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Shadowed Secrets by demon13o

Chikara, My Strength

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters besides the ones unrelated to the series. This is purely fan made!

Chapter One: Chikara, My Strength

Plucking the herbs with care during her collection time, she had to restock her supply before her journey. She never stayed in one village for too long, she couldn’t. Making roots and staying would be too risky.

With a soft hum, she walked along the edge of the forest collecting the needed herbs. Her senses spread slightly to read her area only sensing a few lower youkai, nothing to worry over. They were nothing more than peaceful types, they kept their distance and even more so from her.

After some time she had begun her trek back to the village she had currently been residing in for the last few weeks. Giving a few villagers a smile as she waved to a few children on her trip to the hut she has been occupying. Once inside the building she made her way to her gear beginning to pack her belongings. She would leave the village at dawn.

She glanced at the bundle on the futon she hummed softly moving over to the sleeping bundle, sliding a hand over the little form. Stirring from his sleep the little demon pup sat up rubbing an eye with a yawn.

“Oh my little Chikara, did you rest well my little pup,” she questioned the little one.

“Yes, Mama,” the little inu pup yawned, his blue orbs opening to stare back at the woman.

She smiled at him, her fingers caressing his head lightly, brushing her fingers through his hair as he murred in response to the affection. She didn’t have the best past, but she would protect this little boy with all she had, “We will be leaving in the morning, will you help mommy get things together?”

He’d be more than happy to help, hoping to his feet standing his full three foot height; his eyes looked around to see what he could help with.

“You remember how to pack the dried herbs,” she questioned him softly. With his nod she continued on, “Pack those in their cloth pouches, we’ll need them on our trip.”

She watched as he bounded to the drying station to carry out his task she had assigned him. With a warm smile she watched the young inu pup; a small pang gripped her heart. Pushing the memory down, she set about finishing her own tasks, they had a long night still ahead of them.


Just before dawn, she had picked up the sleeping pup gingerly. She held him tenderly as she made her way out of the hut with him and their supplies. She wanted to leave before anyone woke, she would need to decide on her next destination, but she wasn’t sure where to go this time.

The hours waned by the two as she made her way along the path; Chikara was starting to stir within her arms. With a yawn flashing a fang, the little dog demon stretched against his mother slowly opening his eyes.

Taking his time to adjust to his moving surroundings, the jostling of his form against the warmth of his mother, it had begun to dawn on him they were their journey. Glancing up at the human woman that was his mother he asked her curiously, “Mama, when will we go home?”

His question was innocent, but he didn’t know that their home didn’t exist. He never knew the reason why they moved every so often. He wasn’t told about anything. He knows nothing and it was something she was going to need to tell him one day, but she hoped it wouldn’t be soon.

“When our journey is over,” she replied, it wasn’t a lie. They were on a journey, but there was no end in her plan.

“Oh, well Mama,” he mused softly, curiosity filling his tone, “can you tell me more about father?”

“What would you like to know this time,” she questioned softly.

“Everything!” he was excited to learn anything and everything about his father. He was beginning to bounce in her arms in anticipation, with a giggle she began to lower her boy to his feet to walk beside her. His fingers latching on to her hand securely.

“Ah, well let’s see,” she began her tale as the two walked, “your father was such a fierce strength that would scare anyone. His very presence was enough to make you listen to any word he spoke.”

“He was a strong demon?”

“Yes, very strong little one.”

“I wish I could see father,” his voice held sadness and longing.

“Oh my little Chikara,” she pulled his hand up some while crouching to kiss the back of his hand, “I’m so sorry my baby boy.”

He turned to hug his mother as she easily scooped him up continuing their journey softly humming a calming tone. His tears fell silently as he breathed in his mother’s calming scent. His mother was his rock; with her there he was strong enough to continue his days.

“How about I tell you a story instead,” she questioned him softly. He nodded against her as she began to tell him an age old fairy tale from her younger years, a story of fantasy and adventure. A story that was hers, a tale that left out the gory details, a tale that only kept her from thinking of the dark sides of her history making them more finely decorated.


The hours dwindled by as she could see the sun beginning to dip below the horizon. The two had made camp in a clearing in a forest, the fire sparked to life as she riffled through her journal. Her eyes causally glancing over her son as was going over numbers, he was counting in multiples solving the math problems his mother had given him.

They may be ever moving, but she never slacked on teaching him everything she knew, he was quick to learn and quick to absorb everything. She was proud of him; he was her pride and joy in this world.

