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Left Behind by taisho incorporated


disclaimer;; i do not own inuyasha

a/n;; hi there! this is gonna be a short and sweet chapter story hopefully. small angst but we know sesshoumaru is gonna help our favorite miko.

She was broken. Her entire life had been ripped away from her just two and half years ago. The life she had attempted to forget a year ago wouldnt come to her now. The dull eyed girl barely remembered herself let alone her adventures some five hundred years in the past. The only memory that wouldn’t leave her was the final battle and the three days stuck in the jewel.

Everything was so dark. Kagome had no idea how long they’d fought with Naraku, or how long she’d been trapped inside jewel. All the raven haired miko was aware of was how antsy and scared she was. Just as she thought she’d been forced to her limit, Inuyasha had appeared through the meido. They were both so happy to see each other a quick, relief filled kiss was shared, and in that kiss she realized what she had to wish for. Pulling back and turning towards the jewel, Kagome readied herself for what she was about to do. 

“I wish for Kikyo to be brought back to life!”

The small miko knew she had made the right wish the instant the words left her mouth. She only wanted to see her friends happy, and knew Inuyasha would ecstatic to have his love back. 

But she’d never get the chance to find out if it actually did make him happy. The jewel began to compress around them before all that could be seen was a blinding white light. The pain that ensued was excruciating to say the very least. All of the power in the jewel was forcing its way into her small body. 

Kagome next woke up outside of the well back in her time, but could still feel the massive amounts of power coursing through her. Only time would tell what effects it had on her.

Now, the raven haired girl wanted nothing to do with the power. All it did was serve to remind her of what she couldn’t remember; the past. She only hung onto the fact that maybe one of them would find her and save her from this newfound hell.


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