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If We Were Destined by Kristophine

Chapter 1

A/NGreetings my fellow S&K shippers! Are you excited for this, just as I am?! Heads up. My style in writing is different. I talk in first person, present tense writer—only cause I’m comfortable. So give it a chance maybe lol. I tried it in third person, but I just can’t seem to annihilate it to my liking. It’s a hot mess when I did try lol sadly I’m not talented in that area. Moving on, it will be shared between two POV’s one belonging to thee lovely Kagome, and the other to Sesshomaru. :) Anyhoot this is my first story created by my sick mind haha. Don’t mind the grammatically errors. Leave a review/critique if you wanna. Favorite it? Do whatever SessKag-ians do best. Kisses. xox

*I don’t own Inuyasha. All credit belongs to the wonderful lady Rumiko Takahashi. :x* 


I stand on a tree branch, having a clear view of the wooden well not too far from it. My eyes drift to the ruins of the wooden rim from afar, remembering a certain someone’s hands that gripped those very ends and disappeared inside. It’s noon, a breeze blows slightly causing the silver strands of my hair to dance in the wind. 

I bite back the urge to growl my frustration when the wind picks up a familiar honey mixed with Sakura fragrance I know all too well. It was her scent. The one who has been tormenting me since in my fathers tomb. 

The scent is faint but still strong enough to draw deadly emotions I’ve mastered and locked away for centuries. It causes an unknown warmth in my chest, practically melting the glaciers I’ve worked all so hard to build and keep. 

The urge to close my amber eyes and relish in the delicious scent is dangerously tempting. However, it soon vanishes as I realize that I am doing it again. 

Emotions. What of it? It was a weak trait that humans hadSomething that I despised greatly. For I was far from weak. 

My jaw clenches. And I remind myself as to why I am here in the first place.   

Three days. She had been gone for three days. I still managed do my duties as Lord of the West, but made sure to come back to the very spot since I’ve last saw her. Not wanting to miss a thing. 

I’ve learned of her origin, and as to why she always seemed to favor the Bone Eaters Well itself. She wasn’t from here. No, in fact 500 years far from it. She was from the future. Or so I was told by Bokusenō, and also recalling the times I’ve keyed in on the conversations between her and the Taijiyah during their baths at the springs. 

Maybe that was why I was so drawn to her. Because she was a mystery? And my curiosity just needed to be sated. 

I was sure that it had nothing to do with her beauty. I’ve seen her fully naked and exposed at the springs during the times I’ve wanted answers about her origins, and nothing happened to me. I was far from being aroused. In fact, at the very end I was more frustrated and confused. I had more questions than the ones before that went unanswered. But it didn’t matter anymore because I wasn’t here to ask her questions. 

No, after I was done with her, my curiosity would be snuffed out for good. And she will cease to spark my interest. 

Yes for the better. I didn’t like these foreign feelings. Or feelings in general. 

If I wasn't careful, I would find myself thinking of her, wanting her, desiring her with need. . . When I realized my error, the idea of it was repulsive and left a bitter taste in mouth. It was driving me mad. My mental state did not want that lowly ningen near me, but my instincts was ensnared to her being. My inner beast desired the half-breeds wrench. It was a constant battle within myself. And somehow, I knew who the true victor would be at the end of this. 

The raven-haired miko had done more damage to my being than had any of my enemies I’ve come across in centuries did. For some reason she had not only seduce my beast into a wanting frenzy, but she also managed to assist my hated hanyou of a brother to amputate my left arm. Something I would never outlive. 

Rage boils just beneath my skin as I start to vividly remember that horrid day. I manage to suppress it by inhaling that same haunting scent. Oh how I despised my traitorous instincts, calming me down. Without me realizing I unclench my claws from the bark of the tree. Pieces of wood fall from my palm.

She is my enemy. A threat. I repeat to myself. No good can come from her. Just when I thought I found serenity, my inner beast growls at me, causing me to snarl back. 

It was getting worst. Apart of me wanted and the other didn’t. I wanted my old self back. I needed to get cold again. I needed to find that icy shell I’ve taken shelter within for centuries and never let it get warm. 

And the only way of doing that, was to kill it at the source. She needed to be dealt with. And she would be dealt with accordingly. 


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