Giving her journal another look finding the page she was hunting for, she looked over the list of herbs that grew during this time of the year and their locations. She had been keeping tabs on most herbs in her past; she needed them to make a living. She made many things from the herbs, mixing in fruits and other things to create things she was once familiar with.

She gave the list a good read over before putting the book back in her satchel before moving to set up her barrier for the night. Concentrating on her breathing; one, two breathe. Three, four expand and protect. She carefully spread her barrier over the small camp site securely before moving to a tree sitting down against the trunk.

Chikara was undisturbed; he was finishing the last problem scribbling with the charcoal on the wooden slate moving over to his mother holding up the finished product in triumph. With a small giggle, she watched him run over to show her. Once the slate was in her fingers she grinned at him, “Very good my little one, you solved them all correctly.”

He was ecstatic and showed his pride by puffing up his chest. It reminded her of someone, but stopped herself from remembering knowing it would touch a sore spot of her past that she wasn’t quite ready to accept.



It was subtle; she had almost not heard it.


Her hairs were standing on end, eyes opening to see an enraged demon on the other side of her barrier working to break through; it was a strong one. Gathering up Chikara into her arms she slowly stood up.

Should she fight?



Should she run?


Run, her instincts were telling her to run. That’s what she did; she turned holding him close as she fled in the opposite direction of the demon just as the barrier shattered. The demon was stronger than she could deal with while protecting Chikara. Her instincts knew this and now she just hoped she could make it.

Weaving through the trees, she ran hard. Her speed wasn’t fast, but it wasn’t slow either, her blessing that night was that the demon was a slow type. She wondered what could have enraged him, but thinking on it would not be wise when she needed to concentrate on her path so she shoved the thoughts aside to focus.


The demon was just behind her, with a panicked breath she picked up speed. A feral growl from just below her ears had urged her onward.

The pounding of her heart rang in her ears; she turned at a tree tripping over a fallen branch. Chikara was sent soaring through the air, he had maneuvered to land with some grace but still fell from the unbalanced landing as she landed face first into the dirt.

The demon was upon her, claws raked across her back tearing a pained scream from the woman. Chikara growled standing up ready to attack the monster that hurt his mother.

“No Chikara, stay back!” His mother turned to kick the demon back flaring her reiki towards him. Seeing the demon stumble backwards in pain she used that moment to get to her feet only to feel claws dig into her back. Screaming in pain, she reached around her to grasp the demon’s arm as her reiki engulfed the demon purifying him.

With a pained hiss she fell to her knees in pain. Chikara cried out beginning to run towards his mother unaware of the approaching demons. She could sense them, the number was large, her instincts were screaming, but she couldn’t run. She had to protect her baby; she had to keep him safe even if it meant she sacrificed herself.

As her determination set in place, something within her responded as her reiki flared with new untapped heights. It was more than she had felt in a long time, the seal came undone and she welcomed it.

“Run for cover, Chikara,” she ordered softly to her baby as her fingers slid over the top of his head. He wanted to help her, but knew he was still too weak; he obeyed her knowing it would be best.

He made his way for a tree and scaled it, every demon seemed to ignore him and she missed this fact entirely.

Facing some of the demons as her reiki flared further, the wounds on her back healing closed. The stand off was only a moment before the demons were upon her. She fought them with everything she had, all of her skills, abilities, and experiences put forth once more.

Chikara watched in worry with baited breath as his mother fought the enraged demons. There were so many, he worried as she was attacked. He feared as her blood was spilled. He cried when she fell. He shook as the demons fell one after another as his mother was drained. He could see her exhaustion, he could sense her limit. He prayed for a miracle, he prayed for something, for someone to help his mother.

His eyes squeezed closed, he couldn’t watch the pain his mother experienced. His ears were assaulted by the screams, he whimpered in response.

When the silence held the area he panicked, eyes bursting open at the scene of carnage. He saw his mother lying amongst the corpses and leaped from the tree running to his mother.

She glanced at her little boy with a smile, he was safe. With a hiss of pain she slid a hand up to stroke his cheek lightly. His tears fell as her hand fell limp, her eyes closing. He cried out for her, “Mama!”

Shaking her in fear, he couldn’t lose his mother.


A/N: Thank you for reading, it's been a while since I wrote anything. I know I need to update my other story, but I have to find the chapters on my old laptop first. However, in the mean time I'm in the midsts of typing up chapter two. I know I left you all with questions, she is Kagome. The surprises are coming as are the tragedies. Imma tear up as I get to those parts. Until next time~


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