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The Other Eye by Kanda


yes, i know the summary is balls. couldn't think of anything better. that goes for the title, too. but hey, there will be funny parts in this story.  been working on this for 2+ years. only now am i happy about the start. hope you enjoy. know it's short, but i'm already working on ch1. enjoy!


"Sesshoumaru-sama!" Rin called.

But Sesshoumaru had long ago seen what she was pointing at. He narrowed his eyes at the direction. It was the same one he had been going in for the last few days and now he was even more suspicious.

"Jaken," Sesshoumaru waited for the toad to come at attention. "Watch Rin."

"My lord?"

But a glare over the inu lord's shoulder quickly had him acquiescing.

"Y-yes, my lord!" he saluted. Then gestured at Rin. "Come here, child!" he croaked, wanting her to come from the field she was playing in as Sesshoumaru walked toward the column of smoke rising toward the sky.

What he arrived to was a scene of death and destruction. Bodies laid all about while huts blazed under the light of the afternoon sun, turning the sky red like the very blood that covered the ground. He could already tell that everyone in the village was dead. There were no signs of life.

That is, that was what he thought until he felt a very familiar aura.

Faint, and very weak, getting weaker, but he felt it. But that couldn't be right, what was she doing here? Far from her village and the neighboring forest of his half-brother. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, he followed the trail of energy and sure enough, it was the miko. He was also met by the large, watery green eyes of the fox that stood protectively over her.

Ignoring the kit for now, Sesshoumaru stared down at the wounded female heavily bleeding from her side. He almost didn't recognize her under all the blood, dirt, and ash fallen from the burning building beside her. Her head was facedown on the dirt, her clothes were ripped. Luckily, she didn’t smell defiled. As much as he disliked the fact, he had always had some level of respect for the human onna who was able to take down naraku with a single purifying arrow. Of course, it was through the help of he and her group of friends who cleared the way for her, but nonetheless her power was great.

Which was why it was the only reason he bent down to pick her delicately up in his arms. A groan left her lips, and she stirred, brows crinkling in pain, but didn't wake. just as he was about to take off, a voice called out for him to stop.


He looked down at the kit that had been cowering since he came. He shrunk back a little more under his gaze but impressively stood his ground. "Where-where are you taking her?"

Sesshoumaru almost didn't answer. "She will die if she is to stay here any longer," he said. He paused. "If you wish for her to live, then we will need to hurry."

The fox hesitated.

"Now!" Sesshoumaru barked, successfully galvanizing the child into quickly climbing to his shoulder.

No sooner had he settled, an orb of light surrounded them and they were off.



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