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Zero Division by Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer


Chapter Two- Graduation

Huge bouquets of flowers decorated the stage set up outside the Police Academy. "Graduation Day" written in bold across the stage. Parents, friends and relatives crowded the clearing as they witnessed their loved ones walk across the stage and receive their certificate.

Cheering, laughter and clapping echoed within the clearing.

The noise faded as time passed by.

The crowd around the Police Academy dispersing.

In the middle of the clearing, she stood gripping tightly at the piece of certification. A wave of satisfaction consumed her entire body. She had done it. She had graduated from the Police Academy after two years. It hadn't been a hard decision to enroll in the Police Academy. No, the hardest part was pushing herself to be the best.

Beaten black and blue,

Always falling behind in training,

She was considered the weakest amongst the group when she first started. She naturally fell into the role she took in the past with Inuyasha; the protected one. Each time her team was tested in a mission simulation like their final exam, she'd failed to protect all the victims.

"Why is it that one of us have to cover for you all the time because you can't protect yourself?! You're supposed to be the one protecting the victims! You're supposed to be rescuing them!"

Blue eyes darkened as she remembered. Had the simulations been real, real human beings would have been killed...because of her; because she was weak.

It was from that point she trained harder, worked harder and fought harder. The number of victims that died during their mission simulation decreased each time until the number of deceased/injured victims remained zero.

Kagome stared down at the certificate in her hand. A sense of warmth spread throughout her chest. Oh, how she wished Inuyasha and her friends were here with her. With a sad smile tugging at her lips, she closed her eyes. She was on a new journey now.

"Kagommmeeee!" Blue eyes flickered open to see a mob of her team mates smother her with hugs. Laughter and tears was shared amongst her team members. She knew they were each going separate ways.

"Hisa was recruited into the army and I am going to join the police force after this," Sakura said. She asked, "Where will you go, Kagome?"

Kagome paused. Where did she need to go to find the missions and purpose she wanted? "I don't know yet."

"Kagome Higurashi!" she looked for the person who called for her and noticed the chief waving at her. Kagome waved at her team members and approached the chief.

"Higurashi, I have good news," the chief said as Kagome bowed to greet him. "I have someone waiting to meet you. Come, come."

Kagome followed behind the chief as they made their way into his office. Through the clear glass windows, she saw a man wearing the uniform status of a Commissioner. Soon standing before this man, Kagome bowed. The chief introduced, "This is the Commissioner in charge of several divisions. He requested to see you, Higurashi. I will give you two some time to talk then."

The office door closed shut, leaving her with this man.

"Please, sit down, Higurashi," the Commissioner said as he pointed to a chair. Kagome cautiously moved to sit down. Feeling a stare, she looked to see the Commissioner examine her. "I came here to recruit you, Higurashi."

Kagome remained silent as she kept her gaze fixed on the Commissioner. 'For the Commissioner himself to recruit an officer...'

"There is a particular division that not anyone can join. It seems the General has approved of you though."

"What division would this be?" Kagome asked.

The Commissioner paused before saying, "Zero Division."

Kagome furrowed her brows. Recalling her lessons, she knew that there was no such Division in the books.

"Not many know of this Division," the Commissioner explained after noticing the confusion on her face.


The feeling of excitement pumped through her blood. A Division that was not known to the public, meaning it was either too dangerous or was trying to hide something.

The Commissioner eyed Higurashi as he said one word. "Youkai".

Blue eyes widened as her gaze flew towards the Commissioner. 'Impossible. I must have heard it wrong'.

Slightly shocked by Higurashi's reaction, Saito paused. It seemed Higurashi knew about Youkais. Was that why the General wanted to recruit her? "Zero Division works with Youkais. Since Youkais are hidden from the public, the Division helps deal with keeping them in order."

"Youkais are still alive?" Kagome breathed out. Her skin began to tingle and she felt her heart beating against her chest.

Saito glanced at the shocked miko and said, "Yes. I will give you a few days to decide whether you would like to join the Division-"

"I'd like to join," she quickly answered. She didn't need time to think.

Stumbling with his words, Saito said, "W-well then, here is my c-card." Handing her a business card, he continued, "The headquarters are written on here. I will see you there tomorrow."

Kagome stood up and bowed as the Commissioner exited the office.


Left alone, her knees caved as she fell to sit on the floor. A loud breathe escaped her.

Youkais were still alive.

'How?' She could never feel a single youkai aura.

She stared at the business card in her hand. The tingling sensation burst through her body.

Youkais were alive.

The excitement she loved feeling washed over her.

She would join Zero Division.

She was on a new journey.


A tall glass building loomed above her as she stared at the business card in her hand and then back at the building. This was the place. Taking one step at a time, she entered the building.

'Still no youkai aura.' Kagome glanced around to see only humans. Reaching the front desk, she paused. The secretary standing before her tilted her head to the side and asked, "How may I help you?"

"Ummm," Kagome hesitated, not knowing what to say. "I'm here to see Commissioner Saito?"

The secretary continued, "Yes, which division are you from?"

"Zero Division." Kagome watched with interest as the secretary suddenly tensed. Kagome followed the direction the secretary gave her which led her to an elevator door in an abandoned hallway. She pressed the button to which the elevator responded and opened its doors. Slowly stepping into the small elevator, she saw only one button.


The elevator doors closed and jolted. Losing her balance, she collided with the elevator walls. With a surprisingly fast speed, the elevator sped upwards for quite some time until it came to a stop.


Kagome gasped as the elevator doors opened. Appearing to be on the building's top floor, the space was huge. Glass walls surrounded the entire floor, allowing sunlight to beam through. Busy flocks of people rushed from cubicle to offices with stacks of paper.

"Ah, Higurashi!" Saito came to greet the stunned miko. "Right this way. I'll show you to your office."

Her eyes roamed around as she followed the Commissioner. She stared into the offices that seemed to be sound proof, but were all glass walls allowing you to see inside. Her eyes were drawn towards the only office on the second floor that was located to observe the entire floor. Walking towards the direction of that office, she wondered if the office belonged to the General. Suddenly, Kagome caught a glimpse of the figure inside the office.

Her footsteps halted.

Her body froze.

She met eyes with golden ones.


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