. Not as good as it was raw...and fresh, not frozen, but it would do. "This one have been unhappy lately. Worn down. I wanted to make you feel better."


"Mission accomplished," Kagome smiled lovingly up at him. He returned her smile, feeling more at ease now. "Is that why you're...somewhat approving Christmas?"


"It is part of the reason, yes," he answered slowly.


"Part of the reason?"


"You will find out the rest in due time," he gave her a teasing smirk. Her eyes widened.


"You're up to something!"


"Perhaps...perhaps not. Time will tell," his smirk inched up his face, Kagome giving a fake resigned sigh as her eyes twinkled in delight.


"Fine. Keep your secrets," Kagome couldn't stop the grin from stretching across her face. "I'll just make some of my own."


"Fair enough," Sesshoumaru shrugged.


"Aren't you going to be late for work?" She asked with a soft laugh.


"This one has a paper to write. I will do so in the quiet of our home before leaving," Sesshoumaru spun the lie that immediately made his insides churn with discontent.


"Alright, well...I'll see you later, then," Kagome smiled sweetly, giving him a lingering chaste kiss before putting their dishes up. "Have a good day, Sessh."


"You, too, my perfect little mate," Sesshoumaru purred as she got her things together before leaving with a wide smile on her face. He walked back towards the bedroom as she did, heading off to get his phone. Today was a big day...he needed to get started as soon as he possibly could...




"I'm home," Kagome called after another long day at work. This time she'd seen Sesshoumaru's car and knew he was here...but the lights were out... "Sesshoumaru..?" Depositing her shoes at the door, she wandered in, intent on finding the light switch, when she paused. She went completely still, azure eyes gazing at colored lights in the dark, the woman wondering if maybe she'd lost her marbles...because there was no way that was a Christmas tree in their living room. Did she...did she accidentally walk into the wrong house..?


"Welcome home, Kagome," Sesshoumaru rumbled from nearby as he flicked the light switch on. She stared...between her mate and the tree, her nose burning and tears gathering in her eyes.


"Is that...a real pine tree?" Kagome asked softly, taking in the full realistic looking- and smelling- tree. It had lights strung about the limbs, and a nice colorful little stand at the bottom. At the base was two large boxes filled with ornaments of all kinds...and two boxes off to the side had various other decorations in them. But, also...there was a wrapped present beneath the tree. A purple-wrapped box with pink ribbon...and a large tag with her name on it.


"I cut it, myself," he answered proudly. "Is this acceptable?"


"This is more than acceptable," Kagome let out a trembling breath, bowled over by his sudden kindness. She stumbled over to him, Sesshoumaru catching her as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Why..? You don't...and you made a big deal out of this before..."


"I don't mind decorating for Christmas," Sesshoumaru stunned her. "This is important to you. This one just wanted to know why you wanted to celebrate this holiday...when you smell of anxiety and sorrow every time you speak of it. I wanted you to talk to me...but you would not. Even when forced into a corner with drastic measures..." Kagome pulled back enough that she could peer up into his eyes. She could see the hurt there...she never meant to hurt him.


"I'm sorry," she whispered, throat constricting painfully. "It's...hard for me to talk about."


"I can understand why," Sesshoumaru replied gently, wiping a fallen tear from her face. "I spoke with your mother...she told me about your father. And Christmas." More tears welled and fell, Kagome feeling a little overwhelmed. "We can exchange gifts, my mate...but I promise, I will never leave you."


"Sessh-!" Kagome buried her head in Sesshoumaru's chest and sobbed, holding him tight.


He spent the better part of an hour holding his precious little mate and rumbling comforts to her. They ended up on the couch after a while, talking and sipping hot chocolate.


"Sesshoumaru?" Kagome asked softly, leaning against him and feeling physically drained. But she felt...a little better now. Mentally. He hummed in acknowledgement as he gazed down at her, arm around her waist. "Thank you...for everything. ...I love you."


"Of course," Sesshoumaru purred, leaning down to share a chocolate-lipped kiss with his beautiful little mate. "I love you, too, my mate." He carefully gathered her into his arms and set her on his lap so that she could rest easier and lay her head on his chest. "I plan on having a very merry Christmas with you." She smiled, warmth bubbling up in her chest as he layed his head on top of hers.


"Me, too," she murmered, Sesshoumaru taking her cup as she got weaker, falling into a blissful slumber in his arms. Maybe...just maybe...he could finally put her fears to rest.


- End -




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